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Subject Class Time Date Topic Title Enrollment Proficiency Level Theme Focused Skill Integrated Skills Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes Specifications 4.4 Construct simple and compound sentences with 4.4.3 Construct simple and compound sentences guidance and independently. independently by looking at pictures. 4.4.4 Construct simple paragraphs that contain main ideas and supporting details. 4.7 Give accurate information when writing messages, 4.7.6 Write descriptions with little or no guidance. instructions, simple reports, and when filling out forms. 4.7.9 Write stories with little or no guidance. Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: i. . write appropriate postcards with accurate information. ii. construct at least 5 simple or compound sentences independently. iii.construct simple paragraphs that contain main ideas and supporting details. iv. describe places by using at least 4 suitable adjectives. : : : : : : : : : : : English 5 Alpha 11.30a.m. 12.00 p.m. 12nd September 2013 Going Places Writing Activity 25 pupils Intermediate World of Knowledge Writing Reading

Educational Emphases: Multiple intelligences Moral value Linguistic (using adjectives effectively and write simple sentences based on the stimulus given.) Love and care (students show their love and care to others by sharing their experiences to them.) Appreciate the beauty of surrounding. (students show their appreciation through the usage of adjectives.) Generate ideas about the postcards that they will send to their parents. Discuss and construct four simple sentences based on the stimulus given with suitable adjectives. Discuss on the moral value of the lesson by giving ideas on how to protect sea animals. Language Content: Noun Adjectives Simple Past Tense Previous knowledge: Noun Simple Sentences Anticipated problem: Pupils could not understand the vocabulary such fantastic, magnificent and constructing simple past tense. Fish, boat, island, hawker, tourists Today, I go to Penang for vacation. Beach, buildings, tricycles, resort, chalet Exciting, famous, lively, fantastic, beautiful, ancient, magnificent, amazing, calm Last week, I went to Malacca for 3 days vacation with my family.

Thinking Skills

Proposed solution: Teacher explains the vocabulary by giving showing pictures and substitution table Teaching aids/ Resources: Picture postcards Word cards Displayed sheet with sentences (substitution table) Content Questions: i. Where did you go during the holiday? -stating places. ii. What do you think about the places that you went to? -describe it with adjectives Teaching-Learning Activity 1. Teacher pastes some pictures about places in Malaysia and word cards with nouns and adjectives on it on the whiteboards. 2. Teacher asks a few students to go the front and put the nouns and adjectives that suitable according to their understanding. 3. Teacher asks the whole class about the pictures and asks them either they agree or not with the words given to the pictures. Rationale i. To draw pupils interest. ii. To recap the previous lesson with pupils. iii. To ensure pupils getting the sense of expectation by giving them stimulus and list of vocabulary that they are expected to use it at the post stage activity. Remarks Picture of places in Malaysia, word cards

Stage/Time Set induction (5 minutes)

Pre-writing (8 minutes)

Questions: i. Do you have any experiences writing or receive postcards? Vocabulary: -beautiful -ancient -fresh -beautiful -magnificent -amazing -chalet -beach -resort -tricycles

1. Teacher gives each of the students example of postcard. 2. Teacher asks the students to read it and on the same time underline any words that they do not understand and make a circle for any adjectives used. 3. Teacher discusses the words that the students do not understand. 4. Teacher asks the students to point out nouns that stated in the postcards that can be found on the picture of the postcard. 5. Teacher asks the students to construct sentences according to the picture of the postcard.

i. To develop pupils reading skills (Integrated skill.) ii. To enhance pupils understanding on the new vocabulary. iii. To prepare pupils for the next activity.


Writing ( 10 minutes)

Simple sentences: i. I went to Malacca last week. ii. I visited the historical Stadthuys. iii. I spent my weekend at Mabul Island. iv. Mabul Island is a beautiful island with amazing crystal clear water. Adjectives: -short -small - two

1. T shows a simple sentence based on the postcards given to them. 2. T leads pupils to form simple sentences. 3. T drills pupils on those sentences. 4. T asks the students to write their own postcard addressed to their parents.

i. To develop pupils thinking skills by expanding the idea of places in Malaysia. ii. To develop pupils writing skills which is on constructing simple sentences: past tense. iii. To practice the target sentence structure.

Displayed sheet with sentences


To achieve: 4.7.6 Able to write descriptions with or without guidance.

Post writing ( 7 minutes)

1. T selects a few students to read their postcard to the class. 2. T checks pupils written work orally. 3. T selects one postcard to be read to the class. 4. T checks the written work for any error. 5. Pupils copy down the sentences into their exercise books. Moral Value: We can show our appreciation to our surrounding by describing it nicely by using adjectives. We can show our love and care to our family by sharing what weve experienced. 1. T recaps the lesson and highlights the moral value of the lesson.

i. To guide pupils in writing, from words into sentences. ii. . To practice learning in the independent way To achieve: 3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print: (c) sentences i. To consolidate the lesson. ii. To instil moral value.

Exercise Books Postcard

Closure (2 minutes)