Story By: Dylan DiMaggio Written By: Dylan DiMaggio & Greg Nix

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FADE IN: INT. ORLANDO COMMUNITY COLLEGE LECTURE HALL - EARLY EVENING DR. DAMIAN MAKKI (40’s), a schlubby, overweight Classics professor, stands at the front of a classroom. He lectures a group of STUDENTS who display varying degrees of disinterest. MAKKI The lycanthrope is one of the most famous archetypes in European folklore. CARLY and TIFF, two co-eds, whisper at the back of the class. MAKKI (CONT’D) As the story goes, an unsuspecting person is bitten or scratched under the full moon... poetic, isn’t it? Perhaps it was because the victim went unwillingly into their anthropic transformation - as opposed to a moral choice like witchcraft - but the legend of the “werewolf” was surprisingly isolated in the medieval period. That, of course, hasn’t stopped it from permeating contemporary popular culture. But still-Carly shows Tiff something on her phone, and they both snicker. MAKKI (CONT’D) Carly. Care to share your thoughts with the rest of Orlando Community College’s estimable minds? CARLY Um... I get that this is, like, a folklore class and everything, but like, werewolves are obviously fake. MAKKI Fake and legend are not the same thing, Ms. Goldstein. For example, your hair extensions, your “diamond” earrings, your nose: fake. But the 37 you scored on our last exam... that’s the stuff of legend.

2. A few students chuckle. MAKKI (CONT’D) At any rate, I was talking about your phone. Why don’t you show us all what’s so fascinating? Carly holds her phone up to show Makki the time. CARLY It’s 6 o’clock. MAKKI So it is. Your finest insight to date. Class dismissed. Makki turns away as the students pack up their things. TIFF He’s such an asshole. CARLY I need a drink. Carly pulls open the door at the back of the class. CUT TO: The fierce eyes of a wolf. Glowing hot and red. We hear an eerie HOWL, and then the eight bit sound of a GAME-OVER CHIME. PATRON Piece of shit. A guy smacks the side of an old pinball machine at: INT. THE TACKIEST BAR EVER - COCOA BEACH, FLORIDA - NIGHT A WAITRESS, beer bottle in hand, squeezes through sunburnt tourists and tanned barflies. The place is straight out of a Jimmy Buffet song. She sets the beer down right next to: A COCKTAIL NAPKIN covered in hand-drawn circles and a stick figure in a space suit. The word BASE is written at the bottom. COOPER (O.S.) I swear. Ask me anything. Chris COOPER, (29), an All-American Ken doll and the cocktail napkin artiste, is sandwiched between Carly and Tiff.

3. CARLY Okay. How big is it? COOPER You’re direct. TIFF How long will it take? COOPER Depends how much I’ve had to drink. Carly pushes Cooper playfully. CARLY Bullshit. I don’t buy it. COOPER Okay, okay. You want facts? The moon is 384,400 kilometers from Cocoa Beach - or anywhere on Earth, really. The ship maxes out at about 28,000 kilometers an hour, but we’ll average less than that. So about twenty two hours from launch to land, give or take. TIFF Is it dangerous? COOPER Incredibly. He leans close. COOPER (CONT’D) I might not come back. He casually puts his arms around their shoulders. COOPER (CONT’D) But someone has to be captain, so I’ll put on a brave-A voice interrupts. Captain? CAPTAIN YOUNG

Cooper turns, and looks at the concrete eyes of CAPTAIN HEATHER YOUNG (38) - tough as flint, if flint were actually titanium.

4. COOPER Well-- you know, captain of the cockpit... area. Young YANKS Cooper out of his slut-wich. CAPTAIN YOUNG Plenty of time to lie to locals when we get back. COOPER But I want to lie now. Young drags Cooper away. Cooper whispers to the girls as he goes. COOPER (CONT’D) I’ll be back. Just keep thinking about how impressive I am. Astronaut... Young leads Cooper to: CORNER TABLE: At an isolated table, MARKUS “COSMO” SIMSON (28), an enthusiastic Russian with a big grin and a bigger mouth, talks to TOM PHILLIPS (35), a gentle giant from the Bronx. COSMO (in Russian accent) I’m bringing baseball bat. I’m going to hit one out of orbit. He mimes a swing. COSMO (CONT’D) Back, back, back, back... GONE! PHILLIPS I don’t think that’s regulation. COSMO It doesn’t have to be regulation, that’s why they call it personal item. PHILLIPS Wouldn’t have pegged you for a baseball fan. COSMO It is the American pastime, is it not? I am in America, so--

5. Kira SUMMERS (30), sexy, smart, and completely aware of both facts, chimes in. SUMMERS Baseball? Give me a pigskin any day of the week. COSMO What is skin of pig? The others laugh. PHILLIPS Football, Cosmo. It’s a good thing you know machines, because your English has a ways to go. COSMO It’s better than your Russian, Phillips. Okay, so what is your personal item? Bag of dirt? PHILLIPS Nah, plenty of soil samples to collect on the surface. If you gotta know, I’m bringing a picture of my wife. Cooper and Young pull up chairs. COSMO Bozhe moi! Not fair. I cannot give you bullshit for that. SUMMERS Don’t sell yourself short, Cosmo. You’re full of bullshit. More laughter. CAPTAIN YOUNG Listen up, people. Summers leans in close to Cosmo. SUMMERS (not really a whisper) We’re about to be stuck on the moon together for the next six months, and we’re having a meeting now? Captain Young brushes her off.

6. CAPTAIN YOUNG I don’t have to tell you tomorrow’s a big day. There are going to be a lot of cameras and a lot of important people, so I’d rather not have a hung over crew. Cooper slowly puts down the beer he’s been chugging. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) I’m sure our medic would agree that a good night’s sleep will make it easier to deal with take-off. Isn’t that right, Eve? EVE Vice (25), who’s been shyly observing the proceedings, smiles meekly. EVE Yes, ma’am. Beat. CAPTAIN YOUNG That said, I think this is an occasion for a toast. She raises her glass. The others join. COSMO WE’RE GOING TO THE MOON! A big cheer. EXT. NASA CAMPUS STREETS - NIGHT (LATER) The crew, minus Captain Young, stumble down a poorly lit street. Cooper pulls Carly along with him. COOPER I think we’re gonna split. Cosmo eyes the couple. He puts out his hand. Cooper takes it for a shake, but Cosmo draws him close. COSMO Fifty you can’t seal the deal. COOPER You’re on. (quiet chant) U.S.A., U.S.A. (to Carly) Want to see a rocket?

7. Cooper and Carly head away from the group. COSMO Anyone want to see if the cafeteria is still open? Who knows the next time we’ll be able to get a cheeseburger... I’m in. PHILLIPS

Eve checks her watch. EVE We should probably get back to the house. SUMMERS (reluctant) Yeah. PHILLIPS You gonna be okay walking back? SUMMERS We’re fine, thanks. Be safe. PHILLIPS

COSMO Do svidaniya. Night. EVE

The guys leave. Summers and Eve continue walking. Summers glances back. EVE (CONT’D) You can go if you want. SUMMERS Nah, it’s okay. I should turn in. Kinda big day tomorrow. But… Summers looks back again. EVE Really, I’m good. You sure? SUMMERS

8. EVE We’re two blocks up. Go ahead. Summers wavers for a moment, then: SUMMERS See you bright and early. I’ll be the one smiling through my hangover. Summers turns and calls after the guys. Wait up! SUMMERS (CONT’D)

Summers turns a corner, and Eve is alone. The thick moisture in the air further dims the sodium-yellow lights, enveloping her in a golden haze. Her shoes CLICK on the pavement, as she picks up the pace toward home. EXT. FRONT DOOR - NIGHT (CONTINUOUS) Eve digs through her bag. Crap. EVE

She pulls out her phone and calls: EVE (CONT’D) Hey Kira, I can’t find my keys. Call me when you get this. Eve pushes on the front window, but it’s locked. into an alley running alongside the house. ALLEY: It’s narrow and dark. A shiver runs down Eve’s spine. pulls out her phone for light. She She turns

Eve hears something SHUFFLING behind her. She turns, but all she can see is the street opening behind her. She walks toward the back door… Suddenly, a GROWL as something brushes her leg. her phone and screams. She drops

The phone’s glow reveals two large golden eyes, burning hot in the night.

9. PEACEFUL NEIGHBORHOOD: Cookie-cutter houses stand neatly in a row, but from one alleyway we hear a snarl, a scream, and a fierce HOWL. A full moon hovers above, huge and ominous. INT. LAUNCH PAD - DAY The crew is lined up in their flight suits, all but Eve. Captain Young marches down the line, looking them over. A dejected Cooper passes Cosmo some cash. Young stops when she gets to Summers. CAPTAIN YOUNG Where’s Eve? SUMMERS I checked her room. Bed was made. I figured she was already here. CAPTAIN YOUNG You figured wrong. SUMMERS Didn’t know it was my job to keep track of your crew. A door opens and Eve scrambles in. EVE Sorry. Sorry. So sorry. Captain Young’s gaze hangs on Summers for a beat. CAPTAIN YOUNG Miss Vice. I expect better from you. I know. EVE

CAPTAIN YOUNG Are you fit to fly? EVE (salute) Yes, Ma'am. Eve joins the line next to Summers.

10. SUMMERS (whisper) What happened? EVE I don’t know. Pre-flight meds must have knocked me out, I guess. Captain Young paces down the line. CAPTAIN YOUNG I’m not one for speeches, but something is expected of me. (beat) I handpicked all of you. Captain Young stops at Summers. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Most of you. She continues. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) This is important. Don’t fuck it up. Everyone waits for more. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Don’t fuck it up. She’s done. COSMO (to Cooper) Inspirational stuff. INT. HALLWAY - DAY (MOMENTS LATER) The crew walks down the hallway past photographers and reporters. REPORTER (to camera) Here comes the crew, suited up for the first manned moon landing in over 50 years. (MORE)

11. REPORTER (CONT'D) Today all eyes will be on Captain Heather Young, who is charged with establishing a lunar base for future missions to Mars, and Kira Summers, a representative of Tramway Galactic Industries, which partially financed the mission in exchange for mining rights to the moon’s helium-3 deposits. Beat. REPORTER (CONT’D) (to cameraman) Can I do that again? I feel like I was doing a lot of explaining. As the crew strides by, camera flashes create a blanket of white. FADE TO: INT. MISSION CONTROL - MORNING TIM FAIRFIELD (41), a classic space geek; ponytail, mustache, glasses - you know, geek stuff - sits at a control console. PAUL STEVENS (33), a slick young business man enters. STEVENS Fuck you. That’s why. Fairfield turns. Um... FAIRFIELD

Stevens turns his head revealing a bluetooth earpiece. STEVENS I paid for that grill. You don’t even use it! Fairfield sighs. Stevens continues vehemently. STEVENS You earned it? What do you mean you earned it?

FAIRFIELD (into mic) Orion, this is mission control. Awaiting confirmation.

STEVENS (CONT’D) Listen, I gotta go. I’m at work. Yep, fuck you, too.

12. Stevens presses a button on the earpiece. He takes a moment. STEVENS (CONT’D) Sorry. Ex-wife stuff. You understand. They ready? INT. ORION SHUTTLE - MORNING The crew is strapped into their respective seats. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH SPEAKER) Orion, do you read me? CAPTAIN YOUNG Loud and clear, Tim. Initiating systems check. Let’s get verbal confirmation. Eve? EVE Bio-systems look good. Simson? CAPTAIN YOUNG

COSMO Engines are operational. Listen to that volchitsa purr. Cooper? CAPTAIN YOUNG

COOPER Navigation and flight systems are-oh, hold on. Cooper pulls out a ratty DASH-BOARD HULA GIRL and slams it on the controls. He taps it and she dances happily. COOPER (CONT’D) We’re good. Young rolls her eyes. CAPTAIN YOUNG Mission control, this is Captain Heather Young, identification code zero-alpha-two-two-foxtrot-gamma. All systems are go. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH SPEAKER) Confirmed. You’re clear for launch. T-minus one minute to lift-off.

