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March 23, 2010


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I picked up this pretty voile at City Craft during my visit to Dallas and was so excited to make a little summer dress for Scarlet (you can find this fabric online here). I used elastic thread to create shirring, which is nothing new, except I figured out how to make elastic thread work in my drop-in bobbin! Any of you that have a newer machine might be frustrated that elastic thread just won’t seem to work! I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and camped out, messing with the machine until I had it figured out.


cut it the length you want from the top of the chest to below the knee. For the length. dry and cut your fabric. It’s better to use a light weight fabric for this dress. I used a voile. Y ou want the width to be about 2 times the width of your finished chest measurement. plus 1″. prudentbaby. Y ou could use a regular printed cotton but it might not shirr as well (when i tested it out it didn’t gather as prettily). Y ou can cut two panels (one for the front.I’ll tell you what worked for me as well as share this Sweet Shirred Summer Dress pattern after the jump… Sweet Shirred Summer Dress Fabric Friday {Enter Here} Zombigami {Enter Here} 1. you don’t need to be to specific and the best way is just to look at a dress that fits your giftee and cut a piece 1. Wash.5 up to 2 times wider then that dress. But 2/16 . but I cut a j-shaped armhole to make it extra deep. one for the back) into rectangles with no armholes and it will work just fine when shirred.

I got a perfect shir. Some people keep two seperate bobbins.Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine {Enter Here} 2. I messed around with sewing shirring a bunch of different ways WITHOUT adjusting the bobbin tension. one with the factory tension and one adjusted for elastic thread. If you are using a sewing machine with a bobbin case. and then setting the stitch width to 3/16 . and what worked for my machine was actually the easiest – using the bobbin winder to wind the bobbin so the elastic thread was stretched out. So you load elastic thread into the bobbin and regular thread in a coordinating color on the top. but I don’t like to mess with that. that might work. Doing this.5. Now to shirr. Usually you need toa djust the bobbin tension. you can pre-draw the lines 1/4″ apart starting 1/4″ below your hem with a water or air-erasable marker. If you are using a drop-in bobbin machine. handwind your elastic thread around the bobbin. back stitching at the beginning and end: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Indie Bound Popular Posts A Cup of Coffee Cake (in Under Five Minutes) DIY "Pillowcase" Baby Dress Pattern Get Creative with The Lorax: How to Make Cement Garden Stones Snappy Toddler Top & prudentbaby. If you are nervous about sewing straight lines. I did it without drawing. Sew 8 lines 1/4 apart. and hem in place: Sewn Hats {Enter Here} 3. Start by folding the top edge of each piece in 1/4″ and iron. another 1/4″ and iron. but for most new machines it won’t. 4/16 . Now lay your front and back pieces right sides facing and sew the sides together from the bottom to just below the armhole: <a href="http://www.prudentbaby.Free Downloadable Pattern How to Make A Bow Tie DIY: Simple & Stunning Living Succulent Wreath How to Make A Wristlet Key Fob Recipe Binder 2-Minute French Toast in A Cup Snappy Toddler Dress This is what it looks like from the back: Repeat on the other" target <a href="http://www." target" target <a href="" target <a href="http://www.

com/2010/03/baby-kid/sweet-shirred-summer-dress-pattern-2/ 5/16 . or just cutting with pinking shears: 5.Finish by serging. Now hem the bottom. sewing with an overlock or zig zag stitch. I serged a rolled hem but you can do a traditional hem by folding and ironing 1/4″ then another 1/4″ and stitching in place with a straight or blind hem stitch. prudentbaby.

Now grab your double fold bias tape and check which side is shorter. then unfold and pin the open short side to the center of the armhole: Continue to pin all the way around: Sew in place along the fold: 6/16 .6. That’s the side you want on top. Fold the length of tape in half to find the middle.

prudentbaby. encasing your unfinished edge. catching the bottom edge: Repeat on the other armhole. and pin: Sew in place.Now fold the tape over to the inside. I didn’t have matching yellow thread so I carefully sewed just inside the bias 7/16 .

