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Australian Announces UFO to Visit Alabama on October 14, 2008
and the Deep South's famous hospitality. Some things just seem to go together. Like southern and hospitality. Like peas and carrots. Like Forrest and Jenny. Like Alabama and UFOs. Heck, even Australian alien channelers with 60's lovechild names like Blossom Goodchild know that. Blossom Goodchild Channels "Federation of Light" Aliens En Route To Alabama Blossom Goodchild is an Australian actress who announced to the world that visitors from the "Federation of Light" would visit the Earth to once and for all still the tongues of UFO detractors by allowing themselves to be seen. According to Goodchild, a massive mothership will hover for 72 hours, demonstrating that beings other than humans exist in the universe. Blossom Goodchild told an online tabloid that is over the edge with UFO believers, the "Federation of Light" contacted her telepathically, through ESP. The aliens told her that they would visit the Earth on October 14, 2008. And where is this glorious event to take place? Alabama. Home of Bear Bryant, football, Forrest Gump and country music supergroup Alabama. Oh, and Helen Keller. Actually, Goodchild isn't quite certain that the UFO will come to Alabama, she said. She said that the alien communication stated: "We give to you the name of Alabama." In fact, in her channeling, Goodchild said the aliens informed her they would appear in the southern hemisphere. Alabama is in the northern hemisphere. Perhaps Goodchild's channel was a bit static-y. Or she dropped the call. So she asked the aliens about this discrepancy. They told her that Alabama "used to be" in the southern hemisphere. Technically, according to tectonic plate theory and continental drift, this would be true. This bit of confusion by the aliens would seem to signal that they haven't been to Earth in quite some time.

Blossom Goodchild Channels "Federation of Light" Aliens En Route to Alabama
Good people of Alabama, you are not alone. A UFO is coming for a visit. The aliens come in peace and love, so do not be afraid. They come in the name of simply demonstrating that they actually exist and in the hope of staging a good photo-op. Everyone is invited. So put on your best Sunday-go-tomeetin's. The event will take place over a 72hour period starting October 14, 2008. Bring cameras. Perhaps they heard about the Alabama's

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Another No Show UFO
Australian Announces UFO to Visit Alabama on October 14, 2008
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Alabama UFO Sightings
Besides, it is not as if UFOs haven't visited Alabama in the past. There was a UFO sighting in Decatur in May. Some people they saw a soundless object in the sky that suddenly plunged toward the ground. Some say the saw the object in the company of military helicopters. One observer, Cody Terry, told WSFA News that he saw what looked like a large pearl in an ambulance near where the object disappeared. Authorities have acknowledged that a Med-Flight helicopter was in the area and that the pilot had mentioned he had seen a meteorite. In February 1998, a videotape of disc or ball-shaped object was shown on Fox Television in Mobile, Alabama. The UFO was videotaped in Robertsville on February 7. Two weeks later, in nearby Semmes, Alabama, two witnesses claim to have seen a rectangularshaped UFO glowing red in the sky above their house. WBMG in Birmingham reported in 1989 the sighting of an strange object hovering over Fiffe, Alabama, that was witnessed by several residents of the town of 1300, including local police officers. Perhaps The Aliens Want To Visit Huntsville! But why Alabama? Nostalgia? The aliens did tell Goodchild that they knew where Alabama was. Actually, where it used to be. Today, Alabama hosts the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, which has been instrumental in many NASA programs over the years. Perhaps they wish to visit there. Or maybe they want to visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, also in Huntsville, which hosts a museum. Individual tickets for adults are $20 ($24.95 for the combo - museum and an IMAX movie). Group rates are available. Or maybe they want to attend Space Camp, which is also in Huntsville. They've already missed all the space camps for this calendar year, but, if they're inclined to return, they can book early for next year. They could attend Adult Advanced Space Camp (which is probably optimal for a starfaring race) for $899. Or they wish to do something with the alien kids, they could book a Parent/Child Space Camp 3-Day Package for $399. That is if they can find a bank that will negotiate an exchange rate for their currency. It certainly looks as if Huntsville, Alabama, is the optimal place over which to hover if you're traveling light years just to prove you exist. Needless to say, UFO watchers from around the world will be gravitating toward Alabama, just in case the aliens really do make an appearance. Many will follow events online and keep tabs on breaking news. Because, deep down, most humans want to believe that we are not alone, stuck on a whirling mudball on the edge of a vast galaxy spinning its way through a far more vast expanding universe. - See Pg

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Searching for the Truth
Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)


Credibility of Major Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr.

researching the Roswell Incident. It took Jesse Jr. 60 years to set the record straight about his Dad and himself, and those that still question these two gentlemen are ignoring the truth about their first-hand knowledge of the event. Major Marcel voluntarily enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force in December 1941.

Dennis Balthaser
It appears that there are still those that refuse to give credibility to Major Jesse Marcel and his son Jesse Marcel Jr., who after all these years, are still two of the most credible "firsthand" witnesses of the 1947 Roswell Incident. I never had the opportunity to meet Major Marcel, but have had many conversations about him with Stanton Friedman, who was the first to interview him in 1978. I do personally know Jesse Jr., and have had conversations with him, and have read his book "The Roswell Legacy" (the revised edition shown below, published in 2008), which it appears as usual, that the debunkers, critics and skeptics that are the loudest, have not read. In defense of the Marcels, I'd like to share some of the comments made by Jesse Jr. in his book not only about his Dad, but also about his own life since 1947. The book is obviously written by someone that had a deep respect for his father, and presents the information in the only way he knows--honestly from the heart, as his father desired, to get the truth out to the public eventually. Both of these gentlemen deserve our highest respect for the many years they both gave to serving our country in the military, (Major Marcel as probably the top intelligence officer in the military in the 1940's, and his son Jesse as a helicopter pilot, flight surgeon and a civilian physician.) Talk about credibility and integrity as compared to many of the other witnesses that have surfaced over the years in relation to the Roswell Incident. Those with backgrounds such as theirs are rare when

Up until his death in 1986, Major Marcel repeatedly stated that the material we examined was as he described it, "not of this earth," and that the truth about Roswell had yet to be revealed to the public. In order to reveal that truth, Jesse Jr's. father made him promise to see the true story told. Jesse Jr. fulfilled that promise with his book in 2007, and anyone seriously interested in the Roswell Incident would benefit from reading it, before criticizing or demeaning them. As an eleven year old boy Jesse Jr. was "privileged" to be one of the individuals who actually saw and handled debris from the crash site, that his Dad and Captain Sheridan Cavitt had recovered from the site. This occurred at his home in Roswell, prior to his Dad returning to the base from the Foster ranch debris field, when the Marcel's lives would be forever changed. One of the things Jesse Jr. observed which again silences the critics and debunkers, is the fact that the foil material did not have a paper backing for rigidity like the foil of a radar target. Also of importance was the fact that none of the debris spread out on the Marcel's kitchen floor that Jesse Jr. observed that night, or any material that Major Marcel saw at the debris site where the material was recovered, contained any electronic components which a weather balloon or Mogul balloon would have

had such as radio transmitters, microphones, and sensors for detecting and recording weather data, or pressure waves in the atmosphere from a possible Russian nuclear test. It's important also to note that the Russians didn't do any nuclear testing until 1949, Mogul balloon launch No. 4 (which skeptics like to use as what crashed near Roswell), was cancelled due to weather related problems, and finally, the pictures taken in General Ramey's office on July 8, 1947 also did not contain any electronic equipment. In 1942 Marcel attended the Army Air Force Intelligence School as a 1st Lieutenant. After graduation he was invited to join the school's faculty, an honor bestowed upon only the brightest and most talented students. Two years later Marcel would be assigned to the 509th Composite Bomb Group in Nevada as their S-2 Intelligence Officer. He was now part of a special, hand-picked group, where the work was classified as Top-Secret. While in Nevada he helped work out the details of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. The 509th was then assigned to the island of Tinian, where Marcel participated in briefing the flight crews before the missions to Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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Searching for the Truth

Credibility of Major Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr.
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Upon returning to the states, Major Marcel enrolled in a radar training school at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, graduating in September 1945, and became an expert on the state-of-the-art radar devices, including varieties of the rawin radar targets, including the ML-307 reflector used on the Mogul balloons. As Jesse Jr. states in his book, "for those that say his father confused UFO debris with a radar target is ludicrous." So the same government that paid for his advanced radar school in 1945 would accuse him of not knowing the difference between a UFO and a weather balloon 2 short years later, while assigned to the 509th in Roswell, New Mexico. Copies of the radar and intelligence school diplomas Major Marcel attended are in Jesse Jr's. book. I have several other commendation and recommendation documents for Major Marcel in my file for his intelligence work, before and "after" the Roswell Incident.

The really sad part for me is the fact that when General Ramey ordered Major Marcel to pose for the pictures with the obvious weather balloon on the floor of the Generals office, General Ramey ordered Marcel to keep silent, and to not make any comments in the presence of the civilian photographer. That appears to be when the cover-up became a reality, and Major Marcel realized he was in the middle of it, and had become the scapegoat. For those that have seen the photographs taken in General Ramey's office, it's apparent to me that there are unopened packages along the wall, and more importantly the brown paper on the floor under the debris staged for the photographs is from a new roll of paper and shows no indication of ever being wrapped around any debris or anything else brought to Fort Worth by Major Marcel. I firmly believe that as a researcher part of my responsibility is to provide information that is truthful and factual for my future generations as well as yours. I believe Major Marcel and his son Jesse Jr. have done that.

Dennis G. Balthaser
Website: Email:

Setting aside my thoughts about the Marcel's credibility, lets not forget that the debris Major Marcel took to General Ramey's office was changed to a weather balloon for the photos taken by James Bond Johnson. I interviewed Johnson as did Kevin Randle and David Rudiak, prior to my interview with him. In all three interviews James Bond Johnson's remarks were less than factual about his involvement. He did take the photographs, but was not involved in any other way, in fact telling me in our first conversation, that he knew very little about the Roswell Incident. The interview can be read at: s_Bond_Johnson.html.

I’ve waited a long time to tell my story — in my own words — for any number of reasons, but figured that it was time.
— Jesse Marcel, Jr

The ONLY Authorized Version of the Marcels' Story The Roswell Legacy revised edition is now available. Order your autographed copy today! I've grown tired of hearing other people speak for me, and for my father, and of hearing some people deny what I know to be true. It's difficult to believe an incredible tale, especially when you don't know the storyteller. My hope is that by reading this book, you'll get a better feel for who Jesse Marcel, Sr. was, who I am, and what has guided all of us who have been involved in the legacy borne of the Roswell crash.In the larger scheme, we may all be mere footnotes in history, but we were so much more than that. We were (and are) living, breathing human beings who, through no choice of our own, have been caught up in a whirlwind of controversy and wonder. It is my fondest hope that you, the reader, might end up feeling as if you know the people a little bit better, might have a better understanding of the controversy, and might share with us the same sense of wonder that has so filled our lives. God Bless! Jesse Marcel, Jr.

Another No Show UFO
Australian Announces UFO to Visit Alabama on October 14, 2008
Continued from Page 2 Blossom Goodchild's flower-power 60's throwback name? Perhaps it was simply a subtle suggestion that she change it. According to her, the aliens did say, "We give to you the name of Alabama." October 14th came and went without any UFO sighting over Alabama or anywhere else for that matter. It would seem that Blossom Goodchild's aluminum hat and antennae might be in need of a tune-up - in a mental institution. []


The Book The World Has Been Waiting For.. .

