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MemInfo 3.32 SR1

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Graphic Design Animation Film Making Vectorize Now Free Photo Editor

1. 2.

PaintStar v2.70
PaintStar is a versatile digital image processing software.

513336 507371

Free OCR 4.2

Free OCR is a scan and Optical Character Recognition program.

Free Photo Editor Steel Bands Drafting and Design App

3. 4. 5.

K-3D v0.8.0.1
K-3D is a free 3d modeling, animation, and rendering system.

264388 213668 206105

FreeKapture 2.0
Free TWAIN Image capture scanner software.

Diagram Designer 1.26

Vector graphics editor for creating flowchart and diagrams.

New Files: Graphics/Design

RealWorld Paint Portable v2013.1 SP1
An image viewer and editor that is fun to use.

6. 7. 8. 9.

Photoscape 3.6.5
Fun and easy image editing software with a number of useful features.

205831 170127 162670 142475 132990

IrfanView 4.36
A fast free image viewer/converter for Windows.

Artweaver 4.0.2

A program for creative painting, i.e. Artweaver makes all artistic effects, which you need for your work.

Image Analyzer 1.35

Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software.


Unifie is a thumbnail image viewer with dual viewing surface.

Image Forge v3.60

Freeware image editing, paint, animation, more.

PanoEzy 1.0 NEW

10. View/edit multiple photos simultaneously and easily,

freeware with Mac style skin.

Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer

A JPG image viewer with 360 degree rotation feature.

Screenshot Captor 4.7 117228

Designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal intervention.

11. XnView 2.05

Xnview is an easy to use graphics viewer/converter.

12. A real-time, 3D-modeling and -animation tool that

incorporates a drag-and-drop approach.

3DCrafter 9.2.2


EPS File Viewer 1.0 NEW

A free viewer for EPS image files.

13. Image editor with advanced screen capture and photo

Old Analog Cameras Are Back! frame editing features.

Photobie 7.2.10

105031 91332 85888 85309 83492 80330


14. Picasa 3.9

bcTester reads barcodes from images or PDF files.

Automatically finds and organizes all of your pictures. A multi-platform stick figure animation program.

BonAView 1.9.0

15. Stykz 1.0.2

An advanced image manager, organizer, and viewer with unique features.

16. Add pools of water to an image or video and animate the

rippling reflections.

Sqirlz Water Reflections 2.6


A free screenshot capture utility to quickly take, save and share screenshots.

Top 5 iPhone 5 Problems

17. PhotoFiltre 7.1.2

A complete image retouching program.

XnView 2.05

Xnview is an easy to use graphics viewer/converter.

18. Open-Source 3D modeling, animation, and rendering


OpenFX 2.0

7GIF 1.0.7 NEW

Free animated GIF viewer with advanced features.



Top 100 Free Graphics/Design Downloads - Freeware

Paint.NET 3.5.11
Free image and photo manipulation software.

79602 67902

PrtScr Assistant

20. An easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you

to explore the world in 3D. 6 Smart Google Search Tips & Tricks

SketchUp 13.0.4812

A simple application to quickly capture various desktop screenshots with the help of a key combination.

EDFbrowser 1.52 67151 65954 62306

21. A fully-featured 3D authoring package that will let you

model, texture, light, animate and render 3D content.

Truespace 7.6

Open source multi-platform viewer intended for, but not limited to, medical timeseries storage files.

STDU Viewer 1.6.284

22. Friskfonter 1.0

Compilation of 12 Germanic Runic fonts and a Gothic font.

STDU Viewer is a document viewer for multiple file formats.

23. A powerful, industrial-strength vector-based open-source

2D animation software package.

Synfig Animation Studio 0.64.0

GStock Photo Microstock Management Software 1.1 NEW

Get Your iPhone Charged With...

24. A professional freeware icon, cursor, animation and icon

library editor.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.31

Earn money with your photos. Tag all your images and upload them to microstock agencies.


Planetary Gear Designer 1.02

25. Create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using

Pencil v0.4.4b

Design simple planetary gears and export them to a dxf file.

56339 56320

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both bitmap and vector graphics.

