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"The Blood of Jelfru Chmt Hu Son Clean.eth ,.-From AU Sin.

Vol. XIII. Los Angeles, California, June 10, 1909 No. so
,. ..
. \Yhy the Eradication of Sin? R. Pieree.
. . . . .
there should be any _two opinions as to the real As weare responsible for per-
m! getting rid of sin as quickly as possible, by those sonal failure when we can be successful so the Church is
who are professedly and really its enemies, the writer responsible for leaving this world "lying in the arms_ of
cannot understand. By all earnest and . true men and the wicked one," when it can and should be in a condition
women it is denounced and hated and considered that to rapidly bring it to the feet of the Lamb.
"abominable thing ... which God hates, arid that which 3. The eradication of Sin is also a Sour'ce of Success.
destroys the purity and happiness of the human family- Getting the enemy out of the way opens the door to the
the robber of heaven, the supplier of hell. From the taking possession of his territory. The very absence of
standpoint of philosophy and logic, apart from experience, sin is victory. The "goods" of the "strong man" cannot
it would seem to any thinking mind that sin. ought to be be "spoiled" until the strong man himself is dealt with.
got rid of at any -cost and as quiCk as possible. But when Let what will be said, yet the fact remains that the
we consider God's attitude toward it, His plan and prom- inroads being made upon the kingdom of Satan in these
ises in reference to it, and His provisions through atoning days is mainly being accomplished by those who rejoice in
blood to deal effectually with it, we stand in amazement a clean heart and the fulriess of the Spirit. If church
at the sight of th.e Church of Chri_st to a great statistics prove anything-and they' do-those compiled for
clinging to it, and in many cases denying the possibility 1908 by Dr. Carrol show that the gains in this country are
of getting rid of it. By .eradication we mean, to plgck it over half-a-million be;hind those of the year previous. Is.
up by the roots, to extirpate it, to destroy_ it thoroughly. there not a Thank God for a church and condition
Therefore we believe that the eradication of sin is . . in which from the commencement of every service to its
1. A Saving of Time: _ A remedy that will instantly close the purpose is the salvation or sanctification of men.
cure a disease is a far .blessing than a lingering What else is the Church for? Eradication is to
process, or a process that merely allays' the fever but success because it leaves the Holy Ghost right of way to
stops not the inroads of the disease. While the disease is flow through clean hearts.
there the victim is helpless and cannot take his place in 4. Eradication; or purity, is a source of Personal Vic-
the world's advancement. At the longest this life" is tory. Sin is a hinderer so long as 1t remains in the heart,
short, and to win this world for Jesus we need to be "all and to retain its presence in any degree is to militate
_at it and always at it." . Sin scotches- the wheels of the that power which is so . desirable in the Christian
gospel chariot and even makes the drivers of the chariot life. It not only robs of outward liberty in and
believe that it is going forward when it is standing still. testimony, but saps the joy -and peace which rightly
The will, plan and' promises . of God in reference to sin belongs to the child of God. Real victory is more to be
point to the fact _that we should at once get rid of it, so desired inwardly than outwardly, and the soul rejoicing
that we can take our place in the ranks of those whom He and triumphant in the realms of purity is a healthier con-
can use to rapidly accomplish His purpose. This world diiion than shouting "Hallelujah" from a lifeless source.-
"lietl)__:in the arms of the wicked one," and rio one is pre- . The thrill of purity, the sweet assurance that comes from
pared to rescue it for Jesus save those who are cleansed being right with God, the triumph of faith that springs
from sin and filled with the Holy Ghost. So that the from being in harmony with God, has never been exper-
eradication of sin is a great savi-ngof time in the salva- . ieJ,lced save by those who have had sin eradicated and the
tion of .this world when compared with the theories of Holy Ghost enthroned to reign supreme. It is worth all
suppression or gradualism. the world to have inward holy victory, and yet thousands
2. It is a Saving from Spiritual Failure. While are turning away from it for the baubles and pleasures of
there is a great show of work and seeming succe_ss in the world; yea, the Church itself in its attitude toward it
the churchly activities of these times, yetwhen compared is saying, "It is a worthless thing."
with what God calls success, it bec.emes a successful fail- Brethren, beloved! there may be more glittering pros-
- ure. There is not an honest-hearted man or woman in pects calling you, but there are none so precious and
the churches today but who will admit when brought freigh'ted with eternal verities than to preach a gospel
face to face with God's purpose through the church-the - that saves men, now, quickly, h;om all sin. Let us stick
salvation of men-there are very few results for eternity to our job. To make men holy-with all its attendant
in all .the busy life of Churchianity. only blessings-is the only gospel of Jesus Christ and should be
one save the .church ,.,as the :_and shall be,-do we say-the one aim" of - every sermon,
from failure, and that IS_ the eradication of that wbtch the outcome of every service. Say; Amen!
. .
Nazarene [June lQ; 1909
The Thing that Tickled Him So.
:H. E. Fitch.
T.he devil climbed up in a Sycamore tree,
And he laughed and laughed in upt,oarous glee.
He la ughed out so loud and kept at it so iong
He attiacted an imp who was passing along.
But one thing is .laoking, I very well know;
And that's why I'm laughing, it tickles me so.
Said the imp . "What's the news? Has some suint gone astray
That has caJ,Ised you to laugh in. this boist:erous way?"
Then.he laughed all the louder and answered, "Oh no;
"He shows them they're sinnt>rs and doomed to despair ;
They see they need mercy, their hands raise for prayer,
The n kneel at the altar, a few Christians pray,
They rfse to their feet and then go tlfeit own way.-.
It's the !lleetings up yonder that tic.kle me so.
"No heart-cty fot pardon-no penitent's plea-
None ea r nestly pleading, 'Have mercy on me.!'
''They wished a r evival up there on the hill
No clear testimony- no 'witness' . from heaven-
And sent for a preacher the pulpit to fill.
No persottal knowledge that sins are forgiven.
I knew that this preacher was true to his .God;
If sin need exposing, he!d spare riot. the rod.
"Just a Bible verse quoted-why, I could do that,
' With a face as a ngelic as e'er you looked at.
" I heard he was coming. 0 how I was scared!
My bravest of Legions I brought, well prepared
They think they' re converted, that's just what they do.
They're only 'convicted,' and never 'pray through. '
To fight 'gainstthese meetings their good to o' erthrow;
. But now I am. laughing, it tickle!! me so.
"They think they are saved, and most folks think the same,
Pat them all on the back- they are Chl'istians in name .
"His heart is aglow with a love for lost men;
To bring them to Christ he will d6 all he can.
But the fact of it is-and that's what tickles me-
They are blind to the truth, just as blind as can be.
He is fervent in prayer and is full of God's love.
He tells men of hell and of heaven above.
"I saw how 'twas going, and, hless me, I know
I have most die.d a-laughing, it tickles me so.
"His is weighty and powerful enough;
'I;o damage my kingdom ' tis just the right stuff.
The preacher may preach and pray on all he please,
For we've plenty of room for such converts a" these. "
Contribtited Articles

It is most certainly a S<Hl sight to see .
any bling so depraved as to h a, ie a dis-
position to hinder any worthy
but no words ean be f ound to describe
the of hindering t he work
of G91-L ant! standing in t he way of
soub. There is no neutral gr ound. vVe
. eithtr help 0 1' hinder in the matter of
saYing. In the prayer meeting, many
" ait. wait till this one, that one, speaks.
till t he la ttcr pa rt--;-yes, to the e1Hl of
the sl'rYin-beftnc t hey speak or pray.
81lllletinws t hey say, as au exeuse for
ily prayer autl in secret before you start
for chur ch ? It is easier to lay the
bliune. of a meeting that should have
been better, on some one . else, rather
than take a share of it on one's own
shoulders. But possibly, ,ve will have
to take our own r esponsibility, and suf-
. L't' r the p enalty when we are judged
ri ghteously. One hinders with a long
faet>. by indifference, lukewarmness,
\'Oolne;;s, by doing nothing whi ch you
glt out of. But time .forbids; seek
not to hin(ler. bnt avoid the way of
h in (ltrers; pass not by it, bnt seck t o .
hrlp. the Lmt! in t he work of r edeeming
tlu: lost.
Spokanr . \VasiL
.!:' ' $ $
doing nothing to help. ''I . was .tired. "
As for singing. thP-y will not so mueh HOME AND FOREIGN DEVELOPMENT.
as filid the hymn, but '"ill put their L. E. TRACY.
hand oYer a part of their long face, . .-\ suggestion ha;; tioat cd to om ears.
possibly to make some unspiritual one on'r here . in India. t hat it would he
think they an' praying, though at that wise not to deYelo.p forei gn mission-
pr esent moment it was time to sing. ary work of the chur'ch Yery much unt il
\Yhile the l_eader is reading, even t he t he home woik is stronger. \ve r efer
\Yort! uf God. they are turning the to it because we believe it is a question
l eaYes of the hymn book, watching late of great imp'ortance to the whole
comer s who '"alk meeting as if church and not because the matter con-
they had done nothing of w.h.ich to be cerns us. Vve r ecognize that a strong
ashamed. I mean both watcher and home constituency will make a good
late comer . How lateness on the means base for a strong foreign work, btit
of grace. when there is not a sufficient there is danger of oncsided d evelop-
excuse. hinders the work of God. ment. There cannot be mnch fear of
. ::\Iany hinder the work of the. Lord the foreign work outgrowi.i1.g the hoJne
and assist in making the meeting drag work, it usually ;.eceives its
and hea...-y. They spend all the time support from the home church, lnit it is
bef_or e going to prayer meeting, either easy for the church at i10me to rather
with a paper, or in trifling conversation. neglect the foreign work-and not
How many of you who read these lines ,;much persuasion is n ecessary to bring
are in the habit of praYing both at fam.,:} .. such a result.