Could The Alabama UFO Be Lost In Translation?
But could Blossom Goodchild, assuming that her communication is accurate, be missing something? Could the actual intergalactic message have been lost in translation? For instance, the Alabama were a tribe of native North American that inhabited the region where the state now exists. According to Steve Hammons of , the word "Alabama" means "campsite" or "clearing" in the Creek (a tribe of the same region) language or "brushclearer" or "thicket-clearers" in Choctaw (another tribe). Could the "Federation of Light" have been telling Goodchild that they're just looking for a good place to camp out for three days? Or something more ominous? Like that they are coming to make a clearing in Alabama? Or, worse, of Alabama? Then running like Forrest Gump ("Run, human, run!") out of Alabama would not be a bad idea. But Goodchild did say they were coming in peace and love, didn't she? Hopefully, those words mean the same thing in the "Federation of Light" as they do on Earth. But what if they simply couldn't stand


By Rob McConnell




asking for help. The son told his father telepathically that he was on a raft and dying. The father kept calling the Pentagon with a complete description of the event and made such a fuss that they sent out a search plane. The plane found the raft and the three were saved only because of telepathy! This is the next evolvement for mankind. Within twenty years, telepathic response will be considered quite normal. More than 80 percent of apparition cases that have been studied have manifested for a reason, usually during a crisis of some sort. To communicate a death, provide a warning, comfort the grieving, cry for help or to convey needed information. Some haunting apparitions seem to regularly appear where emotional events have occurred, such as murders or battles, while other hauntings seem to be rather aimless. Apparitions can be divided into at least seven different types: Crisis Apparitions: Usually visual images which appear in waking visions or dreams at the moment of crisis, such as to communicate dying or death. Typically, but not always, they appear to individuals who have close emotional ties to the person who is the source of the apparition. i.e. sister, cousin, parent. When my father died, he came to me, as did both of my Uncles. Apparitions of the Dead: Manifestations of the deceased, usually within hours after death, to comfort the grieving or to communicate information, conclude unfinished business, or to announce a role as their new Guardian Angel. Shirely MacLane wrote in her book, Out On A Limb, an experience she had with Peter Sellers when he passed away. She was at a party in Los Angeles and he was in Paris. He had a sudden, severe heart attach and appeared to her at the party to say good-by. Collective Apparitions : Manifestations of either the living or the dead that appear simultaneously to multiple witnesses. Approximately one third of reported apparitions are witnessed collectively. Also, a psychic knowing can be experienced in many parts of the world, as was the Twin Towers bombing and the Pan Am bombing over Scotland. Usually this will be information regarding a world event. Reciprocal Apparitions: Of the living in which both the seer and the person giving the message, separated by distance, experience each other simultaneously. This is quite common with Identical Twins, of which I am one of two sets. A possible explanation is that the person giving the message has a strong desire or impulse to contact the seer and will unconsciously projects their double to give a message. i.e. an out-of-body experience for each. When I was in the Dominican Republic on a vacation, my son was at college. He became ill and went to the infirmary with a very high fever. He told his friends to go to his room and wait because his mother was trying to call. Meanwhile, in the Dominican, I "felt" his presence and was extremely worried. This went on for three days and I "knew" he was ill. I meditated and sent him light and healing. We had a telepathic conversation and I felt I was nursing and caring for him. Upon my return home I called his room immediately. A friend was there picking up a book for him and was surprised at my call. The friend exclaimed, "Jeff said you would call today. He's in the infirmary with a 103 fever and has been calling for you. He sent me here for a book, and I was only here for five minutes. I'm spending my time in the infirmary with him." I smiled inwardly as I believe nothing happens by accident and she went to get the book at that exact moment because I was going to call. Veridical Apparitions: Apparitions that can be corroborated by facts. Veridical apparitions are of most value to parapsychologists and research scientists. Deathbed Apparitions: Visual images of divine beings, religions figures, luminosities, and dead loved ones that are reported by the dying in their last moments of life. Apparitions Suggesting Reincarnation: "Announcement dreams" in which the deceased appears in a dream to a member of the family into which it will be born. Such dreams appear frequently among the Tlingit and other Northwest American tribes, and in Turkey, Burma, and Thailand. Before my second son was born, an apparition appeared before me which appeared to be a divine angel or Mother Mary. I had suffered several miscarriages and almost died trying to give birth. The angel told me I would have a son, his name would be Jeffrey, he would have red hair, he would become a doctor, and at age thirty five he would give something great to mankind. This message gave me such strength during the nine months of carrying my son. Every time I feared an early delivery, I would sense a presence and remember the angel's message. So far it has all come to pass. Jeffrey is a doctor, but he is not yet thirty five. In the 1980's polls conducted by the United States, by the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Council showed a dramatic increase in reported apparitions of the dead. 42 percent of the population and 67 percent of widows, reported apparition experiences, perhaps due to an opening of the minds because of changing public opinion towards knowledge of paranormal experiences. Of these experiences, 78 percent involvedvisual images, 50 percent heard noises and voices, 21 percent felt tactile sensations, 32 percent felt an invisible presence, along with cooling air, and 18 percent had direct telepathic communication with the apparition. Continued on Page 7


By Elizabeth Joyce
What is an Apparition but the supernormal manifestation of people, animals, objects, ghosts and spirits. Most apparitions are of living people or animals who are too distant to be perceived by the normal senses. Apparitions of the dead are also called Ghosts. Despite extensive study since the late nineteenth century, scientists know very little about the nature of apparitions. Most apparition experiences feature noises, unusual smells such as roses, dirt, or food cooking, extreme cold, and the displacement of objects. Other phenomena include visual images, tactile sensations, such as a feather brushing down your arm, voices and apparent psycho kinetic movement of objects, and sometimes a faraway voice or scream. Visual images are seen only in a small percentage of reported cases. However, a camera will often pick up the outline of an Apparition. A study of Apparitions published in 1956 by American psychic researcher Hornell Hart and collaborators showed no significant differences between characteristics of apparitions of the living and the dead. They appear to be the same. Some apparitions seem corporeal, while others are luminous, transparent or ill defined. Apparitions can move through solid matter and appear/disappear abruptly. They cast shadows and can always be reflected in mirrors. Some may have jerky and limited movements, while others are lifelike in movement and speech. Apparitions invariably are clothed. Ghosts will appear in their period costumes hence the tradition of Halloween Costumes. Apparitions of the living appear in the moment. Whatever they are wearing will be "seen" as such by the viewer. Many call this the appearance of a "double." A pilot told me a story about how his "double" appeared to his father. The pilot was at sea in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. He was wounded and on his way back from Okanawa to Hawaii on a hospital ship when the Japanese forces bombed the ship. All were lost except three men, who were in a life raft. The father lived in Maine and "knew" his son was in trouble. He called the Pentagon, who assured him his son was safe. The son's double came to his father several times a day for five days


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As for haunting, the term haunt comes from the same root as home, and refers to the occupation of homes by spirits and ghosts of deceased people and animals who lived there. Other haunted sites seem to be places merely frequented or liked by the deceased, such as a graveyard, or places where a violent death has occurred, much like London Tower or an English Pub. Most hauntings have no apparent reason or purpose. Some are continual, and others are active only on certain days that correspond to the death or a major event in the life of the deceased. For example, Hampton Court in England, the ghost of Sir Christopher Wren is said to be heard walking hurriedly up and down the stairs every February 26, the date of his death in 1723. In Baltimore, Edgar Allen Poe has a rose and bottle of Cognac placed on his grave every year on his birth date. This has been done with regularity for so long that many believe it's done by ghostly hands! Some hauntings are brief, lasting only a few hours to a few weeks, while others can continue for decades or centuries. Haunted Houses are often pervaded by a depressed or oppressive atmosphere. Sometimes there is dampness and some stones as a part of the building. I have conducted many exorcisms of haunted houses and people who are possessed. When people have a home for sale and cannot get a buyer, it may be because of a special, emotional attachment to the property. I once cleared a home that was located on an Indian Graveyard. The owner's father and grandfather grew up there. The family had a bad feeling about leaving and going on with their lives. The house was on the marked for several years but did not sell because of the feelings of guilt from the son and the apparition of the father who lived in the house. The apparition did not want the home sold because then it would have to leave the earth plane. To do a clearing, the father's energies had to be exorcised, and ordered to leave the planet to a place of evolvement. The effect had been that when the son thought about moving, the father would call in all of the ancestors to try to etherically prevent the sale. An ominous energy field was set up around the property, almost as if a fog or mist would prevent it from being seen. The son and his wife had to have their auric field cleared so the subconscious mind could accept the sale of the property. We sent the father's essence to a place of light, healing and love, and freed up the etheric bonds to the son. Then we magnetized a new family to move in by using thought and visualization. I was sensitive enough to be able to describe the new family to the present owners, and welcomed them telepathically. The house sold within six weeks to the exactly family I had described at the exorcism. Not everyone who goes to a Haunted House experiences paranormal phenomena. It is believed that only certain individuals with certain psychic attunements or emotional states are receptive. An Entity is a Ghost or disincarnate being who is able to host the body of one who is a weakened or tired frame of mind. This is known as an encounter phenomenon which involves any number of a wide range of experiences with alternate realities, possessions, channeling, religious conversions, shamanic journeys, UFO abductions, etc. Researchers believe that the unconscious mind determines what kind of an encounter will take place. Some encounters are so powerful that the person's life becomes permanently changed. A culture and personal belief may shape the nature of the encounter, so as to reinforce the culture and personal belief. In other words, to give one a stronger faith. I have experienced two such encounters and entity possession. One was while driving through the Mink Hills of New Hampshire on my way to my Mother's home. It was a lovely evening and I was enjoying the sunset. All of a sudden my foot "stuck" on the gas pedal of the car and I could not move it. When my brain gave the "order" to lighten up my pressure, my foot would not move. I did not understand what was happening. All of a sudden I "felt" a presence overtake me and began to recite the Lord's Prayer and command the entity to leave. This continued on for a few minutes, and the car sped up to ninety miles a hour. There was nothing I could do at the moment! I commanded the Entity to leave my body in the name of God, Christ and all the Masters. I needed to do this forcefully several times. Finally it left, and I "heard" a shrill and evil laugh. At the same time, I saw a red blinking light in my rear view mirror. It was a Cop, of course and I received a ticket for speeding. At that moment I realized the power Entities can have over someone. I have a very strong belief since that time, that all Entities and Ghosts should be exorcised as quickly as possible from the planet, to free their souls, and give the area they haunt and the people they contact peace of mind. Hauntings where apparitions appear may be seen by a single individual or collectively by several people present at the same time of the occurrence. Ghosts vary in appearance - some seem to be real people or animals, while others appear filmy, fuzzy, nearly transparent or mostly a white mist. Most ghosts seen over a period of time will be wearing the same clothing or costume. Some have been known to change their appearance and even their age. Some can be horrific, missing their heads or other body parts. It is said that Ann Bolin, wife of King Henry VIII carries her head tucked under her arm through the London Tower every Hallows Eve. [] To contact Elizabeth Joyce visit her website at or call 201-934-8986. Elizabeth is a regular guest on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show and to find out wneh Elizabeth Joyce will be on the show next, visit our website at You can listen to The ‘X’ Zone Radio archives by going to and MP3’s of The ‘X’ Zone Radio and TV at iTunes! The ‘X’ Zone is Growing!


“Yes.” There are forces, both visible and invisible, that can cause you harm if you are in a weakened psychological state. How does this happen? Many of us, when we are hurting, feel sad, weak, and betrayed. Our energy becomes low and we forget our spiritual faith. We become vulnerable and fearful, not knowing how to stop such pain. We reach out to anyone or anything that professes to offer us a solution. Something alien seems to have overtaken us, and something precious and essential within us is missing. This experience may be accompanied by insomnia, unexplained fear, constant worrying as well as self-recrimination. Our soul is at a place of unrest and disease. In the new millennium many are finding that that our world needs to take an entirely new look at how we care for our spiritual nature as well as our physical well being. Many seem to be ruled by fear and suspicion rather than confidence and strength. When we are in constant battle instead of balanced, constructive manifestation, our life becomes off center. This book teaches you how to know when you are under psychic attack, the steps you can take to protect yourself as well as to understand what lengths some people will go to get their hands on your money and assets. Most psychic problems today are motivated by people who have no regard for human boundaries or ethics. By becoming psychically street smart while maintaining your spiritual practice and wellbeing, you can defend yourself from such problems. Although you would seek and find help with any physical emergency, this book can be helpful by learning good spiritual practices for clearing away negative energies and keeping up with the housework of the soul. Then if something overthrows you, there are some good strategies at hand so that you can to begin to remove them. Learn what to do as well as what not to do. Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named one of the World’s Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide. She teaches the work of Louise Hay, who was her mentor, as well as Prof. Hans Holzer, and writes a monthly astrology column in several publications. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Her website— is one of the toprated in her field. She facilitates a women’s group while teaching her Intuitive Awareness classes and Spiritual Intensive workshops in Doylestown, PA.



