YES DUH swine FLU is nothing but HOGWASH and is a great way to SELL vaccines!

And vaccines are a great way to break down the auto-immune system so the vaccinated can get the FLU, so the witches/warlocks practicing black majic / magic can SELL more vaccines! Before the eugenics govments started paying for the manufacture of viruses, (including swine and bird flu,) there was a whole lot less SCARY boogie man’s news / ADS for vaccinations / vac-SIN-nations! But know after years of development, most in the govments funded privately owned labs, and universities, upgrading their strains of viruses, with pig, chicken, human pus, so the world has something beside AL c i a duh to hide from! BUT WAIT the answer to the problem . . . . WHAT. . . the govment is going to furnish MORE viruses / vaccines to get rid of the viruses they created, and than inject YOU and YOURS with more viruses, and OPPS there goes another epidemic?] NO DOUBT that some ‘taxpayers” somewhere, are going to “FIT the bill” as they did for the manufacturing of the improved strains of the viruses. Create the problem, HYPE IT UP in DUH lame-stream media and SELL more tainted DRUGS, to cause more panics, to SELL more drugs! And ON and ON and ON! So here is some of the NEWS ADS for the DRUG pushers . . . WITH VIEWS! [VIEWS IN BRACKETS] Oh yes, by not forwarding this attachment, you will be siding with the “eugenicists,” if you believe it of NOT! New saying. . .Evil will conquer when pretend-a-good people, pretend that they are doing something, when they do the LEAST they can possibly do! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico shuts schools, museums to stop flu outbreak [rut row!] By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer [manufacture’s / ad agent]– MEXICO CITY – Mexico shut down schools, museums, libraries and state-run theaters across it overcrowded capital Friday in hopes of containing a swine flu outbreak that authorities say killed at least 20 people — and perhaps dozens more. World health authorities worried openly that the strange new virus could become a global epidemic. [Or maybe it doesn’t become a “gullible / global epidemic??” And why would the "revolving door" execs to the BIG Pharma / than NO NAMED “WHO” authorities, than

back to Big Pharma, than back again to the WHO authorities, WHO are going to worry OUT LOUD? Don’t get me wrong, it is really a terrible shame that 20 - 60 people [take a guess,] died of the Anything, but the bottom line is how many are there in MEXICO CITY, 35,000,000? And how many DIE out of a that size of population of 35,000,000 on the DAILY average anyway, of malnutrition, and weakened immune system that are NOT CONFIRMED as “flu?" ] The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said tests show some of the Mexico victims died from the same new strain of swine flu that sickened eight people in Texas and California. [Wash your mouth after kissing swine? And just how many "victims" had taken the "flu" shot before they came down with the "flu?" Remember they said “TESTS” in that sentence! And later down, they, the same NO Named Center “OFFIC.I.A.LS” will state . . .NON CONFIRMED! Really READ ON and SEE! The STATS, just the STATS is all we need with the TEST RESULTS!] Mexico put the confirmed toll at 20 dead, but 40 other fatalities were being probed, and at least 943 nationwide were sick from the suspected flu, the health department said. [40 being PROBED, not CONFIRMED / TESTED but “PROBED?” So that comes to 1000 persons SICK out of 100 MILLION nationwide persons or 1/10000 %? HUMMMM? How many Mexicans in Mexico “nationwide” with them less than 1000 sickly? That is almost as bad as 4-9 people dying of some “SUSPECTED” cases of bird flue in a population of 20 MILLION (or 2 people in 5 MILLION people,) to cause 240,000 chickens to be destroyed in Hong Kong? AND what about WORLDWIDE, with 1000 NON CONFIRMED SICK in 6,500,000,000 (BILLION) or 1 in every 6.5 MILLION people who were NON CONFIRMED SICK of some “SUSPECTED” flu? So the math shouts out PHARMA LIARS USING THE DUMB TO PUSH THEIR DRUGS! NO FACTS JUST SUSPECTS!] Scientists said the virus combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before. [“Scientists” do not have NAMES any longer? And HOW do we know DUH "scientists" do NOT work for BIG PHARMA? And since the viruses didn't mutate by themselves, but had the NO Named "scientists" combining the piggy, birdie and humas genes, and then those same NO Named "scientists" MADE UP the strains, that some NO Named tele-prompted "researchers have not seen before, and wouldn’t have a “clue” anyway." You could say NO NO NO NOT them well respected NO Named “scientists!” THAT WAS NOT A QUESTION! And are they really and truly "researchers" if they do not know about what the NO Named "scientists" made UP pandemic? That was a question!]

