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16 World Heritage
sites named,
Dresden removed Honduras tense as ousted
president seeks to return
MADRID: Locations from the danger list. They included Belize’s
ancient city of Caral-Supe in Barrier Reef Reserve System, in
Peru to China’s sacred Buddhist part due to excessive develop-
mountain of Wutai were among ment, and Colombia’s Los Katios
16 that have been added to National Park, threatened by
Unesco’s World Heritage List, deforestation. – AFP
while a German area was re-
the TEGUCIGALPA (Honduras): leader just hours after Zelaya left “bloodshed”.
Sites added to
The 16 sites, with half lo-
cated in Europe, were named Interim leader Roberto Micheletti the country, but Zelaya has said In Honduras, Micheletti brushed
at Unesco’s World Heritage Heritage List: prepared to govern a tense Hondu- he is determined to return and off international condemnation of
Aquedu ct and the takeover, saying he “had come
Committee meeting in Seville,
Spain, the UN agency said on
» PontcyinsyWlltale es ras yesterday as President Manuel
Zelaya (pix) sought to return to
“reclaim his post”.
Micheletti yesterday began to the presidency not by a coup
Sunday. t Saltworks of power after a coup which revived naming members of his govern- d’etat but by a completely legal
All the committee’s choices » France’s Grea memories of Cold War unrest. ment and called on all government process as set out in our laws”.
s-Ba in s
Salins-le Soldiers removed Zelaya from workers to return to work as nor- The interim leader also warned
however were not cause for
de n Se a in Germany
celebration. It decided to drop » The Wad
th er la nds his bed early on Sunday and sent mal, after a politically powerful na- Chavez his country was ready to
Germany’s Dresden Elbe Valley and the Ne him to Costa Rica, sparking inter- tional union of teachers announced “go to war” if there was interference
ite s in the Italian Alps by “this gentleman”.
from the list because of the » The Dolom national outcry. an indefinite strike.
construction of a bridge there. in Belgium. Zelaya’s overthrow was trig- Shots were heard in the Hon- Micheletti said
» Stoclet House ain gered by a standoff between the duras capital late on Sunday after he had informa-
It had been a World Heritage Hercules in Sp
Site since 2004 and was listed » The Tower of president and the military and Micheletti imposed a nationwide tion that sev-
onds and Le
in part because the valley “has » La Chaux-de-F ing towns in legal institutions over his bid for a 48-hour curfew. eral batallions
been the crossroads in Europe, Locle watchm vote on changing the constitution, Venezuelan President and of troops
in culture, science and technol- Switzerland which would allow him a stab at a regional leftist champion Hugo were being
ogy,” Unesco’s website says. ca second term. Chavez said the international prepared
» Slovakia’s Levo outside of
Dresden was only the second lic system at The UN General Assembly was community should teach the
property ever removed from » Iran’s hydrau meeting in emergency session yes- Honduran government “a les- Honduras
Sh usht ar terday to discuss Honduras, after son” after throwing his weight for inter-
the World Heritage List, Unesco
said, after Oman’s Arabian Oryx » Kyrgyzstan’s the presidents of the leftist regional behind Zelaya at the Nicaragua vention.
ed M ou nt ain grouping ALBA met in neighbour- meeting on Sunday. – AFP
Sanctuary in 2007 was dropped Sacr peni
because it reduced the size of Fa so ’s Ruins of Loro ing Nicaragua, also with Zelaya, Nicaragua’s President Daniel
» Burk in a
the protected area by 90%. Cidade Velha late Sunday. Ortega said leaders were deter-
Nearly 900 sites now form » Cape Verde’s on UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called mined to a v o i d
bs of the Jose
the World Heritage List, which » The Royal Tom for Zelaya to be reinstated, while
y in Ko re a
is meant to signal “outstanding Dynast rk in the Obama administration said the
efs Natural Pa
universal value.” » Tubbataha Re United States considered Zelaya to
The committee examined pi ne s be the only president of the nation
the Philip
27 potential sites at its meeting Caral-Supe in of some 7.5 million people.
this week, while three locations » Sacred City of The Honduran Congress voted
were placed on the so-called Peru Micheletti in as the country’s new