Answers From Your Angels

Answers From Your Angels With Amethyst Wyldfyre
Psychic Readings with Amethyst Wyldfyre
Greetings and thank you for visiting my site! Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed? At a crossroads in your life? Have choices to make but don't know which way to go? Confused by some of your experiences? Allow me to assist. With years of experience working with people & with the spiritual realm, a one-hour reading with me can help answer your questions, lead you in the right direction, reduce your worries and fears, validate your experiences and provide you greater inner peace. Call to book an appointment - I AM here to assist you on your path. Readings That I Offer: I have three different types of live readings that I offer to those who are interested in working with me. Readings are done over the phone and recorded for you to keep or if you live in my area an inperson appointment can be arranged (in person appointments are not recorded however you are free to bring your own recording equipment if you wish).. Crystal Readings are where I use a variety of crystals to guide the reading and to amplify the messages that are coming through from your guides, angels, spirit animals and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. You can check out the video above to see more information about this type of reading. Destiny Readings are readings where I work with your luminous energy field to scan for impressions from karmic, ancestral or present life issues that are creating blockages in your life and keeping you from moving forward. During a reading like this you can expect a clearing process to occur as well as the possibility of one or more activations of your field to "jumpstart" you and get you back on to the path that was intended for you at the soul level when you incarnated into this life. Channelled Readings are readings where I open myself to the Archangelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, your Guide Team and all beings of the highest levels of light who wish to give you direct guidance and advice in the present moment to assist you in awakening to your own Divine Presence. These readings often include in-the-moment channeled excercises and activations, attunements, harmonizations and initiatory energy transmissions. Visit my Website Today!

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Alien Autopsy Inquest by Philip Mantle
The so-called Alien Autopsy film was released by London businessman Ray Santilli in August of l995. It made newspaper and TV headlines around the world. This film has gone down in UFO history as the most controversial piece of film ever. At the forefront of research into this film from the very beginning was former BUFORA Director of Investigations Philip Mantle. He was the first recognised UFO researcher contacted by Ray Santilli in l993 and he has been attempting to get to the bottom of this controversial film ever since. Now, for the very first time, Philip Mantle brings together 14 years worth of research and investigation into one book; ‘Alien Autopsy Inquest’. This unique 280 page (illustrated) work is published by PublishAmerica and is unique in every sense of the word. There is no other book that is dedicated entirely to the Alien Autopsy film. This book looks at the film from every conceivable angle, interviews and questions the relevant experts from around the world, and presents the facts as we know them. At the end of the book a number of possible scenarios are put forward to possibly explain the nature and origin of this controversial film, but in the end the reader is left to make up their own mind.

Visit Philip Mantle on line at


Includes Copy of Seven Stanzas From the Book of Dzyan
Immanuel Velikovsky's monumental work Worlds in Collision will live again in this update. Doomsday, end of times and planet X will be written in bold print when an electrically charged planetoid hurls itself through the solar system. Like an angry, fire-breathing dragon, it will spread volcanic ash from the vast tail dragging behind it. From the Book of Dzyan comes the explanation for an expanding earth the heat of Venus and Io’s cold surface. Mysteries solved.

Bigfoot Hoax Body Sold on e-Bay
Bigfoot hoax body sold for 250,000 dollars on eBay
Washington, October 18 (ANI): The hoax body of Bigfoot, which was found to be a Halloween costume made of rubber, has been sold for 250,000 dollars on eBay, an online auction website. According to a report in Fox News, the hoax came into being after two Georgia residents, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, recently claimed that they had discovered the frozen corpse of a Bigfoot. But, Tom Biscardi, owner of a Bigfoot exploration website, decided to get under the skin of things, and hired a self-described Sasquatch detective Steve Kulls to solve the mystery. He sent Kulls to a secret location apparently Muncie, Indiana to check out the specimen. But, what Kulls found at the location failed to impress him, and after elaborate analysis, he declared the body to be a fake. Paranormal entrepreneur Joshua P. Warren, from North Carolina, put the original rubber Halloween costume on eBay for sale; complete with the basement freezer it was kept in. The winning bidder put up 250,203 dollars by the end of the auction, which closed on October 17. Neither of them are going to make a penny off of this auction, said Warren, referring to Whitton and Dyer. Warren also said that Tom Biscardi wouldnt get any of the auction money. My arrangement is with the people who control the body. Money from this auction is going to hopefully resolve the legal conflicts, he added. Warrens eBay auction page explains that the animal parts have since been replaced with non-organic materials. The winner will get the rubber costume with non-organic parts replacing the roadkill guts, the freezer, legal paperwork to prove its authenticity and a personal visit from Dyer and Whitton. As for the existence of the mythical Bigfoot, Warren said, I really do not believe that there is a physical, biological 800-pound apelike organism running around out there in North America. There is no biological basis for that, he added. As for this particular hoax, Warren said, Id be lying if I said I wasnt hoping it was real when I heard two guys had found a body. But once again it was not to be true. (ANI) []


Still seeking the Bigfoot exclusive
By Karl Terry: Local columnist
"Bigfoot discovered living on top floor of Lincoln Hall” “Subsisted on discarded pizza and stale beer” I’ve always wanted to write a Bigfoot headline. Those guys at the National Enquirer get all the fun assignments. My wife is a fan of various radio and television programs that explore the unexplained — ghost sightings and haunted houses and UFOs. Mysteries of all sorts show up on the SciFi Channel and the Coast to Coast AM program. I’m not too crazy about ghosts and UFOs. I guess, unlike Dana Scully and Fox Mulder of X-Files fame, I just “don’t want to believe.” My wife is, however, under strict instruction to inform me of any segments in her regular programs featuring Bigfoot. An undiscovered hairy ape-like man on the loose in the wilds of America is something that strikes my fancy. It could be true. New species are discovered all the time and Sasquatch could just be very good at hiding. While the Yeti of the Himalayas and similar beasts in other parts of the world have been purported to exist for years, the craze really came to the United States in full force in 1967 in California when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin released home movie footage of what they said was Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The authenticity of the video has been debated for decades with people still lining up on one side or the other on whether or not it is a hoax. More recently two men put together an elaborate hoax by releasing what they said was the body of a Bigfoot stuffed into an ice chest. They set up a big press conference where they said they would turn the corpse over to scientists. The heat surrounding the photos proved to be a little too much. The pair never showed up and later admitted they had used a gorilla suit. Some areas of our continent are very vast and wild and Bigfoot could be out there somewhere. Over the years I’ve tramped some of the same areas where Bigfoot sightings or tracks have been reported. Reports have been made of the creatures in the Cloudcroft and Ruidoso areas frequently and nearly every county (Roosevelt isn’t included) has sightings logged on a tracking Web site I’ve perused. Eagle County in western Colorado is famous for some pretty impressive tracks made along the Eagle River. In neighboring Sopris County where I lived a few years ago, legend held that Sasquatch lived on the snowy slopes of Mount Sopris, which I could see from my back porch. Lots of hiking, hunting and fishing has never turned up anything I felt was Bigfoot evidence, but I’ll keep on looking. Who knows, some day you may read the headline in the local paper — “Columnist lands first interview with Sasquatch; Bigfoot beast denies Britney Spears paternity accusations.”[]

California Group Sues Big Foot Lodge Owner
ANDY MEEK | The Daily News
A California-based restaurant ownership group has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee against two Memphis restaurant owners who operate a similar restaurant concept here. The lawsuit was filed Friday, according to The Daily News Online, In the suit, the creators of The Bigfoot Lodge restaurant concept in California – which includes such interior features as a log cabin design and a large Sasquatch statue – claim husband and wife Shawn and Lana Danko inappropriately used the restaurant name and similar design elements, among other things, for the Big Foot Lodge restaurant and bar they opened in Memphis in 2005. The Dankos’ Big Foot eatery likewise includes a log cabin design and a large Sasquatch statue, among other similarities. “I don’t have a comment for you at this time,” Shawn Danko told The Daily News when asked about the lawsuit Monday. “It just came over the wire today, so I couldn’t comment for you at this point.” BA2 LLC is the entity that in 1999 opened The Bigfoot Lodge in California while at the time operating under the name The Bigfoot Lodge LLC. In the suit filed against the Dankos by BA2 LLC, a copy of a June 2005 Memphis Business Journal article is attached in which Shawn Danko says the inspiration for his own restaurant’s name came from the California Bigfoot Lodge lounge and bar. In an interview with The Daily News last year, Danko said his Memphis restaurant concept was developed over a period of several years. He said the idea grew in large part out of his fascination with the ape-like creature known as Big Foot. “The Big Foot concept stems back to seven years ago now, when I was working at the Hard Rock Café,” Danko said at the time. “It was a concept that I was slowly working on over time and it was a concept that I always kind of had in the back of my head.” Now the concept is at the center of a legal dispute whose plaintiff sees an opportunity for confusion to exist on multiple fronts. One of them involves a major Hollywood film scheduled to be released next month. A full-sized replica of the Bigfoot Lodge’s Los Angeles bar was built on a sound stage as the setting for some scenes in the film “Yes Man,” scheduled to be released next month and starring Jim Carrey, according to the lawsuit. The suit also includes a message thread taken from the local Internet message board run by Goner Records. “As one post on the Memphis-based message board hosted by Goner Records asks, ‘Is this [Big Foot Lodge Memphis] associated with the Bigfoot in (Los Angeles and San Francisco)?? Anybody know?” reads the reference to the Memphis message board included with the suit. []



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Paul Mi nar - Numerologist
It's been over 25 years since the channeled essence of Pythagoras instructed Paul to write a book on Numerology. Since then, Paul has practiced, studied and researched the ancient art, always guided by the Spirit of his Mentor until, at last, the book has come into being. » Numerology for fast, easy decision making » The numbers--alphabet connection » The nine parts of God's creative geometry » Discovering your numerical DNA » Creating successful outcomes » Change your name, change your destiny » Numerology for animals and much more!