13. EXT. KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - (CONTINUOUS) Vapors rise from the shuttle’s icy fuel tanks. The sun shines off the ship’s big, bold lettering: S.S. Orion. EXT. CROWD - (CONTINUOUS) The onlookers watch from far off - many with binoculars, some with large cameras. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH LOUD SPEAKER) Launch in ten, nine, eight... A buzz surges through the crowd. CHEERS start to rise. FAIRFIELD/CROWD Seven, six, five... INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Fairfield is crouched over a mic, counting along with a timer on his computer screen. Stevens watches a monitor showing the launch pad. FAIRFIELD Four, three... INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The crew listens with excitement. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH SPEAKER) Two... one. CAPTAIN YOUNG Here we go. The hula girl sways as the cabin starts to shake. EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The rockets ignite in a flurry of fire and smoke. Slowly the shuttle lifts off the ground. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The crew bounces as they are propelled toward the heavens.

14. EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - SPACE The shuttle, now much smaller, zips out of the atmosphere. The craft is slick and small: made to get to the moon as fast as possible, leg room be damned. Liquid hydrogen thrusters, barely visible blue/white flames, propel it through the stars. The Earth grows more and more distant. INT. ORION SHUTTLE, COMMON ROOM - LATER The crew is sardined into the small room, each at their personal locker. Phillips takes out a SURFACE SUIT. Inside his locker we see a wedding photo. Next door, a baseball bat peeks out of a duffel bag, barely fitting into Cosmo’s tiny locker. Cooper yells back from the cockpit. COOPER (O.S.) Threshold pass in five minutes. SUMMERS I’ll make the call. Summers floats over to a corded phone, but Captain Young grabs it first. CAPTAIN YOUNG It’s not your call to make. Captain Young presses the only button the phone has. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) This is Young. Five minutes to radio blackout. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH SPEAKER) Sounds good, Orion. Safe landing. CAPTAIN YOUNG Copy. Expect first contact in three hours. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH SPEAKER) Mission control signing off. She hangs up the phone and turns to Summers. CAPTAIN YOUNG Follow regulations. Next time, I won’t be nice.

15. Young leaves. SUMMERS That was nice? EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - SPACE The tiny ship is made smaller by what looms in front of it... the MOON, full and gigantic. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - HOURS LATER Cooper sits at the controls. COOPER (calling back) Hey guys come see this. He flips a few switches and: EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Titanium blinds begin to peel back. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Phillips floats up to the control bay just as the blinds finish retracting. Wow. PHILLIPS They reveal the cockpit.

Soon Captain Young, Summers, and Cosmo join. The moon hovers so close they can make out its peaks and valleys. It’s beautiful. Even Captain Young allows a brief smile. SUMMERS You gotta come see this, Eve. COOPER Make it quick. INT. ORION SHUTTLE, LOCKER AREA - CONTINUOUS Eve zips up her surface-suit and heads toward the crew wearing a greedy smile.

16. COOPER (O.S.) One minute until we commence landing sequence. Coming! EVE

INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Eve floats up. EVE I wanna se-As the moonlight splashes across her face, Eve doubles over in pain. COOPER What’s going on? Eve gasps, then lets out a terrible cough, sending droplets of blood floating through the cabin. CAPTAIN YOUNG Eve! Strap her in. The panicked crew scrambles to help, as Eve begins to convulse. EXT. SURFACE OF THE MOON - MOMENTS LATER This close, the moon is more imposing. Its surface glows eerily, looking almost supernatural. The Orion flies over, fast and low. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Lunar terrain blurs past. Captain Young hovers over Cooper’s shoulder. A bright green “AUTO-PILOT” icon flashes on the dash. The rest of the crew tends to Eve, who writhes in her seat. How long? CAPTAIN YOUNG

COOPER (flustered) Fifteen, twenty minutes. (MORE)

17. COOPER (CONT'D) The computer’s programmed to sweep for anomalies - solar wind, that kind of thing. Green/black veins creep up Eve’s neck. COSMO What is that? What is that? SUMMERS We have to tranq her. PHILLIPS I already gave her enough to put down a horse. COOPER I could bypass the auto-pilot and land it myself, but... Cooper seems hesitant. Captain Young is torn. Another MOAN. Louder this time. SUMMERS (yelling to front) She’s getting worse. CAPTAIN YOUNG Can you do it? COOPER Theoretically. I’ve done it in the simulator. CAPTAIN YOUNG How’d you do? Beat. COOPER Let’s just both pretend I was perfect. Captain Young looks behind her. agonized SCREAM. Young nods. CAPTAIN YOUNG (calling out) Strap in, people. She swings to her seat, and straps herself in. Cooper pats the small hula doll on the head for luck. Eve lets out a desperate, She MOANS.

18. COOPER Come on, girl. Don’t let me down. SUMMERS Captain, I’m no expert-CAPTAIN YOUNG Then shut up. Take us in, Cooper. Roger. COOPER

Cooper types a command into his control panel, and the autopilot icon turns red. Phillips and Summers prepare Eve for landing. Her eyes seem to yellow and bulge as she pulls against the seat belt. Phillips reluctantly gives her another tranquilizer shot before strapping himself in. Alright... COOPER (CONT’D)

Cooper takes one last look at the rest of the crew. COOPER (CONT’D) This might get bumpy. EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The shuttle passes into the dark side of the moon, a white dot swimming in the black void. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Eve finally passes out. EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Reverse thrusters fire as Cooper attempts to slow down the ship. Seconds later an array of secondary thrusters erupt, all trying to keep the ship level. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS They all rock in their seats. COOPER Engaging secondary reverse thrusters.

19. The cabin lurches, and everyone is thrown into their safety harnesses. A warning signal begins to BEEP. Oops. COOPER (CONT’D)

COSMO Oops? What is oops? I do not like oops! SUMMERS What’s going on Cooper? COOPER Our angular velocity-- we were supposed to come in from the south-Shit. Fuck. Oops. Cooper punches commands into the control panel. COOPER (CONT’D) Hang tight! EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The ship makes a sharp turn and front jets fire, momentarily stabilizing the capsule, but it flies dangerously low. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Cooper pulls up hard on the controls. The crew are thrown backwards into their seats. EXT. LUNAR SURFACE - CONTINUOUS The ship grazes a small rise, sending a shudder through the cabin. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Metal SCRAPES. The crew prepare for what seems like imminent death. Easy now. COOPER

The hula girl dances violently.

20. EXT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The main engines shut down. The entire ship works off auxiliary thrusters now. As they clear another small hill, we see the base ahead. It’s off in the distance, but coming in fast. Too fast. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS PHILLIPS We’re, uh, coming in pretty hot, Chris. Brace! COOPER

He punches a lever forward, and again they lurch. EXT. LUNAR STATION - CONTINUOUS The Orion flies toward the landing pad, front thrusters at 100%. At the last second, it starts to slow. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The hull shakes like it’s on a mechanical bull during an earthquake, but it’s over in an instant. They’re stopped. EXT. FAR ABOVE THE LUNAR STATION - CONTINUOUS The ship sits on the landing pad, dust settling around it. It is dwarfed by the size of the LUNAR STATION. Mechanical arms reach out an secure the ship in place. The landing pad is at the station’s center, wreathed by seven rectangular buildings that are inter-connected to form a circular complex. On the outskirts, a long hallway leads to a huge greenhouse. On the far side of the landing pad is an airlock. A small mechanized hall extends to connect with the Orion.

21. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The crew sit in silence for a few heartbeats as the ship settles. Then a comforting CHIME indicates the airlock has secured. Whoo! COSMO

They all unbuckle as the door to their new home opens. Captain Young barks out commands. CAPTAIN YOUNG Phillips, Summers, get Eve to medbay. Simson, get to the control room and run a systems check to make sure the ship isn’t damaged. Cooper sits still, breathing deeply. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Nice work, Cooper. Cosmo kisses Cooper on the head. COSMO Best pilot I know. Phillips takes Eve into his arms. The others follow as they carry her into: INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK A holding cell for surface runs. OXYGEN PACKS line one wall. Two MOON ROVERS are parked next to a MECHANIZED MINING WALKER - the kind of thing Sigourney Weaver would look at home in. The crew scrambles in from the hallway, Eve cradled in Phillips’s arms. The door to the ship closes, the hallway retracts. Captain Young types at a control panel by a thick metal door with a small round window. C’mon. CAPTAIN YOUNG

The room begins to pressurize. The crew waits, agony. to death. Then: CHIME. Each second seems to bring Eve closer

22. The thick metal door unlocks with a strong, rewarding CLICK. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY The base is clean and white. It looks like the most expensive Apple Store ever built. There are wall-mounted monitors that read “Welcome”, and “Congratulations” in fun fonts. Pleasant MUZAK plays over the P.A. system. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) Tramway Galactic and NASA welcome you to the lunar station. We hope you had a pleasant flight. Please proceed to your dormitories. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - MOMENTS LATER The crew frantically rushes down the hall. Eve is soaked with sweat. She coughs up a glob of dark red blood, tinged with black. PHILLIPS It’s going to be alright, Eve. INT. LUNAR STATION, MED-BAY - CONTINUOUS A windowless room with dozens of unmarked lockers and drawers, glass cases full of medical supplies, even surgical equipment. The door slides open, and Phillips and Summers rush in, hoisting Eve onto one of the two medical beds. She is limp, and her color has started to fade. The others follow close behind. Summers puts her ear to Eve’s chest. SUMMERS She’s not breathing. CAPTAIN YOUNG Get an adrenalin shot. Cosmo and Phillips rifle through the drawers. Where is it? COSMO PHILLIPS Nothing’s labeled. Eve’s the one who knows where everything is.

They search.

Bandages, heart monitor, sutures... adrenalin.


Got it.

Cosmo grabs a BIG SYRINGE out of the drawer, and hands it to Captain Young. CAPTAIN YOUNG Strap her down. Cooper and Summers bind Eve to the bed. the needle into Eve’s chest. Beat. Eve bursts to life, screaming and convulsing. Cooper in the face, knocking him down. She hits Captain Young heaves

Captain Young, Phillips, and Cosmo struggle to keep her in the bed while the adrenalin flows through her. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) I told you to strap her down. Eve passes out. again. I did. After a moment she is calm and breathing SUMMERS

The straps from the bed hang loosely off her arms. INT. LUNAR STATION, MESS HALL - LATER Everyone but Eve and Summers sit around a circular table. Cooper sports a nasty shiner where Eve hit him. They each pick at a bowl of something resembling slimy, green oatmeal. COSMO What is this stuff? PHILLIPS Quinoa infused with an algae compound. Ton of protein and vitamins. Cosmo lets it slide off his spoon into the bowl. wet, gooey clumps. He is disgusted. COOPER Didn’t NASA build a whole greenhouse up here to grow real food? It falls in

24. PHILLIPS I’ve got to run some tests to make sure it’s safe for consumption. Until then... quinoa. Cosmo stands up. COSMO What happened to ice cream sandwiches and tang? PHILLIPS You going to finish? Cosmo slides his bowl to Phillips, and fiddles with a small keyboard on the table top. A 3-D rendering of the base and surrounding area appears on a holographic display in the center of the table. Cosmo zooms in and out to show the base’s layout. Three craters are highlighted in red. A door opens. Summers enters and slumps into a chair, glancing at her food. CAPTAIN YOUNG How is she? SUMMERS Same. She seems stable enough-What is this goop? COSMO Algae. Delicious, delicious algae. Summers stirs a bowl of the swamp water around with a spoon. She pushes it away. PHILLIPS You people are crazy. Phillips reaches across the table and takes Summers’s bowl, too. SUMMERS I want to make a surface run. Summers looks at the holo-display. SUMMERS (CONT’D) Survey those craters. Cosmo, are the rovers ready? COSMO Da. They should be.

