Hallelujah! To date, we have more than 70 preachers / teachers identified at His Life —- all Glory to God ! ! !

MAY OUR SPEAKER’S BUREAU grow to PREACH THE WORD OF GOD with clarity, sacredness, unashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

WELCOME TO HIS LIFE SPEAKER’S BUREAU: The FOLLOWING GUIDELINES BELOW must be observed as you are invited to bring the Word of God in all / any SITES at His Life Ministries.
(1) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must know the current series being taught in that local community, group or network. This would aid continuity and clarity. (2) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must be a TITHER. (3) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must Study the passages assigned to you for at least 6 to 8 hours (1 DAY Work) for better hermeneutics, homiletics, exegesis and delivery. (4) YOU as part of the SPEAKERS’S BUREAU must enrol in the YEAR 3 Program offered by our LTS Department. You may enrol in 1 or 2 of our offered MODULES. (5) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must share the Word of God for only 30 minutes (to young audiences) and around 40 minutes to adult audiences, unless the Holy Spirit directs otherwise. (6) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must be sensitive to your audience. EXAMPLE: for campus students — messages must be with all its points and illustrations be relevant to their culture and communicated in creative youthful ways. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Children; Out of School Youth; Executives; local Tagalog, Visayan, language (foreign) and etc. (7) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must communicate in English in our HOTEL Churches and Main CITY CHURCHES’ Celebrations. Although vernacular language is welcome from time to time especially when the situation calls for it, it is highly encouraged that English be used as the primary means of communication. (8) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must understand this STANDARD PROCEDURE at HLM (during the CLOSING PORTION of the Word). There are TWO Commitments CALLED - first for salvation and second for a response to the message.
A) with regards to the salvation call, speaker invites those who would like to receive Jesus as Lord to raise their hand and follow after the speaker’s leading of the sinner’s prayer. They are then instructed to follow the ushers (actually consolidators) who will direct them outside for a brief consolidating time. [must be done in the SPIRIT’S LEADING] B) regarding the second call of response to the message, depending on the Holy Spirit’s leading and time availability, speaker may choose whether to call people in front for prayer and ministry time or ask them to just stand/raise their hands and follow a commitment prayer while in their places.

(9) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must submit notes and PowerPoint days before the event and communicate any need or inquiry that may arise in preparing the message. (YOU MAY ASK FOR ASSISTANCE) (10) YOU as part of the SPEAKER’S BUREAU must understand the partnership you are doing with the LOCAL SITE PASTOR and the VAST army of Life Group Pastors that we have, therefore you have to bring your listener to feel the need to be committed to their LOCAL SITE and be PART of an active LIFE GROUP. Interject this in your teaching and preaching time. Remember we are here to make disciples. PREACHING without PROCESSING produces active listeners and never active doers. ————————————————————————————————————————
“committed to share the spiritual power of the Word of God together with practical inputs on how to make the listener be a DOER of it, thus become a disciple of JESUS around the world” — pastors jr and trixie 2013