Paul Minar Numerologist

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( 8 6 6 )

2 9 8 - 9 3 6 6

New Yorkers Stand by UFO Sightings
New Yorkers stand by 1980s UFO sightings in Westchester, Putnam counties
BY ROB RYSER | The Journal News One generation ago, a boomerangshaped object as bright as a city street and as big as a football field appeared in the night skies over southern New York state, drawing such mixed reactions from some 7,200 witnesses that it never turned into the cosmic public event that it really was. Now, 25 years after the welldocumented but not necessarily wellremembered UFO phenomenon put Putnam and Westchester counties on the map as paranormal hot spots, the massive case study that has resulted is elevating the Lower Hudson Valley to the status of one of the three major UFO vortexes in the world. The other two are Stonehenge, England, and Sedona, Ariz. In a land with a heritage that celebrates Washington Irving’s iconic Headless Horseman every Halloween, the sightings are also yielding new theories about why these quiet suburbs apparently are so haunted. The most fantastic theory is developed in four books by one high-profile UFO investigator who teaches middle-school science in White Plains, N.Y. He believes that ancient European explorers built stone chambers in nearby Putnam to mark anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field that may open windows into the fourth dimension, thereby giving the supernatural universe a portal into suburban life. Teacher and author Phil Imbrogno was among the first on the Lower Hudson scene with national UFO experts to record eyewitness accounts in 1983. At the time, hundreds of people in Westchester and Putnam were calling police to report a huge but silent lighted ship that the witnesses were certain they had never seen before. The Federal Aviation Administration explained the strange sights as light aircraft flying in formation - a possibility that many eyewitnesses said they rejected when they spoke to Imbrogno and the other investigators. The best pilots invariably break formation, and their engines are always audible from the ground, said Lt. Kevin Soravilla of the Yorktown police. He was a patrolman on duty the night of March 24, 1983, when he twice saw a silent and massive delta-shaped lighted ship. The government explanation of conventional aircraft was perhaps to be expected. The Air Force studied 12,600 UFO reports from 1947 until 1969 and then stopped, in part because it said it was a waste of taxpayer money and in part because the sightings did not represent new technology or a national security threat. As a result, the government turned all investigations over to private groups. And the Lower Hudson UFO legend only grew. People came out in groups to watch the night skies for UFOs. New-age seekers toured the stone chambers in the woods of Kent for the chance to see a spook light or perhaps a druid ghost. More than 1,500 people packed a oneday UFO conference. Support groups started for people certain they were contacted by extraterrestrial beings, including a monthly gathering called the UFO Roundtable in Yonkers. Cable networks sent production crews to dramatize an already remarkable story with special effects. In March, the History Channel aired a program that called the Lower Hudson sightings the biggest UFO vortex mystery of all time. And why not? The Lower Hudson Valley always has been a place, as Irving writes in ‘‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,’’ where ‘‘stars shoot and meteors glare oftener across the valley than in any other part of the country’’ and where people are ‘‘given to all kinds of marvelous beliefs, subject to trances and visions.’’ Patterson-based real estate broker Freddy Vicente found that out while driving April 27 on the Taconic State Parkway, when, he said, a circle of 12 or more clearly oversized lights glided past his windshield and out of sight into the night. The burden of handling the UFO sightings - which came in the hundreds on the same night across town and county lines on at least three dates during the peak - fell on local police departments, whose officers sometimes also witnessed the same unidentified object as the public they were protecting. ‘‘We are sworn to uphold the law and help citizens, but that night we didn’t know what we had,’’ said Soravilla of the Yorktown police. ‘‘It was mind-boggling.’’ Departments often had little recourse beyond calling airport control towers to find a conventional explanation. The Lower Hudson UFO story remains more legend than popular history because the witness experience is so personal and varied. Some people screamed out in fear at the sight while others felt awe and even an attraction to it - especially those who sensed a wordless communication from the object not to be afraid. ‘‘Maybe years from now the Hudson Valley UFOs will be looked at like ’The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,’ ’’ Imbrogno said. []


- Statements from police officers in West Yorkshire describing sightings of "bright lights in the night sky" - Testimony collected from a U.S. Airforce Sabre jet pilot ordered to "shoot down a UFO" flying over eastern England during the height of the Cold War - A letter from a person dubbed "alienspotter extraordinaire" who reported regular alien visits since 1982 Another of the 19 files released by the British Ministry of Defence to the National Archives details a near-miss with a possible UFO and passenger jet carrying 57 people en route from Milan to London's Heathrow Airport on April 21, 1991. Alitalia pilot Achille Zaghetti saw a flash zoom by his cockpit windshield and screeched, "Look out, look out" to his co-pilot, the archives show. A call placed to the control centre revealed an unknown target was spotted 10 nautical miles behind the aircraft. An investigation into the flying object debunked Zaghetti's suspicion it was a cruise missile. The Ministry of Defence also confirmed the object was neither a weather balloon nor a space rocket. The projectile remains unexplained to this day. David Clarke, a UFO expert who works for the archives, suspects as many as 160 UFOrelated files will be made available to the public in the next three to four years. "Whatever you believe about UFOs, or don't believe, that is a serious incident and it has to be treated as such by the Civil Aviation Authority," Clarke told the BBC. In another strange case, the crew aboard Britannia Airways Boeing 737, spotted a "small black lozenge-shaped object" roughly 90 metres to the left of the aircraft. Air traffic controllers on the ground located the oddity and clocked it at 190 kilometres per hour -- even the quickest birds can only fly about 95 kilometres per hour when pressed. An investigation into that incident could not determine what the object was. "Now you can look at the actual primary material -- the stuff coming into the Ministry of Defence every day -- and make your own mind up," Clarke said. []

Britain opens secret UFO files to public
CTV News
Officials easily dismissed numerous reports of UFOs tracking the London sky in 1989 as a laser light show at an outdoor Tina Turner rock concert at Wembley Stadium. But not all "flying saucer" sightings between 1986 and 1992 have been as easily explained, according to primary documents made available to the public for the first time by Britain's National Archives on Monday. The more than 4,500-page online document is the second batch of testimonies chock-full of shimmering objects, mysterious crop circles and creatures from another dimension collected by British military and released this month. It includes first-hand accounts such as:


John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
by Joe Nickell
attending séances undercover and once obtaining police warrants against a fraudulent medium from the notorious Camp Chesterfield spiritualist center in Indiana (Nickell 1998). The camp is the subject of the book The Psychic Mafia, written by a former medium who recanted and revealed the tricks of floating trumpets (with disembodied voices), ghostly apparitions, materializing "apports," and other fake phenomena (Keene 1976)-some of which I have also witnessed firsthand.

John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
Superstar "psychic medium" John Edward is a stand-up guy. Unlike the spiritualists of yore, who typically plied their trade in dark-room séances, Edward and his ilk often perform before live audiences and even under the glare of TV lights. Indeed, Edward (a pseudonym: he was born John MaGee Jr.) has his own popular show on the SciFi channel called Crossing Over, which has gone into national syndication (Barrett 2001; Mui 2001). I was asked by television newsmagazine Dateline NBC to study Edward's act: was he really talking to the dead?

Mental Mediumship
The new breed of spiritualists-like Edward, James Van Praagh, Rosemary Altea, Sylvia Browne, and George Anderson-avoid the physical approach with its risks of exposure and possible criminal charges. Instead they opt for the comparatively safe "mental mediumship" which involves the purported use of psychic ability to obtain messages from the spirit realm. This is not a new approach, since mediums have long done readings for their credulous clients. In the early days they exhibited "the classic form of trance mediumship, as practiced by shamans and oracles," giving spoken "'spirit messages' that ranged all the way from personal (and sometimes strikingly accurate) trivia to hours-long public trance-lectures on subjects of the deepest philosophical and religious import" (McHargue 1972). Some mediums produced "automatic" or "trance" or "spirit" writing, which the entities supposedly dictated to the medium or produced by guiding his or her hand. Such writings could be in flowery language indeed, as in this excerpt from one spirit writing in my collection: Oh my Brother-I am so glad to be able to come here with you and hold sweet communion for it has been a long time since I have controlled this medium but I remember how well used I had become to her magnetism[,] but we will soon get accustomed to her again and then renew the pleasant times we used to have. I want to assure you that we are all here with you this afternoon[-]Father[,] Mother[,] little Alice[-]and so glad to find it so well with you and we hope and feel dear Brother that you have seen the darkest part of life and that times are not with you now as they have been . . . . and so on in this talkative fashion.

The Old Spiritualism
Today's spiritualism traces its roots to 1848 and the schoolgirl antics of the Fox sisters, Maggie and Katie. They seemed to communicate with the ghost of a murdered peddler by means of mysterious rapping sounds. Four decades later the foxy sisters confessed how they had produced the noises by trickery (Nickell 1994), but meanwhile others discovered they too could be "mediums" (those who supposedly communicate with the dead). The "spiritualism" craze spread across the United States, Europe, and beyond. In darkened séance rooms, lecture halls, and theaters, various "spirit" phenomena occurred. The Davenport Brothers conjured up spirit entities to play musical instruments while the two mediums were, apparently, securely tied in a special "spirit cabinet." Unfortunately the Davenports were exposed many times, once by a local printer. He visited their spook show and volunteered as part of an audience committee to help secure the two mediums. He took that opportunity to secretly place some printer's ink on the neck of a violin, and after the séance one of the duo had his shoulder smeared with the black substance (Nickell 1999). In Boston, while photographer William H. Mumler was recycling some glass photographic plates, he accidentally obtained faint images of previous sitters. He soon adapted the technique to producing "spirit extras" in photographs of his clients. But Mumler's scam was revealed when some of his ethereal entities were recognized as living Boston residents (Nickell 1994). The great magician Harry Houdini (1874-1926) crusaded against phony spiritualists, seeking out elderly mediums who taught him the tricks of the trade. For example, while sitters touched hands around the séance table, mediums had clever ways of gaining the use of one hand. (One method was to slowly move the hands close together so that the fingers of one could be substituted for those of the other.) This allowed the production of special effects, such as causing a tin trumpet to appear to be levitating. Houdini gave public demonstrations of the deceptions. "Do Spirits Return?" asked one of his posters. "Houdini Says No-and Proves It" (Gibson 1977, 157). Continuing the tradition, I have investigated various mediums, sometimes

"Cold Reading"
By contrast, today's spirits-whom John Edward and his fellow mediums supposedly contact-seem to have poor memories and difficulty communicating. For example, in one of his on-air séances (on Larry King Live, June 19, 1998), Edward said: "I feel like there's a Jor G-sounding name attached to this." He also perceived "Linda or Lindy or Leslie; who's this L name?" Again, he got a "Maggie or Margie, or some M-G-sounding name," and yet again heard from "either Ellen or Helen, or Eleanoreit's like an Ellen-sounding name." Gone is the clear-speaking eloquence of yore; the dead now seem to mumble. The spirits also seemingly communicate to Edward et al. as if they were engaging in pantomime. As Edward said of one alleged spirit communicant, in a Dateline "He's pointing to his head; something had to affect the mind or

the head, from what he's showing me." No longer, apparently, can the dead speak in flowing Victorian sentences, but instead are reduced to gestures, as if playing a game of charades. One suspects, of course, that it is not the imagined spirits who have changed but rather the approach today's mediums have chosen to employ. It is, indeed, a shrewd technique known as "cold reading"-so named because the subject walks in "cold"; that is, the medium lacks advance information about the person (Gresham 1953). It is an artful method of gleaning information from the sitter, then feeding it back as mystical revelation. The "psychic" can obtain clues by observing dress and body language (noting expressions that indicate when one is on or off track), asking questions (which if correct will appear as "hits" but otherwise will seem innocent queries), and inviting the subject to interpret the vague statements offered. For example, nearly anyone can respond to the mention of a common object (like a ring or watch) with a personal recollection that can seem to transform the mention into a hit. (For more on cold reading see Gresham 1953; Hyman 1977; Nickell 2000.) Continued on Page 15

John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
Continued From Page 14
It should not be surprising that Edward is skilled at cold reading, an old fortunetelling technique. His mother was a "psychic junkie" who threw fortunetelling "house parties," one of the alleged clairvoyants advising the thenfifteen-year-old that he had "wonderful psychic abilities." He began doing card readings for friends and family, then progressed to psychic fairs where he soon learned that names and other "validating information" sometimes applied to the dead rather than the living. Eventually he changed his billing from "psychic" to "psychic medium" (Edward 1999). The revised approach set him on the road to stardom. In addition to his TV show, he now commands hundreds of dollars for a private reading and is booked two years in advance (Mui 2001).