It is plainly demonstrated in nw
Acts of t he Apostle;;. a nd from the hi s-
tory of the early Christians, that t he
missionnry s pi1i t is Psscnt.ial to .the life
of t he church. In Yi<'w of t his, t he
<!\Iestion is. can we r efrai n from d cvel- .
oping for eign missions perma-
nentl y cri ppling that vital life 'l If so,
Lht>n to what extlnt '/ Jf I am working
for the sa lnttiotl of my next-door IH'i gh-
bor, I am a fort>ign missionary just 1J11
saHHl as though I we1e in A.ftica. !'or
no language or geogt'<iphi fal houndar il'S
al't reeogni ztd in Clnist 's plan of re-
demption. How can the.;;onl-s<'ckPt: be
dist omagell f l'Om going after the soul
in Indi a and yd maintain a bui'Hing,
at'ting dC'sire for hi;; nPxt-door neig-h-
bor ? The spirit of so-call ed home a nd
fo r rign wotk is the sa me. 'l'o tr,v to
l'Ut it i.n two wi ll mean death. vVc ar e,
like the trne motiHr. pleadi ng fot the
I ife of t he 'I'o dcYclop " home"
work and neglc<t '' for eign'' ,work wi ll
give ns a OIH'"Sidcd deYclopment, whi ch
is crippled dc.vPiopment.
There is nothing much mQre dead
than a well founded, p erfectly or gan-
ized church, center ed in itself. It soon
has nothing left but form and organiza-
tion. How often have we seen a small,
struggling church spenu and he spent
for the sal vation of the lost in their
own town and in missionary fields,
while God poured great blessings upon
that chm:ch until it ,Sfl.nd
s Later,. it was necessary to have
a church edifice, w,as built, .but
the members put most of. their effort
and money into their to the n e-
June 10, i909] . Me8.senfier.
. . .
. .glect cff their former activities.
'l'hat church lost spiritually and
numerically. 'l'he building of the church
was not the cause. They got self-cen-
Pittsburg . District
. . . . . .
.We .knew a body of people who
erected their church and .increased
their missionary activities at the same
time. 'l'hat church is now one of . the
most spiritual and prosperous in . the
whole connection.
1'he missionary spirit cannot be bot-
tled up without permanent loss. De-
v-elop the home and foreign work simul-
'i'he Second Annual District Assem-
bly of the Pfttsburg District, Pente-
costal Church of the Nazarene, was held
in East Palestine, Ohio, May 19-23. It
was a great Assembly and did 'much,
we believe, to further interests of
organized holiness in this great district.
Many of the pastors and delegates
artived Wednesday afternoon, and Sis-
tf,}r Curry, pastor at East Palestine,
had planned . a meeting which
proved to be a. t:eal good ''starter'' for
the Bless ' God ..
After an address of welcome by Sis-
ter E. Curry, which made us
nll feel that we were indeed welcome,
Bto. J . H. Norris, District Superintend-
ent for the past two years, was intro-
lluccd and very fittingly responded to
the add-ress of welcome. Our beloved
General Superintendent H. F . Reynolds
was then introduced to the Assembly,
n-nd r esponded in a most charming and
helpful way. We all rejoiced, and tes-
tified, and shouted, and gave God the
The Assembly.
You will be glad to hear that one of
our cholera patients ha('! recover ed. 1'he
other one, though sliC is still living, we
fenr will not recover, ns she has got
blood poisoning, which is one of the af-
ter effects. 'l'hc doctor in t;hc case says .
she may linger on foi some time . . Vlc
have had a good many cases of influ-
enza, but as we isolated them all nt
once, it did not spread as it did last
year, and they arc all better now. General Superintendent H. F. Rey-
l think I told you that wn have a nolds took the chair after the d evo-
holiness meeting amongst our worl<crs tional setvice conducted by Bro. Nor-
on Friday afternoons and we arc hav- ris, und the business of the Assembly
ing some. gtand times. Yesterday, a wus begun. Bro. James Davidso;n,
high caste Brahmin man sought our our pastor at Lincoln Place, Pa., was
preachers at a street corner, telling elected Secretary, and Bro. C. A. 1m-
them he wished to have a conversation hoff, his assistant and reporter to our
with them. They recognized him as papers. Both these brethren are lay-
one whom they ha.d visited and spokeri men from our Pittsburg church. The
to in the . hospital for the last two remainder of forenoon was
months. They took him into the hall over to the makmg of the roll and h e1tr-
and he told them that he was dis- ing r eports front pastors. If space
charged from t h.c .hospital in a very would permit, we would like to tell of
weak conditioli t he day before, and that the victories and achievements of these
he l1ad bc<>n going nbont the street try- dear brethren, through the power of
ing to find them to tell them that he . the Holy Ghost, during the past year.
wanted to be a Christian. He said that They were reports of victory and had
he had heard the Gospel befor e from a t he ring of Holy Ghost freedom and
preacher, who lived at a place twenty- power all through.
four hours ' journey from here. hut this On ... Thursday afternoon
prcaeher had suddenly died of cholera. session of one hour was
Since then, in the, the kindness reports were heard and .
of our in visiting him had named.
a business
held, and
sttuck him at first, as no Hindus had At 3 .o'clock; Bro. James M. David-
taken the least notice of him. Themes- soil preached from Jer. 18:2. God
sage too of ''Come unto me and I will blessed both the preacher imd the hear-
give yon r est" had made him compare Prs, and gave victory at the altar ser-
Hinduism with this. Hinduism alwavs vice following.
said "Go. " Go atLd bathe in t.iw The preacher of the evening was our
Ganges, or go here or there on pilgrim- pastor at Warren, Pa., Bro. E. B. Fish,
age. But he was too weak and ill to who spoke .with much power and lib-
do any of these things, and the "come" <>rty from Matt. 3 :11.
.of the Lord Jesus, who has done all The devotional service on Friday
Himself for the sinner, had greatly at- morning was conducted by. Bro. S. W.
'tracted him. Of <>onrse: t.his onlr:hap- McGarvey, one of our evangelists from
pei1ed yesterday. and time will show Tt-vona, Pa.
whethe1 he is 'villing to give up all for Reports of pastors were finished. and
Christ. The giving up of his sacred a number of committees announced and
thread will mean more to a man of his rep.orts given. . .
caste and standing than The case of Rev. C. G. Buck -came up
can ever realize ..... Rut we me praying here. He was tried and' .expelled from
fo.r a!ld with him, iinrl I lH16\v yon his local church, and appellled the aen-
"'111 JOm m prayer. ' tcncc to the Assembly, and was finally.
dismissed and asked to .return parch-
ments, if he had ,any.
Also, Rev. J. H. Norris asked for a
to the reports,
accusations, rumors, etc., being circu-
lated about. himsfflf relative to his busi-
ness failure. Said. committee was ' ap-
pointed by the :cliair, and after .an all-
night's brought in a
verdict clearing Bro. Norris of any and
all . intentional wrong doing. (See re- '
port of thEY committee in this paper.)
.Qf .course we 'regret these
ha:d to come up, but rejowed w
know that we belonged to a body that
!:\. clean ministry, and imme- .
diately God would bless and the
sembly would move on in the sweetness
and unction of the Holy Spirit. Praise
God! We believe Spirit had His
The afternoon session was taken up
with reports from our evangelists and
committees, all of which were interest-
ing and inspiring. Our three evangel-
ists, Bros. Imhoff, McGarvey al)d Ham-
pie, gave most inspiring reports of bat-
. ties fought and victories won for God
and holiness during the past Assembly
year. Their characters were passed
and continued as evangelists for an-
.other year. At .5:50 o'clock Rev. J . N.
Hampie, evangoelist from Linesville, .Pa.,
preached. The T.Jord blessed and again
gave souls and victory.
Friday evening was given over to the.
missionary interests, and was one of
the best we ever
attended. We were fortunate to have
with us our dear Brother S. M. Stafford,
Superintendent of our Missions in Mex-
ico, who was the principal .speaker of
the evening. Also our pastor and wife.
from Lincoln Place, Pa., who are re-
turned missionaries from India. Bro.
Reynolds, General Superinten.dent, pre-
sided and made some preliminary re-
marks, and then introduced Bro. and
Sister Davidson, who each spoke of
their work in India in an interesting
way, and we were all sorry that they
did not have more time, and would
recommend these dear people to pastors
for missionary meetings. Bro. Stafford
then gave us one of his spiritual, earn-
est appeals for the work in Mexico.
The Lord continue to ,owsk Bro. Staf-
ford and his work. We were especially
glad to hear him tell of the recent re-
vival in Mexico in our work there. .An.
offering was taken amounting to about
$68 for his work, t.o be used to help
buy type and paper for his new pre8s.
Bro. Stafford showed a box of jewelry
which had come off "our folks," and
quite a bit of cast-off jewelry was given
him before leaving. Let us jl,lSt say, it
is Bro. Stafford's plan to gather enough
jewelry' to build a church iri Mexico,
arid any one having these ornamentS
please send them to Bro. Stafford and
build this church.
. . Saturday morning Bro. Reynolds
called the Assembly to order for the
,at-!} - a.
and.<ltey. Wm. H. Nerry, our. pastor
.l\fahaffey; Pa., led.' the devotional ser-
'viee. . . . .
