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Class XI | Class XII | JEE (Main & Advanced) |NEET-UG|AIIMS
Physics Faculty: Moni Kakati, Ex-Director, Career Point, Kota (Guwahati & Dibrugarh Centre) (2006-12) Ex-Faculty Salt Brook Academy (2002-06), M.Sc. Physics Dept Of Nuclear Physics, University of Madras

Topics : Dimensional Formula, Vectors
1. Write the dimensional formula of ܽ ܺ ܾ in the relation ‫= ܧ‬
௕ି௫ మ ௔௧

, where E is the energy, x is

displacement and t is time.
2. If frequency (F), velocity (V) and density (D) are considered as the fundamental units, obtain the

dimensional formula for linear momentum in the new system of unit.
3. If force (F), acceleration (A) and time (T) are taken as the fundamental physical units, obtain the

dimensional formula for length in the new system of unit.
4. The frequency (f) of vibrating string is given as ݂ =
ଶ௟ ଵ

ට , where T is tension, l is vibrating length of ௠

string. Obtain the dimensional formula for “m”. Ԧ ܽ݊݀ ‫ܤ‬ Ԧ+‫ܤ‬ Ԧ−‫ܤ‬ Ԧ ܽ݊݀ ‫ܤ‬ ሬԦ if ห‫ܣ‬ ሬԦ ห = ห‫ܣ‬ ሬԦ ห, find the angle between ‫ܣ‬ ሬԦ. 5. For two vector ‫ܣ‬
6. Find the angle between 2ଓ̂ + 3ଔ̂ and y-axis.

Ԧ ܽ݊݀ ‫ܤ‬ Ԧ. If ሬԦ are at angle 600 with each other. Their resultant makes an angle of 450 with ‫ܣ‬ 7. Two vectors ‫ܣ‬ ෠ may be perpendicular to the vector 2ଓ̂ + 6ଔ̂ + ݉݇ ෠. 8. Find the value of m so that the vector 3ଓ̂ − 2ଔ̂ + ݇ ෠. and 2ଓ̂ − 3ଔ̂ + ݇ Ԧห . ሬԦ ห = 2 units, find the value of ห‫ܣ‬ ห‫ܤ‬

෠ 9. Calculate the area of the parallelogram when its two adjacent sides are given by the vectors ଓ̂ + 2ଔ̂ + 3݇ Ԧ + 2‫ܤ‬ Ԧ − 3‫ܤ‬ ሬԦ ൯. ൫2‫ܣ‬ ሬԦ ൯ = 2‫ܣ‬ଶ + ‫ ߠݏ݋ܿܤܣ‬− 6‫ ܤ‬ଶ. 10. Prove that ൫‫ܣ‬
11. Two forces whose magnitudes are in the ratio 3:5 give a resultant of 28N. If the angle of their inclination

is 600, find the magnitude of each force.
12. Find the component of 2ଓ̂ + 3ଔ̂ along ଓ̂ + ଔ̂.

ሬԦ ) and ሬሬሬሬԦ ሬԦ ) be inclined so that magnitude of their resultant is 13. At what angle two forces ሬሬሬሬԦ (ܲ + ܳ (ܲ − ܳ Ԧ ܽ݊݀ ‫ܤ‬ Ԧ. Find ሬԦ is θ. Resultant of these vectors ܴ ሬԦ makes and angle θ/2 with ‫ܣ‬ 14. The angle between ‫ܣ‬ “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital”
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ඥ2(ܲଶ + ܳ ଶ ).

Ԧห ห஺ . ሬԦห ห஻