Very Hot
Be that as it may, on Dateline Edward was actually caught in an attempt to pass off previously gained knowledge as spirit revelation. During the session he said of the spirits, "They're telling me to acknowledge Anthony," and when the cameraman signaled that was his name, Edward seemed surprised, asking "That's you? Really?" He further queried: "Had you not seen Dad before he passed? Had you either been away or been distanced?" Later, playing the taped segment for me, Dateline reporter John Hockenberry challenged me with Edward's apparent hit: "He got Anthony. That's pretty good." I agreed but added, "We've seen mediums who mill about before sessions and greet people and chat with them and pick up things." Indeed, it turned out that that is just what Edward had done. Hours before the group reading, Tony had been the cameraman on another Edward shoot (recording him at his hobby, ballroom dancing). Significantly, the two men had chatted and Edward had obtained useful bits of information that he afterward pretended had come from the spirits. In a follow-up interview Hockenberry revealed the fact and grilled an evasive Edward: HOCKENBERRY: So were you aware that his dad had died before you did his reading? Mr. EDWARD: I think he-I think earlier in thein the day, he had said something. HOCKENBERRY: It makes me feel like, you know, that that's fairly significant. I mean, you knew that he had a dead relative and you knew it was the dad. Mr. EDWARD: OK. HOCKENBERRY: So that's not some energy coming through, that's something you knew going in. You knew his name was Tony and you knew that his dad had died and you knew that he was in the room, right? That gets you . . . Mr. EDWARD: That's a whole lot of thinking you got me doing, then. Like I said, I react to what's coming through, what I see, hear and feel. I interpret what I'm seeing hearing and feeling, and I define it. He raised his hand, it made sense for him. Great. HOCKENBERRY: But a cynic would look at that and go, 'Hey,' you know, 'He knows it's the cameraman, he knows it's DATELINE. You know, wouldn't that be impressive if he can get the cameraman to cry?' Mr. EDWARD: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Not at all. But try to weasel out of it as he might, Edward had obviously been caught cheating: pretending that information he had gleaned earlier had just been revealed by spirits and feigning surprise that it applied to Tony the cameraman. (And that occurred long before Time had suggested that an Inside Edition program-February 27, 2001-was probably "the first nationally televised show to take a look at the Edward phenomenon." That honor instead

"Hot Reading"
Although cold reading is the main technique of the new spiritualists, they can also employ "hot" reading on occasion. Houdini (1924) exposed many of these informationgathering techniques including using planted microphones to listen in on clients as they gathered in the mediums' anterooms-a technique Houdini himself used to impress visitors with his "telepathy" (Gibson 1976, 13). Reformed medium M. Lamar Keene's The Psychic Mafia (1976) describes such methods as conducting advance research on clients, sharing other mediums' files (what Keene terms "mediumistic espionage"), noting casual remarks made in conversation before a reading, and so on. An article in Time magazine suggested John Edward may have used just such chicanery. One subject, a marketing manager named Michael O'Neill had received apparent messages from his dead grandfather but, when his segment aired, he noted that it had been improved through editing. According to Time's Leon Jaroff (2001): Now suspicious, O'Neill recalled that while the audience was waiting to be seated, Edward's aides were scurrying about, striking up conversations and getting people to fill out cards with their name, family tree and other facts. Once inside the auditorium, where each family was directed to preassigned seats, more than an hour passed before show time while "technical difficulties" backstage were corrected. Edward has a policy of not responding to criticism, but the executive producer of Crossing Over insists: "No information is given to John Edward about the members of the audience with whom he talks. There is no eavesdropping on gallery conversations, and there are no 'tricks' to feed information to John." He labeled the Time article "a mix of erroneous observations and baseless theories" (Nordlander 2001). THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO & TV SHOW Dare to Believe & Dare to be Heard

goes to Dateline NBC.) In his new book Crossing Over, Edward tries to minimize the Dateline exposé, and in so doing breaks his own rule of not responding to criticism. He rebukes Hockenberry for "his big Gotcha! moment," adding: Hockenberry came down on the side of the professional skeptic they used as my foil. He was identified as Joe Nickell, a member of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, which likes to simplify things and call itself CSICOP. He did the usual sound bites: that modern mediums are fast-talkers on fishing expeditions making money on people's grief-"the same old dogs with new tricks," in Hockenberry's words. Edward claims to ignore any advance information that he may get from those he reads, but concedes, "it's futile to say this to a tough skeptic" (Edward 2001, 242-243). Edward may have benefitted from actual information on another occasion, while undergoing a "scientific" test of his alleged powers (Schwartz et al. 2001). In video clips shown on Dateline, Edward was reading subjects-who were brought into the hotel room where he sat with his back to the door-when he impressed his tester with an atypical revelation. Edward stated he was "being shown the movie Pretty in Pink" and asked if there was "a pink connection." Then he queried, "Are you, like, wearing all pink?" The unidentified man acknowledged that he was. Yet Edward had thought the subject was a woman, and I suspect that erroneous guess was because of the color of his attire; I further suspect Edward knew it was pink, that as the man entered the room Edward glimpsed a flash of the color as it was reflected off some shiny surface, such as the glass of a picture frame, the lens of the video camera, etc. I challenge Edward to demonstrate his reputed color-divining ability under suitably controlled conditions that I will set up.

Inflating "Hits"
In addition to shrewd cold reading and out-and-out cheating, "psychics" and "mediums" can also boost their apparent accuracy in other ways. They get something of a free ride from the tendency of credulous folk to count the apparent hits and ignore the misses. In the case of Edward, my analysis of 125 statements or pseudostatements (i.e., questions) he made on a Larry King Live program (June 19, 1998) showed that he was incorrect about as often as he was right and that his hits were mostly weak ones. (For example he mentioned "an older female" with "an M-sounding name," either an aunt or grandmother, he stated, and the caller supplied "Mavis" without identifying the relationship; see Nickell 1998.) Cont. Page 16


John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
understand the seriousness of trifling with such sacred sentimentality and the baneful result which inevitably followed. To me it was a lark. I was a mystifier and as such my ambition was being gratified and my love for a mild sensation satisfied. After delving deep I realized the seriousness of it all. As I advanced to riper years of experience I was brought to a realization of the seriousness of trifling with the hallowed reverence which the average human being bestows on the departed, and when I personally became afflicted with similar grief I was chagrined that I should ever have been guilty of such frivolity and for the first time realized that it bordered on crime. Of course tricking people in order to educate them is not the same as deceiving them for crass personal gain, but to toy with their deepest emotions-however briefly and well intentioned-is to cross a line I prefer not to do. Besides, I believe it can be very counterproductive. It may not be the alleged medium but rather the debunker himself who is perceived as dishonest, and he may come across as arrogant, cynical, and manipulative-not heroic as he imagines. As well, an apparent reproduction of an effect does not necessarily mean the cause was the same. (For example, I have seen several skeptical demonstrations of "weeping" icons that employed trickery more sophisticated than that used for "real" crying effigies.) Far better, I am convinced, is showing evidence of the actual methods employed, as I did in collaboration with Dateline NBC. Although John Edward was among five "highly skilled mediums" who allegedly fared well on tests of their ability (Schwartz et al. 2001)-experiments critiqued elsewhere in this issue (Wiseman and O'Keeffe, see page 26)-he did not claim validation on Larry King Live. When King (2001) asked Edward if he thought there would ever be proof of spirit contact, Edward responded by suggesting proof was unattainable, that only belief matters: ". . . I think that to prove it is a personal thing. It is like saying, prove God. If you have a belief system and you have faith, then there is nothing really more than that." But this is an attempt to insulate a position and to evade or shift the burden of proof, which is always on the claimant. As Houdini (1924, 270) emphatically stated, "It is not for us to prove the mediums are dishonest, it is for them to prove that they are honest." In my opinion John Edward has already failed that test.

John Edward: Hustling the Bereaved
Continued From Page 14
Another session-for an episode of Crossing Over attended by a reporter for The New York Times Magazine, Chris Ballard (2001)-had Edward "hitting well below 50 percent for the day." Indeed, he twice spent "upward of 20 minutes stuck on one person, shooting blanks but not accepting the negative responses." This is a common technique: persisting in an attempt to redeem error, cajoling or even browbeating a sitter (as Sylvia Browne often does), or at least making the incorrect responses seem the person's fault. "Do not not honor him!" Edward exclaimed at one point, then (according to Ballard) "staring down the bewildered man." When the taped episode actually aired, the two lengthy failed readings had been edited out, along with second-rate offerings. What remained were two of the best readings of the show (Ballard 2001). This seems to confirm the allegation in the Time article that episodes were edited to make Edward seem more accurate, even reportedly splicing in clips of one sitter nodding yes "after statements with which he remembers disagreeing" (Jaroff 2001). Edited or not, sessions involving a group offer increased chances for success. By tossing out a statement and indicating a section of the audience rather than an individual, the performing "medium" makes it many times more likely that someone will "acknowledge" it as a "hit." Sometimes multiple audience members will acknowledge an offering, whereupon the performer typically narrows the choice down to a single person and builds on the success. Edward uses just such a technique (Ballard 2001). Still another ploy used by Edward and his fellow "psychic mediums" is to suggest that people who cannot acknowledge a hit may find a connection later. "Write this down," an insistent Edward sometimes says, or in some other way suggests the person study the apparent miss. He may become even more insistent, the positive reinforcement diverting attention from the failure and giving the person an opportunity to find some adaptable meaning later (Nickell 1998).

investigative columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine. A former professional stage magician (he was Resident Magician at the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame for three years) and private investigator for a world-famous detective agency, Dr. Nickell taught technical writing for several years at the University of Kentucky before taking the full-time position with CSICOP at its offices at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, New York. Utilizing his varied background, Nickell has become widely known as an investigator of myths and mysteries, frauds, forgeries, and hoaxes. He has been called "the modern Sherlock Holmes," "the original ghost buster," and "the real-life Scully" (from "The X-Files" ). He has investigated scores of haunted-house cases, including the Amityville Horror and the Mackenzie House in Toronto, Canada. Nickell is the author (co-author or editor) of more than twenty books, including Inquest on the Shroud of Turin (1983, 1998); Secrets of the Supernatural (with John F. Fischer, 1988, 1991); The Magic Detectives (1989); Pen, Ink, and Evidence (1990, 2000, 2003); WonderWorkers! (1991); Ambrose Bierce Is Missing (1992); Missing Pieces (with Robert A. Baker, 1992); Mysterious Realms (1992); Looking for a Miracle (1993, 1998); Psychic Sleuths (1994); Camera Clues (1994); Entities (1995); Detecting Forgery (1996); The Outer Edge (1996); The UFO Invasion (1997); Crime Science (1999); Real-Life X-Files: Investigating the Paranormal (2001); The Kentucky Mint Julep (2003); The Mystery Chronicles (2004); Secrets of the Sideshows (2005); and Lake Monster Mysteries (with Benjamin Radford, 2006).

Debunking Versus Investigation
Some skeptics believe the way to counter Edward and his ilk is to reproduce his effect, to demonstrate the cold-reading technique to radio and TV audiences. Of course that approach is unconvincing unless one actually poses as a medium and then-after seemingly making contact with subjects' dead loved ones-reveals the deception. Although audiences typically fall for the trick (witness Inside Edition's use of it), I deliberately avoid this approach for a variety of reasons, largely because of ethical concerns. I rather agree with Houdini (1924, xi) who had done spiritualistic stunts during his early career: At the time I appreciated the fact that I surprised my clients, but while aware of the fact that I was deceiving them I did not see or

I appreciate the assistance of Tom Flynn who helped me analyze the video clips mentioned in the text and refine the hypothesis that Edward may have glimpsed a reflection. I am also grateful to Tim Binga, Barry Karr, Kevin Christopher, Ben Radford, and Ranjit Sandhu for other assistance.

Joe Nickell, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky, 1987), is Senior Research Fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) - an international scientific organization - and

Ten Horror Hoaxes
Ten horror hoaxes that spooked the masses
1448 Birth of the Devil’s child
Ursula Shipton was so ugly that nobody required further proof that her mother had been seduced by the devil. A biographer wrote that she had “pimples of diverse colours, as red, blew, and mixt, which like Vapours of Brimstone gave such a lustre of the Night”. The nation, including King Henry VIII, believed she had inherited the ability to tell the future. Needless to say, her predictions were as good as her poetry: 'The world to an end shall come, in eighteen hundred and eighty one'.