E .- pUbli'c -' press; --we .. that tbi.s ..
Curry; East : _finding be>printed' ill :the East:;_Pafea:.o
LincoP'l Place, Pa,___:_James ).{. tine, and church papei's.:
so:p., Lincoln Place, Pa. . . . S.igned by: .
Further . . work occupied
our time, and .then we listened to some
reports .froin .our goodly- number of li-
censed preachers . . These brothers have
not .. been idle during the year, but their .
"reports showed a spirit of loyalty and
r Lisbon, Ohio;-::-T6 be supplied by Ar- New Galilee, Pa;; Rey. E . B. Fish,,
thur C. Zepp, New Galilee, Pa. . . sistant Secretary; Wat:ren,.Pa'. ; Wrri. _M;
Lithopolis, Ohio:--:A. R Welch, .1301 Creal, Warren, ' Pa: ;:John Gould, . East
W. State St., Columbus, Ohio. .

Charles Wamer; Troy

Mahaffey Circuit-Wm. H. Nerry, Ohio; JohJ:l Gro8set; Munhall, Rev_.
Mahaffey, Pa; . . Arthur. Q. Zepp,-New. Galilee, Pa. ; Rev.
Mnnhall Terrace,: Pa.-Jam,e1:1 M. .Wm. H. .MahaJ;fey, J;:"a.; Rev. S .
Saturday afternoon was given en-
.. tirely to business: . The first important
vidson, Lincol1;1 Place, Pa. W. - McGarvey, :M:cPhen-on, : Pa. .
New Galilee, Pa._-Arthur C. Zepp, General Sup(lriritendent H. F .. :"Rey-
action . was the ehiction of a District
Superintendent: It was moved that an
informal ballot be taken to bring the
candidates into the .field thi
three . persons receiving, the highest
number of votes be mir candidates.
Tellers reported that the three .receiv-
ing the highest of votes 'were
New Galilee, Pa: . ' . . . . . . . . nolds was chairman of the committee
- Newark, Ohio-.,.To be supplied. by- the request of Rev . . J. H. Norris, '
Pittsburg; Pl!-., First . Church-:-J. H. and ordered. by the Assembly. :
.Norris, .212 Sycamore St., East Palestine, Ohiq, . May .. 22,.-.1909,
Pa. - . ' Unaii'iniotisly adopted by the Assem-
Troy, . Ohio...:____Geo. Ward; Troy, Ohio. -bly. .,
.Warren, Pa.-E.' B: Fish, Warren, Pa. JJ .
C. A. Imhoff, ;J. H. Norris and A. R. A thousand soUls for God and holi-
On the second regular ballot ness, and twice as many .churches as
the first named, C. A. Imhoff, was . duly we now have, is our watchword for
elected, and the . General this Assembly year in the Pittsburg
ent approyed. and so announced. District. Amen! It can be done.
The remaining of the after- "With forces all united,
no.on was given to the hearing and pass- We'll . win ! . We.'ll win ! ''
ing upon of the various I hereby. amiounce that I will visit
committees. These reports were excel-. each church in the district once during
lent MJ.d will appear in full in our the year, and more if wanted or needed.
printed minutes., Let pastors arrange ;for said visits and
Saturday evening God blessed while be free to correspond with me. concernc
we tried to preach from Luke 11 :13, . ing the details of their work.
and; gave the climax of the evangelistic I have arranged to have J.Uly 20th to
services so far in blessed v-ictory at-the Ai1gust lOth open, an<U> can visit some
altar. Thank God. of our churches. then if so desired. .
Sabbath was a great day. The fore- C. A. Imhoff, Dist. Supt.
noon preachfug hour was given over .to
the special service of reception of mem- VINDICATION OF REV. J. H. NORRIS.
hers into the local church, the ordina- Report of the investigating Cominittee .
tion of two young men into our min-
istry, and the communion service. To the Pittsb'urg District Assembly of
The two young men ordained were the Pentecostal Church of the Naz-
Wm. H. Nerry, our pastor at Mahaffey, arene, Convened at East Palestine,
You may asked the question as .
to why I hav.e not written for the paper ..
for the past six weeks. In. reply would
state that my eyes have been ;in an ab-
normal condition for about four months,
and for the past six; weeks my physician
has prohibited my reading or writing
tilore than was an absolute necessity,
so that I have let my cor:r:espondence
for the papers go, as well as much of
my other writing.
I feel it a duty, however, to write
just a few lines and let you know that
the dear Lord ha.s been not only with
. the _writer, but with all of the Assem-
blies in the east. Praise His holy name.
Since last writing I have been per-
mitted to travel about 4000 miles, and
presided at five District Assemblies.
Pa., and E. B. Fish, our pastor at War- Ohio:
ren, Pa. We never witnessed an ordi- Your committee appointed by the The Northeast District.
nation ser'vice equal to this one. chairman, General Superintendent H. This new district comprises New
As the morning service .lasted until _F. Reynolds; in harmony with the Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Ed-
riearly 2 o'clock, and the evening ser- quest of Rev'. J. H. Norris, District.Su- ward Island and NewfoUndland. It
vice was announced to begin at an early perintendent of the Pittsburg District, has three churches, with one: building,
hour; we had no afternoon service, but to . thoroughly investigate all com- and five elders, with Rev. E. D.earn
met at 6 in the evening and had a con- plaints, accusations and charges brought for District Superintendent. All the
tinuous and victorious service until against him bY certain aggrieved mem- workers aJ:!.d the laiety are looking
about 11 p. m. :Prayer and testimony hers of his congregation, beg to report forward to great victories this year.
meeting until about 8 o'clock. At night as follows:
a sermon by General Superintendent Whereas, Your commtitee has care- The N. Y., N. E. and Pittsburg Districts.
Reynolds, from the text in Epk 3 :14, fully and th.oroughly the Each shows a very encouraging in-
who seemed to be at his best, and God a _hove mentmned complamts,. accusa- crease in every department of o_ur work.
wonderfuUy.:_helped- h-im- -preach the tionS:...and charges hrough.Lagams.t:_Rex._ --':I'here- is"an-- inerease-of- churches:-"uf-
glorious gospel to .. u.s. par- J. H. Norris; be it . . . members, of church of .
don and cleansing at .the altar, and the Resolved, That, while It day schools, of. Sunday school scholars, .
Assembly came to a close after an ex- . the church work of Brother Norris of ordained elders, of licensed preach-
hortation by the District t? extent his ers, of evangelists, of deaconesses, and
ent and a great season of prayer for engagmg m , busmess, we Sunday. School Superintendents, This
God's blessing upon the work and for exonerate him from any mtenbonal. is also true with reference to the
a new anointing upon each of us ' for doing or neglect of finances of both the church ap.d Sunday .
the ,work of tlie year. ties, and that th_Is DistrJ_ct school. More money has been raised
his reputat101,1 of any for church buildings, ;.for for.
The following are the pas_toral ar- . stlgma which _may 3:ttach by the support of the pastors and superin-
rangements for the Pittsburg i})istrict reaso? of- tpe aforesaid complamts, ac- tendents, Sunday school work and mis-
fo. r __ the coming year, as .ordered l)y -the cusatiOns and charges. . sions, than last year.
And, moreover, we believe .-that Rev. . . .
Assembly wbich closed ?t{ay . J. H, . ;Norris should be to the Greater Enthusiasm.
District SuperintenderitC.A: Imhoff, same fair consideration as any honest Greater enthusiasm was manifested in
Clarion; Pa. business man wh'O has been unfortunate ()111' work.. pubUshing
Columbus, Ohio-A. R. Weich, 1301 hi his busille-ss affairs ;and.i.D-asmuch._as plants, missionary "fields (two inission-
W. State St., Columbus, Ohio. this matter has been published in the aries were chosen for Brava), rescue
Ev-er{ AssemblY has oeen ot outpolJriiig< of NO:l'l(;a :
salvation a:nd continuous and: s SptJ;"tt upon the !1'
.there : The :Nazar(me,
rupted unity and . ma11y deep convi<?tion. "W_e carry in stock' the :&oks in
ful . obse-rver, l Cf:'n than:kf\ill.Y. state::t.llat pray . . God _ IQ. of for Licensed Preachers .
t_ h .. e. r.e __ a __ .. _o_r d4!nce II1aY. m the u . r ts Mail Ord will "b
Castle remark
made m an thee
d""li"' era'- ._n\'ar: fut _ u_re;. as we feel there ts a great_ - . .. - . _el'B. ... ... f}
b d h promptly filled. For further iilfOi.'JDa.
t1pns; which lei work to e one ere, . tion write
. in giving ifraises to our Lord.' ill .- _. - inc_losmg a stamp lbr . . reply,.
. . . . . . Ollh. "'
. )'D. : .FRANCISCO DISTRICT. will furnish you; with all, the.