"We are very, very concerned," spokesman Thomas Abraham said. [Spooks-man for W.H.O! NOT the Biggy Pharma who pushed the Aids virus into Africa and LA! That W.H.O! And is old “spokesman” a Named “scientist” or just a NAMED spokesman / spokesperson / front-person?] "We have what appears to be a novel virus and it has spread from human to human," he said. "It's all hands on deck at the moment." [Does he have a doctor-ate “degree” in “appearances” look some what alike guessing? As the word "appears" is another word for "SUPECTS” / seems to be / MIGHT BE kind of looks like?" So what is the actual “scientific” definition of the word “NOVEL” before the word virus? Is not the word "NOVEL" another word for fictional STORY! And don’t they need to wash all their hands “before the get on deck!" But he is correct it did spread, somehow, between TWO human to humans! Or is he referring to the 7 the 20 or the 40 humans that were NOT tested, or AUTOPSIED! ] President Felipe Calderon cancelled a trip and met with his Cabinet to coordinate Mexico's response. The government has 500,000 flu vaccines and planned to administer them to health workers, the highest risk group. [Now there is a way to SELL the need for vaccines! SO that is $10 per pop for 500,000 or 5,000,000 USD and the LIARS more than likely have 100 times that amount, so you do the MATH! But remember they had 500,000 in this paragraph and in DUH next paragraph they say there isn’t any for the PUBLIC, and in the final count, HOW MANY, doses?] There are no vaccines available for the general public in Mexico, and authorities urged people to avoid hospitals unless they had a medical emergency, since hospitals are centers of infection. [OPPS there it is, no vaccines available in Mexico, so who is the 500,000 doses for the NON general public? So the government has enough for them, unless they wise enough not to take a MERCURY / Aluminum / cow pig bird PUS shot? And where exactly did they just say that the CENTERS OF INFECTION are LOCATED? Yes lets head over and get SOME before it is too late!] They also said Mexicans should refrain from customary greetings such as shaking hands or kissing cheeks, and authorities at Mexico City's international airport were questioning passengers to try to prevent anybody with possible influenza from boarding airplanes and spreading the disease. [STOP being friendly! NO more greetings, warned the Nameless PHDed / Doctor (?) "authorities" at the terrorists centers called the international airports, so they could do MORE questioning!] But the CDC said Americans need not avoid traveling to Mexico, as long as they take the usual precautions, such as frequent hand washing.

[SO, in case I missed something, here, if you wash your hands frequently you don’t need to take a vaccine? And DO NOT stop visiting, bringing in the “bacon,” even thought the BIG BAD BOOGIE PHARMA mans said they “SUSPECT” world wide pandemic, something, somehow, maybe? HUMMMMM? ] "We certainly have 60 deaths that we can't be sure are from the same virus, but it is probable," said Health Secretary Jose Cordova. He called it a "new, different strain ... that originally came from pigs." [NOW it is POOF "60 deaths," that QUOTE “we can't be sure are from the same virus” OR do not want to be SURE OF! And forensic science can’t make sure with an autopsy, also known as a post-mortem examination, autopsia cadaverum, or obduction, is a medical procedure that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present.” WHY NOT dear doctor Pharma? Why would you NOT do an “autopsia.” Would that blow your "suspects" in to the pit where they came form?] Epidemiologists are particularly concerned because the only people killed so far were normally less-vulnerable young people and adults. It's possible that more vulnerable populations — infants and the aged — had been vaccinated against other strains, and that those vaccines may be providing some protection. [Yea, what, who and how, makes up the “MORE-vulnerable?” MORE uneducated GUESSES, just maybe the “pigs are flying" closer to the “normally less-vulnerable” now a days? How is that for a “GUESS?” And who would be giving out "degrees" to NAMELES "Epidemiologists" but their BIG drug pushing COMPANIES? And why NAMELESS? OH so “we,” the real researchers could not find out where these NAMELESS "experts" WORK, and who pays them to state their fictional NOVEL guessing!] Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC said "at this point, we do not have any confirmations of swine influenza in Mexico" of the kind that sickened seven California and Texas residents. All seven recovered from symptoms that were like those of the regular flu, mostly involving fever, cough and sore throat, though some of the seven also experienced vomiting and diarrhea. [WOW old Dr. Anne does “NOT HAVE CONFIRMATION of swine flu,” but those ready with the vaccines do? The BIGGEST dad burned Center, of HIGHEST paid / Funded CON-trolls in the entire earth / galaxy, and they DO NOT HAVE ANY CONFIRMATION of INFLUENZA!” Yes that is what DR. Anne said! And than the other “KIND” the 7 (SEVEN) recovered form in TWO STATES of say 50,000,000 MILLION or again less than 1 in 5,000,000 people, and the word SYMPTOMS is NOT a “CONFIRMED / NOT TESTED” nomenclature of a DOCTOR? Which SOUNDED or LOOKS like . . . OH YES “regular flu?”] Scientists have long been concerned that a new flu virus could launch a pandemic, a worldwide spread of a killer disease. A new virus could evolve when different flu viruses

infect a pig, a person or a bird, mingling their genetic material. The resulting hybrid could spread quickly because people would have no natural defenses against it. [Best advertisement for vaccines I did ever hear! Yes sir the old “EVOLING” virus circus trick! Poof THEY “EVOLVED” virus in the test tube / Petri dish trick! And what kind of NO Named “scientists” were them concerned people? By the way what are the NO NAMED “Scientists” . . . Rocket, geological or medical mystery mammons?] The most notorious flu pandemic is thought to have killed at least 40 million people worldwide in 1918-19. Two other, less deadly flu pandemics struck in 1957 and 1968. [OK what is the phrase ‘is thought” bring to mind? Kind of like a “guess?” Yep and they didn’t have good old Pharma back then to put MERCURY and ALUMIUM in the so-called cure, talk about “pracSIN” medi-SIN! I bet they can make that 40 million look like a DROP in the thimble if they could get ALL the gullible globally gobbling for some MORE vaccine DEATHS!] Nobody can predict when pandemics will happen. Scientists had been concerned about swine flu in 1976, for example, and some 40 million Americans were vaccinated. No flu pandemic ever appeared, but thousands of vaccinated people filed claims saying they'd suffered a paralyzing condition and other side effects from the shots. [Maybe you ought to re-read that again, it about the HIGHEST form of truth in the whole article! So at the time, the shots were about besides a $20 for an office call, were, $8 to $10 USD. So that is $8 to $10 times 40 Million = $320.000.000 to $400,000,000 (Plus the OFFICE CALL making a GRAND total of between $400 MILLION to $480 MILLION for a “NO pandemic” situation, that NEVER appeared, but only the horrible “Paralyzing Conditions and Other Side Effects?” HOWS about that for SELLS prophets!] In recent years, scientists have been particularly concerned about birds. There have been deaths from bird flu, mostly in Asia, but the virus has so far been unable to spread from person to person easily enough to touch off a pandemic. [And what do we know of these NO Named bird “scientists,” and WHO they are exactly? And how many deaths in Asia are those Nameless scientists, “concerned about,” divided into the ASIAN population, so I can do some MATH ratio? Hummmm? And them NO Named “scientists” could not be somehow working / connected to some NO Named Pharma DEALER, could they be? See we can ALL throw out just as much guessing!] Closing the schools across the metropolis of 20 million kept 6.1 million students home from day care centers through high schools, and thousands more were affected as colleges and universities closed down. Parents scrambled to juggle work and family concerns due to what local media said was the first citywide schools closure since Mexico City's devastating 1985 earthquake. [Rut Row, now they trying to confuse me! But they won’t! So which 20 million metropolis? In Asia? Or in WHERE? Mexico? Where we referring to exactly, or is it a NO Name “metropolis?”]