Y ou’re done! sit back and relax: or read Goodnight Moon… 8/16 .Tie the ends of the bias tape in knots.

Love it. 2010. I haven't tried shirring yet. Sewing & Serging POSEIDON'S POSEIDON'S 1 44 comments Emily B said. By Craft. 5:36 am prudentbaby.. but one day…! [Reply] March 23.Share: 0 TAGS: Baby + Kid. In One Evening. And thanks for the info re drop-in bobbins. 9/16 ..

. 2010. but it would probably gunk-up in a front load bobbin. 2010. 8:46 am 3 Jaime said. thanks moni rose! if it works the way you are doing it. but on my drop-in bobbin said.. I have tried shirring but it didn't turn out very well.. i would end up with a wavy line of stitches on the bottom and no gather. I'll be linking. 10:58 am 6 Delia said. 12:55 pm 7 Rachel@oneprettything. Jaime and I are both big fans! [Reply] March 23. Thanks so much for sharing this. 9:32 am 5 Jacinda said. I will be giving it another try. 2010.5 worked. the machine is so fancy it automatically adjusts the tension so it won't shirr. and hand winding with no tension worked great. winding the bobbin really tight and setting the stitch width to 3.. on my front loading bobbin.. especially for summer clothing! Expect more projects made from this lovely fabric. if you haven't felt voile in 10/16 . This is beautiful! What a wonderful fabric choice. Thank you for the good tips for the drop in bobbins.. [Reply] March 23. 1:51 pm 8 prudentbaby.. adorable dress from the perfect voile print (love that one!) I have had great success w/Sandi Henderson's shirring tutorial (which is free on her site). i just don't want that to happen to you! [Reply] March 23. 2010. [Reply] March 23.. 2010. This is so beautiful Jaime! Love the drop-in bobbin tip! And girls. You can handwind the bobbin w/the elastic thread (you have to do it gently and not pull). i used to have a front-loading bobbin machine.every machine is different. 8:50 am 4 Lindsey said. I only adjust the tension slightly and it comes out great every time! I may try out your method though too [Reply] March 23.. it's heaven.... 7:16 am 2 monirose said. I adore this dress! [Reply] March 23... 2010. This is SO cute! Putting it in my list of projects to do when I move and get a sewing machine! [Reply] March 23. i wouldn't try it my way. 2010.Pammy Pie said. so for my machine.

yay kayla your comment totally made my day! i'm so glad it worked for you too! [Reply] March 24.. 8:50 am 14 Nikki said. 2010. [Reply] March 23.. 5:34 pm 9 asia said. Yeah.. I always love cute little girl dresses! [Reply] March 23.. Thank you so much for the shirring tips. I see a lot of hair under that hat Jaime! And. 8:48 pm 12 Kayla said. 2010. I haven't been able to figure out how to do it on my machine and now I am motivated to try again. I tried your way and it works. 2010.... fyi i only let my daughter read books that color coordinate with her outfits. I am gonna try it again too. 2010. 2010. I am so glad you didn't give up on shirring!.com/tutorial-shirred-summer-sundress-fortoddlers/2010/03/23/ –Anne [Reply] March 23.. I've literally hated my sewing machine since I tried and failed several times (over a month ago!) YOU ROCK! [Reply] March 23.craftgossip. I did have one question about the straps on this dress: do you sew the bias tape "closed" the rest of the length of the ties or just leave it "open"?? Hope this makes sense! prudentbaby. I was soooooo frustrated because it wouldn't work like they would say it did.Jaime said. 2010. What a sweet little dress!! And so carefree for summer! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing: http://sewing..... 9:04 pm 13 Jaime said... Very cute. my GOD she's beautiful!! Oh and the dress is pretty adorable too [Reply] March 23. 2010. I'm in the mood to sew again. I could kiss you and I don't even know you! I found you from oneprettything and I have searched and searched on how to shirr. 11:54 am 15 Amy Lynn said. 7:17 pm 11 Kristin said.. Your dress turned out so great. 6:12 pm 10 Anne said. [Reply] March 24.. Thanks for the awesome 16 11/16 .