.;. .- .- - : - imorniatiori with to
. -- , . .._ -foJ.l<nvtg }s the . report of .the . b ks
CHICAGO, ILL. . . Statistical Seretary. of the San . . inforination is
' . .Once:. more. hilve -we cisco District-Assembly :_ ing m. response toa fJ:om;
.to be yeked with-Brother AgJiew,.in bat- , Number of. churches .... :: ______ _.________ _________ :_ 5 of the District Assemblies. . .
tle: Th'e.meetlfig; in . Total number of H F Re olds
the. League ended . gloriously.( , 'many Total 'number in Y. P. Society --"---"-- 51 .. ' yn .
souls. at the altar and some Qf' tfl..em Total number in Sunday schools._273 .- J/1 ..
praying through. To oul' God "be: ,all Total number officers and teachers_ 48 DISTRICT FINANCES.
the glory. .,A..meri. . Thil;i :work il{.'jndeed . Financial Report.
a marvelous work, and is . ' .Value of church pro'perty .. ,: ..... $23,400:00 Of course we were all gratified that
sen ted with a noble band. of wen sarie- Indebte.dness ____,; _____, __________,_________ _________ 6,050.00 the first church to subscribe to the
_-. tified young men, 'Yho labor c1ur- Amt. raised for- -.District Fund was otieof the youngest
ing the . cl.ay but :Qnd tiiHe .to Church . buildings..................... 600.00 churches (Grand Avenue), and they
for -prayer and victory. Thl' :meeting . Pastors' salaries ... : ......... .: ..... :... 2,552.27 -thus a
here at Chicago witn Brother .. A8'fiew Evangelists ................... _.............. 716.60 good exa plefor u8 . Now oomes
was -of_ Q-.o<!. _Sister a. .. : Current expenses .................. :.. 1,590.97 h "be $50
. prectous .Lu-ael,.,, sul?er:m- . . Sunday schools ................ _, ____,_ 3ts:29 . Cucamonga. T ey also subscn .
. tended, . an:d the Missions .............. : .................... r-- 446.21 for the District Fund. Well done,
shouted, and . formality Jiad no place Djstrict .work ...................... 487.54 . Cucamonga. Who next? . .
in this -meeting.' .Neither had fanati- Other :.benevolences............... 229.70 _ In our first reference to this matter
cism. _: _ So'\lls found God. .. great . . . - .:.._..,.---- . we-spoke of subscriptions,
f eature of the. tneeting was a number . Total for_ all purposes ...... $ 6,936.88
,; of Moody studellts. coming .toJ;he meet- . D. s. Reed, Statistical Secy. . btitit seems that the Churche8
ing, and sonie of {heni gettirig rid Qf . to act This is good. ..
the carnal nature, so there. will no flf" flf' .. every Church in the ta)[e up
more. suppressing. .Amen. God .can The Nazarene Publishing Co. keeps the matter and_subscnbe to the furuJ.
. always do a thorough work"when He _ in stoc)t a fine assortment of Holiness C. J., KINNE.
. has frill right of way. Brother Mc-
Laughlin gave u.s some precious
sages, and God blessed them. Ani now
at the West Madison Street Rescue Mis
sion for three and on until Jeaus
comes. Pray for your Welsh brother.
Conscious obf His presence,
Win. 0. Jones.
: ' .- $ : .,. .
Brother Kent .. of. Jacksonville was
with us over Sunday, and . though in
poor health, preached two grand
mons, to the delight and edjfication of
the people. We are .. Qn a slow and
steady up-grade here. We had a _splen-
did series of meetings in the winter,
.and .Kell ahd Si!i--
t er Crow, which resulte<J in great. good
to the church. We have taken iri sev-
eral new members of ' late, anti the
church is good spiritual condition
and doing good wprk. We are
three cottage meetings each week and
are seeing some good :results from them.
Olin W. Rose,.Pastor.
....... ...
CAL. . ..._
We- recently closed an 'eight days'
meeting with Lulu B. Rogers
of Los -- Angeles, and teel --thQ.t: it will be
to 9f' Go'd to tell
of the. gracious time we .enjoyed and
the: great good which was accc,>mplished
dur1ng her short stay.: Backsliders
-Beulah Park-. Camp _Meeting
Beulah Park,
. .. July
East Oakland
1-11 ..
The Third Annual Camp Meeting of the San Francisco District
of the Pentecostal Church of the N'azarene will open July 1st, at
_ . ., SPECIAL
District Superintendent
Evangelist, . Long Beach, Cal.
Santa: Rosa, Cat
Assisted by other Ministers and EvangeU.ts of the District
r -
There. will be a good RESTAURANT on the grounds. TENTS . and
FURNITURE can be had at reasonable rates.
Have your mail sent to BEULAH PARK, EAST OAKLAND, CAL.
STREET CAR direct to Camp .Grounds.
Further infonnation gladly. given by
REV. H.", O. WILEY, 268. Third Jose,
or, REv. P. G. LiNAWEAVF.&; 7S18thSt, Oakl&Dd, :Cal.
.. 6 . [Jtin:e 10; :1909
... ' ..;:
' . - .: . "i .
:- -: '. -: .:::, - . :. . . . .
Nazarene MesseTJ,ger. preached, :was made; . . Sometimes what our say of
========= =. ===;: , = ::::;:::: . = = = . .' marching with sorig 1\nd . us make us do best If .
EDri'ORS: triumph, their offerings on the our frtends; say
P. F. Breaee, - Editor. The pastor had made a state- things of us we tt -to an
Pierce, _ _ _ Ollke Editor . . h It t
c. J. Kinne, - Aut.-Editor and BW. Mgr. . meiit asking for $1000, and.Wlt some u en or mo rve.
additions made at night nearly that I shall state . a fe'w . of the things
. Ente-r ;.t the. i>oat-omee. A\llr . 7, 1900. at Loa amount .was .given . . house was charged against' professors holi-
matter. dedicated, Bro. Allen making the ness; if untrue; . us be
TEluls - Sl a year 1n admc:e; to :Mii.iaters 75 cents; .
to forelirn countries SL60. Sample copies f.-.
CSANGB OF ADDJIEIIS- Name the and State
to which the paper baa been sent, and the office and State
to.whlch you wlah it sent.
ExPIRATION OF TniB- Subacriptfons are payable IN
ADVANCE. unlesa payment Ia made or request Ia made
to have the paper continued, It will be, at
the expiration of time. .
SPECIAL NoTICE-Address all bualnesa eommunleatlona
tO C.;,. I!.:INNB, Business Maiulcei'. Never wrlte_bualnesa
matters on same postal or ahest With any other matters.
It always trouble and delay, and may cause
mlatakea. . . .
Parties receiving the paper regularly without havlnw
subscribed for It will know that It baa been presented
to them by some friend and there will be no bilL .
In case of any lrretrularity or failure to recetve your
paper notify the Publisher by mall at once. .
. How TO RBIIIT - Remit by_ Money Onler or Bank
Draft, payable to
7!10 SAN PBDRO 87. LOB .CAL.
. . 7W. ....,_,_ B-
dedicatory prayer. He also preached but careful _they never becom.e true;
at night. It will be .three years if true, .let us at-(mce avoid them,. and
Fourth of July sin(!e -we orgamzed tum away from them.
here alittle band of people into a Holiness people ate chal'ged with
. of the Nazarene . . PQssessing "ardent temperaments"
pointed in their hopes in reference to and consequently are much to
a pastor, the little forthree "impressions, .faith healings, special
m?nths ":ithout a leac_ler, . and. not- . and other . mystical
wtthstandmg the pastor 'Of the Friends . vaganes.
Church, Bro. Hadley, very kindly did One mtist admit the -most of
for thein what he could, . they were professors of holiness are ardent in
. much scattered. They having put their temperament; arid this because
themselves in the hands of the Gen- they are naturally so, that 1s, ardency
. eral Superintendent to be supplied, of temperament is not necessarily the
Rev. A. 0. H;enricks sent them, result of - experiencing holiness,
who ,with all the force . of his heroic though earnestness in . all things is .
nature began the work. Things did An ardent temperament .is quic}c to
not seem encouraging, but he endured act whether bodily or and
EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE as seeing Him who is _and . con'sequently is not given to that care-
... PORTLAND, OREGON. what was left of the little band knew ful weighing of like those of
. Ashland, Ore., on Thursday . no bounds in their devotement to the a different temperament.
evening, and on Friday morning we work. Slowly and steadily things If it.act on an impression it will do
alighted from the train at Portland, began to move, until today they have so at once or likely not at all. Such
where we were met by Rev .. A. 0. a well..,equipped . make more. mistakes than those o:f
Henricks, pastor of our chur_ch Their new Church ts. a mce struc- cooier temperaments, . and are more
here, and conducted to his horne; in ture on a good corner m a favorable frequently blamed and criticised. They
which we have been entertained part location, worth. $10,000, equally do the . things needing
of 'the time, thereat beingin the home pr_ovided for, With a good, diate action. Those who discover
of Mr. Alexander Kerr, a wealthy and tic membership and the blessmg of themselves in . possession of these
generous man though a member the Lord abiding upon them. Brother ardent temperaments :which need no
of the Presbyterian Church, has been and Sister Henricks are greatly be- should cultivate much
drawn in a providential way so near loved the people. . They have thoughtfulness and prayerfulness,
to ourChurchhereas to greatly help regarded Jio obstacle, norbrookedany and be .exceedingly clear as to the
it and the work of God in which they difficulty, and have led on to the mind of the Lord. They are likely to
are engaged. We are led to pray that lishment . of a center of . fire that IS be enthused over unproved testimony
he may by the Spirit's guidance find destined by its bring to as to healings, divine etc ..
his way into the full!less of the .. every city and village m this part of and are easily susceptible to the
ing'of Christ and become a mighty Oregon a Church of st!1Lnge and mysterious. Ardent per-
agency for the spread of gospel ?f Nazarene. It ts . already the. leadmg sons easily take to a pleasing stranger, .
holiness. left undone m factor in the holiness. work m these or .for reasons unknown, dislike oth-
either borne for our comfort and joy . .. parts, and its influence is widely felt. era not forming their friendships
_____ Sabb_at_h . dawn9d _. with rqw, . rapid and merit, . or beauty of character,
which , contmued all _ day. At the multJphcatiOn of the church these but upon the extravagances of extra.v-. .
morning . service the house was well . par,ts. . It only needs leadershtp, .. agant people. . All such need con-
filled, and according to loyal oq the part of the stantly to "watch unto
. there was of one people to give,_ by th_e of Again, they are charged with
young man and six children, one of Holy Ghost, great victory I_t:t Jesus "beirig wise alxn!e what is written."