Bolide Slideshow Creator 2.1

Easily create amazing slideshow videos.

26. Blender 2.68a

An extremely fast and versatile design instrument.

27. Convert your digital photos into a sketch, a painting or a


FotoSketcher 2.50

FontViewOK 3.81 55394

Get a quick visual overview of all installed fonts.

LibreCAD 2.0.0 RC 2 / 1.0.3 54542 54157 53713 50021 48904

28. An image converter / resizer with a host of useful


FastStone Photo Resizer 3.2

LibreCAD is a free comprehensive, Open Source, 2D CAD application.

HardCopy 2013.09.02

29. 30. 31.

Web Cartoon Maker 1.5

Free software to produce high quality animated cartoons.

A professional and easy-to-use application that allows you to capture screenshots.

FastStone Image Viewer 4.8

Manage, view, convert, and edit your images.

Paleofonts V.2
True Type Fonts compilation representing ancient scripts.

32. Retouch photos, compose and author images. 33. Free photo editing, organizing, printing and sharing

The GIMP 2.8.6

HP Photosmart Essential 3.5


34. Application for designing all kinds of posters. Easy to use;

download and run.


47068 42379 42059


SSuite Office - Gif Animator 2.0

An easy to use GIF animator and slide show creator.

Featured Freeware
ColorBug 3.0.2

36. Open source SVG editor with capabilities similar to

Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.

Inkscape 0.48.4-1

37. All-in-one graphics software for developers, graphic

designers and home users. A light-weight, free color-picker with unique features. Download Now

PicPick Tools Portable 3.2.7

38455 38122 36770

38. Free Video to GIF Converter 2.0

Make animated GIFs from any video easily.

HiddeX 2.5

39. User-friendly drawing program that opens up a whole new

creative world.

Serif DrawPlus 4

Recent Editor's Picks

RealWorld Paint Portable v2013.1 SP1

40. Sculptris Alpha 6

Instantly hide any window, program, or game with a single click or hotkey. Download Now

Sculptris is a free, 3D digital sculpting program. Free OCR for Digital Cameras and Smartphones. A drawing program for young children. Free graphics viewer, slide show, editor and more. PIXresizer is a resize tool for pictures.

36341 35934 35243 33566 31489 31479 31438 30015

XnView 2.05 Paint.NET 3.5.11 SketchUp 13.0.4812 GIMP Portable 2.8.6 Rev 3 FastStone Photo Resizer Portable 3.2 FastStone Photo Resizer 3.2 FotoSketcher Portable 2.50 Blender 2.68a XnView Shell Extension 3.5.0

41. TopOCR 3.0

42. Tux Paint 0.9.21c

43. WildBit Viewer 6.0

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44. PIXresizer 2.0.6

45. PC Software for people who like to draw, sketch, animate

and paint.

Project Dogwaffle 1.2

46. WPClipart 8.0

36,000+ public domain images with viewer/editor.

47. A program to draw animated sprites using layers and


Aseprite (Allegro Sprite Editor) 0.9.5

AutoQ3D Community 1.40


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Top 100 Free Graphics/Design Downloads - Freeware

48. Complete 3D modeling application for computing aided
drafting in three dimensions.

AutoQ3D Community 1.40


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49. Hornil StylePix is a free photo editor with a number of

advanced features.

Hornil StylePix


50. Design a skeleton, apply images to it, and watch all the
images move and rotate.

Skeleton v1.1


51. Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation


Anim8or 0.97d Preview

28515 27204


Kerkythea 2008 v2.0.1.9

Kerkythea is a stand alone rendering engine.

53. 54. 55. Curious Mobile Phone Design Concept

Tapptoons Linetester 2007

2D Animation Software.

27038 26964 26804 26522 26262 24496

Giftedmotion 1.23
An easy to use GIF Animator.

FastFontPreview 3.0.2
A free font manager for Windows.

56. 3D Home Design Software. See your ideas in near photorealistic 3D.

MyVirtualHome 2.2


CadStd Lite 3.7.4

General purpose, easy to learn CAD/drafting program.

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58. Designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal


Screenshot Captor 4.7

59. View thumbnails, edit metadata, convert, and resize

images from the context menu of Explorer.