The 1897 Cow Abduction Hoax

2004 Horror marketing
The US press fell for a Sci Fi channel mockumentary in which Sixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan discussed his childhood relationship with a dead boy whom he had watched drown. The film included footage of the director storming out of interviews in response to upsetting questions. The hoax was designed to plug Shyamalan’s next horror film, The Village, which was released a month later. Ironically, the horror marketing was probably a better success than the film.

2004 Derren Brown's séance
Despite the fact that Brown is a selfconfessed illusionist, he managed to spook the nation with his live Ouija board séance, broadcast on Channel 4. He held the event at Eltham Hall, claiming the location had a history of paranormal activity after 12 people killed themselves in a suicide pact in 1974. Participants, all agnostics and atheists, were moved to tears. Channel 4 received third highest number of complaints in TV history before the show was even broadcast. April 23, 1897, a Kansas newspaper, the Yates Center Farmer's Advocate, reported an incredible story. On the evening of April 19, local rancher Alexander Hamilton, his son, and a hired man saw a giant cigar-shaped UFO hovering above a corral near the house. Hamilton claimed that in a carriage underneath the structure were "six of the strangest beings I ever saw." Just then, the three men heard a calf bawling and found it trapped in the fence, a rope around its neck extending upward. "We tried to get it off but could not," Hamilton said, "so we cut the wire loose to see the ship, heifer and all, rise slowly, disappearing in the northwest." The next day, Hamilton went looking for the animal. He learned that a neighbor had found the butchered remains in his pasture. The neighbor, according to Hamilton, "was greatly mystified in not being able to find any tracks in the soft ground." Hamilton's statement was followed by an affidavit signed by a dozen prominent citizens who swore that "for truth and veracity we have never heard [Hamilton's] word questioned." In the following days, his story was published in newspapers throughout the United States and even in Europe. Ufologists rediscovered the account in the early 1960s, and the story rebounded to life through books and magazines. In 1976, however, an elderly Kansas woman came forward- to say that shortly before the tale was reported in the Farmer's Advocate, she had heard Hamilton boast to his wife about the story -he had made up. Hamilton belonged to a local liars' club that delighted in the concoction of outrageous tall tales. According to the woman, "The club soon broke up after the 'airship and cow' story. I guess that one had topped them all." []

1661 The Ghost drummer of Wiltshire
In the 17th Century, the poor were victims of hoaxes invented by the eccentric and powerful. A bitter John Mompesson of Tedworth took a drummer to court, accusing him of petty crimes. The drummer had his drum confiscated but was released. Mr Mompesson was allegedly haunted by drumming and legend spread throughout England that the drummer had conjured an evil spell to haunt the man’s house. In truth, Mr Mompesson just wanted to fulfil a vendetta against the drummer. The poor drummer was charged again and found guilty of employing an evil spirit.

2007 South Asia's gory mobile hoax

A paranormal mobile phone killer was dismissed as too Japanese-horror-film to be believed. The “virus” was thus explained with science: an unknown caller would ring and project a high-pitched screech through the 1730 Prank witch trial receiver, so loud that it would burst all the The Pennsylvania Gazette published a blood-vessels in the brain. tongue in cheek account of a witch trial at Rumours of the phone killer began in Mount Holly in which witches were charged Pakistan, where believers thought the killings with making people “sheep dance”, among were a sign of God’s wrath. other absurdities. The amusing article, believed to have British Columbia foot been written by the satirist Benjamin Franklin, 2008 chopper backfired; readers took it as gospel. When a human foot washed up on the shores of British Columbia earlier this year, the 1867 Supernatural stones By 1867 newspaper readers still weren't sixth in a period of a few months, news stories in tune with the satirical humour of journalists. were printed in national papers across the However, readers of Nevada’s Territorial world. The sick hoax – the result of a quickly Enterprise cannot be blamed for spreading devised prank, some seaweed in an old trainer rumours about this rather obscure article by Dan is an example of maximum horror hype from minimum effort. De Quille. According to the writer, he had found an eerie basin in some Nevada mountains containing perfectly round stones that moved about in herds. De Quille was offered $10,000 to expose the stones. He declined.

2008 Raffles Place CCTV
A viral video, footage of a bumbling ghost in an elevator at Raffles Place in Singapore, reached inboxes across the world. Eventually the makers, GMP, revealed themselves. The film, part of a campaign against working late, cost $100,000 to make. []

1977 The printed



Still believed by many to be a true story, the haunting at Amityville is probably the most famous paranormal hoax of all time. The terrifying story of the Lutz family home swept America in 1977 and has since been the subject of nine films. One of the key creators of the story, William Weber wrote in a 1979 issue of People magazine: 'I know this book is a hoax. We created this horror story over many bottles of wine'.

Amityville Hoax

The Amityville Hoax

The story behind one of the most believed Paranormal hoaxes in America. What really happened in the house in Amityville and why?
In December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz moved into a big Dutch Colonial home in Amityville, New York. The house had been a great bargain and no wonder, the last owners had died along with all but one of their children, as he was the murderer. The Lutz family was not totally comfortable living in a house that had been the site of such a horrible killing spree, but they knew they could not possibly afford such a nice house under normal circumstances. They thought they could handle it. Apparently, they could not. The family left the house less than a month later, the bank could have the house back, the Lutz family didn't want it anymore. Many things worked together to drive the Lutz family from their home in Amityville. The family had financial problems, and the huge house was going to be a great consumer of finances. It had always been difficult to heat, and the Lutz were forced to rely on fireplaces because fuel oil was consumed at an alarming rate to keep a huge house warm, especially with it located close to water. George Lutz especially was always cold. The financial stress (particularly near the holidays) put a strain on the Lutz marriage and family relationships were strained. Not surprisingly, both George and Kathy had nightmares - both about the house and about the murders, though the details of the murders were inaccurate in the dreams, but after all, they were just dreams. Their nerves began to feed off one another and more and more they felt strange and uncomfortable in the murder house. Any odd occurrence took on supernatural significance. Eventually, (showing more sense than families in horror movies) the family realized the house was not worth the strain and they left. A Newsday article came out in February 1976 about how the Lutz family had left the house to escape the "bad vibes." Up until this point, the Lutz family probably didn't intend to perpetrate a hoax on anyone. They honestly found the house too spooky. Still, the Newsday article caught the public's thirst for the sensational: a haunted house where six people were murdered spooks the next family who tries to live there, driving them out! It was just too good. The Lutz family met the killer's lawyer who was planning to write a book about how supernatural forces made his client kill. He shared the details of the murders and encouraged the Lutz family to "go public" with their own story. With their financial troubles, the lure of book and movie sales must have been overwhelming. Thus, the seed of the Amityville Horror was born. Neither George nor Kathy Lutz actually wrote The Amityville Horror. Jay Anson, based on audiotapes from the Lutzes, wrote the book at a pace of two chapters a week, hardly a pace conducive to much personal research or fact checking. Anson wrote a very popular ghost story - millions of copies were sold. However,

even in 1976, discrepancies between the published story and the facts were noted. Newsday reported that the Lutzes told a press conference neither Sgt. Pat Cammarato, nor any other member of the Amityville police department, ever visited their home, even though such a visit is part of the published book. Also, George Lutz has admitted that his stepson Danny was never rushed to the hospital, as reported in the book. Anson clearly never meant the book to be a piece of journalism; for him the book was "one hell of a ghost story." Like most legends, the Amityville story quickly grew beyond both the book and the movie. Few people seemed willing to abandon a good scary story just because it conficts with the facts. As the story grew, more and more details were added. The Amityville house is said to be built on a burial ground (either Indian or otherwise -- however a 1913 record of cemeteries in the area show no cemetery on the property). The Amityville house is said to be built on the site of an Indian insane asylum (to the surprise of the Montaukett tribe who never knew their ancestors had insane asylums!) The house is said to be built on the grave of John Ketcham, a famous witch. (There is no evidence that Ketcham was buried anywhere near the house, and much evidence that John Ketcham was a respected member of society - not a suspected witch.) The original builders of the house were said to have been driven to move because of supernatural problems. (The Moynahans actually moved into a small cottage while the large Dutch Colonial house was being built.) Stories abound that the murdered DeFeos experienced demonic activity before their death. (Relatives of the DeFeos totally refute this, saying that the problem the DeFeos faced in the house were domestic, not supernatural.) And the biggest myth of all - every family that has tried to live in the house has been driven out or faced tragedy. Before the

Lutz family, only the DeFeo family faced tragedy in the house and their tragedy was certainly not supernatural. The Moynahans lived to old age in the house. The next family, the Fitzgeralds never reported trouble in the house. The Rileys reported loving the house and only sold it because of a divorce, unfortunately, it doesn't take anything supernatural to cause most divorces. Since the publication of the Amityville Horror, the house in Amityville has had a number of owners. None of them have experienced any supernatural phenomena in the house, though all have found the thrill seekers a little annoying. After the movie, the Cromarty family, who bought the house at a bargain without knowing its famous history, tried changing the street address and even the look of the house to discourage tourists. Nothing seemed to help and the Cromarty family put the house on the market and left for a time. Not surprisingly, no one wanted a house that came with constant rubberneckers, and the Cromartys moved back in when the worst of the tourist rush thinned down. The next family to live in the house fled in horror -- from the property taxes -- which had risen along with the value of the house to over 7000 a year. The present owner of the fateful house is so pleased with it that he has invested in restoration of the boathouse and main house. Today, nearly 25 years after the Lutz family fled the house, some people still cling to belief in the Amityville Horror, but for most, the Amityville Horror was just the Blair Witch Project of the 70s - a hell of a good ghost story but nothing more. [] THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO SHOW AND THE ‘X ZONE TV SHOW ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON


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'X' ZONE Bags, 'X' ZONE Buttons & Magnets, 'X' ZONE Fun Stuff, 'X' ZONE Home & Office, 'X' ZONE Kids 'X' ZONE Clothing, 'X' ZONE Pets, 'X' ZONE Shirts (short), 'X' ZONE Books & CDs, 'X' ZONE Cards, 'X' ZONE Prints & Calendars, 'X' ZONE Hats & Caps, 'X' ZONE Intimate Apparel, 'X' ZONE Mugs, 'X' ZONE Shirts (long), 'X' ZONE Stickers. - Visit THE ‘X’ ZONE STORE Today! Above Prices May Vary. Applicable Taxes, Shipping & Handling Extra May Apply.


