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%s is the only application that lets you restrict search and replace to line, co lumn and field ranges,

HTML & XML tags and attributes, matching and non-matching lines and more! %s is the only application that handles 10 Gigabyte files just as easily as smal l files! You can test filters interactively using text in the Trial Run Input area? %s can handle an unlimited number of files (such as your corporate web site)? %s comes with an enormous variety of example filters? Just use the File Menu's O pen command to browse them. %s can easily be automated via the command line? Just use the Command Line Wizar d in the Tools Menu. You can solve a variety of typograhical errors with %s's powerful search and rep lace facility; exact matching, pattern matching, sounds-like matching and fuzzy matching? See the Filters\Replace Menu. %s is unmatched for raw transformation speed? %s performs all text manipulations in a single pass - no temporary files are use d, even for multiple consecutive search and replaces? You can solve a variety of data cleansing problems with filters for removing bin ary characters, removing whitespace and leading or trailing blanks, or character maps to remove any characters you choose. %s handles both text and binary files with equal ease? %s includes a COM interface so that you can control it from popular languages su ch as VisualBasic, C++ and Delphi? See the help for more details. %s can extract data from databases in CSV, Tab-delimited, fixed width, XML and S QL insert script formats? Extracted data can be modified by subsequent search an d replaces or other text manipulation, and even inserted back into the database or into a second database. %s can convert file formats between DOS, Unix, Macintosh and Mainframe fixed rec ord length formats? Just use the End Of Line Characters filter in the Filters\Co nvert Menu. %s can insert lines and columns, remove HTML, add word wrapping, convert between EBCDIC and ASCII and much more? You can write your own filters in industry-standard VBScript or JScript? Just us e the Script filter in the Filters\Special Menu. %s can keep track of all changes via Audit Logs? For more details, select the to pmost Filter Options item in the Filters To Apply tree view. %s integrates with web site downloading tools for data mining, with SMS message senders for instant notification, with fax gateways and more? Insert comments throughout your filter by inserting Comment filters from the Fil ters\Special Menu When you buy %s you get a filter that protects your website from Microsoft's Sma rt Tag visitor poaching? %s comes in 3 different editions - a Pro Edition, Standard Edition and a Web Edi tion? %s also has a Run Time only edition with editing disabled, which you can install at client sites There is also a %s Engine that you can embed inside your own software.