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Louie Pagtakhan – 11309466 MANAORG

June 4, 2013 Ms. Easter Villanueva

The Vocation of the Business Leader: Reflection

This reflection-article, The Vocation of the Business leader, shows how a mature Christian businessman should act. It emphasizes the principles of common good and human dignity while engaging in the business world. It also reminds the businessmen not to live the so-called divided life wherein they divide the demands of their faith and their work in business. The reflection calls on every business leader to be a servant-leader and to balance the rigorous demands of the business world with those of the ethical social principle as stated in the Gospel. It is divided into three aspects, which are deeply interconnected: seeing, judging and acting. The first, seeing, talks about seeing the challenges and opportunities in the business world which is complicated by factors that are both good and evil. It also states that the business leader should learn to see the four major “signs of times” which are globalization, communications technology, financialisation, and cultural changes. Those 4 signs of times should be used in regard with prioritizing the common good. The second, judging, encourages business leaders to make good business decisions with regard to the principles of human dignity, service to the common good, and a vision of a business as a community of persons. The last, acting, talks about the business leaders pursuing and prioritizing their vocation of serving the common good much more than just their financial success. The reflection basically summarizes into this: Business leaders should see the challenges and opportunities in their work; to judge them according to ethical social principles, as seen in the Gospel; and to act as leaders who serve God and the people. I have learned a lot after reading this reflection-article. I now know that being a businessman is a vocation. The main purpose of engaging into business is not just to earn profit, but also to prioritize the common good and human dignity. This article would really help business leaders to be guided on the principles, which they should act upon. A true and mature business leader should learn to see, judge and act beyond a normal business leader who prioritizes income would. Business leaders should not live the socalled “divided lives” and learn to prioritize the principles of common good. They can’t worship two gods, as stated in the bible. They should learn to prioritize God first before money. Every Business Leader out there should read this reflection article because it would really help them be guided again and know their true vocation. Even though I’m still a student, I could still use the things I learned from this article to use. I can prioritize the principles of common good and human dignity in everything I do. As a college student, I would prioritize my studies so that in the future I could help those in need. I can also live by the principles I learned throughout my life so that when I become a Business Leader myself, I could be good in my vocation. I would always remember that life isn’t just about material things but its also about reaching out to others and sharing the blessings you receive.