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Congregation and Talmud Torah Ahavath Achim

1741 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223 - 718-375-3895- Affiliated with the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America


SCHEDULE OF SERVICES FIRST DAYS (ROSH HASHANA) Wednesday September 4 Mincha & Maariv Thursday & Friday Sept. 5&6 Schacharis 8:00 A.M. Reading of the Torah Rabbi’s Sermon Shofar Mussaf YOM KIPPUR Friday Sept. 13 Mincha Kol Nidre Rabbi’s Sermon Maariv Saturday Sept. 14 Schacharis Reading of the Torah Yiskor Mussaf Mincha Neilah Maariv Shofar

7:00 P.M.

9:45 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 10:40 A.M. 11:00 A.M.

2:00 P.M. 6:50 P.M. 7:10 P.M. 7:40 P.M. 8:30 A.M. 11:00 A.M. 12 Noon 12:30 P.M. 5:25 P.M. 6:35 P.M. 7:45 P.M. 7:55 P.M.

THE ESSENCE OF YOM KIPPUR ATONES There is a dispute between the sage known as “Rebbe” and the majority of the sages. The latter felt that while Yom Kippur was a powerful a powerful element in atonement one would still need to repent. The Rambam and the other codifiers subscribe to this view. What is perhaps more interesting is the view of Rebbe , how could Yom Kippur effectuate atonement all by itself? The suggestion has been made that the strictures of Yom Kippur give us the answer to this perplexity. We are transformed on Yom Kippur. We don’t eat and drink; we don’t bathe; we don’t engage in intimacy; we are in the synagogue all day. There was even a custom of standing throughout the day and not sleeping all night and being engaged in prayer and repentance. In short we become angelic and so by being transformed the basest elements of humanity to angelic heights we merit alone to be forgiven. Perhaps the sages are saying this transformation may be superficial and extrinsic to the person. If he sincerely repents as well then we can be confident that he or she is worthy of atonement. May we all merit a kesiva va hacima tova. Rabbi Ari Kagan REMINDER Among the prohibitions of the day is the wearing of leather shoes. This applies equally to men and women. The Maharil extends this to children as well. Perhaps the discomfort we might feel as we stand in non leather shoes is meant as a reminder of the missteps of the past year. Today’s proliferation of shoe styles based on man made material makes it easier than ever to comply with this aspect of Yom Kippur observance. SHABBOS TSHUVA DROSHA The annual sermon will take place during the morning services on Saturday September 7, 2013. A ROUND OF APPLAUSE On behalf of all those who attended our Shabbos classes, we would like to thank our alternating lecturers: Dr. Ira Jasser and Zechariah Honikman. They made sure our Shabbos afternoons were not without Torah. SLICHOS The first recitation of slichos will take place Saturday night, August 31 at 11:00 p.m.. Coffee and cake will be served at 10:00 p.m.

SUCCOS DAVENING SCHEDULE First days Wednesday September 18 Mincha & Maariv Thursday & Friday Sept. 19 &20 Schacharis Mincha & Maariv CHOL HAMOED Saturday, Sept. 21 Schacharis Mincha & Maariv Sunday, Sept. 22 Schacharis Mincha & Maariv Monday & Tuesday Sept. 23 &24 Schacharis Mincha & Maariv HOSHANA RABBA Wednesday Sept. 25 Schacharis Mincha & Maariv SHIMINI ATZERES Thursday Sept. 26 Schacharis Yiskor Mincha & Maariv SIMCHAS TORAH Friday Sept. 27 Schacharis & Hakofos Mincha & Maariv

6:40 P.M. 8:45 A.M. 6:35 P.M.

8:45 A.M. 6:35 P.M. 8:00 A.M. 6:35 P.M. 6:15 A.M. 6:30 P.M.

6:00 A.M. 6:30 P.M.

8:45 A.M. 10:15 A.M. 6:25 P.M.

8:45 A.M. 6:25 P.M.

SIMCHAS BAIS HASHOEVA The annual Simchas Bais Hashoeva commemoration, the elaborate and joyful water drawing ceremony in the temple for the Succos service, will be on ThursdaySeptember19 at 5:40p.m.. A dvar Torah will be given by Rabbi Kagan, and words of Torah will be presented by other members. Songs and refreshments will abound. BAALEI TEFILLAH Peukai D’zimra: Dr. Ira Jasser Baal Schacharis: Menachem Steinberg Baal Korah: Menachem Steinberg Baal Mussaf:To be determined Baal Tokaah: Michael Poretsky Baal Makri: Dr. Ira Jasser We hope that the heavenly court accepts their and our entreaties. From Our Sisterhood On the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Torah and its commandments are new. Infused with this vivid sense of renewal, our ability to accept and proclaim Hashem’s sovereignty for the coming year is enhanced as well. (Source: Sfas Emes, 5639). The sisterhood wishes all of the members and congregants of Ahavath Achim a K’siva Vachasima tova, a good and happy New Year 5774. WITHIN THE SYNAGOGUE FAMILY MAZAL TOV To our baal koreh, Chaim Loebenberg on his engagement to a young lady from Toronto, Chana Kulik. To Mr. & Mrs. Yitzhak Weisz on the birth and bris of their son, Shiloh Mordechai. CONDOLENCES To Rabbi Shmuel Tropper on the loss of his brother, Rabbi Mordechai Tropper. May all those who need a refuah shleima or anything else achieve those needs in the coming year!