25. SUMMERS Great. Lets plan on-CAPTAIN YOUNG No surface runs. I want you to monitor Eve. SUMMERS (snapping back) All due respect, but-PHILLIPS I’m going to check out the bunks. Anybody want to see the bunks? COSMO (eager) Bunks, you say? COOPER Nah. I want to watch this. Both Captain Young and Summers stare daggers into him. COOPER (CONT’D) On second thought, I love bunks. The three men exit. A moment of tense silence. Summers focuses her attention on the display, zooming in on a crater. Finally: CAPTAIN YOUNG I don’t like you, Summers. Ouch. SUMMERS

CAPTAIN YOUNG You’ve got a problem following orders. SUMMERS I’ve got my own orders. You know that. Tramway Galactic is paying me to look for helium-3 deposits, not to get into pissing contests with you. Young gestures at the display. CAPTAIN YOUNG Anything that’s been in that crater for four and a half billion years will still be there tomorrow.

26. SUMMERS I’m going today. The women inch toward each other. And Eve? CAPTAIN YOUNG

SUMMERS Our medic is down. Beyond her, we all have the same first aid training. Don’t pretend this is because of some deep concern for Eve. CAPTAIN YOUNG Watch your tone. SUMMERS If you’re so concerned, you look after her. Captain. They’re almost nose to nose, fire in their eyes. Suddenly, a TONE interrupts them. CAPTAIN YOUNG Shit. Mission control. INT. MISSION CONTROL - NIGHT A wall of blacked out monitors - one huge central screen, surrounded by a dozen smaller ones. Fairfield and Stevens wait as the same TONE rings on their end. STEVENS Where are they? They’re-(checks watch) Twenty minutes late for first contact. They were supposed to call us. FAIRFIELD The system shows they landed fine, and we’re picking up six heat signatures in the base. You sound like a worried mother. STEVENS A worried mother with a two hundred billion dollar kid who won't call home. (MORE)

27. STEVENS (CONT'D) (yelling at screen) Pick up. The tone dies, and Young’s voice comes through the speaker. CAPTAIN YOUNG (THROUGH SPEAKER) This is Captain Heather Young. Identification code zero-alpha-twotwo-foxtrot-gamma. STEVENS (to Fairfield) Get the cameras on. Fairfield holds out a hand. Chill. FAIRFIELD Captain Young, we sure would love to have something to look at down here, but we need you to activate the cameras. TYPING comes through the speakers. One by one, the black screens come to life. Each offers a voyeuristic view into the base: mess hall, gym, greenhouse, med-bay, dorms, a series of hallways. The control room is on the big screen, showing Young framed by the rest of the team. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D) Let there be light. STEVENS Wait, who’s that? There, in the medical bay? Fairfield pulls the med-bay onto the center screen. INT. LUNAR STATION, CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS The crew watches the video feed of Fairfield and Stevens. FAIRFIELD (ON SCREEN) Why is Eve in the medic station? CAPTAIN YOUNG She had a nasty reaction to some turbulence en route. She’s stable now. FAIRFIELD (ON SCREEN) Put a bio-bracelet on her, so we can monitor her down here.

28. CAPTAIN YOUNG Copy. I’ve also instructed Summers to keep watch over her. STEVENS (ON SCREEN) Negative. Our company isn’t going to solve the energy crisis with Kira playing nurse. Summers, head out after this meeting, and bring me back the god damned key to cold fusion. Young glances sideways at Summers, who raises her eyebrows with a told-ya-so look. EXT. LUNAR STATION - LATER Sunlight hits the cold black base. Titanium shutters, like those on the shuttle, slide down over the outpost’s windows. INT. LUNAR STATION, VARIOUS - CONTINUOUS We see the shutters coming down in various parts of the base the huge bay windows of the mess hall, where Cosmo plays with the holo-display; small windows lining a hallway as Cooper walks through; the observation deck of a lab where Phillips is working. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) (polite) In order to maintain temperature control within the station, sunlight must be reflected during this portion of the moon’s orbit. We apologize for any inconvenience. The med-bay has no windows, but we see Eve asleep in bed, a SILVER BIO-BRACELET on her wrist. The bracelet’s green status light pulses with her heartbeat. A curl of smoke rises where the silver touches her skin. INT. LUNAR STATION, CAPTAIN YOUNG’S DORM - CONTINUOUS A shutter lowers on the tiny porthole of Captain Young’s small, simple room: a closet, desk, bed. All she needs. Captain Young works on her personal computer. It has two screens: on one monitor is Summers’s personal data, on the other is information about Tramway Galactic Industries.

29. Captain Young’s eyes glide over the information. Blurbs fly past, most hard to read. “Tramway Galactic Linked to Factory Explosion.” “Tax Breaks Shoved Through Senate.” “Corporation or Crime Syndicate?” Captain Young gestures and both screens fade to the desktop, an old photo of her and her father wearing military uniforms. She exits, silently. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - MOMENTS LATER Summers stands next to a rover, wearing a surface suit minus the helmet. She holds a DIGITAL SLATE and runs through some basic safety tests. Captain Young enters. Summers looks up. CAPTAIN YOUNG Let’s go for a drive. SUMMERS Fine with me. EXT. LUNAR SURFACE The rover, which resembles a chrome dune buggy, bounces through the white desert, kicking up dust. Summers drives like they’re at Talladega Speedway. CAPTAIN YOUNG Summers, slow down. A crater appears out of nowhere. Watch out. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D)

At the last second Summers twists the wheel. She barely misses the drop, and Captain Young has to hold on to keep from falling out. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Pull over. I’m driving. SUMMERS Technically, you’re not allowed to. These are property of Tramway Galactic. Summers drives on. A GIANT CRATER looms ahead.



The crater is getting closer. Fast. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) The crater. Summers ignores her. It’s fifty yards away. Summers! Twenty yards. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) That’s an order! As Summers slams on the breaks, Captain Young grabs the wheel and turns hard. The tires lose their grip, and they start skidding sideways toward the drop. Summers knocks Captain Young’s hand away, and takes back the wheel. She cranks it in the opposite direction and hits the gas. For a brief moment, the rover runs parallel to the edge of the crater, but Summers over-corrects. The rover flips to the side twice, somehow landing on its wheels. The two women sit in the beat-up rover, lost in a cloud of dust. SUMMERS (yelling) Why the hell did you grab the wheel? Summers gets out and walks to the back. CAPTAIN YOUNG You weren’t stopping. SUMMERS It’s called physics, G.I. Jane. We had more than enough traction to brake. Summers pulls out two long metal SENSORS - a javelin tip on one end and a red light on the other. Captain Young inspects the front of the rover. A headlight dangles off the bumper, and one wheel is cracked. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D)

31. CAPTAIN YOUNG Shit. (into com) Cosmo, this is Young. We’re going to need a tow. COSMO (THROUGH COM) Got it, Captain. CAPTAIN YOUNG Transmitting location. She presses a button on her wrist. SUMMERS (continuing) Typical. Let’s let “rank” determine who should be in charge, not actual knowledge. CAPTAIN YOUNG Why are you here? What? SUMMERS

CAPTAIN YOUNG I’m here to establish an outpost for space exploration. Eve and Phillips, they’re here to do research, maybe inch humanity forward a little bit. Hell, Cosmo’s a national treasure. And you’re here for... a corporation? One that’s never seen an ethical gray area it didn’t like? Summers turns. She heaves one of the sensors. It flies over the moon’s surface, seeming like it will never land. Then, a puff of dust goes up in the center of the crater. Summers squints at the sensor’s blinking red tip. Well? CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D)

Summers presses a button on the sensor in her hand. Its tip turns green, and a burst of electricity snakes from the other sensor up the crater’s walls. The soil darkens as magnetized metals rise to the surface. SUMMERS This is why I’m here.

32. Summers strides to the lip of the crater and thrusts her sensor into its side. She looks at a screen on her wrist. It shows a data stream that might as well be Greek. Shit. 1.2. 1.2 what? SUMMERS (CONT’D) CAPTAIN YOUNG

SUMMERS Helium-3 parts per 50 billion. Looks like this crater isn’t our winning lottery ticket. INT. LUNAR STATION, MED-BAY The silver bracelet smolders as Eve’s heartbeat increases. Her eyes shoot open and she tears it off, leaving a burn mark. Eve clutches her wrist and begins to shiver. She looks around, confused. EXT. LUNAR SURFACE - LATER Two rovers sit bumper to bumper. Cosmo grabs a thick wire coil on his bumper, and unspools it toward the broken rover. Young and Summers wait in their seats. COSMO I can’t believe you broke it. SUMMERS I can’t believe you designed something so easy to break. Cosmo considers this. COSMO Fair point. He hooks the wire onto the women’s rover. CAPTAIN YOUNG So you didn’t find what you’re looking for. Now what?

33. SUMMERS Keep looking. Tramway is betting helium-3 will change the way the world produces energy, and betting big. If we don’t find anything up here, they’ll basically go bankrupt. PHILLIPS (THROUGH SPEAKER) Come in, Captain. CAPTAIN YOUNG This is Young. PHILLIPS (THROUGH SPEAKER) It’s Eve. She’s awake. CAPTAIN YOUNG Cosmo, how’s it look? Cosmo presses a button on his dashboard. The wire snaps taut. COSMO We are ready to be rolling. CAPTAIN YOUNG (to Phillips) On our way. INT. LUNAR STATION - OUTSIDE BATHROOMS - LATER Cooper and Phillips stand outside the bathroom door. We hear the sound of RUNNING WATER. Captain Young enters with Summers and Cosmo. CAPTAIN YOUNG What’s going on? PHILLIPS Eve’s in the bathroom. COOPER And some of us have to go. He urgently bangs on the door. Eve? COOPER (CONT’D)

34. INT. LUNAR STATION, SHOWERS - CONTINUOUS Eve huddles in the corner of a shower. She shivers, and turns up the heat. The burn mark on her wrist is gone. KNOCKING from outside. INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE SHOWERS - CONTINUOUS Summers spots one of the many cameras spread around the base. She looks up at it. SUMMERS (to camera) Can you open it? STEVENS (THROUGH SPEAKER) Working on it. SUMMERS (to camera) Is she okay? INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS STEVENS Can’t tell. Showers are a dark-zone for us. FAIRFIELD Just a sec. Fairfield types with confidence. INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS The door unlocks and slides open. Steam pours out the open door. Finally. COOPER

Cooper starts in, but Summers grabs his shoulder. Let me. SUMMERS

Cooper looks to Captain Young, she nods. Summers enters.

35. INT. LUNAR STATION, BATHROOM - CONTINUOUS Summers makes her way through thick steam from the showers. She finds the one that’s running. Eve? SUMMERS

EVE (hidden by steam) What happened? Eve, still huddled in the corner of the shower. Summers crouches down to her level. SUMMERS Not sure. Caught a nasty bug on the way, maybe. How about we turn off the water? She reaches for the knob, but snatches her hand back in pain. SUMMERS (CONT’D) That’s scalding. Eve looks at the water, as if noticing it for the first time. She shrugs and turns it off. SUMMERS (CONT’D) Are you okay? I’mEVE

She stands up, her head clearing. A NEW Eve is here. -hungry. EVE (CONT’D)

Completely naked, she purposefully strides past Summers and out the door. The others stare as she exits, dripping. As soon as she’s gone, Cooper sprints for a toilet. INT. LUNAR STATION, MESS HALL - LATER The crew watches in disgust as Eve, now wearing her jumpsuit, devours the green oatmeal. Cosmo has brought the broken rover into the room, and is working on the bumper.

36. PHILLIPS Slow down, Eve. You haven’t had solid food for a while. COOPER Still doesn’t explain why she’s eating that. Eve scrapes her bowl, getting every last morsel. EVE Is there any more? COSMO (hidden by rover) Gallons. Take mine. COOPER

He slides his bowl to Eve. Captain Young launches the holo-display, showing the same crater as earlier. CAPTAIN YOUNG We made our first scout today, with only minor disaster. SUMMERS We need to go out again soon. Mission control isn’t happy with the results of the survey. CAPTAIN YOUNG How long until the rover is fixed? Cosmo doesn’t respond. He stares at Eve, who eats like an animal. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Simson. How long? COSMO Oh, um, soon. Nothing some elbow grease and a new longitudinal transaxle can’t fix. Cosmo goes at the wheel with a loud drill. CAPTAIN YOUNG Alright, we’ll fan out tomorrow and cover-Eve stands up suddenly.