. which was the baby of the name, anywhere. P. F. B. Wisdom is the right use of know)edg;e . .
his wife, there was It is always . good taste
and the Lords Supper, . which We call the attention of for one to profess to know what he
nea_ rly __t_he whole gath-.' B u1 h does not know, ortorepeat,as his own
f to the announcement of the e a
ered; -The servtce was one o Park . Nazarene Camp Meeting on an- the . knowledge possesses.
deep and holy . . other opens JUiy lst ancfis Many things are writt-en that others
,The aftem<>?n !tour was the time an ideal place . to spend ten . days, _close. do .not know and it is a fault ()f self-
set for the of to the citv of Oakland. . . : corifidEmt .. to-assert that what
Several 'persons :we:re recer!ed rnto the oT
. June '19691
_-:. they do not know is unknown. Goa Their on feelings and
' .is still withholding many things . in mistaking the merework
his Word from the "wlse and pru .. . of the forthe voice of the
dent" and revealing thein. unto babes. . Spirit and undervaluing reason, knowl- ' lli". Bresee will mor:Q' .
But.holiness people, a_bove alJ others, _ edge, and wisdom in . generaL (3) ing servjce at the Tabernacle, Los M.-
geles, Sabbath-morning,
should seek to- avoid placing double Their littleness of love to their .. Goodwin at night. . . . . .
me'anings, isolated : intel'J)retations, want of ' union with them;
renderings o.f their lack . of meekness, their. impa- Pastors, what about
God' s Word. Simpli'hi ty is the univer- tience of contradiction, their counting -blimkS' .
'sal ' ' of holiness. every man' an enemy who or '
Clearness and purertess are insepar- \ admonished them in their . big-
. otry or proneness to think hardly
Again, . they are charged with "indis- all who did not agree with them.. . .
criminatsly cOndemning tkings, .iridij- themselves rather than
ferent witk tMnos that . are p(Bitively .. God." -. . . . .
evil." A word of cau,tion cannot be out of _
Insisting, as they do, that holy men we may see ourselves in
should avoid "the appearance of evil," lookmg-glass of the avOid
they are .likely .to class the. positive, . some of the great hmdrances to the
negative, . and indifferent, and.doubt- spread o.f true holiness. G. w. w.
ful in one class, or make that wrong .. .. ..
to. all which would be wrong in thetn. SOUTHERN CALIJ?ONIA DISTRICT
Now if that principle was elosely and _ ASS Y.
. Rev. C. W. Ruth is to
the Missionary Camp Meeting Pjlo_t
Point, Texas.
. District Superinte..:.dent Hosley. b.;a_
received'seven communications concern-
ing new churches since May
One week from the Southem
California . District Assembly will .con-
. vene. to be present,
Bro. Will 0. Jones and wife sail for
. Wales July 24th from New York,
open for any on their way
.to that city after July 17th. -
strictly adhered to. they would not be This will be our last word to the
Sisters Crow and Kell have just held
_much . But when they include .. churches before the Assembly, and I a glorious meeting With the Fitchb!ll'g
_all they think is . wrong; and insist feel co1;1strained to. urge upon all . our church, Rev. D. Rand Pierce, pastOr.
that all must conform to their opinion, and pastors the necei:lsity of The )Jord gave wm:iderful victoey.
then mischief begina, and gOod a full attendance. There are . . .
.. people are: estranged. Holy people questions to. b'e considered. Let all - spent a da>\?f
ld h 1 h . . the church at
. m_ust :!e . , m est t ey I?e on for the finjt sel'- . services were
cause weak offend, but v1ce Thursday mornmg. ' . the . Lol'd:'blessmg the Word to the
they must not upon the weak Much prayer should be . made that people.
brethren what God has not positively this Assembly shoUld be the best of all,
required, lest they burden them above and that new_ Pentecosts may be given.
that.they _are able. Such must not Come up to this. feast in spirit of
merely declare certain things evil, but unity and perfect love, . and the God
must show the evil, to create obliga- of Hosts shail be with us.
tion to cease from it. . i W. Goodwin, Dist. Supt.
Again, they are charged with being
''obstinate under tke garb of spiritual-
. ity. " This charge is true concerning
those who persistently ignore _teach-:
ers, especially if they do not profess
holiness, or are given to harsh critic-
ism of pulpit ministry on the ground
of ability to determine what should be.
Undue narrowness is often taken for
loyalty to truth, . and many reject
reproof and counsel from those who
are in every way able to give it simply
because they claim to be more .. spir1t-
ual than those who offer it. liow
often holiness professors harangue on
what a preacher said to their not lik-
ing, or what he did not, and should
. have said, without a cru;mb of com-
mendation for the many good . and
helpful things he did say. Reproving
others constan'tl'y, they will receive no
reproof themselves. . .
. Mr. refen-ing to such as I
refer to said hedisliked ''their appear-
anc_e of of overvaluing them-
selves and .undervaluing (2)
Entertainment of Delegates.
Pastors and those in charge of . all
churches sending delegates to the
Assembly will please have their name,
married or single, forwarded as soon
as possible tO the Entertainment Com-
mittee. All delegates from outside
the city of Los Angeles will_ be enter-
tained free.
Address ''Entertainment Commit-
730 San P.edro St., LOs Al)geles.
Bro. Wilson writes: "Meetings g()<)d
at Up1and on Sabbath. GOod .congre-
gations, with one seeker in the even-
. ing."
Let all . the pastors and churches of
the Southern California District prepare
for the District Assembly which con-
in the First Church, Los Angeles,
. Cal., 9 a. m.;June-17.
"Apples . of . .Gold" is just the book
for an inspiring gift. It will bless the
soul and i.Jispire. faith. Send . f6i- "One.
_' 25 cents postpaid ; 10 for $2.
Bro. E. M. Hutchens leaves the pas-
tora te of the Ontario churclflto resunie
his rescue work in San Diego. Bro.
Hutchens bas endeared himself to .the
people of Ontario, and his leaving is
very much -.-:-
Rev. Ed. Roberts has beeu appointed
President of the Nazarene Institute,
Pilot Point, Texas, and has taken up. duties there. May the Lord's, bless-
ing be upon Presidf!nt and institution.
Bro. Humphrey, who has been pastor .
of Cucamonga, Cal., . for the past ye-.r,
has re-ceived and accepted a call to the
pastorate of the Ontario church. He
will enter ; on his duties there after the
District Assembly.
- . __ _
Those who attended the GeneralAs-
sembly at Pilot Point and remember
the singing of Sisters Taylor
and Campbell, will regret to hear of
the death . of Bro. Campbell, who was
then present. He left a glorious testi-
mony .
Bro .. L'aFontaiiie addressed a large
congregation at the Boyle Heights M.
E. Church on Sabbath night at the
meeting of the ProhiQition OJl
''No Compromise,'' 1!-nd had a splendid
hea_ring an il;lte.reste_d and.
siastic' audience. He Will address the
Friends' . Yearly Meeti.Jig at Whittier
on June' special inVitation.
Los Angeles and Vicinity
There was a jubilant spirit as the con-
.gregation assembled . at the morning
worship, this being . children's day at
First Church. The . large auditorium
was tastily decorated with flowers, with
an appropriate motto, and the happy
faces of children made a beautiful sight
as they filled the large choir loft. The
singing and. recitations were all . very
appropriate and well rendered. As the
Superintendent, Bro. Shaw, questioned
and. cross-questioned the classes, it be-
came very evident that the children
knew much about the Bible, and the in-
fluence of the school was telling upon
the lives of all.
It would be quite impossible to give
much of an account of the very inter-
esting program, but all seemed well
satisfied and pleased with the morning
service, r ejoicing that God had given
us so many young lives to influence in
the way of full salvation.
The afternoon holiness meeting was
given largely to t estimony, and many
were .blessed iri giving their experience.
The service closed with the altar call,
which was a very impressive service.
The evening service was in charge of
Bro. Goodwin, who ga ve the message
from Rev. 22 :20. It was a sermon on
the .r eturn of our Lord, and was much
enjoyed by all. The young men sang
with much blessing before and after
the sermon. Thank God for such con-
secr at ed yoling our work.
There W.f.r-e three seekers at the altar
and a spirit of vi ct9ry among the peo-
ple. These arej good days for First
Church, and there has been a strong
tide of spiritual life manifested in the
social services of late, and the people
are praying much for the Assembly.
