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BELFAST: Northern Ireland

Violent start to N. Ireland

east County Antrim. A 1998 peace
police fired water cannons and accord ended most of the violence
plastic bullets on Monday to between Catholic republican and
disperse youths throwing petrol pro-British Protestant groups,
bombs as the Protestant marching which had plagued Northern
season got off to its most violent Ireland for three decades, killing
start in years. at least 3,500 people.

march season
At least 10 police officers Devolved self-rule is now in
were injured as violence erupted Republican politician Gerry place in the province after a land-
in a flashpoint area of northern Kelly blamed the violence in mark accord in 2007 between the
Belfast and several other towns north Belfast on the Real IRA, Protestant Democratic Unionists
and cities, said a spokesman for a dissident republican splinter (DUP) and Catholic Sinn Fein.
the police force in the British group opposed to the peace proc- Despite the peace accord, two
province, the Royal Ulster Con- esss in Northern Ireland. British soldiers and a police of-
stabulary. II’s Catholics in Ireland in 1690. “The Real IRA or whatever ficer were shot dead within 48
Three of the police injuries Several of the parades have they may call themselves and hours of each other in March,
happened in the northern town become flashpoints over the years some other splinter organisations killings blamed on dissident
of Armagh, where a small bomb because they pass close to Catho- sent people over here with the republican paramilitaries.
also exploded close to the route of lic neighbourhoods – one hotspot sole aim to cause riots, to bring They were the first such kill-
the marchers. in particular being around the this further down into sectarian- ings in roughly a decade and
“This was an extremely dis- Catholic enclave of Ardoyne in ism,” he told the BBC. raised fears of a return to civil
turbing development. The bomb the capital Belfast. Six officers were injured in unrest.
was clearly left there either to kill “Petrol bombs, paint, fire- Belfast during the violence, and However political parties from
or cause maximum disruption,” works, stones and bottles have another in the northwestern city all sides in Northern Ireland have
an Orange Order spokesman been thrown at police in the of Londonderry where unrest spoken out against the shootings,
said, adding that the parade was Ardoyne area,” the Royal Ulster also flared. while thousands of people joined
not affected. Constabulary spokesman said. A masked youth throws a stone Police also came under attack peace rallies across the province
Protestants from the Orange In further violence in Belfast at police officers in the Ardoyne from missile-throwing youths in showing solidarity against the
Order hold marches across rioters fired a gun shot at police area of North Belfast. the village of Rasharkin in north- attacks. – AFP
Northern Ireland every year, an and hijacked a van which was
annual tradition that typically pushed at police lines, the spokes-
heightens tensions between them man said.
and the Catholic community. “Water cannon have been de-
The marches commemorate ployed in the area and at least 14
the victory of Protestant King AEPs (plastic bullets) have been
William of Orange over James discharged by police,” he said.

Crime raid lifts

briefs NZ prisoner count
WELLINGTON: A crackdown on
crime and public demands for
Man dies after car tougher sentences have seen
New Zealand’s prison population
plunges into canyon increase by 40% in the last six
PHOENIX (Arizona): A man plunged years, a government minister
to his death after apparently driving said yesterday.
his car over the edge of the Grand The prison roll call has
Canyon, authorities at the world- risen from under 6,000 in 2003
famous Arizona landmark said on to just under the nation’s record
Monday. number of 8,457 inmates logged
A spokeswoman for the National in September 2007, Corrections
Park Service said rangers received Minister Judith Collins said.
a call early on Monday that a man “Within the next couple of
in a blue sedan had driven off the weeks it likely that we will have
South Rim of the popular tourist more people behind bars than at
attraction. any other time in New Zealand’s
When rescuers later descended history,” she said, warning that
into the canyon they discovered a the prison system could run out
car 183m below and the man’s body of beds by February. – dpa
nearby. – AFP
Drug hitmen dump
Australian jockeys 12 bodies on highway
prove slow learners NUEVO CENTRO (Mexico): Police
SYDNEY: Three pint-sized jockeys found 12 bodies tortured, executed
were handed one-year bans from and dumped on the side of an iso-
flying on Australia’s Regional lated highway in western Mexico
Express airline yesterday after on Monday, the latest victims of an
defying the cabin crew and ongoing feud between rival drug
drinking four beers each on a cartels.
one-hour flight from Adelaide to A threatening message likely
Mount Gambier. written by drug gangs was found
They were returning from an near the bound and beaten bodies
all-day seminar on the dangers of 11 men and one woman piled up
of heavy drinking, paid for by and wrapped in a tarp, said police
employer Thoroughbred Racing at the scene.
South Australia. “It seems they were all killed by
The three have been banned gunshots,” said an official at the Mi-
from racing for a month and fined choacan state prosecutors office. “It
A$500 (RM1,300) a piece. – dpa is a place in the middle of nowhere.”
Police found four bodies in the same
At least 16 killed in spot a week ago, also shot and left
with a narco-message. – Reuters
Mozambique crash
MAPUTO: At least 16 people were Plane with hole in
killed and 39 were injured in Mo-
zambique on Monday when a bus fuselage lands safely
and truck collided in the northern CHARLESTON (West Virginia): A
touristic province of Cabo Delgado, Southwest Airlines plane with 131
local TV channels reported. people on board made an emer-
The accident took place early gency landing in Charleston, West
morning in remote Ancuabe district, Virginia on Monday after a hole
80km from Pemba, the provincial appeared in the fuselage.
capital. No one was injured in the inci-
The details of the crash were dent on the flight from Nashville to
unclear. Television reports said eight Baltimore, a spokeswoman for the
people died instantly and another airline told CNN.
eight died later on the way to, or in, It is not yet known what caused
hospital. the football-sized hole in the middle
Police suspect drunk driving is to of the cabin. The sudden appear-
blame in some cases, but that they ance of the hole caused the plane
lack the personnel and equipment to depressurise, forcing the 126
to carry out regular inspections. passengers and five crew on board
– dpa to use oxygen masks. – dpa