37. EVE I’m going to the gym. She struts over to Cooper and drapes her arms over his shoulder. She whispers in his ear. EVE (CONT’D) Could use a spotter. Eve leaves. Young’s pissed. The others don’t know what to make of it. Summers stifles a laugh. COOPER I’ll, uh, go get her. He exits. Cosmo hammers at the wheel with a huge mallet. CAPTAIN YOUNG (snaps) Do you have to do that in here? Cosmo peeks over the rover. COSMO I wanted to hang out. INT. LUNAR STATION, GYM - CONTINUOUS Eve bench presses two resistance bands over and over. It’s nothing to her. She stops, raises the resistance, and gets back at it. Cooper enters, but Eve barely takes notice. Up. Down. Up. Down. This is not the Eve that left Earth. COOPER Weights, huh? Her pace quickens. COOPER (CONT’D) Cool. That’s cool. You know, Captain Young, she wasn’t done with her-Eve gets up and moves to a treadmill. EVE I was done.

38. Cooper gets on the bench-press. He attempts to lift the weight, but it’s no use. The machine is maxed out at fourhundred pounds. He sits up. COOPER Right. You feeling okay, Eve? We’re all a little worried. Eve hops off the speeding treadmill. She moves toward Cooper, grabs his hand, and places it on her chest. EVE You feel that? Umm. COOPER

EVE My heart rate. Slow and steady. COOPER Yeah, I guess you’re right. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens sits intensely, facing away from the monitors. In the background we see Eve and Cooper on one of the screens. STEVENS (into bluetooth) No, I’m not going to tell you how to use it. Well, first of all, there’s a manual. Second, it’s MY FUCKING GRILL. NOISE from the station in the background. STEVENS (CONT’D) Jesus Christ. Stevens spins around and hits a button. A small “MUTE” logo appears onscreen. INT. LUNAR STATION, GYM - CONTINUOUS EVE Your pulse isn’t. Eve locks the door.

39. EVE (CONT’D) And it’s getting faster. COOPER How do you know? Eve saunters toward him. Her eyes are transfixed on his neck. The sound of a HEART BEAT. His carotid artery, bulging, seems to call to her. EVE I can tell. She slowly unzips her jumper. EVE (CONT’D) We could go back to the briefing if you want. Fuck that. COOPER

EVE My thoughts exactly. Cooper tries to grab her, but she pushes him onto the bench press machine. She’s in charge. He hurriedly zips down his jumpsuit, and peels off his undershirt - every woman’s dream. Eve straddles him, and kisses his neck. She slides off her jumper, and digs her nails into his back. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens, still not paying attention. Fairfield is nowhere to be seen. STEVENS Let’s just calm down and talk about this as people. Just two people. Who hate each other. INT. LUNAR STATION, GYM - CONTINUOUS Cooper enjoys himself as Eve nibbles at his neck. Suddenly, the shutters over the windows start to roll upward, and moonlight streams into the gym. COOPER Oh, oh... mmm.

40. Eve’s nails rake across his back. Playfully rough at first, but they dig deep and start to draw blood. COOPER (CONT’D) Ahh. Okay, okay. He pushes her back in pain. She drops her gaze to look at her stained red fingertips. COOPER (CONT’D) Damn girl. I like it rough, but how about a little romance? Cooper’s look turns to concern. He hurt her feelings.

Eve stares at her hands. Cooper lifts her head up to reassure her, and turns white with fear. Eve’s eyes are bright yellow. Oh shit. COOPER (CONT’D)

Eve grabs Cooper savagely. She’s strong, but he wriggles away from her, sprinting toward the door. COOPER (CONT’D) Why are the quiet girls always freaks? He pulls on the door handle. Locked. He shakily tries to punch in an unlock code, but Eve’s on him in a flash. She throws him to the ground, and leaps on top of him, almost superhuman. No... COOPER (CONT’D)

INT. LUNAR STATION, MESS HALL - CONTINUOUS Cosmo sits proudly in the repaired rover, testing the wheel. The others remain at the table. COSMO I am a mechanical god. He twists the wheel back and forth quickly, and a piece flies off. PHILLIPS You were saying?



Cooper’s SCREAMS ring through the base. The crew tenses, looking for where the sound is coming from. The gym. SUMMERS

INT. LUNAR STATION, GYM - CONTINUOUS Flashes: Eve smeared with dark blood. Her face plunging toward Cooper’s neck. Tearing flesh. Blood spurting from a gaping wound. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Red lights flash, a loud SIREN sounds. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) (repeating) Anomaly detected in one or more biosystems. Please alert medic. Young and Summers lead the crew toward the gym. INT. MISSION CONTROL - MOMENTS LATER Silence. Stevens leans back in his chair, eyes closed in frustration. Fairfield enters carrying two bags of take out. FAIRFIELD I’m not sure which is the lo mein, and which is the-He looks at the monitor. The gym is destroyed: blood everywhere, broken lights shorting out, chaos. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D) What the fuck? What? STEVENS

42. Fairfield drops the food and rushes to the desk. He presses UN-MUTE. SIRENS flood the control room. FAIRFIELD What happened?! STEVENS I... I don’t know. FAIRFIELD (into com) Young, this is Fairfield. Do you copy? INT. LUNAR STATION, GYM / INT. MISSION CONTROL - CROSS CUT The crew stand at the door of the darkened gym. I’m here. CAPTAIN YOUNG

FAIRFIELD What’s going on up there? CAPTAIN YOUNG Not sure, but it’s not good. Do you have eyes on us? Fairfield looks at Stevens. We do now. FAIRFIELD

CAPTAIN YOUNG (to crew) Spread out. They inch into the room. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Eve? Cooper? Summers SCREAMS. Cooper’s body lies dead. Moonlight reflects off a puddle of blood, revealing a massive chunk missing from his neck. Phillips closes his eyes in quiet dismay. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Keep looking. Be careful. Second after excruciating second passes, as the crew searches the gym. Finally: Cosmo retches.

43. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) She’s not here. Fairfield scrolls quickly through all the cameras, bringing them up one by one on the main monitor. FAIRFIELD We don’t have visual on her here, either. She must be in a dark zone. Summers examines the gym door. The metal is dented, and there are five deep scratches in it. She traces them with her hand. She looks up, scared. SUMMERS We need to find her. INT. LUNAR STATION, CAPTAIN YOUNG’S DORM - MOMENTS LATER Young’s computer shows a map of the base. crowd into the room. Two red areas stand out on the map. FAIRFIELD (FROM SPEAKER) These are the only areas we don’t have camera coverage: the showers and the outer-edge of the greenhouse. Captain Young pulls a key card from one of her drawers. CAPTAIN YOUNG Phillips, you’re the greenhouse expert. Take Cosmo with you. If you see anything, make immediate radio contact. PHILLIPS Yes, ma’am. CAPTAIN YOUNG Summers and I will take the showers. (into com) Fairfield, you’re our eyes and ears. Keep all communications over com; I don’t want anything on the P.A. Copy that. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) The remaining crew

44. COSMO Excuse me, Captain. But how do we stop her from doing whatever she did to Cooper... to us? Captain Young slides her keycard into a slot on the desk. A compartment opens, revealing two large handguns. CAPTAIN YOUNG You are all about to find... Young takes one and hands the other to Cosmo. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) That I am not one with whom to fuck. She cocks her gun. INT. MISSION CONTROL Stevens paces back and forth in the control room. STEVENS Oh, this is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Baaaaaad. I have people to answer to. FAIRFIELD Your concern for the crew’s safety is admirable. STEVENS You want to talk safety? How about telling me why there are guns up there, just waiting to tear apart my base? ADMIRAL It’s not your base. Admiral Coomer (50’s), a good ol’boy who could sweet talk you just as soon as he could shoot you dead, steps into the room. ADMIRAL (CONT’D) And consider them the US military’s insurance policy. Fairfield and Stevens share a nervous glance. Admiral. FAIRFIELD

45. ADMIRAL Timothy. Mister Stevens. He stares intently at the monitors for a few beats - enough for Stevens and Fairfield to feel awkward, but they aren’t about to say anything. ADMIRAL (CONT’D) You know, I got myself a new mattress. One of those set-your-ownnumber deals. Real expensive. His eyes don’t leave the monitors. ADMIRAL (CONT’D) Britt’s back has been hurting her, and our other one must have been going on twenty-five years. You’re supposed to replace them every ten, I hear. Silence. ADMIRAL (CONT’D) Ask me how I like it, Timothy. How do-FAIRFIELD

ADMIRAL I don’t know. They delivered it today. And I’m here. So let’s fix whatever needs fixin’, because I want to go home and sleep on my $7,000 dollar mother fuckin’ mattress. The three of them watch the main monitor as Cosmo and Phillips walk down a hall. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Cosmo and Phillips walk through the ominous corridor toward the greenhouse. COSMO (to self) Be a cosmonaut, they said. Go to the moon, they said. (swearing) Vsyo zayebis! PHILLIPS You scared?

46. COSMO Aren’t you? Phillips shakes his head. PHILLIPS I don’t know what happened to her, but it’s still Eve. Cosmo glances down at his gun. COSMO What are we going to do when we find her? PHILLIPS We’ll figure it out. The two men get to a door. It slides open revealing: INT. LUNAR STATION, GREENHOUSE It’s massive, bigger than the rest of the station combined. Moisture clings to the glass, throwing a milky glow over the trees, bushes, and ferns at various stages of maturity. Moonlight pours through the domed ceiling, creating a spotlight in the forest’s center. The door shuts behind them. Cosmo whistles softly. It’s huge. COSMO

PHILLIPS Once it’s fully planted, it can provide food for one hundred and fifty people. Scrub that much air, too. COSMO All this, and we’re eating green snot. PHILLIPS Let’s work our way around. He nods to the left, and they start moving around the outer perimeter. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) It just doesn’t make sense. Why would Eve snap?

47. COSMO Perhaps pressure-Cosmo trips over a root and hits the ground hard. The pistol spins out of his hand and fires into the air. A frightened SCREAM comes from the other side of the greenhouse. Cosmo and Phillips look at each other. Eve. BOTH

INT. LUNAR STATION, SHOWERS - CONTINUOUS Summers and Young proceed through the bathroom toward the showers, precise and calculating. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) (to Young) We just heard a shot in the greenhouse. You should get over there. CAPTAIN YOUNG Summers! Greenhouse. They hurry out. INT. LUNAR STATION, GREENHOUSE - CONTINUOUS Cosmo and Phillips creep toward the sound of the scream. Cosmo holds out a hand to stop Phillips. There. COSMO

He nods. Eve sits under a tree, clutching her knees to her chest. Streaks of tears stand out from the crusted blood on her face. They creep closer. PHILLIPS Let me talk to her. COSMO No. We get her in handcuffs. Then we talk. Phillips starts to protest, but Cosmo has already started towards Eve, his gun raised.

48. COSMO (CONT’D) (whispered) Eve. It’s Cosmo. No response. Eve. COSMO (CONT’D)

PHILLIPS Cosmo, stop. Cosmo waves him off. He’s close now, but she’s in her own world. Slowly, he reaches a hand toward her... COSMO Eve, can you hear-Eve snaps at Cosmo’s hand, whip fast. He draws it back in pain. COSMO (CONT’D) (swearing) Okhuyet. She bit me. Cosmo raises the gun as Eve dashes away... right into Phillips’s massive arms. PHILLIPS I’ve got her. Put the gun down. But-COSMO

PHILLIPS Down. Go put some antiseptic on that. Lot of bacteria in here. Reluctantly Cosmo retreats, keeping his eyes on Eve writhing in Phillips’s grasp. Let me go. EVE

PHILLIPS You know I can’t. She continues to struggle. Breathe. PHILLIPS (CONT’D)

49. Eve relaxes a bit. Phillips leads her back under the tree, and sits beside her. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) Eve, we’ve got to get you somewhere safe. Eve answers with silence. They sit there, and for a few beats nothing seems wrong. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) I love it in here. Feels like Earth. More silence. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) I didn’t think I’d miss it so much, but everything is so different up here. Alien. And with all the rules and procedures and tests they put us through... Half the time you don’t even feel human. That doctor can cram her tests where the sun don’t shine. Whoever she was. He winks at Eve. She smiles a little. EVE I want to go home. Me too. PHILLIPS

There’s a silence between them, before: EVE What are they going to do to me? PHILLIPS I don’t know. I just want us all to be safe, including you. She mulls this over for a bit. On the other side of the greenhouse, Summers and Young enter out of breath. Cosmo peers across the greenhouse, a fresh bandage on his hand. CAPTAIN YOUNG What’s going on? Where’s Phillips?

