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Total Quality Management

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1 Acknowledgement 2 Group Introduction

2. About Organization
3 4 5 6 7 History And Background Information Products And Packages Electronic Communication Mission, Vision Of Mobilink Structure And Hierarchy

3. TQM
8 Definition 9 Six Basic Approaches

4. Conclusion
10 Suggestions And Recommendation 11 Conclusion 12 Appendix

5. References

Total Quality Management 2

First of all, our most sincere thanks are due to our Allah, the merciful, without whose benign consent this piece of research work would have been impossible. Our special thanks goes to our parents and kind teachers whose help and support and special prayers went along each and every stage. Then of course, the Manager Service Center Mr.Ardisher Kiyani, who was generous enough to spare his precious time and was always accessible, Manager Customer Services, Mr. Shabbir Khan, who made himself available every minute we met him for questions and for the vital information regarding the company and all the employees whom we met for our queries.

Total Quality Management 3

Group Introduction

This is a group assignment done on the practices of Total Quality Management and its Basic Concepts in Mobilink, by five students of MBA (HRM) 3 rd semester, of Institute of Computers and Management Sciences, Hayatabad Peshawar.

• • • • •

Inamullah Khan Tajik M. Ali Shah Hameedullah Khan Syed Hizbullah Wajid Ali

Students of MBA (HRM) semester 3rd, 2008.

We visited the company for several times and make interviews with the management and staff of the company.

Total Quality Management 4

History and Background Information

Mobilink is the largest and most dependable mobile service provider in Pakistan. Started in 1992, by Motorola as the pioneer in GSM mobile technology in Pakistan, Mobilink soon became the nationwide language of mobile phones. Highly advanced technology, excellent network coverage and flexible phone packages made Mobilink a success. It became the mobile phone service provider for official use and the general public. Later on, due to some management setback, Mobilink did suffer a bit of slow down until taken over by an Egyptian Communication Company, Orascom Telecom. The highly professional management and sound Policies of Orascom soon revived Mobilink in Pakistan and put it back on track. Today Mobilink has million of customers all over Pakistan, giving them highly dependable service even in the most remote and hard to reach areas in Pakistan.

Products and Packages:
Mobilink is basically dealing in two products which are different in features.

• • • •

No daily charges Low outgoing rates Now life time validity of Jazz Scratch Cards. Both the products have their own salient features:

Total Quality Management 5

• • •

Special Rates for Friends and Family Hour of free calls Best connectivity Excellent International Roaming

Mobilink also provides different electronic services on mobiles and nets.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
Mobilink has provided WAP services for its customers that enable them to gather information from the net. Thus connecting the people to the Internet. In simple words Mobile Internet! WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is the standard way for a mobile phone to access and receive content from the Internet. You can browse thousands of WAP enabled pages, get information like news, weather etc. entertain yourself with jokes, and games, communicate using email, actually the way internet is, its impossible to give a whole list of things you can do with WAP.

Total Quality Management 6

SMS (Short Messaging Service)
Mobilink SMS provides you the option to stay in touch with other customers in an economical way, and you don’t even have to talk. They have also started MMS (multimedia messaging service). Now they have provided a new service of messaging to the ufone number.

MOBILINK GSM has always been the market leader when it comes to introducing state-of-the-art communication services and solutions for its customers. Mobilinks Value Added Services makes their existing package more attractive, all for our convenience. We can now benefit from the services, which will give us all the freedom we need, making mobile communications more exciting, convenient and enjoyable. This section will walk us through services, which are not only useful but also cost-effective for both business as well as personal use. These include the very basic yet indispensable services like V- Mail to the more innovative and sophisticated ones like G-Mail, Internet Chat, and Logo Composer etc. Mobilink is confident that their innovative and exciting new services will bring about a revolution in the way we look at mobile communications.