I can't tell you how much I love this! I made a one. 12:31 pm 17 Jaime said. Will try using the bobbin winder to wind it… Now I need a new deadline to actually get the dress completed [Reply] April 5... 2010. 2010. I hope you are ok with me posting a photo of your dress too! [Reply] prudentbaby.... it's so thin and with the knot at the end it doesn't flap open. i'll be posting a super fun shirring pattern on monday so stay tuned!!! [Reply] March 25.. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out – makes a pillowcase style dress SO much cuter (not that I don't love pillowcase dresses. 2:52 pm 21 Marie said. it made me realize why the shirring had never worked before. Oh I wish I had found this before Sunday! I was (of course) last minute finishing up her Easter dress and wanted to use shirring at the sleeves and neckline.based on your directions and posted it at http://sewingforscarlett. 6:11 pm 22 Melanie said. 2010.[Reply] March 25. 2:00 pm 19 Courtney said. AWESOME!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!! I had given up on shirring and now I am going crazy looking for a pattern to make RIGHT NOW! Now I understand why everyone loves shirring clothes…it is soo FUN!!! [Reply] March 23 12/16 .. 2010. but you could sew it closed if you wanted too! [Reply] March p.. courtney – are you saying you made one already? SEND ME A PICTURE!!!!!!!! [Reply] March 25. 2010. 12:08 pm Amy Lynn said. 2010. amy – i'm so happy it worked for you!! on this dress i used super-skinny bias tape so i just left it open the rest of the way. 2010. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! I just tried it. 2:34 pm 20 Jaime said. and your tips made it work like a charm!! [Reply] March 25.. 1:58 pm 18 Jaime said.blogspot...s. Drove myself (and perhaps my poor husband) crazy trying to get the elastic thread to work.. but with as many as I've made my daughter I was looking for something "more")! Thanks also for the tips about shirring with a drop-in bobbin. I love the dress..

5 X the chest measurement ( I did 2 X) . Cute little girl and cute little dress. thanks so much for your tutorial. but se lavi… It still looks (half done) fabulous! Thank you thank you. I should have only done 1. as I also have a new fangled machine with a drop in 30 13/16 .com/2010/04/my-1st-shirring. been there. I finally learnt how to do shirring! I've linked u in my blog.html [Reply] April 8. i can't believe how easy this was! totally not an experienced or confident seamstress. tq so so much! http://pearandthebabes. your way was perfect! I used regular cotton. Needless to say.. the shirt is not finished yet. and I ended up taking a trip to urgent care to have the broken needle removed from my finger.. Thanks for the drop-in bobbin shirring tips! I was making a shirt for my daughter yesterday and wrestling with the machine to try to get it to shirr.. 2010. 2010... 8:20 pm 27 Jaime said. However. 8:58 pm 28 Adin B said. I ended up sewing my fingertip to the machine and to the shirt I was making.... I was so nervous to try this. sharing. 7:15 pm Pearpear said.. whoops!).. oh holland…that's not funny but i'm totally laughing. [Reply] April 16. [Reply] April 18. 2010. 2010.April 6. 2010.blogspot. 6:14 am prudentbaby. so I guess it is a little thicker than voile. 7:55 am Adorable! Thanks for 29 bononers said.. hope you feel better soon! [Reply] April 18.. 8:54 pm 24 Emily said.. I just made half of my little dress ( I ran out of Elastic thread. Thinking back. 2010. check out the DIY booster seat post. 3:29 pm 25 I'm the Mami said. Now if only I have a baby girl. 2010. Well. but your bobbin directions were totally perfect thanks so much– love your site! [Reply] May 23.. 9:38 pm 26 Oh Holland! said. 2010. oy. Thank you for my piece of mind today and now my sewing obsession of shirring [Reply] April 9. Thank you SO MUCH for the awesome tutorial. I want to use your tips to give it another try. [Reply] April 29. Hi hi.