50. COSMO Over there. With Eve. SUMMERS Is everyone okay? Cosmo nods. COSMO He sent me away. She seems frightened more than anything, but... He holds up his hand. COSMO (CONT’D) Kitty will be having claws. Back under the trees, Eve seems more human. EVE I need to show you something. Okay. PHILLIPS

EVE Don’t freak. Eve looks up at him with her yellow eyes. Phillips lets out a small gasp and she turns away. He takes her by the shoulder, slowly turning her back toward him. He looks her over. It’s okay. PHILLIPS

EVE What’s happening to me? PHILLIPS I-- I don’t know. But we’ll figure it out. She hugs him, holds him tight. EVE (whispering) Thank you. PHILLIPS It’ll be alright.

51. The sound of THUNDER rumbles through the greenhouse speakers. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) It’s about to rain. Come on. A light mist falls from the roof. Phillips extends his hand, gently helping Eve off the ground. He leads her through the greenhouse toward the others. Captain Young, Summers and Cosmo come into view across a central clearing. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) (shouting to them) It’s okay. We’re okay. Eve stops at the sight of the guns. Phillips. EVE They have guns. PHILLIPS It’s alright, it’s alright. (to others) Put the guns away. She’s not going to be any trouble. Cosmo looks to Captain Young. CAPTAIN YOUNG (calling out) You have my word, Eve. If you don’t do anything, we won’t do anything. A moment of hesitation, then Eve assents and they keep coming, hand in hand. They get into the middle of the clearing and Eve stops, illuminated by moonlight from the central dome. She looks up and out through the glass, bathed in the light. PHILLIPS Come on, Eve. She doesn’t move. The light of the moon dances around her. Let’s go. CAPTAIN YOUNG He looks to She hides behind

Phillips pulls her hand, but she won’t budge. Captain Young for guidance. She looks back, amazed and frightened.

52. Phillips turns in time to see Eve begin to twist and bulge. Her face elongates, her nails grow. With CRACKS and POPS, her bones stretch and change. Her grip tightens, crushing Phillips’s hand. knees in pain. Cosmo and Captain Young level their weapons. PHILLIPS (in pain) No, no. Stop. He looks up at the malformed creature that Eve’s become. She’s mutated, but seems stuck in some seven foot tall, halfhuman form. She sure is ugly. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) Eve! Eve it’s me, Thomaaaa-She twists his arm, then lets go and it falls limply to his side. Cocking her head, she sniffs him. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) (to others) Don’t shoot, alright. Don’t shoot her. Please. (to Eve) Eve, can you hear me? Eve caresses Phillips’s head. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) Yeah, Eve. It’s me, Thomas. She places her malformed hands on his shoulder and shudders. She SCREAMS in pain as her face elongates further, her yell becoming a desolate HOWL. She grabs Phillips roughly and lifts him into the air. claws sink into his shoulders. PHILLIPS (CONT’D) What are you doing? Eve! Stop! She starts to crush him. Phillips YELLS. Her He falls to his

PHILLIPS (CONT’D) Shoot her, damn it. Shoot her! Cosmo and Captain Young unload into the BEAST, but their bullets have little effect. Cosmo empties his clip, then hurls his gun.

53. Eve starts to pull at Phillips... she’s tearing him in half. His SCREAMS fill the room. Get out. CAPTAIN YOUNG

COSMO Wh-- What the hell? Now. CAPTAIN YOUNG

Summers pulls the terrified Cosmo from the room. Captain Young points her gun, takes a deep breath, and shoots Phillips in the head, relieving his pain. Eve looks up, her eyes fierce with animal rage. She throws Phillips to the ground and advances on Young, slowly at first but building into a sprint. Captain Young stands her ground. rounds, but Eve keeps coming. She unloads a few more

CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) (into com) Fairfield, lock the door. She leaps out and the door shuts behind her. INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE GREENHOUSE - CONTINUOUS The three remaining crew members slowly back away from the greenhouse, keeping their eyes on the door. BANG. The door shudders as Eve hurls her body against it. COSMO She couldn’t-BANG. Eve’s HOWL fills the station. SUMMERS Let’s not find out. Go! They turn and run. BANG! The door dents, opening by a sliver. A gnarled claw/hand pokes through. CRASH. The door gives way, and Eve lopes after them on all fours, SNARLING.

54. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Summers and Cosmo race down the hall with Captain Young just behind them. CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) Shut all the doors behind us. A series of doors locks behind them as they run; each is violently knocked off its hinges when Eve blitzes through it. They approach the airlock ahead. door hard. COSMO It’s locked! CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) Fairfield! FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Working on it. The door CLICKS. They try to encourage it, but it’s slow and the beast is gaining. Get in. CAPTAIN YOUNG The crew of three hit the

Cosmo squeezes through, then Young. Summers follows but gets stuck. She turns and looks at the beast. It’s gaining. Panicking, she struggles against the door. She turns again. Eve froths at the mouth, mere seconds away.

From inside, Captain Young grabs Summers’s arm and, with Herculean effort, pulls her inside. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS Captain Young slams a button next to the door. BAM. It slides shut just in time. The door shudders as the beast slams into it with a dull THUD. Thanks. SUMMERS

55. She gets no response. Young and Cosmo watch the monster peer at them through the door’s small window. It breathes heavily, blanketing the glass with vapor. COSMO What is that... thing? INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS On the main screen Eve paces in the hallway like a junkyard dog, scratching ineffectually at the thick door. FAIRFIELD (into mic) It’s holding. We’re good for now. Eve looks at a camera, understanding, then runs away from the door. I’m dead. Excuse me? STEVENS ADMIRAL

STEVENS Did you see how much damage that... that thing did to my base? Our base. ADMIRAL

Fairfield follows the creature from room to room. STEVENS Whatever. Semantics. It’s in the billions, easy. The press is already all over my ass, and so far our mining rights are about as valuable as my ex-wife’s god damn bead collection. Fairfield stares at the screen, trying to comprehend. FAIRFIELD (low, to screen) What are you doing? ADMIRAL We have people on that base, Stevens. Fairfield turns.

56. FAIRFIELD She’s trying to get into the wiring. They ignore him. STEVENS Boo-fucking-hoo. If you’re asking me to choose people or money, money never had a lesbian relationship with her yoga teacher. What? ADMIRAL

Eve breaches an interior wall of the base. Oh no. FAIRFIELD The screens go

Eve takes a mouth full of wires and pulls. black. ADMIRAL What happened? STEVENS What’d you do, Tim?

Fairfield clicks around on the control panel. FAIRFIELD We’re dark. Stevens kicks over a trash-can. STEVENS Great. Apparently they’re smart, too.


Fairfield and Admiral Coomer look at him quizzically. ADMIRAL What do you mean? What? STEVENS

FAIRFIELD You said they’re smart. ADMIRAL What, exactly, do you think we’re dealing with?

57. STEVENS Oh, come on. I’m the asshole who has to say it? Fairfield and Admiral Coomer wait. STEVENS (CONT’D) Fine. Gentlemen, that is a fucking werewolf. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - LATER The lights in the airlock flicker as the station runs on backup systems. While Captain Young determinedly tries the radio, Summers paces and Cosmo slumps against a rover, lost in thought. CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) Repeat, this is Captain Young of the Orion mission. Please respond. No response. Summers shakes her head, angrily.

SUMMERS It’s no use. Captain Young glowers at Summers. A long silence. CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) This is Captain Heather Young of the space shuttle Orion. Come in, mission control. INT. MISSION CONTROL - NIGHT A laptop streams code. surgeon. Fairfield works through it like a

On the other side of the room, Admiral Coomer and Stevens replay the transformation on a small roll-away monitor. Next to them stands Professor Damian Makki. MAKKI I admit it’s an incredible phenomenon, but there must be some kind of scientific-- I mean, I’m a professor of folklore.

58. ADMIRAL You’re the closest thing to a werewolf expert we’ve got, Makki. MAKKI Yes... I suppose... The transformation plays over and over. ADMIRAL Fairfield, how close are we to radio contact? Fairfield types rapidly. FAIRFIELD We’ll see... INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK Summers slouches against a wall. Captain Young paces. Cosmo, sweaty and nervous, looks out a window at the surface. He seems transfixed. CAPTAIN YOUNG This is Captain Heather Young of the space shuttle-SUMMERS (sarcastic) Orion. Come in, mission control. This-is-Captain-Heather-Young-ofthe-space-shuttle-- Enough! How long are we going to wait here? We have a ship. COSMO Nyet. The ship is locked into the dock, and in resource conservation mode. It can only be relaunched from mission control. Or the control room. As if on cue, the CRASHING of the monster reverberates through the airlock. CAPTAIN YOUNG They’ll reach us. SUMMERS We need to do something.

59. CAPTAIN YOUNG We have no idea what we’re dealing with. A tense silence. Then: FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) (scratchy audio) Orion? Do you read me? Hope floods into their eyes. CAPTAIN YOUNG Tim, thank God. What’s happening? INT. MISSION CONTROL / INT. AIRLOCK - CROSS CUT Fairfield sighs on hearing Young’s voice, momentarily relieved. Admiral Coomer and Stevens listen behind him. FAIRFIELD Well, um... Fairfield has no answer for Young. Stevens grabs the mic.

STEVENS Young, it’s Stevens. No point in beating around the bush. That thing you saw? It’s a werewolf. The crew look at each other. Subtly, Cosmo peels back his bandage. The bite looks infected; green and black veins spiderweb across his hand. He quickly tapes it back down. CAPTAIN YOUNG Fine. Doesn’t matter. Just initiate the launch sequence and get us out of here. FAIRFIELD ...we can’t. Eve, or whatever Eve has become-Werewolf. STEVENS

FAIRFIELD She bit through our link to the base. I hacked a satellite to slingshot our radio signal. We don’t have access to any station systems.

60. Cosmo twitches a little, drumming his fingers rapidly on his leg. Summers and Young listen intently. ADMIRAL Captain Young. Admiral? CAPTAIN YOUNG

ADMIRAL Well, it sure as shit ain’t Dracula. Young, I don’t know what in the hell that thing is, but I want it dead, you hear me? Yes sir. CAPTAIN YOUNG

ADMIRAL We’ve got too much invested up there to just extract you and blow the place. Congress would have a field day. It’d be the end of the space program as we know it. He turns. ADMIRAL (CONT’D) Professor Makki, let’s say it is a... werewolf. How do we take it down? Makki has been watching the small monitor this whole time. It replays the creature plowing through door after door. He can’t take his eyes off it. MAKKI (mumbling) Plenty of legends... wolfsbane, perhaps. No plants on the moon, though... Exorcism, exhaustion, but no-- silver. Silver, I suppose. Fairfield has had enough. FAIRFIELD Excuse me. Are we not men of science? I don’t care what it is, if we take away its oxygen, that thing is going to die. SUMMERS What are you suggesting?

61. FAIRFIELD If Cosmo can restore our connection, I can reset life support systems and suck all the oxygen out of the base. Right, Cosmo? Cosmo’s eyes come back into focus at the mention of his name. COSMO Yeah. Yeah, sure. FAIRFIELD That means you’ll all need surface suits to survive. What do the oxygen levels look like? Young checks. CAPTAIN YOUNG Low. Didn’t refill after the crater run. FAIRFIELD Then someone’s going to have to get new tanks from storage. SUMMERS I’ll do it. CAPTAIN YOUNG No. I’m going. I’ve already lost three crew members. I’m not risking anyone else if I can help it. But-SUMMERS

CAPTAIN YOUNG No arguments. FAIRFIELD In that case, Kira, I need you to prep the ship. After Cosmo repairs the system, I’ll vacuum the air out of that thing’s lungs. Then once you recover the body, I’ll initiate launch, and we’ll have you home by dinner. CAPTAIN YOUNG Let’s move, Cosmo. And pray to God we don’t cross paths with that thing.

62. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS FAIRFIELD Good luck. Fairfield out. Fairfield gets back to his code. STEVENS (to Admiral) Think this’ll work? ADMIRAL You mean, can three space men and a computer nerd kill an itty-bittydoctor-slash-rabid-wolfen-killingmachine? I don’t recall this one being in the handbook. Professor Makki watches the wolf tear out the station’s wiring. MAKKI (to Stevens and Admiral) Gentlemen, a word. They move out of Fairfield’s earshot. MAKKI (CONT’D) I think you may be jumping over a dollar to save a dime. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Captain Young and Cosmo proceed cautiously away from the airlock. Cosmo, looking more and more haggard, carries a toolbag. He pulls up his sleeve. The black veins now stretch imposingly up his forearm. Young catches him quickly rolling the sleeve back down. CAPTAIN YOUNG You alright? COSMO (unsure)


Young eyes him suspiciously. Cosmo-CAPTAIN YOUNG

63. COSMO I am fine. Just a scratch. That’s good enough for Young. She points to a torn up part of the wall. CAPTAIN YOUNG There’s where Eve got into the wiring. Do what you can. We’ll rendezvous in the airlock. Beat. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Be careful. And you. COSMO His

Cosmo watches as Captain Young continues down the hall. eyes begin to yellow. INT. MISSION CONTROL As Fairfield types, the others whisper in the corner. ADMIRAL What you’re suggesting is criminal. Treasonous, even. MAKKI It’s for the good of the country! You saw what that thing did. One super soldier with even a drop of its DNA could clear out a whole cave of terrorists in East Fuckistan. Admiral Coomer considers this. But-STEVENS

MAKKI And think of the research money. Some enterprising company is going to get those contracts. Beat.

64. STEVENS (to Makki) What’s in it for you? Enough that you want to let three people die? Fame. ADMIRAL

MAKKI That’s an ugly way of putting it, but... Makki’s greedy eyes light up. MAKKI (CONT’D) Being the world’s foremost werewolf expert has to be worth an Ivy League tenure track. Or at least a best-seller. Silence. Finally, the Admiral nods. ADMIRAL So we’re all agreed? Well... MAKKI

Makki glances at Fairfield, still working furiously. MAKKI (CONT’D) Not quite all. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Cosmo repairs the wiring. focus. He breathes heavily, struggling to

INT. LUNAR STATION, STORAGE AREA - CONTINUOUS Captain Young searches the crowded storage room for oxygen tanks. She spots them near the back high on a shelf. There is a CLATTER far off in the echoing station. INT. AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS Summers watches the ship, which sits in the domed launch pad, through a window. She looks up at the sound of the distant CLATTER.

65. With a robotic arm she controls from the airlock, she hooks a refueling hose to the ship. Though she’s not happy that she drew this straw, she works efficiently. She looks up at one of the dead cameras in the corner. SUMMERS Come on, Cosmo. A SCRATCHING comes from the other side of the airlock. Summers peers around one of the rovers in time to see the wolf BURST out of an air duct. She inhales sharply. Frozen with fear, Summers looks for an escape, but the creature stands between her and the door. Her eyes land on the MECHANIZED MINING WALKER, huge and imposing, which sports a powerful claw and a mining laser. Slowly and silently, she edges toward it, afraid to so much as exhale. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Nearly finished with the repair, Cosmo reaches for a soldering iron from his bag, but pulls back his arm in a coughing fit. The cough subsides, and he opens his hand to reveal a gob of red-black blood. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK Summers reaches the walker and hoists herself into its seat. From here she can see the wolf across the airlock, but it hasn’t noticed her. Relieved, she presses a button to turn on the walker. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The walker sounds as it powers up. The beast turns its head sharply, meeting eyes with Summers. SUMMERS Shit. Shit, shit, shit. She slams on a joystick, trying to engage the walker, then notices a display screen: 5% POWER. Slowly, the display ticks up. 10% POWER. The wolf comes around the rover into full view of Summers. Its hair bristles, and it lets out a low GROWL. 17% POWER.

66. It sprints at her. 29% POWER. Summers SCREAMS. INT. LUNAR STATION, STORAGE AREA - CONTINUOUS The scream echoes through the base. Young drops the oxygen tank she’s been reaching for. She turns and runs for the airlock. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Cosmo doubles over in pain. Summers’s scream echoes around him, and he lets out an agonized SCREAM of his own. He shivers violently. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS 44% POWER. The beast is close now. Summers vainly jiggles the joystick and mashes buttons, trying to get something out of the useless walker. The beast launches itself at her. 56% POWER. WHOOMP. It slams into the cage surrounding Summers. She pushes herself back in the seat, as far as she can go. The wolf’s snout snaps at her, inches away. We can practically feel its searing breath on her face. 72% POWER. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Captain Young sprints past the destroyed wiring. She hesitates. Cosmo’s gone. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK The wolf thrashes against the cage, contorting itself as it tries to squeeze through. 100% POWER, finally. Summers slams on the joystick to shake the wolf loose.

67. No response. She tries again, pressing another button... Nothing. She glances down at the display. ERROR. RE-BOOTING. WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. SUMMERS (screaming) FUCK THIS PL-WHAM. The creature is knocked loose from the walker. Summers can’t believe it. Cosmo brings his baseball bat up over his head and swings it ferociously down on the beast. He’s overpowering. Home run. COSMO

He swings again, catching the creature across its face. The wolf puts some distance between itself and Cosmo. The two meet eyes. It GROWLS. Cosmo YELLS back, full of animal rage. The beast SNARLS, but retreats out the door. Cosmo, I-SUMMERS

He falls to his knees, and turns to look at Summers with glowing yellow eyes. COSMO (harsh and monstrous) GET OUT. Captain Young appears in the doorway. CAPTAIN YOUNG What’s going on? NOW. COSMO

Summers gets to the doorway and blocks Young from entering. She presses a button and the door slides shut, isolating Cosmo in the airlock. The women watch through the window as he staggers toward the surface suits, quickly pulling one on. CAPTAIN YOUNG (THROUGH GLASS) Simson, what are you--

68. SUMMERS (quietly) He got bit. CAPTAIN YOUNG (THROUGH GLASS) We can get you help. COSMO There is no helping. A half smile. COSMO (CONT’D) It’s been a pleasure serving with you. An urgent jolt of pain. He slides on his helmet. CAPTAIN YOUNG Simson! Don’t-Cosmo seals the helmet and there is silence. He opens the airlock garage door, walking out to: EXT. LUNAR SURFACE - CONTINUOUS All we hear is his breathing and heart beat. In the B.G. we see Captain Young and Summers at the window. He walks a few yards away from the base. Earth hangs in front of him, big and blue. Enveloped in moonlight, Cosmo starts to transform. But with one final act of will, he grips his helmet and: INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Summers and Captain Young watch as Cosmo falls over, dead. His helmet rolls a few feet from his lifeless body. The airlock door slides shut, and he disappears from view. Captain Young collapses against the wall, hysterical. CAPTAIN YOUNG (to self) To complete the mission. To protect my crew. To maintain the integrity of mankind as we explore the boundaries of space. Summers kneels next to her offering help, but she’s not moving.

69. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) My captain’s words. The camera mounted on the wall moves, focusing on Summers and Young. A red light blinks on the front. Summers rises. SUMMERS Fairfield? Are you there? Did Cosmo... INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Fairfield establishes a link to the station. The screens come alive. FAIRFIELD (into com) This is mission control. Let’s get you out of there, Orion. Onscreen, Summers stares into the camera. SUMMERS Tim, something happened. In the background, the SOUNDS of a door opening and feet shuffling. FAIRFIELD (into com) One second. Fairfield turns. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D) We’ve re-established connection with... He trails off. Admiral Coomer stands between two huge SOLDIERS. Stevens and Makki hover in the hallway behind them. ADMIRAL Mister Fairfield, you’re relieved of duty. The admiral snaps his fingers. The soldiers advance on Fairfield. FAIRFIELD What do you mean? Who else is going to--

70. Realization dawns on him. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D) No. No, you can’t. Fairfield turns back to the microphone as the soldiers grab him. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Through Summers’s earpiece we hear a struggle. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Summers, I... Get off me. No, I won’t-THUMP. The line goes dead. SUMMERS Tim? Tim! Mission control, do you read me? Silence. Captain Young rises. CAPTAIN YOUNG The mission’s a failure. My crew’s dead. And the integrity of man... She laughs. What? SUMMERS

CAPTAIN YOUNG Let’s just get off this rock. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Captain Young strides determinedly down the mangled hallway, gun in one hand, two of the spear-like sensors in the other. Summers trails just behind. The lights flicker and broken ventilation fans WHINE. Moonlight streams through every window. In the distance there is a CRASH. Summers freezes, but Young doesn’t even break stride. Eve is nowhere to be seen. Summers hurries to catch up with Young. SUMMERS Where are we going?


Silver. What?

CAPTAIN YOUNG We use sheets of silver in the water purification system. The professor, he said that’s the way to take Eve down. SUMMERS I’m not sure if a Britta filter is going to do the trick. CAPTAIN YOUNG You got a better idea? Summers starts to say something, but... she’s got nothing. There’s a HOWL from somewhere in the station. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Admiral Coomer, Stevens and Professor Makki watch as Captain Young and Summers proceed toward the Greenhouse. STEVENS Should we be worried? ADMIRAL About what? STEVENS What if they survive? Those are a couple of tough bitches. MAKKI You said before that any launch has to be engaged from mission control, right? STEVENS Or the space station computers. MAKKI Their computer guy is dead. And none of us are bringing them home. They’re trapped. All we have to do is wait for Eve to do her work. They turn back to the main monitor.

72. Unnoticed, a prompt appears on the console screen: REMOTE ACCESS GRANTED. On its own, the mouse clicks OK. INT. LUNAR STATION, WATER PURIFICATION ROOM The two women are in a small room. A paneled glass wall separates them from the greenhouse. It’s covered in thick condensation. Captain Young and Summers tear off the cover of a large tank. Inside, water drips through an elaborate set of tubes onto sheets of silver, and then into pipes that disappear into a dark tunnel. CAPTAIN YOUNG Here we go. SUMMERS Silver: for all your water purification and werewolf killing needs. Young pulls out a thin sheet about the size of a piece of paper. CAPTAIN YOUNG I owe you an apology, Summers. She takes another sheet, and hands it to Summers. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) I didn’t like having someone on my crew who wasn’t one of our people. But evidently being one of our people doesn’t mean shit. They each wrap silver around the tip of a sensor, molding it like thick aluminum foil. SUMMERS It’s fine. Clearly I’m not great at following orders. You think? They share a smile. CAPTAIN YOUNG Young goes back to work on the sensor.

CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) You never really told me why you came here. Summer’s smile drains. She stares over Captain Young’s shoulder. Young turns.

73. It’s barely visible through the foggy glass, but there can be no mistake. The monster is eating what remains of Phillips. SUMMERS (whisper) Where does this tunnel go? Captain Young puts a hand on her shoulder, and Summers drops her sensor out of fright. The silver tipped pole falls to the floor with a loud CLANG. The blurry beast looks up, but then goes back to eating. CAPTAIN YOUNG To the showers. Captain Young examines the opening. Summers grabs her sensor. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) It’s tight, but we can fit through. A light strobes in the greenhouse, and we hear THUNDER. Mist falls from the sky and the condensation on the glass melts away, revealing the monster, wet and bloody. In a second it’s on them, charging full speed. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Get in. Now. The beast barrels headfirst into the thick glass. CRUNCH. The glass cracks, but otherwise holds steady, and Eve falls backwards. Summers stares, mesmerized by what was once her friend. The wolf shakes off the hit and tries again, with similar results. SUMMERS She can’t get through. The wolf paces back and forth, growling and whining in frustration. She places a grotesque claw on the glass. Summers mirrors it with her own hand. The monster cocks its head, then rakes its claws against the glass, leaving deep gouges. It throws the whole of its weight against the wall, and broad cracks creep across the panel. SUMMERS (CONT’D) Clever gi-Summers is yanked backwards by Captain Young.