Authorities also advised capital residents not to go to work if they felt ill, and to wear surgical masks if they had to move through crowds. A wider shutdown — perhaps including shutting down government offices — was being considered. [OH now I got it, . . . it is the “capital of somewhere!” Let me guess? Since there is 20 MILLION in Mexico City?] "It is very likely that classes will be suspended for several days," Cordova said. "We will have to evaluate, and let's hope this doesn't happen, the need to restrict activity at workplaces." [Rut Roe, it is old Jose Cordova! The actual Named, MAYBE “degreed” Health Secretary Jose Cordova, of maybe Mexico City? He is using the famed Boogie man’s “EVALUATE” wordage, in the first part of a sentence, and hoping it doesn’t happen in the 2 nd part of the same sentence? And than finishes the sentence with MAYBE restricting activity (which is what kind of activity, WORK?) in the workplaces! WOW and he gets good money for that triple speak!] Mexico's initial response in its overcrowded capital brought to mind other major outbreaks — such as when SARS hit Asia. At its peak in 2003, Beijing was the hardesthit city in the world. Schools, cinemas and restaurants were shuttered to prevent the spread the deadly respiratory virus, and thousands of people were quarantined at home. [And now you have another TOP of the LINE science-terrific cure / preventive measure of “SHUTTER” der windows, to prevent deadly respiratory virus! Yes sir, get all them millions all close up together with the windows “BOARDED SHUT!” That sounds like real common sense! Maybe we can get them NON greeting, No handshaking, NO kissing MILLION (not counting the lost 18 Mil) persons to SHARE their AIR? But wash their hands!] In March 2008, Hong Kong ordered more than a half million young students to stay home for two weeks because of a flu outbreak. It was the first such closure in Hong Kong since the outbreak of SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. [YEP another mass hysteria with all the fixings, of a “syndrome” / set of symptoms without any autopsies, and confirming medical TESTINGS, OH BOY! Lets bring up an Over a YEAR OLD “outbreak” with a NO AMOUT of HOW MANY in that there “outbreak?” Why NO stats again?] Lillian Molina and other teachers at the Montessori's World preschool scrubbed down their empty classrooms with Clorox, soap and Lysol on Friday between fielding calls from worried parents. While the school has had no known cases among its students, Molina supported the government's decision to shutter classes, especially in preschools. [Now there is a HOW TO AD! We can not name an “AUTHORITY” or an “official” (office worker?) but we can scrub, with CLORINE!] "It's great they are taking precautions," she said. "I think it's a really good idea." [If govment says “JUMP” some say HOW HIGH!”

IF govment says “bow” most say “HOW LOW! And if government (sp?) says take a few days off some say “I think it is a really good idea!”] Still, U.S. health officials said it's not yet a reason for alarm in the United States. The five in California and two in Texas have all recovered, and testing indicates some common antiviral medications seem to work against the virus. [NAMELESS “health officials” given from somewhere in duh “us of A” giving the OK to go on down and get in the middle of a no greeting, 20 people dying all around, but bring your MONEY! Because the FIVE are ALIVE, and the other TWO didn’t turn blue! And them common antiviral NONAME meds worked against the virus!” HOO RAH! Whooped another BIG BAD up-and-coming world destroying dis-ease with some over the counter thingy bobs! HOO RAH! But a very BAD AD, for Big Pharma, but real good for “tourism!”] Schuchat of the CDC said officials believe the new strain can spread human-tohuman, which is unusual for a swine flu virus. The CDC is checking people who have been in contact with the seven confirmed U.S. cases, who all became ill between late March and mid-April. [Dr. Anne Guesser of the CON-trolling Disease Center, said the REAL officials guessed / believe a NEW Big Bad Boogie, NO TESTED, “NON CONFIRMED” “new strain” (maybe an old one later on in the “novel”) is spreading, and not the USUAL way! And they are “checking” not testing, the contacts but don’t say that the CONTACTED were CONFIRMED, (tested like science-wise) and they didn’t say how they CONFIRMED the so-called “confirmed cases” ONE YEAR AGO! Done “scared” my socks right on off! Now the Named “top of the heap” is giving out “hearsay” of some NO Names homebodies of MAYBE the CDC or maybe someone else? But “we” are going to presume that it was CDC “official” (who are not just office help, or temps) who don’t want to be NAMED to protect the whom-evers, if this doesn’t pan-demic out like they trying to get escalated into? ] The U.S. cases are a growing medical mystery because it's unclear how they caught the virus. The CDC said none of the seven people were in contact with pigs, which is how people usually catch swine flu. And only a few were in contact with each other. [I believe the medical profession is a growing medical mystery! As anyone who is UNCLEAR HOW they caught a virus, going turn around and scare the HEALTH out of people, worldwide, by GUESSING HOW it is going to spread! They didn’t know HOW the other THEY Caught the virus, in one sentence, and in the next sentence they claim it is caught when contacting pigs! Which is it OLE O B Know Bees? One or the other, NOT BOTH! I’m voting for they DON’T KNOW! And why would I have to ask HOW MAY CASES in duh U.S. are causing the “growing medical mystery?” How MANY “theys” caught WHAT virus! Confirmed or whatever.]