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Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
Ewen Cameron and The Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute: A Study in Research and Treatment Ethics
Psychic Driving, Ewen Cameron, and the Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute


Dr. Ewen Cameron was a very well known psychiatrist who worked for 21 years at the Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, Quebec. He was highly esteemed among his colleagues and his peers; Gillmor (1987) suggests that Cameron was, when he died in 1967, "one of the most respected psychiatrists in the world" (p.1). At different times, he was head of the Quebec, Canadian, and American Psychiatric Associations, and he was a co-founder and the first president of the World Psychiatric Association (Gillmor, 1987). He became the head of the Allan Memorial upon its opening in 1944, and made it famous for his stance that "no doors in the Allan would be locked . . . [for] even if one ward was locked, society would judge the institution by that ward" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 1). He believed that "madness" - his own term - was something that by Michael Charron, needed to be treated rather than feared, and that Simon Fraser University patients could not be locked up if they were to realize that they still belonged to society "Psychic driving is a potent procedure - it (Collins, 1988). Cameron, then, was very invariably produces responses in the patient, humane in his treatment of patients - at least and often intense responses" (Cameron, 1956, early on - and, as we shall see later, very p. 508) progressive in his views regarding the mentally ill, both when compared to other members of With these words, Dr. Ewen Cameron society and other health professionals. began the summary to Psychic Driving, the Cameron was an ambitious man. As paper that introduced his treatment of the same Collins (1988) points out, he saw what was name to the world. Cameron’s remark was a going on with the soldiers who were returning drastic understatement; for the psychiatric from the Second World War, and he wanted to patients at the Allan Memorial Psychiatric be able to ease the stress and anxiety from Institute, whom he treated with psychic driving which they were suffering. A loftier goal of and its adjuncts, had their lives were changed Cameron’s was to conquer the process of aging. forever. This paper will provide background In time, he set up different research programs at about went on at the Allan Memorial Institute in the Allan Memorial. Of special interest to the 1950s and 1960s, as Dr. Cameron performed Cameron was the idea of sleep teaching. He had brainwashing experiments that were funded by been in correspondence with Max Sherover, an the American CIA. I will examine Cameron’s American who had conquered his patients nailuse of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) along biting habits by continuously playing a tape with psychic driving, in a historical context, in recording to them while they slept (Collins, an attempt to understand why he went to the 1988).Cameron began to experiment with the extremes that he did. Finally, I will look at idea himself. He would, during a normal attitudes toward mental patients - lest they be therapy session, record what he thought was a forgotten among all this - and how these key statement that one of his patients had made attitudes have changed in the last 30 to 40 years. (Gillmor, 1987). Later, Cameron would replay In doing so, I will examine the thin line between the statement repeatedly to the patient, in an research and experimentation. attempt to break down the patient’s defense As an aside, on the surface it may not mechanisms and reach deeper material. Over appear that this topic relates to the history of time, Cameron developed this technique into a psychology in Canada. Dr. Cameron was a therapy that he called psychic driving. He psychiatrist, and the Allan Memorial was a introduced his form of therapy in a paper psychiatric institution. Cameron, himself, was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry not even a Canadian; he was born in Scotland in January, 1956.As he explained it, psychic and later immigrated to the United States. driving allowed for "the penetration of defenses, Despite working for 28 years in Canada, he the elicitation of hitherto inaccessible material, never became Canadian and even maintained and setting up of a dynamic implant" (Cameron, his residence south of the border in Lake Placid, 1956, p. 503) or recurring thought that New York (Collins, 1988). However, this topic influenced the patient’s behaviour even after bears on the discussion of the history of playback of the key statement had been stopped psychology in Canada because it looks at how for some time. Cameron also reported that at modes of treatment have changed, how attitudes times, the patient resisted listening to the toward patients have changed, and, most repetition of the statement; this was handled by importantly, because it was Canadians who administering sodium amytal, a disinhibitant or were affected by what went on at the Allan "truth drug" (Collins, 1988), or by exposing the Memorial. patient to the repetition during a period of prolonged sleep (Cameron, 1956). In his article, THE ‘X’ ZONE TV SHOW Cameron also admits to using stimulant drugs

and LSD - without the patients’ consent - to disorganize the patient and thus allow the driving technique full access to the patient’s psyche. Collins (1988) explains that Cameron, keeping with the climate of the day, referred to his treatment as brainwashing; this term was en vogue in the 1950s, with the Cold War and Korean War fresh in everyone’s minds. The term "brainwashing" caught the eye of members of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). During the Korean War, 70% of the 7,190 American prisoners of war "either made confessions or signed petitions calling for an end to the American presence in Asia" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 78), and the CIA believed that the only possible explanation for this was that the Chinese had brainwashed the American prisoners. As such, the CIA wanted to study brainwashing. Rather than directly fund research, the CIA funded cover organizations who would not be scrutinized as the CIA would be (Collins, 1988). One of these cover organizations was the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology (SIHE); this group funded Cameron’s research into psychic driving from 1957 to 1960 (Collins, 1988). Continued on Page 28

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Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
applications of ECT. Thus, Cameron was not alone in his repeated use of ECT. Page and Russell, however, only recommended daily administration of ECT, as did Kennedy and Cameron’s use of electroconvulsive Ancell. Mukherjee, Sackeim, and Schnur therapy would likely be judged barbaric by the (1994), in their review of 50 years of use of standards of today, as ECT is now used in a ECT, report that in the studies they looked at, much more humane way than it was in the past. "treatment frequency varied from twice weekly As Holmes (1997) explains, before ECT begins, to a 5-days-per-week schedule" (p. 172). This is the patient is administered both a strong still a much lower rate of application than sedative and a muscle relaxant. The purpose of Cameron was using. As such, Cameron’s use of the sedative is to ensure that the patient is the treatment two or three times daily does unconscious when their convulsions begin and appear extreme. In 1985, Public Health Reports the purpose of the muscle relaxant is to reduce advised that "[r]egressive ECT (administration violent muscular contractions during the of a large number of treatments during a short convulsion. Indeed, Holmes (1997) states that period . . . ) is ‘no longer an acceptable "[b]efore muscle relaxants were used, patients treatment’ . . . and multiple-monitored ECT . . . often broke bones during the convulsions" (p. has not been demonstrated to be sufficiently 268). The strength of the electrical current that effective’" (p. 549). is used varies between 70 and 150 volts, and Another consideration is the voltage lasts from between 0.1 to one seconds. used in the application of ECT. As Strain, Treatment is usually administered three times a Brunschwig, Duffy, Agle, Rosenbaum, and week, and if the patient has not responded Bidder (1968) point out, "electrical parameters within five to eight administrations of ECT, "it have been demonstrated to be a factor in is usually concluded that ECT will not be memory loss" (p. 294). This is significant effective, and it is stopped" (p. 270). Cameron, because many former patients at the Allan in contrast, administered much higher doses of reported chronic memory loss (Collins, 1988). ECT. Gillmor (1987) reports that Cameron had Cameron again, however, used a voltage been overseeing use of ECT at the Allan comparable to that of Page and Russell Memorial since 1951, but he "…felt that a more (Gillmor, 1987), and even within the range forceful application of it might produce more currently used (Holmes, 1997). Frankel (1975) impressive results" (p. 55). Rather than and Strain et al. (1968) both report use of the administering a single shock to the patient, he same voltage, with Strain and his associates would shock the patient six times in rapid administering the shock for two seconds instead succession (Collins, 1988). He would apply this of just one. technique -known as a "Page-Russell", after its Overall, then, Cameron was not using a inventors - twice a day for thirty days in a shock that was too severe for his patients to typical attempt to depattern one of his patients. handle. Where he became extreme in his use of At times, patients would even receive three ECT was in the frequency of application. Even treatments a day (Gillmor, 1987). Cameron used if he believed that a "more forceful application . a current of 150 volts, which lasted for one . . might produce greater results" (Gillmor, second. At the Allan Memorial, patients 1987, p. 55), he should not have increased the received anywhere from 30 to 150 treatments of number of applications so greatly in such a short ECT. period of time. I believe that this was unconscionable. It shows a complete lack of regard for the well being of his patients, and a lack of understanding of the treatment that he was using. Cameron can perhaps be forgiven for not knowing beforehand what the effects of his use of ECT would be; one of Cameron’s successors defended him, saying that "Cameron’s work must be viewed from a historical perspective and should not be judged in light of current ethical practices" (Robertson, cited in Gillmor, p. 139). However, Cameron should have been able to recognize the adverse effect that his ECT use was having on his patients, and he should have ceased what he was doing long before lack of funding forced him to It is easy to see that Cameron was more do so. extreme in his use of ECT than psychiatrists are today. However, to determine if Cameron was Continued pn Page 30 misguided in his use of ECT, we must compare how his contemporaries used ECT, and how ECT use changed after Cameron developed his technique. The most obvious difference between Cameron’s application and current use of ECT is the number of shocks administered. Page and Russell, two British doctors, had developed the afore-mentioned Page-Russell technique, in which patients received a series of shocks, each four seconds apart (Gillmor, 1987). Two American doctors, Kennedy and Ancell, also were testing the effects of multiple

Ewen Cameron and The Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute: A Study in Research and Treatment Ethics
Continued From Page 25
Cameron, meanwhile, was becoming increasingly extreme in his attempts to develop psychic driving into a successful therapeutic technique. Some patients were still able to resist the treatment, and consequently Cameron was not quite getting the results he wanted. He began using electroconvulsive therapy in association with psychic driving, and referred to this as "depatterning". His aim was to disorganize disturbed or resistant patients, to allow psychic driving to have its full effect. He believed that "you could regress patients, particularly schizophrenics, back to their infancy" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 56). This was done by administering ECT at much higher levels than it had ever been applied before. Under Cameron’s plan, patients received ECT "up to three times daily" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 56), and this pattern of treatment would continue for thirty days (Collins, 1988). After this, he would attempt to "repattern" his patients with psychic driving. However, by this point, the patient was often "unable to walk or feed himself, and [was] likely incontinent" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 56). Despite the objections of some of his colleagues, Cameron carried on trying to perfect his psychic driving technique (Gillmor, 1987). In 1961, he lost the financial support of the SIHE, and by 1964, his treatments were beginning to prove useless. He himself referred to psychic driving as "a ten-year trip down the wrong road" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 136). He left the Allan Memorial later that same year. Fifteen years later, a group of nine former patients at the Allan Memorial brought suit against the CIA for funding research that led to harm of the patients at the Allan (Collins, 1988). Their lawyer, American civil rights lobbyist Joseph Rauh, wanted to settle out of court because of the advanced age and declining health of his clients (Collins, 1988). However, the CIA was willing to neither settle nor negotiate. Rauh subsequently filed a formal complaint, requesting one million dollars per plaintiff. He then tried to get the Canadian government to support the plaintiffs in their suit against the CIA, [but] to no avail. During the filing of depositions, "CIA and U.S. Justice Department lawyers . . . were . . . stopping testimony where they could on the grounds that it might be damaging to national security" (Collins, 1988, p. 220-21). The Canadian government still would not help, passively saying they "couldn’t release any Americanoriginated documents without the approval of its correspondent" (Collins, 1988, p. 221). The CIA offered a "nuisance settlement" of $25,000 per plaintiff, which was summarily refused. Finally, in 1988, the case went to trial. The lawsuit, however, was fruitless; the CIA never paid any money to any of the plaintiffs, nor did they issue an apology.