74. CAPTAIN YOUNG We’re leaving. The monster heaves herself at the wall again, and one small panel EXPLODES, showering cubed glass on them. It jams a claw through the small hole, and Summers jabs clumsily at it with her spear. The beast responds with a wide swipe, narrowly missing both Summers and Young. Go! CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D)

Captain Young shoves Summers toward the tunnel. As she is about to crawl through, a door slides in and cuts her off. SUMMERS It’s blocked! INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens sits at the control console. pushes on the door. Ha! STEVENS He watches as Summers

ADMIRAL Don’t let them out of there, Stevens. STEVENS Please. Fairfield may have been running this system, but Tramway Galactic designed it. I’ve got ‘em walled in like rats. ADMIRAL So long, ladies. INT. LUNAR STATION, WATER PURIFICATION ROOM - CONTINUOUS The monster SLAMS into the wall again and a couple more panels go out. CAPTAIN YOUNG Eve, stop it. The beast pauses at her former name. She and Captain Young meet eyes, but it’s no use. The werewolf hurtles toward the them, and the wall bursts into a thousand tiny glass shards.

75. Eve works her way through the remains of the wall, all twisted metal and shattered glass. Young and Summers back their way to the door. Young takes her gun from her belt and levels it. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) May not be silver, but let’s see how point blank feels. The access door slides open. through it. Summers and Young fall backward BAM, BAM. The second shot The monster reels, HOWLING

Captain Young fires as she falls. hits the wolf in it’s open mouth. with pain.

CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) That’s right. Let’s go. SUMMERS

They disappear down the tunnel. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS They’ve been watching on the monitor. ADMIRAL (furious) What in God’s name just happened, Stevens? Stevens hops on the computer. STEVENS I-- I don’t know. ADMIRAL I thought this was your system. STEVENS It is. But... there’s an outside presence on the server. Fairfield. ADMIRAL

STEVENS The fuckin’ wiener is hacking our system. I can boot him.

76. ADMIRAL I can, too. Admiral Coomer picks up a phone in the corner. As Stevens works feverishly, Makki leans over his shoulder. STEVENS Do you mind? Do you? MAKKI

Makki shoves Stevens aside and takes control of the keyboard. MAKKI (CONT’D) I teach computer science in the fall. (to self) Let’s try a hard reset. CORNER: ADMIRAL Do you have a location? OMINOUS VOICE (THROUGH SPEAKER) Yes, sir. What are your orders? Stevens and Makki look up at Admiral Coomer. ADMIRAL Stop him. Do whatever you need to do. INT. FAIRFIELD’S NERD CAVE - CONTINUOUS A small desk in a dark gaming-room - geek central. A giant computer-tower takes up much of the desk, with a pair of monitors resting next to it. Code rolls along one of the monitors; the other displays an audio waveform. Fairfield sits at the desk, holding a toy voice modulator up to a phone - the OMINOUS VOICE. FAIRFIELD (OMINOUS VOICE) Yes, sir. Mr. Fairfield will be dealt with. As Fairfield speaks into the toy, puny purple and green lights flash across its plastic and onto his face. ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) I want it done yesterday.


Yes, sir.

There is a click on the Admiral’s end. Fairfield tosses the toy aside. Bastard. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D)

He swivels to the computer and starts typing. INT. LUNAR STATION, SHOWERS Summers sits on a sink, clutching her sensor. Captain Young has a corded phone to her ear. Both are grimy from the crawl. CAPTAIN YOUNG (to phone) Come on. An endless RINGING. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) (to phone) Pick up. Ringing. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) GOD DAMN IT. She slams the phone into the wall. It shatters in her hand.

She pulls out her pistol and checks the clip, out of muscle memory more than anything. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Five shots left. SUMMERS We could kill ourselves a couple times over. Captain Young responds with a dirty look. up. Young walks to a window and peers out. mockingly close. SUMMERS (CONT’D) I’m sorry, too. Captain Young looks at Summers. She’s not giving

The Earth is

78. SUMMERS (CONT’D) I’ve been a real pain in the ass. CAPTAIN YOUNG Why’d you come, Summers? Summers lets out a long breath. SUMMERS I was running away. From what? CAPTAIN YOUNG A lot on her mind.

SUMMERS A leaky faucet. Summers hops off the sink and makes her way to the window. SUMMERS (CONT’D) Before I hopped on the fast track to the moon, I wasn’t anything at Tramway. Hell, I wasn’t anything anywhere. Just a severely overqualified data consultant living in a shitty apartment with a dripping showerhead. Then we got a memo... Any employee could apply for a chance to represent the company on the moon mission. Young looks her over. Reevaluating her.

SUMMERS (CONT’D) It was a publicity stunt. They never meant to actually choose one of us. But I guess they saw something in me... something they could exploit. At first I wanted to resist, but after every interview and test I had to go back home to nothing. Except dripping. I couldn’t help but get swept up by their promises. I did everything they asked - I was their little worker bee. And look where it got me. Trapped in a fucking shower. Sorry. CAPTAIN YOUNG

SUMMERS You? You don’t have to apologize. It’s them. (MORE)

79. SUMMERS (CONT'D) (nods toward Earth) They don’t see us as people, just tools. There is a deep, reverberating HOWL in the distance. SUMMERS (CONT’D) And something up here is more useful than us. CAPTAIN YOUNG I’ve got an idea. Captain young eyes the silver tipped sensor. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Ever play darts? INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY Captain Young inches through the base, pistol in hand. SUMMERS (THROUGH COM) You have anything? A beat of silence. Nothing. Young WHISTLES. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Here girl, here Evey, Evey, Evey. A CRASH behind her. She whips around... a fallen ceiling light lays on the ground. She backs away from it slowly. SUMMERS (THROUGH COM) What was that? CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) Just the station falling to pieces. Young peeks around a corner. A window into the greenhouse reveals torn up ground. It looks just like-CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) (to self) A den. (into com) I think she’s-CAPTAIN YOUNG

80. A blur in her peripheral quiets her. Young watches the werewolf lope into the greenhouse with Cooper’s leg proudly in its jaws. SUMMERS (THROUGH COM) What? Do you see her? Captain Young turns the volume down, afraid to make a sound. The wolf chews greedily on the leg. way. It’s almost cute, in a

CAPTAIN YOUNG (into com) I have her. She’s back in the greenhouse. Young takes the pistol and smashes the butt into the wall. It CLANGS loudly. She takes off sprinting in the opposite direction. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) (into com) Coming your way! INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE SHOWERS - MOMENTS LATER Captain Young sprints past the bathroom. after her. The wolf bounds

CAPTAIN YOUNG Come and get it, you B-movie piece of shit! INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS Captain Young races toward the entrance. The horrible SNARLS of the monster are heard close behind her. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS Young flies through the door. Now! CAPTAIN YOUNG

She dives hard to the left REVEALING Summers standing in the middle of the room.

81. Summers hurls one of the spears straight at the doorway for what looks like a clean kill, but at the last second the beast dodges it. It tumbles to the side, but quickly regains it’s footing. The wolf assesses the situation: a good ol’ fashioned standoff... Summers with the second spear, Captain Young pointing her pistol, and Eve eyeing them both hungrily. Summers charges the beast with the silver-tipped death stick, poking and stabbing, but it side steps each attack. Captain Young raises her gun to try and subdue the wolf, but she can’t get a shot off. CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) Move, Summers. Summers stabs again, stepping in front of Young. Summers! I can’t! CAPTAIN YOUNG (CONT’D) SUMMERS

WHINING horribly, the monster toys with Summers, advancing and jumping back. Then with terrifying speed it thrusts itself into Summers, knocking her to the ground. The spear clatters towards Young. for it, but stops. Summers starts to reach

SUMMERS (CONT’D) (to Young) You take it. Summers rises, letting her arms fall to her sides. CAPTAIN YOUNG What are doing? SUMMERS You’ll only get one chance. She walks slowly toward Eve. An act of sacrifice. seizes this opportunity and leaps: The wolf

Over Summers, landing on Captain Young - the more immediate threat. With a vicious pop it tears off Young’s arm, sending the gun spinning to Summers’s feet. Blood spurts wildly, as the wolf shakes the disembodied arm.

82. BLAM. A bullet grazes its ear, drawing its attention to: Summers, shaking, gun in hand. She shoots again and again. BLAM, BLAM, BLAM. She’s a lousy shot. Her last eye. It scurries shutting shot is lucky, though, it hits the creature in the HOWLS with pain, thrashing and whimpering, then out the door. Summers races to the control panel, the door behind the wolf.

The lock CLICKS. Summers turns her attention to Captain Young. Blood pools freely from her shoulder. Summers tries to staunch it, but what can she do? Captain Young looks up, dazed but not scared. CAPTAIN YOUNG (shallow) G-g-go... SUMMERS It’s okay. You’ll be okay. You have to be okay. Go home. CAPTAIN YOUNG She

Captain Young grips Summers’ hand, slick with blood. shuts her eyes. Captain? SUMMERS Summers is in shock.

Captain Young goes limp.

A deep THUD stirs Summers from mourning. She looks toward the werewolf hammering at the door. It’s angry. She gets up and walks to a window that looks out over the lunar surface, holding the gun loosely at her side. Cosmo’s body lies lifeless in front of her; Captain Young’s body behind her. The pounding at the door is rhythmic, heart-like. Coolly, she brings the gun to her temple, and cocks it. last, longing look at Earth and-FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Stop. Summers, stop. Her eyes snap open, full of tears. One


Fairfield? I’m here.

INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Makki stares at the computer screen in disbelief. MAKKI Fuck! We’re locked out. Makki hammers on the keyboard in frustration. Onscreen, an animated Fairfield gives them the middle finger. INT. FAIRFIELD’S NERD CAVE / INT. AIRLOCK - CROSS CUT Fairfield has control of what’s left of the base. into his gaming head-set. FAIRFIELD I’m here now. Put the gun down. One of the cameras focuses on Captain Young’s body. Fairfield turns it off. Please. FAIRFIELD (CONT’D) He talks

Summers drops her head in gratitude, tears flowing freely. SUMMERS They’re all gone. FAIRFIELD I know. But you’re not. Let me help you. She nods. She can do this. Tim? Yeah? SUMMERS FAIRFIELD The BANGING at the door stops.

SUMMERS Get me the hell out of here. SERIES OF SHOTS:

84. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - LATER Summers walks the familiar hallway. With the sensor strapped to her back and the gun in hand, she’s a force to be reckoned with. If there were an N.W.A. song about killing werewolves, it would play here. FAIRFIELD (V.O.) Get to Young’s dorm. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens sits at the desk, head in hands. Though they can still see the lunar station on most of the video monitors, the dancing Fairfield taunts them from the computer screen. STEVENS He nuked our whole god damn system. There’s nothing left. In the background, Makki quietly moves toward the door. ADMIRAL Where the hell do you think you’re going? FAIRFIELD (V.O.) Find her access keycard. INT. LUNAR STATION, CAPTAIN YOUNG’S DORM - CONTINUOUS Summers has the keycard. SUMMERS (into com) What next? INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS MAKKI (to Admiral) Oh, well... getting late-- class in the morning. You know. ADMIRAL You ever seen the inside of a military prison? Makki stops. Admiral Coomer turns to the monitors.

85. All they can do is watch. FAIRFIELD (V.O.) I don’t have much access down here. INT. FAIRFIELD'S NERD CAVE - CONTINUOUS Fairfield paces by his computer. FAIRFIELD Cameras, doors, and life support. Everything else is shot. INT. LUNAR STATION, CAPTAIN YOUNG’S DORM - CONTINUOUS FAIRFIELD (V.O.) You need to get to the control room. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS STEVENS She’s going to initiate emergency evac. Pop the champagne, Admiral. Our girl’s coming home. END OF SERIES OF SHOTS. INT. LUNAR STATION, CONTROL ROOM - LATER The control room is strangely untouched by the monster, and is lit by the eerie blue glow of the monitors. Summers quietly makes her way to a computer screen showing a simple DOS mode. Here. SUMMERS

FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Swipe the card and type bravo, zero, five, two, one, delta. She does. Kay. SUMMERS

FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) It should be running some code.