Total Quality Management 7

This is an added benefit that your friends, family and colleagues can now send you e-mails of up to 160 alphanumeric characters on your mobile from anywhere in the world using their own e-mail accounts. You get your own G-Mail address "0300(your MOBILINK GSM number)" which becomes your mobile e-mail "G-mail" account. This service is available for Star subscribers (Post Paid) only.

To provide total solutions to our Valuable Customers through quality in people and services to get the optimum financial result.

To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solutions for our customers while exceeding shareholder value and employee expectation.

Total Quality Management 8

President and CEO Chief Finance Officer Chief Information Officer Vice President Administration & Human Resources Vice President Customer Services Vice President Corporate Affairs Chief Technical Officer

Total Quality Management 9

We met the Customer Services manager and Customer Center Manager for our discussion and queries about Mobilink. They discussed about the Customer Services department in detail. Customer Service is divided into three zones • • • North, Central South

Every zone has its own Director. Centrally there is one VP (Vice President) of Customer Service and three Directors. Further these zones have its own regions. • North has two Regions. • Central and south has four Regions. Every region has its own manager who is known is RM (Regional Manager) Service Center Managers and all the franchises report to the Regional Manager.

Vice President V.P. Customer Services Customer Services

Customer Services Customer service Directors Directors

Total Quality Management 10

North Region North

Central Region Central

South Region South

TQM may be defined as the philosophy and a set of guiding principles that represents the foundation of a continuously improving organization.


The purpose of TQM is to provide a Quality Product or Service to customers, which will in turn increase productivity and lower cost. With a higher quality product and lower price competitive position in the market place will be enhanced. There are six basic approaches of TQM. We will apply all these on Mobilink and see how successfully Mobilink practices these basic concepts of TQM.

Total Quality Management 11

In every organization, the management is the heart and soul. It is the management, which runs and looks after the organization’s activities and its welfare, and provides a long-term organizational support. At Mobilink there is a well shaped and supporting management team, which works in a friendly environment. There is an excellent flow of communication. The over all atmospheres in a model Customer Service Center is very friendly, open up. There is a culture of Self-Service and employees share different equipments. Communication is mostly written and formal. There is software known as E-Point, which allows the multiple users to see communication going on throughout Pakistan. Any communication which is done may be seen anywhere. There is a self-service culture, which means that everybody does his work without calling peon or assistant always. There is a strong and healthy co-ordination among different departments, which results in good service and follows up for the customers.

The key to an effective TQM programme is its focus on the customers. An excellent place to start is by satisfying Internal Customers. It is the Internal Customers or employees which if satisfied will try to satisfy the external customers. Mobilink is aware of this fact. It takes good care of its internal customers. A special team is made for this purpose, known as Call Co-ordination Team, a nationwide team that looks only after employees help lines and solve their problems of network. There are 15 Members from different departments. It has a helping attitude towards its employees. Mobilink is not that much into expanding its customer bank rather it gives much attention to retaining the existing clientele.

Total Quality Management 12

As for external customer Mobilink gives superb Customer Service. It never lets a customer leave Mobilink. Customer Services Officers take good care of the customer’s complaints no matter where it is coming from, a top executive of a multi-national or a farmer in the remote northern areas. We were told that if a Mobilink customer wants to discontinue Mobilink services, the customer services provide him/her with a free Sim to be used any time in future, so that a customer is not lost even then.

TQM is an organization-wide challenge that is everyone’s responsibility. All personnel must be trained in TQM, so that they can effectively participate on project teams. Mobilink is very responsive to this challenge. It knows the importance of the employees training. It gives thorough training programmes to its employees on different levels and make sure each and every body is well trained and fully equipped with the latest technology so that they can work better for the organizational goals. Every manager tries his team members are punctual in timings. Absentees: There is a “Zero Tolerance” policy for Absenteeism. An employee is given two warnings for absenteeism and on third he/she is fired. Working Hours: Working hours are 09:00 to 17:30 hrs with a 45minutes lunch break but usually it is shrinked depending on the customer’s presence.

