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Study on Consumer Preference for Investment Instrument in Ahmadabad

Submitted to: Prof. Swati Shome Submitted by: Sharmil Mehta (M00123)

9) To identify the objective of savings of an investor. 5) Frequency of investment pattern. 4) Study on income and risk factors play a significant role while selecting particular product for Investment. 15) It can use by the financial sector in designing better finical instrument customized to suit the needs of the investor. 10) Know consumer awareness of investment product. 3) The study also tries to unravel the influence of demographic factors like age on risk tolerance level of the investor. factors.SCOPE OF PROJECT 1) Analysis of investment product. 7) What are the factors that they consider before investing? 8) To know the risk tolerance level of the individual investor and suggest a suitable portfolio. 6) The duration for which they would prefer to keep their money invested. 17) It will provide knowledge to the investors about the various financial services provide by the (BMA) company to their inventors. 14) This study helps getting a better understanding of what a look for in an investment opinion. 2) Study on what reaction of consumer when market unsustainable. 11) Know objective of saving. 18) It will also help the company to understand what is the requirement and expectation of different categories of investors. income level play more significant role in deciding pattern of investment. 16) It will also help the agents and brokers (BMA) in marketing the existing financial instruments. 12) Know source of investment advisers use by consumer 13) The common problem area faced by the investors can be understood. .

Characterization scheme for the report Introduction Objectives Research Methodology Concepts of savings and Investment Characteristics of Investment Need and Types of Investment Industry Profile Data and Interpretation Summary and Conclusions Limitations Bibliography Questionnaire attached .

Second week plan    Design research Decide objective of research Collecting secondary data Third week plan   Decide sample for this research Do quota sampling Four. Prepare questioner for knowing consumer preference. fifth and six week plan   Fill up all questioner Approach BMA consumers Seven week plan   Apply all statics method and hypothesis Input all data in excel Eight week plan    Interpretation on data Analysis of data Give suggestions on analyses of data .Briefly weekly plan for the SIP project First week plan   Kwon about industry and factors affecting investment.

.  Understand the importance of sales for a company  Learn about how to handle salesman and utilised the salesman skills by gives right direction.Experience of first weeks 1) Introduction of company  Know about financial company are organised  Kwon about what broker firm do  Know about how to transactions are done in securities market 2) Meeting with organization employee  Learn about BMA organizational culture  Learn about coordination value in organization 3) Introduction about investment product  Know about which are methods available in market thought investor are invest his money. 5) Sales task  Increased my toleration power when customer are refused  Increased my motivation level when customer not wants to listen us. 4) Understand the problem face when open new branch and business and learn out of this experience importance of schedule planning. 6) Training by lecture  Know briefly reliance capital  Understand the type of insurance it’s help me when I invest in insurance 7) Life schedule  Reach bus stand on time kwon about bus timing and also know new routs of bus  After one week without any one help I get up early morning Expectation by company        Create awareness of BMA in Ahmadabad Generate more revenue out of us Full fill sales target Increased more reference Understand consumer want to us Open new d-mat account Increased youth in organization and understand view point of youth what think about investment.