The early mor niilg prayer meeting
was. a time of refreshing from the pres-
ence of the-Lord. When the saints began
to sing and praise in the beauty of holi-
n ess, and to pull fire out of the skies,
the blessing' of God fell on our souls,
and another great day in .Zion was be-
. The 6 o'clock street :meeting. was one
of great inter est. As . the saints began
to sing and to praise God, the crowds,
gathered on the sidewalk, and as we
looked into their faces and saw the
awful r avages of sin, and then to see
the shine on the saints, we thought,
''and such wer e some of you, but ye
are .. washed, but ye ar e sanctified, but
ye are justified in the name of the Lord
J esus and by the Spirit of the living
God. ' ' One p oor drunk began to ridi-
cule the speakers, but prayer was made
for him and h e came out and begged
the saints to save hi m from drink ; but
as. he knelt by' the. we pointed
him to t he Lamb of God that taketh
away the sin of the world, and he and
Nazarene Messenger
others came to the . church, . and two of
th.em were at. the altar, and . one was
.saved and the other gloriously sancti-
fied. And so, as God says, ' .' Of some
have compassion, making a difference,
and others save with fear pulling them
out of the fire, hating even the gar-
ment spotted by the :flesh." Jude 22, 23.
Pray mightily for these street
ings. : W. W. F.
On Thursday night at prayer service
seven definite answers to prayer since
the previous meeting of a week ago
were recorded. After a wonderful
time of. . prayer . and bless- .
ing from on high, one soul . came and
was truly converted, making eight defi-
nite answers in one week.. Surely God
answers prayer.
The Sabbat}:J. day was one of won-
drous power. A large Sabbath school
present, eight new scholars in at-
t endance. Sister. Knott preached morn-
ing and evening to large congregations.
The. power of the Lord was manifest
in deep conviction. upon. the unsaved.
God's people truly rejoiced, for after
the day's labor seven souls had found
pardon and purity.
A touching scene was witnessed at
the night service, when six taken
into church f ellowship. l'here were
five lambs of the fold, which J esus said
''to f eed,'' standing with an older
brother, two of the lambs being his own
[o7une 10, ,1909
into 1 our circle. She began sho11t
t hat we were all liars and robber s, etc.;
but we made no sign. We began to
sing the gospel. Oh, . how theY, .sang
the precious words of salvation. It
seemed as if each of us w:as multiplied
by five. The multitude stood still. The
woman continued to scream and rail at
us until the police came took her
away. Otir fol)rs stood the lest and
proved the grac,_ .. I believe they would
gladly go to death for Jesus' sake.
The night service was the crowning
glory, a Pentecost . flo?d tide, a "this
is that'' kind of a time, never before
see:tl in our mission. We don't know
how it came, only we felt God the Son
in oUJ.'I nridst, a inelting time in song
service, a waving of handkerchiefs (not
all whit e) and palms; then . an altar
call, and sixteen seekers came to seek .
pardon and holiness. The Spirit of
Pentecost came upon the children. A
great volume of prayer, with upturned
faces to God. A young man came in,
a member of another mission, and said
the Spirit of God led him; he did not
kneel, but' he did not believe in
kneeling to pray. God fixed -his gaze
on the scene before him, and laid hold
on his heart. ' In. the testimonies that
followed the altar service, he arose and
gave a most marvelous confession of
how God wrought on his soul as he sat
in his seat, calling upon us to weep
with him. Men and .women were weep-
ing for joy that the Holy Ghost had
come to his heart. As he continued
.11 _. _. praising God he fell to the floor and lay
GRAND AVE. CHURCH. fQr some time. I;le is not a believer in
da.ughter s.
Last Sabbath was full _ of blessings . tongues. He then arose and continued
to give glory to God, and said : "I am
and victory. Large congregations at 1 d h h r h d
the services and seekers at the altar. g a you preac
mess ere, an
preach it straight. I now believe in
Brother LaFontaine prea ched at 11 a. it and have r eceived it. " Of the six-
m. on: "Seeking the Kingdom of God." t een seekers, thirteen gave clear te.sti-
Mrs. Roger s preached at night on "Ex- mony to having received pardon or
ceeding the Righteou!;ness of the . purity. . We received eleven new mew-
Scribes." One soul was at the altar hers. We pray God to k eep us low
aii.d found t he Lord. The. street meet- at His f eet, t hat He may be glorified .
ings are seasons of blessing and a fine Mrs. M. McReynolds.
opportunity of inviting the people to
the house of God. Brother LaFontaine Jll .:M .JI
will preach at both ser vices next Sab- PASADENA, CAL.
The annua l of the church The services were as usual on the
was held on Montlay, June 7th, and Sabbath, -Bro. Walker preaching on
splendid r eports were h eard from all " The Sacraments and Holiness," the
. departments, and _ the delegates to the sacr ament discussed being that of the
District Assembly were appointed. The Lord's Supper.
pastor al r el ations were continued by a There was quite a number of people
unanimous standing vote of the Board present at the service of the evening.
and congr egation. . The t ext was found in James 5:20, " Let
him know, that he which converted a
.JI .JI .II sinner from the error of his way shall
SPANISH MISSION. save a soul from death, and shall hide
Sunday was a marvelous day with us a multitude of sins. " This will be the
at the morning service, with a sermon subject for the evening services for sev-
by t}:J.e Superintendent f r om Dan. 5:27, eral succeeding Sabbaths.
' ' Thou art weighed in the balance and J/1 .11 _.
art found. wanting." The afternoon
sermon by Bro. Br and. One old ! MARRIED.
man f ound pardon. The Plaza meeting At the Church of the Nazarene,
was full of inter est and blessing, with P asadena, Cal. , in the presence of fifty
between four and five hundred present. ' or mor e invited L. Mil.:. -
'fhe devil came also, with his ler , one of our :Nazarene young men,
and wJten they could no longer with- and Miss Mary E. Foraker of Altadena,
stand, they brought a woman on a box were joined in marriage ,by the former
June 10, 19091
pastor, _Rev. B. H. ;Kennedy, _Wednea-
day, May 26th, at s p.m. The
was. beautifully
for the occasion. The Lord bless the
yotp1g couple as walk the path of
life together. .
The following resolutions were passed
,by the Pent.ecostal Church of the Naz-
arene . of Cucamonga, . Cal., at their last
annual business meeting :
Whereas, God, in His goodness and
loving remembrance of us, sent Bro.
Humphrey as our pastor for the past
year; therefore, be it . .
Resolved, "That we do hereby tender
unto him our heartfelt appreciation,
first, for the clear, clean-cut, Holy
Ghost teaching from the pulpit and his
daily walk and talk amongst us and the
people of Cucamonga; second,
Whereas, His labor. has been greatly
blessed of God in building up the church
spiritually and numerically; be it fur-
Resolved; That we recommend him
to any Church of the Nazarene as a
true advocate of Bible holiness.
Bro . Humphrey will always have a
very warm place in our hearts, and we
earnestly pray that God will abun-
dantly bless him in his new field of
Mrs. E. F. Davis, _,' - ,.
Jno. Maxwell,
. r .
nnd voice. I( you have any
looking for climate, send them. up, re-
membering that rooins are very-scarce.
. J . C. Rockhill.
.. Jll Jll
word comes from nearly all our
districts of new churches being. organ-
There are hundreds of homes to
. which the NAZARENE MESSENGER goes
which are scattered throughout the
land. in _places where there is no church
or Sunday-School which uses. holiness
Sunday-School Every one
of these families .ought to subscribe
for "The Youth's Comrade."
We especially desire to introduce
that paper into the homes and will
offer a special inducement.
We want you to be sure that the
paper would be a blessing to your
. home: and then we want your sub-
, The proof of the puddi:rtg is in the
Send us 10c. in stamps and we will
mail you the 13 numbers of the
"Youth's Comrade" for the first
quarter. If ! like the paper and
will send 50c. bin two weeks after
receiving the pap rs, we will send the
paper for the year. . The subscription
is 75c. Under, i :Special offer you
get it for 60c. and get the privilege of
one quarter for 10c. and no more ex-
pense if you don't like the paper.
We would like to hear from 500
families by return mail.
Send il! once, as we can only
supply a hmtted number of subscribers
under this offer.
Nazarene Publishing Company.
WUl -ConJMt, and BlaB.
Apples of . Gold;
Or Words _Fitly Spoken.
.. . .......
Being a Compilation of the ,brief Spiritual
Heart Messages appeared,on the
first page of the MESSENGER during the past
two years.
. -240 Pages, Paper. .
With portrait, and introduction
by Dr. Bresee. .
Price 25 cents
b_y mai130e; in lots of 10$2.
In cloth, 60 cent.
Address Author,
730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Special Book Offer
60c FOR 25c, PosT-PAID
Plain of Christian Perfec-
tion. Wesley.
Experience of Hester Ann Rogers.
God Love, by C. S. Eby.
Gospel Stamps (1.20 in a bopk) ..
Five Steps to Entire Sanctification;
16-page tract; by P.' F. Bresee.
Holiness, 16-p.,_ by C. F. Walker.
Man's Desire to Know God. Ser-
mon by Rev. John Short.
Missionary Sermon, by Mrs. Rose
Potter Crist.
Send 25c for this Collection
of Books and Tracts
I arrived here (Lancaster) t en days
ago, primarily, I suppose, for the bene-
fit to my health that this climate is
supposed to bring. It is a little town
near the center of Antelope valley, 2350
feet elevation, 80 miles from Los An-
geles, and about 25 miles below Mojave.
It has two saloons and two hotels with
bars attached, and-I am told the liquor
people con:trol the town. It seems to
have a good school, two churches, one
Catholic _and one belonging to the
Methodists, but made up of various
faiths. They have a fair sized congre-
gation, with a very bright and prom-
ising class of young people in church
and Sunday school, as - yet, I believe,
generally unsave-d. Some very earnest
people among the membership, but in
great need of "the .fulness of the bless-
ing." There seems to be great need
of salvation everywhere, but certainly
the devil is very "strongly entrenched.