Total Quality Management 13

There must be a continual striving to improve all business and production processes. Quality improvement projects such as on-time delivery; order entry efficiency, billing error rate, customer satisfaction, and supplier management are a few good examples to begin with. Mobilink is extremely sensitive to customer satisfaction by promptly answering their quires and complaints and keeping a good follow up on it. A complaining customer is usually called every 20 minutes to check whether the problem is solved or not. Over-billing or any such complaints are dealt with at once and follow up is given to customers. New Connections: New Connections are made functional as soon as possible to avoid customer’s displeasure; calls are monitored so that any complaint regarding over-billing can be easily answered. High tech computerized systems keep a track of call records that is accessible throughout Pakistan by any customer service representative through his/her personnel ID entry.

In any organization, suppliers are of vital importance. A partnering relationship rather than an adversarial one must be developed and maintained with suppliers. It is suppliers, which can boost a business or sack it by timely or delayed supplies. Life Time Relationship: Mobilink believes a lifetime relationship with its suppliers. Right from the scratch when optical fiber is fixed underground to the final stage when Sims is made for customers, Mobilink stays in good terms with its suppliers knowing its importance. Main servers technically known as HLR (Home Location Registers)

Total Quality Management 14

and VLR (Visitor Locator Register) are made by Motorola and Alcatel, two U.S. firms and Siemens a German firm, well known for its quality and performance. Sims Imported: Sims is imported from Germany and China by long time suppliers of the same product. The Antenna or towers as usually known (BTS) are manufactured by companies like Nokia and Siemens. With passage of time, these towers are now locally manufactured by small Pakistani companies and Mobilink encourages them also.



Total Quality Management 15

Performance measures such as up-time, percent non-conforming, absenteeism and customer satisfaction should be determined for each functional area. These measures should be posted so that everyone can see it. At Mobilink, all these measured are seriously dealt with. Customer Satisfaction is on top of course. Employee’s performance is monitored. Rewards: They are given targets to achieve and upon successful completion they are given rewards for motivation. For example on achieving 10 Million customers the salary doubles or triples. Basic salaries are being enhanced. Categories are set for pays Group known as A2, with basic of 30,000 and A1, which is higher. Appraisals are given every year even if no promotion is given.


We Suggest and recommend the Mobilink GSM company the following points (which we got from our research project on this Particular company) so that by paying attention to these point Mobilink can go further in the long way to success and can get a stabile stand in the market. 1. Mobilink must pay attention to such a competitive market they r at and take step toward it. 2. Mobilink Only Focus on their current customers and they don’t pay attention to prospect customers and that is why no prospect customer switch to MOBILINK they go for other connections due to following reason. 3. The high call rates, and Sms Charges, and also they high charge for the Connection Parches compare to its competitors.

Total Quality Management 16

4. Company must hire experts People in it’s administration to compete with environment.

TQM is a proven technique to guarantee survival in world class economy. As we have seen the purpose of TQM is to provide a quality product or service to customers which in turn will increase productivity and lower the costs. For any company to be successful in today's competitive world, following the six basic concepts of TQM is simply indispensable.

Interview Questions
1. What is the History of Mobilink? 2. What is the Hierarchy of Mobilink? 3. Is management properly supporting the Organization? 4. How is the co-ordination between management and internal customers? 5. Are internal customers satisfied within the organization? 6. Is management give time to their internal customers? 7. How do you treat the external customers?

Total Quality Management 17

8. Are the employees well trained in their job? 9. Is there any policy for internal customers to train them? 10. Do you strive to improve the production process?

11. How many suppliers does u have?
12. Do you treat your supplier as a partner? 13. Is there any reward system or incentives for the employees?

1. Mr.Ardisher Kiyani Ph No: 0092-300-8509955 Manager Customer Services Mobilink, University Road Peshawar. 2. Mr.Shabeer Khan Ph No: 0092-91-5704873-4 Manager Customer Relation Mobilink, University Road Peshawar.

Total Quality Management 18

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