XnView Shell Extension 3.5.0

22252 22200 21945


Snow Flash Effect 1.0

Free Flash effect for snow, rain and bubbles.

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61. A shell extension allowing to preview many image



62. Contains new features, security enhancements, and

performance improvements.

Microsoft Visio 2003 Service Pack 2


63. Contains the DirectX Runtime and all DirectX software

required to create DirectX compliant applications. Free morphing program.

DirectX SDK June 2010

21434 21313 21165 21133 20551

64. Free Morphing 2.1

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65. This package contains all the plugins that IrfanView

currently has.

IrfanView PlugIns 4.36

Next Issue: 09-20-2013

66. XnConvert 1.55

A batch utility for converting image files.

67. Hornil StylePix is a free photo editor with a number of

advanced features. Privacy Policy | Archives |

Hornil StylePix Portable

68. A 3D design environment for robotics, game

development, or basic CAD.

DesignBots 1.0

19896 19400 19357 19310 19215

69. Mr.Shot 1.53

Screen Capture In One Shot. (SCIOS) A simple but powerful screen capture device.

70. Capture Master 1.0

71. Make small high quality copies of your photos for emailing
to friends, family.

PhotoRazor 2.5

72. Icon Converter 2.0

Create an icon or cursor from all or part of an image.

GIMP Portable 2.8.6 Rev 3

73. GIMP image editor packaged as a portable application.
Edit your images on the go.


74. View AutoCAD previews and version info in an Explorerlike interface.

AutoCAD Version Explorer v1.95


75. Simple but very effective CAD drawing program, not

VectorEngineer Quick-Tools v1.0

confusing at all.




Top 100 Free Graphics/Design Downloads - Freeware

confusing at all.

76. CalibrationAider helps users realize the full potential of

their computer display device.

CalibrationAider (For Windows)


77. An easy to use natural painting and digital free-hand

drawing software.



78. Creates rasterized versions of images which can be

The Rasterbator 1.21


printed and assembled into enormous (or small) posters.

79. Achieve the results you want with greater artistic control
and flexibility over RAW/DNG image formats.

Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 RC / 8.1

18362 18124 17911 17887


Art of Illusion 2.9.2

A free, open source 3D modeling and rendering studio. Convert your digital photos into a sketch or a drawing.

81. FotoSketcher Portable 2.50

82. Automatically search, download, display and email your

favorites pictures, videos, movies and sounds.

Apicviewer v5.5.9

83. A complete paint program designed with an intuitive user


AvancePaint 5.5.0b


84. Records screen activity from your Windows Desktop into

standard AVI movie files.

CamStudio v2.5 Beta


85. Create 3D models, edit color, create and animate almost


Serif 3Dplus 2.0

16898 16815 16422


TwistedBrush Open Studio 17.24

Digital paint software with complete natural art tools.

87. Display a slide show of your favorite pictures in a photo


Free Photo Frame 1.1

88. Use Screenshoter to easily capture your screen with one

single mouse-click.

Screenshoter 1.82

16209 16056 15822


CaptureScreen 2.0.4396
Screen capture program, very easy to use.

90. A portable image editor that provides powerful tools for

designers and photographers alike.

Fotografix 1.5

91. A lightweight, yet powerful, full-featured screen capture


SnapShot 1.0.6


92. Easily turn your photos into artistic and interesting


Funny Photo Maker 2.40


93. Use Gadwin PrintScreen to save time and enhance your

screen shots.

Gadwin PrintScreen 4.7


94. FastStone Image Viewer Portable 4.8

Portable version of the popular image viewer. Multimedia viewer and organizer.

14388 14070 13916

95. Fresh View 8.40

96. Cut a raster image into pieces, print it out and assemble it
into a poster.

PosteRazor 1.5.2

97. A program to create self-executing slideshows or GIFanimations.

Alternate Pic View EXESlide 1.502


98. A fast and easy open-source graphics application for

digital painters.

MyPaint 1.0.0

13578 13532 13517

99. NexusFont

Simple but powerful font manager.

100. A general purpose two-dimensional CAD program,

supporting DWG/DXF.

A9CAD v 2.2.1

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