The present pastor of the church is a
U. B., I am told, and much aliye.
r ----- ___ --'---'--- _, ____________________ ------'- __ . _____ _ ,
. He has been away since before my ar-
rival, and I occupied his pulpit, . by his
invitation, last Sunday morning and
evening, with the very manifest pres-
. ence of the Holy Spirit. I am waiting
before the Lord for an open door to
the hearts of these people. Pray for
us. This- climate is certainly wonder-
. ful for -head, throat and lung troubles.
They have some remarkable examples
of its healing properties. Have been
gr eatly benefited myself in my throat
Songs l
of the Nazarene
156 Songs, also select Psalms arid Readings. A large number . of I
songs never before published. Round or shaped notes:
Manilla Cover, Postpaid, 15c
100 Not Postpaia - $12.00
We will deliver these books to any address for $13.00 per 100
Publishing Company j
San Pedro Street - : 1
. . LOS ANGELES, CAL. :' . .
NazGrene bjes8enger
. Dne ts"
ac-zfi c. . zble_. rto' lle;ne The . above is tbe-:-title of a
r I \..14 ::1 which \Vas published in the New Year
641 E. 28th St L011 An11elu, Cal. Number of the MESSENGER. . It was
PREsiDENT. REV. P. F. BRESEE. n.n. Vloz-PREmnENT. REv. IsAIAH REID.' A.B. composed by Rev. J . . W. in
PRINCIPAL, LEORA AssociATE PRINCIPAL, BESs s. woon. honor of Dr. Bresee's 70th birthday,
and was read at the Anniversary .
Some of the young ladies of the . meeting on New -rear's eve. We
Senior class enjoyed a very special have-published .it in a beautiful little
treat ift a visit to the home of Sister Booklet so that .thosewho desire to do
N: for program of ''Com-
mencement Week . Events" in . next
week's Messenger.
Burk, whose parents live in Long so may it. . .
Beach, in their new home on the ocean Sent post-paid for iOc; 3 for 25c.
front. It was a great delight to. all. PUBLISHING Co. Owen and Bro. Kell attended
the Tuesday preaching services week
before last, Bro; Owen preaching and .
Bro. Kell singing. It was a wonderful
ble8sing to the college 'students, and
three . visitors knelt at the altar; and
last week some of the students had a
very . season of prayer and
.singing with our two brothers Monday
evening before they took the train for
the far East. God blessed many at the
college through the ministry of Mother
Kell, Sister Crow and. Bros. Owen and
Kell. May His richest Qlessing be upon
them as they labor for Him.
\\re t hank.Gqd:for $25 from Bro. and
Sister Winn of Upland, and fruit, veg-
etables, fish, dried apricots and pre-
serves from ''Precious Praying and
Paying Friends, '' and a treat of fresh
eggs from and Mrs. Reid.
The following is the report of the
Committee on Missions, rendered at the
recent San Francisco District Assem-
It was said by a godly man : ''The
inost solemn moment in all eternity :will
be when we stand. face to .face with
J esus, and face to face with the Christ-
less throng who lived and died without
knowledge of the way of life."
. '\Ve call upon you to join with us in
praise to God that He is allowing us
to become more and more interested in
a lost world.
\Ve can report $432.68 <\ which has
passed-through the District Treasurer's
hands the past t en months. The past
two months have been times of special
awakening in the ,, San
Francisco churches especially,- and
greater things are promised for the
coming year.
Dear Bro. Reynolds . has faithfully
written frolJl time to time, explaining
just the way to work t})._e envelope
tem; also gives us a list of books whi:c1i,l\l'
if every church board would secure and
r ead, would undoubtedly increase the
missionary inter est in every church.
we, your committee, would urge each
church to use tl.te envelope as
we know of no improvement on that
syst em; and that each church have a
monthly missionary meeting and a good
live board composed of people who keep
under the blood, in harmony with'' the
,Y.ill of God, who have a .passion forothe
lost, who are in fellowship with Christ's
730 San Pedro St.; Los Angeles.
The Senior class and the principals J . b th H }
spent a most enjoyable evening, by. - aco e ee grasper'
cial invitation, in the home of Prof. oR
and Mrs. Reid. A lovely dinner was Some of God's Pictures of
served, and Prof. Reid later acted as th C 1 M" d
toastmaster, when responses were given e at:pa In
to a number of "toasts," among them
being, "Down-trodden Mexico," "From BY L. MILTON WILLIAMS
.India's coral strand;'' ''The best is yet With Portrait and Introduction
to be," "The tomorrow," "Looking .. BY REV. A. M. HILLS.
backward," "The mountains are in
view," and others. It was most enjoy-
able, and after pleasant talks by both
Prof. and Mrs. Reid, and a time of
prayer and social intercourse, with the
sweet songs of Zion, sung only as our
young people . can sing them, we re-
turned to take up again the steady pull
of regular preparation for examination
and commencement.
suffering, who have a glimpse of Christ
and a breath of Gethsemane, who are
full of compassion, loving, forgiving,
tender and kind, holy, harmless, pa-
tient, and filled ,\rith the Holy Ghost.
In fact, put . the cream of your chlirch
on the Missionary Board, and we will
not fail our God in this our day and
Mary E. Mabee.
.II .- .-
June 14 to 28, Northwest District.
Julr 1 to 11, San Francisco District Camp
Meetmg, Cal.
July 12 to 18, San Francisco District, Cal.
July 22 to 25, New Mexico and Texas.
July 29 to Aug. 8, Mississippi Camp meeting.
Aug. 13 to 22, Tracy C1ty, Tenn. Home
Camp Meeting.'
Aug. 26 to Sept. 5, Nauvoo, Ala.
Sept. 6 to 30, Kansas and Oklahoma Dist.
October. General Missionary Board Meet-
ing. H. F. REYNOLDS,
823 River St., Haverhill, Mass.
.- .;1 .-
A r emarkable book by Elder Can-
right, who was long one of the l eading
advocates of Adventism. If you are at
all interested in the subject, or if you
have any friends who are troubled on
this s1;1bject, you should get this great
book. It is intensely interesting, and
is profitable r eading .for any one. Sent
postpaid for $1.00 in cloth binding, or
60 cents paper.
This is a volume of 350 pages facked fu.ll of
striking lessons from . the life o Jacob, writ-
ten in the clear and direct style of this emi-
nent Evangelist.
Bound in Cloth, Price $1.00
Nazarene Publishing Co.
730 San Pedro Street,
Los Ang.eles, Cal.
''Where Art Thou?''
or, Spiritual Earthquakes.
This book by this noted Evangelist will
arouse; instruct and. bless. Send for
Bound in Cloth, 320 Pages
Price, $1.00
The Time to Strike;
. , ., Or. Our Nation's Curse.
A story of sixteen chapters, told in
an interesting and graphic way, o:t;
the Curse of the Liquor Traffic, and
its awful effects on the family. It is
timely and should be read by every
lover ilf cleanness and purity.
Nazarene Publishing Company
L011 Angeles, .- Cal.
800 songs. The best old h:vnina and the cream of
the new songs. 25 et.. per eop:y. poat:pald, ao.oo
per ItO. Returnable Sample FREE to Churches or
. Sunday Schools. Write for our special oft'er.
IIAZAREIIE PUB. CO., 730 San. Pedro St.,LDI Aaplea, Cal.
June io, 1909]
Our Young People
Say ! I'm goin ' a visitin '.
My ilanie is Ettie May;
[ 'm t akin ' all my dolls along..,....
Goin ' to stay all day. . ..
Want to know who I ' m goiu' to see?
Why, little Gret chen Black;
She 's got a swell in' in her knee
And a poor little crooked back.
And s he can't walk a st ep, you know;
. Nor play out in the s un,
But has t o lie in bed '' just so''
And can ' t ha ve any fun.
The doct or says she'll
A woman big and strong ;
So she's goin' t o play with me
This l ovely whol e day long.
And I 'll give her doll Jasamine- - .
. This one with the crinkly
'Cause she can 't have a dandy time
Like other bo;rs and girls.
And when I get back home tonight
I'm goi n' t o ,kneel and pray,
And ask dear God to make it right,
So Gret chen can romp and play.
'l'he girl who f rnnkl.\ says t o her
mot her, " I ha ve heen t her e. I met so
and so. Such a nd su ch r emarks wer e
made, and this and that was done, "
will he cer t ain of r eceiving good ad-
Yi ce and sympa thy. If all was right,
no fa ul t will be f ound; If the mother
knows, out of great experience, that
something was improper oi unsuita ble
s he will , if she is a good mother , kindly
ad vise against its r epet1tion. It is. when
mothers di seovPr that thei r git"ls ar e
h i<ling t hings f1om them. t hat they
buke and scold. lnnocent faults are
a lways pmdoned hy . a kind par ent.
You may not know. gids, just what is
ri ght. just what is wrong, yet . You
cannot be bla med for making little mis-
takes; but you will not be likely t o do
a nything so ver y wrong if, f r om the
first, you have no sectets from your
mother.- H. I .... Hastings.
Some year s ago a company of Indiau"s
was captured on a western frontier .
Among them wer e -a number of .stolen
children . . They had been with t he sav-
ages f or years. Wor d was sent through
. the r egion inviting a ll \vho had lost chil-
dren t o come and see if among the lit-
tle captives they could r ecognize their
A long way off was a woman who had
been robbed of a little boy and girl.
With mingled hope and fear she came
with throbbing heart. She
the group. They wer e strange. to her .
