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2013-09-20: From The Secret of UFO Propulsion to Medical Intuitive and More Tonight on The 'X' Zone
Source: REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Dated: Sep. 21, 2013

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show has been on the broadcast airwaves since 1993 investigating the world of the Paranormal and the science of Parapsychology hosted by veteran Canadian broadcaster Rob McConnell, Monday - Sunday from 10 pm - 2 am Est. HAMILTON, Canada -- Broadcast from the studios and broadcast centre of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show investigates the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology and today's show and past episodes can be heard at and visit our main page at The 'X' Zone Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnell is the longest running professional broadcast radio show featuring the paranormal and parapsychology with the same host in broadcast history. The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell broadcast schedule for Friday, September 20 2013 and this show is available at Segment details are available at and the actual broadcasted interviews are available at SEGMENT 1 JAY CALIENDO - Medical Intuitive - Jay Caliendo is a Medical Intuitive that through his gift of insight, allows him to conduct health readings on individuals. He is the first and only Medical Intuitive to be published in peer-reviewed medical journals. His first publication made history by appearing in the December of 2000 medical journal, Society of Integrative Medicine. More at SEGMENT 2 DR BRUCE GOLDBERG - Exploring the Fifth Dimension - Dr. Bruce Goldberg holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Chemistry, is a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, and has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. He retired from dentistry and since then has concentrated on his thriving international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles, California. He is the author of 21 best-selling and award winning books, including Past Lives, Future Lives. This book is the first book ever written on progression hypnotherapy(taking patients into their future lives). More at SEGMENT 3 DAVE AARON - The Secret of UFO Propulsion - One of the most interesting subjects of all time, the secret of UFO FLIGHT, was released on DVD in mid November of 2010. This 2 hour DVD takes the viewer into 63 years of the UFO COVER-UP, ALIEN ABDUCTIONS & "SECRET BASES." It covers in detail, for the average human to be able to understand EXACTLY how UFOs "FLY" (UFOs do not fly, they dilate space and time.) Think of "moving" from Earth to Mars, not linear. By disrupting the time and space distance. The Secret of UFO Propulsion will take the viewer into the workings of the "power plant" of a UFO, along with startling video footage of a UFO using it's anti- matter generators to render the craft almost invisible. ("Pilots" create a massive anti-gravity field around a UFO.) More at

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SEGMENT 4 ME SAH - Spiritual Medium/Clairvoyant, Counselor and Energy Coach - Me Sah, a Spiritual Medium/Clairvoyant, Counselor and Energy Coach from Santa Fe, New Mexico, has attained a highly attuned level of connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms. With her help you can experience enlightenment and expand your level of awareness. For over 40 years Me Sah has been not only a spiritual teacher and consultant but a student of Spirit, metaphysics, spirituality, meditation, phenomenon, and the esoteric. As a medium, spiritual reader and guide, animal communicator, healer, and a metaphysical Priest she helps others make a connection to the greater consciousness of their being. More at ALSO ON TONIGHTS SHOW :

SEGMENT 5 BUDDY PIPER - The Maitreya SEGMENT 6 PAUL SHISHIS - UFO's in Canada SEGMENT 7 'X' MINUS ONE - Mars Is Heaven SEGMENT 8 PAUL & PATTY RICHARDS - The Sente Center Topics and subjects of The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show include: the occult, remote viewing, hauntings, shadow people, precognition, reincarnation, forbidden knowledge, conspiracy theories, UFOs, UFO crashes, alien abduction, psychic phenomena, near-death experience, angels, exorcism, end-time prophecies, shamanism, herbalism, mind over matter, psychic surgery, crystals, Atlantis, Kirlian photography, lost tribes and civilizations, 666: the Number of the Beast, 11:11 in numerology, fairies, PSI, ESP, astrology, Chinese astrology, sacred geometry, palmistry, time travel, cosmology, the Apocalypse, Nostradamus, dreams and dream interpretation, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, life after death, the Dead Sea scrolls, Wicca, the Michigan Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle, vile vortices, séances, spiritualists, the Dalai Lama, Raelians, paranormal hoaxes and frauds, zombies, past life regression, Electronic Voice Phenomena, crop circles, cryptozoology and science fiction literature, among many other paranormal and parapsychology subject matter. For more information on becoming a broadcast affiliate or general questions or comments, please send an email to or call Toll Free - (800) 610-7035 Ext 0. --- End --Email Phone City/Town State/Province Country Industry Tags Link Click to contact author 1-800-610-7035 Hamilton Ontario Canada Education, Media paranormal, parapsychology, rel-mar, rob, mcconnell

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