86. Lines of code quickly scroll past onscreen. Then a prompt: COMMENCE EVACUATION? Y/N SUMMERS It’s asking to start the evacuation. Press Y. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM)

Summers goes to hit “Y”, but stops short... Then what? SUMMERS

FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Then you’ll have fifteen minutes to get to the ship. I’ll try my best to keep the wolf distracted. SUMMERS I mean after that. Do I come home? Go back to work? Do I go on CNN and tell them about how I fought a monster on the moon? She steps away from the keyboard. SUMMERS (CONT’D) Can you patch me through to mission control? What? FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM)

SUMMERS I want to talk to them. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Are you sure? Beat. SUMMERS No. But do it anyway. The intercom speaker BUZZES, then: ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) You there, Summers? SUMMERS No thanks to you.

87. ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) What do you want? SUMMERS If I get out of here - make it past the monster, to the ship, through re-entry, back to Earth... then what? INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Admiral Coomer takes Stevens’ chair, and brings the mic closer. No bullshit. ADMIRAL Well, I’ll tell ya. FLASH FORWARD: EXT. ATLANTIC OCEAN - DAY The small Orion shuttle floats down by parachute into a calm sea. ADMIRAL (V.O.) After evacuation, the ship, by design, lands in the Atlantic-It hits the water. Inside, Summers looks out a small port window. ADMIRAL (V.O.) --which is where we’ll leave you for a couple of days. Just until you’re a little dehydrated and malnourished. Summers peers out the window, but there’s no ship in sight. ADMIRAL (V.O.) Once we get you, or I should say if we get you-INT. HELICOPTER - DAY Summers is strapped to a gurney, sedated and weak. ADMIRAL (V.O.) You’ll be flown to a Pentagon holding cell. The helicopter flies over Washington.

88. ADMIRAL (V.O.) You know, a lot of people don’t like DC, but I think it’s beautiful. INT. PENTAGON CELL - NIGHT Summers wears prison garb. There’s a tiny window at the top of the cell wall, and she looks up at the stars. ADMIRAL (V.O.) Of course, you’ll never see it. We’ll keep you in a cell the rest of your life. No one will even know you’re there. Summers pounds desperately on the cell door. A sink drips behind her. BACK TO REALITY. INT. LUNAR STATION, CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Summers listens sadly. ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) And we’ll tell the whole world that Kira Summers, that corrupt profiteer from Tramway Galactic, lost her mind and killed her entire crew. How’s that sound? INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens gives the Admiral a sign to keep talking. turns up a volume knob next to the mic. ADMIRAL There’s another option, though. You could give up. We’ll say you died in... oh, I don’t know, an oxygen leak. I’ll even see to it that your family gets a full military pension. INT. LUNAR STATION, CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Summers’ finger hovers over the “N” key. grows louder and louder. The admiral’s voice He slowly

89. ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) What do you say? From where I’m sitting, a bullet to the brain sounds nicer than any other option. The speaker gets so loud it starts to feed back, a highpitched SQUEAL. A wolf’s HOWL matches it. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Get out of there. She’s coming. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS MAKKI (to Stevens) It’s working, keep it up. SUMMERS (THROUGH SPEAKER) Admiral, you better keep your word. Admiral Coomer looks relieved that she’s making the right decision. SUMMERS (THROUGH SPEAKER) (CONT’D) Because if you don’t lock me up, I’m coming for you and everyone else in that room. INT. LUNAR STATION, CONTROL ROOM - CONTINUOUS Summers hits the Y button. begin to flash red. What lights remain in the base

SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) Emergency evacuation in progress. Please stay calm and make your way to the ship. Summers races out the door. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - MOMENTS LATER Summers sprints down the hallway. SUMMERS (into com) What now? FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Get to the launch pad.

90. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS Stevens pushes Admiral Coomer out of the way and reclaims his seat. STEVENS She is so fired. He grabs the mic and holds it up to the speaker they’ve been listening through. FEEDBACK overwhelms them. STEVENS (CONT’D) (shouting) The P.A. is still on. She’s going to have company. INT. LUNAR STATION, HALLWAY - CONTINUOUS Summers turns a corner, almost tripping. Wait. What? FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) SUMMERS

FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Something is drawing-- Oh shit, the P.A. INT. MISSION CONTROL - CONTINUOUS The whine dies out. Fairfield has control again. ADMIRAL Did it work? STEVENS You tell me. Stevens points to a screen showing the wolf sniffing at the entrance to the airlock. FAIRFIELD (V.O.) It’s in the airlock. INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE MESS HALL - CONTINUOUS Summers is bathed in pulsing red light.

91. SUMMERS Is there any other way to the launch pad? Silence from Fairfield. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) Ten minutes until lift off. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Kira, I’m sorry. Summers looks up at a camera. SUMMERS What do I do when I get to the ship? The com is open but Fairfield doesn't say anything. Kira-FAIRFIELD

SUMMERS What do I do? FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) Strap in and hold tight. That’s all. The ship knows where it’s going. Fine. SUMMERS

FAIRFIELD (THROUGH COM) What are you-SUMMERS I have a plan. Summers turns into the mess hall. Barely visible behind the lip of the doorway is one corner of the repaired moon rover. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK The wolf’s muzzle is buried in Captain Young’s guts. looks up and walks to the window. It

It perches its paws on the windowsill, and streams of moonlight make its muscles ripple and grow, transforming it from lithe and lean to hulking and monstrous. There’s a loud BANGING from outside. investigate. It turns to

92. INT. LUNAR STATION, OUTSIDE AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS The BEAST makes its way through the door, her one eye staring down the long hallway at the flashing red lights. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) Five minutes until lift off. A SHOT rings out, hitting the floor in front of her. bares her teeth suspiciously. She

The gun comes hurtling out of the darkness, sliding to a stop at her paws. Her hair bristles, her eye glows, and she GROWLS loudly. In answer, one headlight flips on at the end of the hallway. An engine REVS. SUMMERS Come here, bitch! Summers hits the gas, and the repaired rover barrels forward. The wolf charges, huge and ravenous. Tires SCREECH. Eve ROARS.

BAM! They make contact. Summers’s rover is lifted off its front tires, but the back ones still push. Summers screams, encouraging the machine. The wolf slowly loses ground. reach Summers. It snaps and claws, but can’t

The beast is pushed back... back... until-All four tires catch the floor and the rover lunges forward, pushing the monster down the hall and into: INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS The rover crashes through the door and into a wall, pinning the wolf. Summers lurches violently on contact, but she keeps her foot on the gas, screaming furiously. The tires burn out as she drives into the wall, crushing the beast. As the monster struggles, its face is splashed with moonlight. Its muscles ripple again, and now it is barely recognizable - just a mass of muscle and animal instinct.

93. With its massive claws, it grabs the front tires and tears them off in one swift motion. Then, grabbing the front bumper, it heaves the rover and sends Summers flying from the seat. Summers hits the ground hard. The rover lands upside-down, pinning her to the ground, and, wouldn’t you know it, her silver-tipped sensor rolls just out of reach. The beast collapses, bruised but not beaten. It slowly claws its way toward Summers. She futiley reaches for the sensor as the beast moves closer and closer - but what’s that? She spots the rover’s tow wire tangled around the wolf’s neck, but the animal is too blinded by rage to notice it. Summers searches frantically for the button that pulls the cable back in, and finally spots it just beyond her foot. She stretches her leg, as far as it can go. Eve lets out an ear-splitting HOWL, and dives for the kill. At the last possible second, Summers’s tip-toe swipes the button, and: The wolf’s head, coming in fast and fierce, is YANKED back like a dog on a leash. Slowly, Eve is dragged to the front of the rover, clawing at her neck. Her weight lifts the rover just enough for Summers to slip out. Summers scrambles to the sensor. Grabbing it, she stares into the monster’s one good eye. She raises her spear, and... is that fear in the CREATURE’S eye? Fuck that. She stabs it through the heart.

WHIMPERING, the wolf slowly shrinks back into human form, slipping out of the cable around her neck. Summers gets to her feet. The withering wolf crawls toward her, beginning to resemble Eve. The spear juts out of her chest. Kira? EVE

Summers limps to the surface suits. She struggles into one, then takes a helmet and heads to the pressure controls. Summers looks to the half monster-half Eve. The creature looks back, confused and scared.

94. EVE (CONT’D) Kira, help. It crawls through a streak of moon light and starts to grow back into the wolf. SUMMERS Sorry, Eve, I really am. But you’re a bad dog-Summers puts on her helmet. SUMMERS (CONT’D) --and bad dogs need to be put down. In one move, she seals the helmet and pulls a lever on the console. HISS. The door to the launch pad opens and the room depressurizes. Eve claws at her throat for a few moments, then falls. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) One minute until liftoff. Summers rushes toward the ship. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - MOMENTS LATER Summers gets into the pilot chair. dash. SUMMERS Tim, please be there. I am. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH HELMET) A warning flashes on the

SUMMERS What does that light mean? FAIRFIELD (THROUGH HELMET) The refueling line is still attached. You’ve got to disconnect it or the ship’ll blow when the thrusters fire. Summers hangs her head. FAIRFIELD (THROUGH HELMET) (CONT’D) Kira? You alright? Summers leaps up.

95. SUMMERS Oh, I’m over the moon. INT. LUNAR STATION, LAUNCH PAD - MOMENTS LATER Summers gets to the large corrugated fuel hose. it, but it’s stuck. SUMMERS (with each tug) Screw. You. Stupid. FUCKING. (with great effort) HOOOOOOOSE. It’s no use. She runs back to the base. INT. LUNAR STATION, AIRLOCK - CONTINUOUS Summers yanks the staff out of Eve’s body with a gruesome twist, and throws the silver tip to the ground. COMPUTER VOICE (V.O.) (in helmet) Oxygen depleted. Summers’s eyes widen. They never replaced the tanks. wrist display flashes, reading zero oxygen. She inhales deeply, and runs onto the launch pad. INT. LUNAR STATION, LAUNCH PAD - CONTINUOUS Summers jabs the staff into the hose and tears it from it’s housing. Gas leaks onto the floor. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - MOMENTS LATER Summers bursts into the cockpit and tears off her helmet, gulping down air. The computer counts down. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) Ten, nine, eightThe dome opens above her. happily. She taps the hula girl, who dances Her She pulls on

SUMMERS Take me home, baby.

96. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.) -seven, six, five, four, threeShe straps in and shuts her eyes. -two, one. SPACE STATION VOICE (V.O.)

The ship rumbles and begins to lift off. Soon, the ship is picking up speed. As it zooms away, Summers looks out a window at the shrinking station. EXT. LUNAR STATION, LAUNCH PAD - CONTINUOUS The sensor pins the hose to the ground, gas still leaking out. Its blinking light turns from red to green and an electric charge shoots out. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS The station erupts in a terrific, silent explosion. later the ship is rocked, but there’s no harm done. Summers checks the dash. Seconds

Everything seems to be in order.

ADMIRAL (THROUGH SPEAKER) Congratulations, Miss Summers, you’re a dead woman. Have a pleasant fli-She flips the intercom off, and sits back with a worried look. She tries to take a deep, relaxing breath but winces in pain. She gets up and peels off her suit. Through an undershirt stained with deep red blood, she examines two small punctures on her shoulder. Black veins worm their way across her back. Summers collapses into her seat, and buries her face in her hands. FLASH FORWARD: INT. PENTAGON CELL - NIGHT Summers is in the cell again, looking up to the night sky. ADMIRAL (V.O.) We’ll keep you in a cell the rest of your life. No one will even know you’re there.

97. This time when she looks out the window, the light of a full moon shines down on her. She transforms. SERIES OF SHOTS: Summers as a WOLF breaking out of her cell. Killing Makki. Killing Stevens. Killing Admiral Coomer. Howling at the moon. END SERIES OF SHOTS. INT. ORION SHUTTLE - CONTINUOUS Summers lifts her face from her hands, revealing a devious smile and two glowing, golden eyes. CUT TO BLACK. FULL MOON