2010. THANK YOU! I have been struggling for days now trying to figure out what I was doing wrong while shirring my daughters Christmas cress with my new sewing machine.. this is so lovely. Thank you for this tip on drop-in bobbins. 2010. Marilyn [Reply] July 5. so I'll try your way now! [Reply] June 6.. dalys. I live in panama and summer is just about to start here. I was getting so frustrated when the elastic would bunch up and come out very loose. I am in love with this dress idea! I made one for my niece and it was so cute (and easy) that i quickly made one for each of my twin girls! Now the three of them have cute matchy matchy dresses! Thanks! [Reply] April 24. I tried almost everything except letting the bobbin winder do the work since I have always heard this is a big no-no. i have a question. 12:54 am 33 Tania said. 2010. Thank you.. 6:03 pm prudentbaby.. Thank you once again from my no longer frustrated heart! [Reply] November 29. 2010.. I've tried several times and it hasn't worked for me..... You saved my daughters Christmas outfit. 2010. Sure enough I went and followed your directions and it turned out perfectly. I have a Brother Innovis-40 and my elastic is all squiggly. I am a quilting Grammy with a five year old granddaughter….. rgds... patterns and ideas. 2011. thanks for the shirring tip. but I will definitely try the bobbin winder next time! I will also have to try this dress! [Reply] August 5.Sarah i will love to try on it for my toddler girl bday party on january. I found that winding it tighter (by hand) worked. [Reply] December 7. 2:13 pm 34 BURUNDANGUITAS CS said. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! [Reply] July 7. thank you . 7:07 am 36 Meg said.. 2011.I would rather sew for her than anything else in the world…thanks so much for all your tips.. 8:45 pm 31 IndianaParkers said. where can i find elastic thread? pls let me know ( 37 14/16 . 6:59 am 32 Jen said. 2:01 pm 35 Kt said.

[Reply] July 7. and he solved the problem for me. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for the information on using the elastic thread with a drop in bobbin! I’ve looked at several shirring tutorials and could find none that explained why nothing I did fixed the fact that my machine would not work with the elastic thread.. meg. And I do love my Innovis! [Reply] July 42 15/16 . At least that explains my issues… I thought I was going crazy! I'll give that a shot. 8:48 pm Carla said. not realizing it has elastic thread in it. done and done. 6:10 pm 38 Meg said. 2 01 2 at 8:4 8 am so glad it worked! i made this one up [Reply] April 2.... 2012.. I used the machine winder as you suggested and it was perfect. 6:56 pm 39 Bonnie said.. 2012. then when you want to sew with elastic thread.. Wow! Thanks for the quick reply..since i wrote this tute i also got an innovis-40! it's such a great machine.Jaime said. I am new to sewing and I have a basic machine.. I know it is not a case bobbin and im 99% sure drop in is what I have. and easiest. I used my bobbin winder & VOILA! – it worked perfectly! What pattern did you use for this dress or did you come up with your own? [Reply] 41 Jaime Reply: April 2 nd. When I test it is just straight flat lines. but it's a challenge to out-think the machine and makes sewing with elastic thread a little stressful if you aren't comfortable adjusting your own bobbin tension every time. so i have had luck with the method above. 2011. here goes: the best. right? the thing is. I just cant seem to get this to work. HELP!!!! [Reply] prudentbaby. I can not get the elastic thread from coming unwound when I drop it into the machine. Same for me! I tried winding my bobbin by hand but it didn’t gather all that well. Thanks again! [Reply] 40 Jaime Reply: March 1 6 th. i asked my local dealer what to do. 8:41 am Jessica said. just pop our your normal bobbin casing and pop in the pre-set bobbin casing you bought. 2011. it's so smart that it adjusts tension for you. thing to do is to go to a local sewing shop and purchase a new bobbin casing (only a few bucks) and have them set the tension on it for you (tell them you want to use it to sew with elastic thread).. 2 01 2 at 1 :1 8 pm awesome! [Reply] March 15.

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