và NC -----Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút (Không kể thời gian phát đề) (Đề gồm có 24 câu trắc nghiệm & 8 câu tự luận) Họ tên HS:……………………………… Lớp: 10…… Mã đề : 392 Số báo danh:……………………… A. TRẮC NGHIỆM: (Dành cho CTC và CTNC) I. NGỮ ÂM Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words 1/. A. talked B. painted C. asked D. liked 2/. A. thoughts B. feelings C. dreams D. ideas Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words 3/. A. compete B. event C. football D. postpone 4/. A. tropical B. establish C. October D. dependent II. NGỮ PHÁP & TỪ VỰNG 5/. The FIFA was ……………………….….. in 1904 in England. A. set up B. set off C. put up D. put off 6/. Jack Dawson is a person in the film Titanic. A. decade B. character C. cinema D. scene 7/. The baby was __________of being left alone in the room. A. terrible B. terrified C. terrific D. terrifying 8/. I haven’t been to cinema for a decade. A. five years B. seven years C. twenty years D. ten years 9/. The International football _____ is held every four years. A. match B. contest C. game D. tournament 10/. Germany was the _____ nation of the 2006 World cup final. A. house B. host C. hold D. held 11/. Look out! The tree ________. A. will fall B. will be falling C. is going to fall D. falls 12/. Fortunately, nobody _______ in the accident. A. damaged B. was injured C. injured D. was damaged 13/. “……………….….. do you like classical music?” –“Because it helps me relax.” A. How B. What C. Which D. Why 14/. I came there ______ my parents A. meet B. meets C. to meet D. meeting 15/. I was _____ with the program. A. to bore B. bore C. boring D. bored 16/. The weather is _______. A. depress B. to depress C. depressing D. depressed 17/. It was ____ I was ten that I can swim. A. not until B. until C. the time D. at the time 18/. I saw ____ accident this morning. A. an B. a C. the D. X 19/. “How far is it from here?”. “________”. A. Two kilometers, at least B. No, it isn't C. Yes, it's rather far D. Don’t worry 20/. “Won't you have something to drink?” “________”. A. No, I won't. B. Not at all. C. Not for me, thank you. D. Thank you 21/. If energy___________ unlimited, many things in the world would be different. A. is B. will be C. were D. would be

According to the passage. Modern music is often music for dancing. etc. 31/. The songs were often “protest songs”. A B C D 24/. An important form is folk music. will get B. Who were folk songs composed by? 27/. WRITING • Rewrite each sentences beginning as shown. Why are folk songs called “protest songs”? II. 30/. Folk songs are the songs composed and sung by country people. He doesn’t buy that house because he doesn’t have enough money. accordion. READING: Read the text and answer the questions below: Pop music has always been influenced by other forms of music. If your son were old enough. It was not until his father came home which he did his homework. A. would have got D. My aunt is living in Chicago now. We __________good health if we do morning exercises. I didn’t know how to swim until I was 10 years old. People have built this bridge for 2 years 32/. 25/. what is modern music often used for? 28/. would get C. or D) that needs correcting (chọn lỗi trong các từ gạch dưới mỗi câu cần sửa lại cho đúng) 23/. Which form of music is pop music mainly influenced by? 26/. get III. In the 1950s and 1960s the people who wrote songs and played them with acoustic guitars were also called folk singers. The songs may be hundreds of years old. NHẬN DIỆN LỖI Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A. so that the meaning stays the same: 29/. so nobody knows who originally composed them. . A B C D B: TỰ LUẬN (Dành cho CTC và CTNC) I. complaining of bad things happening in society. In Britain it was traditionally played with instruments like flutes. he will be able to take the competition now.22/. C. (Make Wh-question). B.

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