She came nearer, and with eyes filled.
with mother -love, she peer ed into their
Nazarene Messenger
. .'; . . . . : I : .
-f a ces; one-after another . But ther c was
nothi ng in any she could claim, nor was
ther e anything in her to light up those
cold faces. . , ,
With a dull pain of despair at her
heart; she was turning away when she
paused, chok ed back t he t ears, and in
soft, clear n ot es began a simple song
shc-uscd t o sing. to .her Jitij e . ones . of
J and heaven. Before a line was
coniplet ed, a boy and girl left the
gtoup and ran up to her,
'' Mama, mama, '' and she folded her
lost darlings to her bosom, and took
them home rejoicing. So lives a
mother's earthly influence in the hearts
of her children.- 'fhc Yout h 's In-
struct or.
. A TRUE HEART. . ,..
In a s1nal1 class of boys the teacher
desired, by illustration, to obt ain the
word f avorite. "
She said, aft er severa l fruitless at-
tempts= " Well , children, if ther e was
some one yo\1 loved more than any-
body else in the world, and wished al-
ways to keep her with you, what would
you say she was; what name would you
give her ?"
A small boy held up his hand, and
when t old t o answer , r esponded
promptly, '' My mother.'
Brethren, are you preparing for t he
Sout hern California Dis tri ct Assembly;
to be held J une 17, by electing
delegates. arranging for pastors. and
getti ng other matter s under way? Be
careful to fill out the sta.tisticnl hl a i1ks
fully and send to R. Pier ce soon as
possibl e.
Smith's Smaller Scripture History .80
Theolofical Compend. (Ellyson) . .76
Manus of the Church . .. . .. 25
. Wesley' s Five Sermons . . . .25
Quiet Talks &n Power (Gordon) .80
Preacher and Prayllf <t Bounc:ls) , . :30
None Like It (Parker) . $1.2Q; paper .60.
We can supply the whole four-years'
and will publish prices later. . :
730 San Pedro St . . Los Angeles
Mohave Children .
New Manual
The usual prices in quantities.
Retail price 25c post paid.
.1\azarene Publishing CQ.
730 San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
An Opportunity for Young People
THE NAZARENE MESSENGER goes into many homes where
the young people do not get THE YOUTH'S we
want to introduce that paper into every home. It is a weekly
paper for young people . It is especially suitable for the
homes of Chris tian people of any denomination. It is not
denominational. It t eaches definite salvation. It is filled
with interesting reading matter. Both old and young are
delig hted with it.
Young People Can Earn a Year's Subscrip-
tion by Doing a Little Work for Us ...
We want subscribers, and we want to {)Ur Gospel
Stamps into every community. We will send 15 Stamp Books
which retail for lOc each. Send us the $1.50 and we will
send THE YOUTH's for one year, beginning with
the first number.
Parents please call the attention of your children. to this offer The
-----"""'"'-' Stamps. are good sellers, and they can earn the paper in a
. little while. We send the Stamps without the money, if
yo1,1 agree to sell them and send in the money or return the unsold ones.
. . . . ._., .. . . :- : . .. . -- .. . . . . ... . . ,.
'i!Jo San Pedro St. . Los Angeles, california
12 Nazarene
, Ljune 10, .. 190 9 ..
f!: ' : . . to close witi1 this wondE!rful of- .

. fer .. _ .. . . . . _
. . . :F'uU padicnlars of the above can be
HOLINESS PREACHING THAT DOES in Book of Life,'' to be had THE RoLY. GHOST BAPTisM; Its Pri'-.,
mary Purpose.
. THE WORK. . . of all book sellers, or on applfcation to
We have noticed at least three kinds God's saints. . . WHY WE SHOULD BE HOLY. Words to
t\le Justified.
of preaching, all .of them often called . Also, to away, _qt!?n.ti-
holiness preaching. First the kind ties .. of . the frmt the SpnIt, . m-
Them Up.
. . ' . clu-. mg love, peace, JOy, .long-suffermg,
that IS _sotmd as to the theory, but hfe- gentleness, . goodness, faith, meekness
20c: per doz.; $1.00 per 100,
... ..
less, without :(ire and power and gl.!ace and tempei.ance: : 'Air these greatly help
and glory, no one ever and and gladden all who accept t heni, while
finds experience under thi_s kmd of they remain here waiting for the man-
preachmg; secq.nd, the kmd that sion mehtioned .above. Persons . desir-
preaches the som_e times but ing to obtain these wonderful gifts can
many more times offers fhngs of one do so at once by applying a:t the Cross
sort or other at the professors of t h_e of Calvary. They can be had free of
grace, and no one ever the. ex peri: . charge, by simply asking in fa:ith and.
under ; third, the coming to . the feet of J esus. Every-
doctrmal preaclung under the body is. earnestly. requested to obtain
unctl?n of the Holy One. Many get the above without further delay.-'-Mrs.
wholly such preach- D. vV. Bn"' n, in Free Methodist.
OUR HOLY BUSI_N;ESS. "Be ye kind one
to another."
10.. per doz.; 50c. per 100, postpaid.
.730 San Pedro St .. Los Angeles, C!il.
. .
mg.. Loyalty to the Bible and to the
doctrines of Methodism demands that JJI .,c JJI
.. _
kind of holiness preaching which leads Offi:cial AnnouncellJ-ents.
people into the experience. Measl.tred
We have a new supply of Nazarene'
Pins. The Nickel-plated, such as
we have heretofore said, and a new
kind made of Abalone shell with
by this standard not every one who
pOMs as a believer in and a preacher
of holiness will be accepted.-Wesley-
an Methodist.
: " $ $
If this . should meet the eye of any
person who has not yet put in his claim
for the f0llowing articles, he is hereby
r equested to apply for them at. once :
A Palm of Victory and a Golden Crown,
made the Lord of hosts. Also, Some
\\Tearing Apparel, consisting of a robe
of righteousness, which the more it js
worn the it is and the brighter it
!)hines. There is also An Inheritance,
ineorrnptible and undefiled, reserved in
heaven for all of you who are ready
now to r eceive it. This estate includes
A Mansion"ready furnished, situated on
the "Golden St reet" of the New J ern-
salem, near the t hrone of God. The
grounds are known as the "Paradise of
Go'd. ". They are beautifully watered by
a pure River ofV{ater of Life, clear as
crvstal. .
The soci ety is the very best, consist-
ing chiefly of "kings and priests." No
one is allowed to appear on the street
in soil ed raiment. All have robes
"washed and made white in the bl ood
of the Lamb." (Rev. 6:11 ; 7:9, 14.)
All liars, thieves, idolaters, extortion-
ers. gambl ers, murderers, sorcerers,
quarrel ers and hypocrites;., all proud,
profane. \icious, lascivious, envious, sel-
fish. self -indulgent, self-willed, ungodly
and unholy people, and all sinners, are
forever excluded. But all such by ap-
plying t o the SaYior at once can be
pardoned and then fully purified and
fitted to enter and enjoy this holy,
beautiful and dwelling
place. (l Cor. 6 :10, ;11; Col. 1 :12 ; Isa.
1 :1,6-19 ; 55 :6, 7; Ezek. 36 .:25-27.) Paul
wrotfl that Christ "gave. Himself' for
us, tha.t . He might redeem us from all
'' (Titus ), ... Eve!y}hing
1s so arranged by the Gtver. as 'to .,suit ..
the comfort and convenience of all who
-. ... . .
'l'he following District Assemblies are
hereby called, to meet as follows:
Southern California District-June
17, 1909, 9 m. At. First Church, Los
Angeles, Cal.
Rocky 1\Ionntain Disti-i ct- .-Septem-
ber 2:3, 1909, 9 a. m. At Denver, Col o-: .
black lettering.
Plated . .
25c each
Shell ..
50c each
Chicago Central District-September
!30, 1909, 9 a . m. At Canton. Ill.
- P. F. Bresee,
Nazarene Publishing Company
General Superintendent. ' LOS ANGELES. CAL.
QUR leaders in sacred song book.: Best of All, Golden Trumpet, Songs of the Com
forter. Spiritual Songs. More than a million sold. Price from I Oc to 35c. B,oob
+-.AJt-W-<-fQJ.all services. Discount 'tm introductory order. for free catalogue.
THE CHRISTIAN WITNESS, an intcnocly opiritual and helpful reli;iouo weekly.
Priu $1 .00 per year.
The Christian Witness Co Room 41. 92 La Salle St.- Chlea o. 111.
Texas Holiness University, PENIEL, TExAs
Holiness School of Strong Character, with Competent Faculty and Thorough
Scholarship. Indorsed by the General Assembly of the
Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene
LITERARY .WORK: Primary, Acad-
erliy; College, Theology, Normal,
Elocution. Careful attention is given
to each pupil. Satisfied pupils is our
recommendation. .
and Greek courses. Bible work equals
that done in any training school. Ex-
cellent place to prepare for either
home or foreign-work.
direct from this department to good
paying positions. Best methods in
Bookkeeping, Shorthand and Type-
. writing. No better Business College
The Auditorium- One of our Three Large Build ina-a in the South.
MUSIC CONSERVATORY: Cannot be surpassed by any school in the South. Com-
petent, experienced t eachers, Voice, Piano, Organ, Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin,
Guitar, Wmd and Reed Instruments. Band, Orchestra and Mandolin Club.
Low Prices, Thf rough
Send for Illustrated Catalog. REV. E . P.- ELLYSON, B.S., Pres.