CDC officials described the virus as having a unique combination of gene segments not seen in people or pigs before. The bug contains human virus, avian virus from North America and pig viruses from North America, Europe and Asia. [It is the “Global piggys shipping vaccines around the world with LIVE Avian flu virus in the shots, oh wise ones, of the office! NOW is this the NON Confirmed, or confirmed “UNIQUE gene segments,” evolved from space the final frontier, where pigs and humans don’t “BUG” one and other with unwashed handshakes! And where is the POOF of a “science-tific “BUG” word, that contains “NEVER before gene mingled buggies,” with North American PIG (never seen before) and North American Avian (not seen before) but can tell you which piggys on what THREE continents them never before seen BUGS come from! ] Health officials have seen mixes of bird, pig and human virus before, but never such an intercontinental combination with more than one pig virus in the mix. [NOW the NAMELESS heath gods, say it is the “three little piggys” developed a NEW intercontinental combination them own selves. Has to be the only “sciencetific explanation. Them little piggys are just science trafficking around the world gene-ouses! HUH?] Scientists keep a close eye on flu viruses that emerge from pigs. The animals are considered particularly susceptible to both avian and human viruses and a likely place where the kind of genetic reassortment can take place that might lead to a new form of pandemic flu, said Dr. John Treanor, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Rochester Medical Center. [Dr. Creating the “infectious diseases” should know what is what. The phenomenal “re-assorting gene TRICK or TREAT “MIGHT lead” to another GUESSED outcome of a FICTIONAL assessment, with the added scare guessing . . . .blah blah hlah] The virus may be something completely new, or it may have been around for a while but was only detected now because of improved lab testing and disease surveillance, CDC officials said. [Now there is a science-tific observation, and needs a Noble Prize for al-CHEMy for literacy. “MAY” for the second guess in two paragraphs. OPPS another “MAY” have been but it is under improve DIS-EASE surveillance the NAMELESS bunch at the CDC, said today (or maybe a while back?)] The virus was first detected in two children in southern California — a 10-year-old boy in San Diego County and a 9-year-old girl in neighboring Imperial County. [Now I have to ask,,,,,,, how did they know exactly where it started. HUH? Oh yea, unless they watched it being shipped to that location! AND HOW MANY people LIVE in southern California that TWO (2) cases of sick people can acquaint to the beginning of a PANDAMIC?

