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Brodie McAllister Brodie McAllister is a freelance trombonist, composer, bandleader and multi‐instrumentalist based in Brisbane.

He has fashioned his voice on the trombone from fragments of the jazz/improvised heritage created by John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman and Charlie Parker. Brodie’s responsiveness on the trombone has seen him share the stage with industry luminaries such as John Hoffman, Steve Newcomb, James Morrison, James Sherlock, Elliot Dagleish, Shannon Barrnett, Graeme Jennings, Ben Marks, ELISION Ensemble and Carl Allen. For outstanding achievement in his field Brodie was to become a finalist in the “Future Leaders Jazz Award” in both 2009 and 2010. Since then Brodie has forged a name for himself as both an improviser and composer through creating the Brisbane based ensemble, BMJO. This ensemble has had the good fortune to perform in venues around Australia. Some standouts include Bennett’s lane Jazz Club, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, QPAC, The Surfers Paradise Festival 2011 and The Broadbeach Jazz Festival.

Whilst BMJO is a large part of McAllister’s musical identity, he still finds time to venture out into the world and perform with a wide selection of ensembles, whether it’d be Avant-garde (The Mute Canary), big band (E.M.O, The Con Artists) or cross genre (Miguel, Bullhorn) Brodie manages to display his personal touch no matter what context.

Interested in music of the now, McAllister dedicates his attention to improvised music. He holds a deep interest in the development of the trombone as a solo instrument and finds his time engaged in the exploration of extended trombone techniques - focussing on multiphonics. Under the tutelage of Ben Marks Brodie has become submerged in the works of contemporary composers such as Cage, Feldman, Scelsi, Globokar and many more. Recently Brodie has performed the music of John Cage, Radiohead, Scelsi and Xenakis as a part of his 2013 Concert series playing at the Park. Compositionally he is writing for a plethora of Brisbane ensembles, in particular; The Con Artists, E.M.O Orchestra, BMJO, Bella Quattro, GUSTAV and BULLHORN. In late 2012 Brodie was awarded a Composer-in-residence position with WAYJO in Perth a position he was awarded that’s of an international standard. When Not Music(ing), Brodie Enjoys Cycling, eating foods, Yoga and meditation

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