HOW MANY people are in southern Cal, two county area? 10,000,000? And you divide 2 into 10,000,000 to get the ratio and what is the or 1 in 5,000,000, LOOK OUT! OVER KILL TIME! Or just BOOGIE MANS under the bed TIME!] It's not known if the seasonal flu vaccine Americans got this winter protects against this type of virus. People should wash their hands and take other precautions, CDC officials said. [We don’t know but we take a guess, and maybe the guess will be FOR the need for MORE vaccines, that us NO Named officers get Bonuses for the added sell thereof ? Associated Press Writers Maria Cheng in London, Traci Carl in Mexico City and Mike Stobbe in Atlanta, Georgia, contributed to this report. [And what a NON CON-Firmed so-called vaccine sales so-called “report” this was!] ________________________________________________+ SUMMERY Maybe, and that is just a guess, but it is TIME to “wash our hands” of the WHOLE medical mysteries! Yes, prevent or cause out of the same shot! After investigations into vaccines for 10 years, more than like caused them directly or just aided in the breakdown of the immune system to indirectly! One or the other, or BOTH! See > 1/3 down the page, right below “The END TIME DARKNESS THAT IS COVERING THIS EARTH !” and "Ditch of death" # 1 "vacSINnations" THEN CONFIRM something that I confirmed years ago!] NO WHERE did I state there is NOT a “pandemic” coming! Because THERE is a PANCEMIC COMING! And IT IS COMING THROUGH the VACCINES! So some will not be as fortunate enough to get to HEAR the WHERE and WHY and the when, which is being announced, NOW, if you turn your faith to mammon and his vaccines and away for the WORDS that HEAL! To bad AJ and Jack Blood didn’t contribute to this report, they wouldn’t have to GUESS where, why and when, and who did what! That put a "REST" to the "NOVEL STORY" Video on pandemic and world govment! AJ’s KLBJ radio cast on pandemic ______________________________________________= to bad AJ and Jack Blood didn’t contribute to this report, they wouldn’t have to GUESS where, why and when, and who did what! OR Association of American Physicians Surgeons, Inc. A leading national physician organization is calling for a moratorium on all government mandated vaccines OR Gordon Research Institute Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H) "The medical industry is making a fortune promoting and requiring unnecessary vaccinations," OR Dr. Blaylock states . . .Vaccines routinely given to millions of children and adults can be very dangerous to your health, a respected neurosurgeon warns. OR “In a compulsory inoculation program, it is the responsibility of the developers, promoters and enforcers to prove safety and efficacy!” OR SPANISH thimerosal es el preservante opcional para los fabricantes de vacunas. Primero fue introducido por Eli Lilly y Compañía a finales de los años veinte y principio de los treinta, la compañía comenzó a venderlo como preservante en vacunas en los años cuarenta. thimerosal contiene el 49.6% de mercurio por peso, y es metabolizado o degradado a etilo de mercurio y tiosalicylate. El mercurio, o más precisamente el etilo de mercurio es el principal agente que mata a los contaminantes. Las principales enfermedades atribuidas a la vacunación son el autismo, el síndrome de muerte súbita del lactante, la disfunción inmunitaria, la diabetes, los trastornos neurológicos (convulsiones, lesiones cerebrales, trastornos del aprendizaje, trastorno por déficit de atención, comportamiento antisocial) y las enfermedades raras degenerativas. Lo más llamativo del autismo es que su aparición, ocurre en la época en que se les administra las vacunas. Muchos padres, a partir de serle suministrada la vacuna MMR a sus hijos, observan, trastornos de conducta, perturbación del lenguaje, retroceso en sus

destrezas y todo esto empieza a manifestarse a las 4 semanas posteriores a la aplicación de la primera dosis de esta vacuna. En él, además de descubrir esta relación directa, también desnudan la forma de como los gobiernos, en complicidad con investigadores médicos a sueldo de los grandes laboratorios, han falseado datos y estadísticas, donde únicamente sobresaltan los “beneficios” de la vacunación masiva y su “noble” propósito. Mientras ocultan sus verdaderos y desastrosos efectos, a lo largo de toda su historia, sobre la salud de las personas y hasta de animales inyectados. los daños y lesiones provocadas por las vacunaciones. El Grupo Vacunas está dedicado a la investigación de los efectos adversos de las vacunas, a promover investigaciones para evaluar la efectividad y seguridad de las mismas, asi como a la identificación de los factores de riesgo individual a éstas. El Grupo Vacunas sostiene que los ciudadanos deben ejercer su derecho al consentimiento informado y a decidir en forma independiente si aceptan o rechazan una vacunación para sí o para sus hijos. La vacunación agota el sistema inmunológico, el mecanismo de defensa del cuerpo. Repito, la vacunación agota el sistema inmunológico. Da un falso sentido de seguridad y, haciendo esto, se abre ampliamente la puerta a toda clase de enfermedades. Este tipo de virus puede hacerse pandémico por la introducción de la vacuna (justo lo contrario de lo que pretenden decirnos). La vacuna intranasal está demostrado que ayudará a expandir el virus H5N1. Esta nueva vacuna intranasal será fabricada en Gran Bretaña y con ella, según la doctora Rima Laibow, la pandemia está asegurada y aquí en el vídeo explica por qué. La doctora Rima Laibow está viajando por todo el mundo para entrevistarse con los jefes de estado y gobierno para alertar sobre los peligros de esta vacuna que les han endilgado desde la industria farmacéutica como la panacea para la enfermedad