Cameron’s Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy


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Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
treatment could happen now - and try to delineate where research ends and treatment begins. One would assume that Cameron must not have had a very high regard for his patients’ rights if he was willing to inject them with LSD or administer repeated treatments of ECT. Morgan (1971) points out, however, that this fits with the attitude of Cameron’s time. Research ethics were previously not something one had to worry about; researchers were "…used to proceeding with their work without thinking or worrying about general ethical questions . . . [t]he usual rule has probably been: if you’re interested, investigate" (p. 276). The public would not have any objection to such treatment of mental patients; while Johannsen (1969) points out that the term "mental patient" can "…refer to anyone who has ever obtained help from a mental health professional." (p. 218), it is more often taken by the lay person to refer to an individual who has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Johannsen (1969) relates information regarding a study done by Cumming and Cumming in Canada in 1957, looking at attitudes toward the mentally ill. Rather than educating the public, the "experiment served . . . to solidify pre-existing attitudes of fear and defensiveness" (p. 219). In fact, every group Johannsen looked at - the public, general medical practitioners, employees in mental institutions, patients’ relatives, employers, religious clergy, and political leaders - had negative attitudes toward mental patients. These negative attitudes ranged from "fear, distrust, and dislike" (p. 219) to an underestimation of "the seriousness of the constituent’s symptoms" (p. 222). Rabkin (1972) summarizes the problem nicely in stating that the "public tends to reject disturbed behaviour that is socially visible, even if it is not severe in terms of incapacitating effects on the patient" (p. 159). Because such attitudes have been so prominent, research has been allowed that has ignored the rights of the individual. Morgan (1971) argues that this is because researchers working in hospitals were trained in a university setting. The emphasis in a university setting is to publish in scholarly journals, win research grants, and so on. When they transfer to the hospital setting, they take this "university mentality" with them. The researcher is faced with factors - such as the rights of individuals which they are not accustomed to having to deal with. The result is that the patient’s rights are often ignored. Whether or not one believes that this is purposeful depends on how one views the academic system as it is set up. The scope of this paper is far too small to deal with this issue, but it is really no surprise that such a mindset has developed as a result of the academic ideal; that is, to publish. There is some evidence that attitudes toward mental patients are changing. Waterman (1974) stresses that we must emphasize the rights of the individual, as "each [research] participant is a distinct individual entitled to the full protection of his rights" (p. 470). To value research findings above the individual, to state that "most subjects suffered no ill harm" is of no benefit to those who do suffer (Waterman, 1974) . Morgan (1971) points out that the individual must be regarded as an end, rather than a means to an end; the patient cannot be valued less than the research itself. This begs the question, where does research begin and treatment end? It seems obvious that Cameron’s work at the Allan Memorial was research; to call it treatment would be farcical, not to mention a complete disservice to all of the patients Cameron "treated". It would seem that treatment ends and research begins when the mental health professional / would-beresearcher values the research or experimentation more than the well being of the patient. Any time that the individual’s goal is to earn accolades, or win recognition, it is research. Research does need to be done; no science, including psychology, can progress without it. However, new treatments should not be developed if, during the development of treatment, the well being of those being experimented on is not given the greatest importance. As mentioned, attitudes toward mental patients are changing, but not enough. Riverview, a psychiatric hospital in Coquitlam, B.C., has gone from having more than 4,000 beds in the 1960s to less than 800 at present (lecture, January 30, 1997), largely because of budgetary constraints. The public is often resistant to having former mental patients in their communities (Holmes, 1997); there is still a great deal of ignorance as to who "mental patients" are and what "mental illness" is, just as Johannsen (1969) described 30 years ago. What does all of this - the events at the Allan Memorial, the use of ECT, changing attitudes toward mental patients - mean for psychology? I think it means that psychology cannot really move forward as a discipline until it educates people as to what mental illness really is. So many people view mental illness as a sign of weakness, or an imperfection in the individual, when often (at times, at least) it is due to nothing more than a chemical imbalance in the brain. Without this type of education, it is conceivable that something similar to the events at the Allan could happen again. Psychology also has to work at gaining back the trust of the public. Events like what went on at the Allan Memorial only make people critical and distrustful of psychologists. We need to educate the public as to what it is that we actually do now - and I hope that is, to try to help people - and work at gaining trust. Without trust, we will not have the support and cooperation of the public, and we cannot move forward as a discipline. The events at the Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute in the 1950s and 1960s set psychology back to its dark ages. As a discipline, psychology is still trying to work its way back into the trust of the public. Cameron said that "psychic driving [was] a potent procedure" (1956, p. 508); I do not think he realized just how potent it was. I believe, however, that if psychology can learn from Cameron’s mistakes, and if we can educate the public to the point that they understand mental illness and mental patients, then perhaps some good can come out of all this. It is unfortunate that it took the destruction of so many people’s lives for this to happen. More About Project MKUltra and Dr Eewen Cameron on Page 31.

Ewen Cameron and The Allan Memorial Psychiatric Institute: A Study in Research and Treatment Ethics
Continued From Page 25
At first, it seems perplexing that Cameron would have pushed ahead with treatment, in light of the adverse effects he must have been seeing in his patients. Still more intriguing is why Cameron would persist in developing the treatment against the objections of his colleagues at the Allan. Gillmor (1987) points out that most of Cameron’s staff did not approve of the way Cameron was using ECT. One doctor said that the "problem . . . was that there was never enough money to set up a proper rehabilitation program. That would . . . interfere with Cameron’s ‘quick fix’ solution. It would be less of a breakthrough . . . if patients required six months of [post-treatment] therapy" (Gillmor, 1987, p. 57). In addition, Cameron’s fellow psychiatrists at the Allan did not approve of his treatment ideas (Gillmor). Collins (1988) explains why Cameron would push on in spite of all of this criticism; Cameron wanted to win a Nobel Prize for his research. Even Cameron’s son believes that Cameron was driven by this goal. I sincerely hope that this was not behind Cameron’s push to develop psychic driving and depatterning as a cure for schizophrenia. This does not seem to fit with the man who developed the open-door policy for his patients at the Allan. It is bad enough that his patients suffered severe memory loss, and were left as shells of their former selves. If this was the result of Cameron’s ignorance, at least we can say that Cameron was trying to cure them. However, if all of this is the result of Cameron’s quest for recognition and acclaim, then he has done a terrible injustice to the patients who were entrusted in his care, to other psychiatrists and psychologists who are to be scrutinized and distrusted more because of his actions, and to the Canadian public, who supported his work through government funding. If all of this happened because of his need for recognition, he cannot be called a humanitarian; rather, he could be said to show a complete lack of regard for mental patients and their care.

Attitudes Toward Mental Patients: Have They Changed?
If Cameron truly was more interested in achieving recognition than in caring for his patients, then he must not have had a very positive attitude towards mental patients. This can only be speculated - we cannot know for sure what Cameron’s motivating factors were. Perhaps we would not be surprised to find out that Cameron was driven by his ambition and had a negative attitude toward mental patients. However, we would be surprised to find out that his attitude did not differ greatly from that of society as a whole. Here we will look at whether attitudes toward mental patients have changed in the last 30 to 40 years - that is, whether such

Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
By Arlene Tyner
Gripping survivor-centered accounts of medical atrocities committed by CIA-funded mind-control (MC) researchers during the Cold War are rarely found in traditional U.S. media.2 Neither are they the subject of emotionally powerful TV docu-dramas commonly produced for broadcast and cable television. In January 1998, the Canadian Broadcasting System (CBC) courageously filled this void, although the blackout on government MC history is neartotal in the U.S. The Sleep Room, a gut-wrenching fourhour miniseries, depicts the true story of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s secret MKULTRA brainwashing experiments carried out in the late 50s and early 60s at Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. Widespread publicity accompanying this major TV event has empowered many other Canadian survivors of nonconsensual brainwashing experiments in hospitals and prisons to come forward and seek justice in the courts.3 In Part I of the miniseries, gifted actors dramatize how vulnerable, trusting hospital patients were transformed into virtual vegetables through doses of "electroconvulsive therapy" 30-40 times more powerful than usual, sensory deprivation, hallucinogenic and paralytic drugs, and other psychological and physical tortures. Part II grippingly depicts the successful eight-year U.S. lawsuit of nine survivors, who overcame fear to confront the humiliations and frustrating delay tactics of the CIA lawyers. Joseph L. Rauh, Jr., a legendary Washington civil rights attorney, and his partner James C. Turner eventually prevailed for their clients. In 1988, the U.S. "national security" establishment agreed to an out-of-court settlement of $750,000.4 This extraordinary CBC drama was based on Anne Collins’ prize-winning 1989 book In the Sleep Room: The Story of CIA Brainwashing Experiments in Canada. Collins exposed Cameron’s 1930s-1940s history of ethically unsupportable experiments on psychiatric patients. Many of the people methodically abused by Cameron had entered the Institute suffering only from mild disorders such as anxiety and post-partum depression. By the time they were released from the Sleep Room torture chamber, many had decades of memory completely wiped out. Some did not remember their children and even had to relearn bladder and bowel control. A U.S. citizen since 1941, the Scottishborn Cameron resided in Albany, New York, from which he commuted to Montreal each week. Before taking on the directorship at Allan Memorial, which is associated with McGill University, Cameron was chair of psychiatry and neurology at a medical school in Albany. He worked closely with Alan Gregg, medicalsciences director of the Rockefeller Foundation, which provided grants to found the Institute in 1943.5 As director from 1943 to 1964, Cameron achieved a worldwide reputation, serving as the first chair of the World Psychiatric Association, as well as president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations. In one barely watchable scene of institutional cruelty, Cameron is filmed delivering a speech to psychiatrists about his successes in "curing" mental illness. As he drones on, the camera switches to scenes of terrified resisting patients being captured and restrained by doctors and nurses, forcibly being dosed with drugs and high-voltage electroshock, then put to sleep for weeks at a time in a room full of beds equipped with tape recorders and football helmets. Winner in 1998 of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s Gemini Awards in best picture and other categories, The Sleep Room touched the raw nerves of Canadian citizens. Not only did they learn their government had been the CIA’s junior consort during the Cold War against Communism, they also discovered it had secretly granted $500,000 to fund the Allan Memorial experiments. The CIA had only given Cameron $69,000 from 1957 to 1964. As the lawsuit dragged on through the Reagan presidency, Rauh was forced to expose the Canadian government’s role in helping the CIA derail the lawsuit, in complete disregard for pain and lifelong suffering of its own citizens.6 In 1992 the Canadian government coughed up $100,000 for 76 Cameron victims. To date 127 of his patients have come forward with their horror stories to seek compensation. CIA psychologist John Gittinger initiated contact with Cameron after reading his article on "Psychic Driving" in the January 1956 American Journal of Psychiatry. Gittinger persuaded Cameron to apply to the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, a CIA front set up in 1955 to disburse funding for what became a huge MKULTRA network in the U.S., Canada and overseas (in collaboration with branches of the U.S. Armed Forces). The Human Ecology Fund (its name was changed in 1961) operated secretly out of Cornell University in New York City. Cameron’s brainwashing grant application proposed to "depattern" patient behavior through the use of mega-doses of electroshock, to reprogram patients’ minds with repetitious verbal messages 16 hours a day for six or seven days, during which time the patient would be kept in partial sensory deprivation. Cameron called this technique "psychic driving." Brainwashing would be completed by subjecting patients to drug-enforced continuous sleep, sometimes as long as weeks or even months.7 The Sleep Room portrays two generations of CIA personnel as equally deadly, i.e., the 1950s Human Ecology bureaucrats who approved the funding for what were considered "terminal" experiments on non-U.S. nationals, and the 1980s CIA legal lords who maneuvered on grounds of "national security" to withhold evidence of the agency’s negligence and failure to adhere to the Nuremberg Code. The callousness of the CIA scientists is aptly captured in this fictitious dialog, where the scientists are discussing whether to fund Cameron’s proposal:


#1: He’s going to fry his patients. I can tell you that. #2: Well, we won’t worry about the patients. That’s his problem. I just want to know if he can brainwash them. #1: He just might, you know. He’s right about the memory loss with a shock like that. You couldn’t do that to volunteers. #2: Well, should we give him the money? #1: What have we got to lose? It’s not like he’s doing it to Americans. While the tone is apt, the misleading impression that neither the CIA nor Cameron were experimenting on U.S. citizens (witting or unwitting) during this era is the miniseries’ biggest flaw. According to the March 15, 1995 testimony of Claudia Mullen before the President’s Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE), Ewen Cameron was the high-voltage expert in a secret team of CIA doctor-brainwashers. Mullen and Chris DiNicola Ebner told a visibly shaken group of scientists that memory-erasing electroshock, among other horrors, was regularly used on physically healthy American children in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.8 Unlucky enough to be delivered into CIA/military custody by abusive or uncaring parents, children as young as eight years old were subjected to trauma-based mind control (MC) programming to mold them into "Manchurian Candidate" spies, assassins and sexual blackmailers.9 ACHRE’s final report documented more than 4000 experiments, and anywhere from 16,000 to 23,000 unwitting victims!10 The numbers run past 200,000 when if one includes the GIs deliberately exposed to radiation from atomic bomb testing.11 During this same era, U.S. psychiatric patients were also victimized. Harold Blauer, a patient in the New York Psychiatric Institute, died in 1953 shortly after being injected with a highly toxic dose of methyl-diamphetamine (MDA), a derivative of mescaline. Blauer had entered the hospital suffering from depression after a divorce. He had made progress solely with the talking cure. Blauer did not know that his psychiatrist, Paul Hoch, was a CIA consultant secretly under contract with the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal chemical/biological warfare lab. This contract was negotiated through the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, which allowed trusting hospital patients to be used as part of the Army’s search for "potential chemical warfare agents." Continued on Page 34


Where Fact Is Fiction & Fiction is Reality APOCALYPSE

A Quest for True Human Beings
A routine, scientific search for the American Sasquatch leads Robert Morgan to some of the most secret knowledge of Native American tribes across the United States, as well as encounters with the last of the legendary men of the Old West, and unexplained mysterious lights in the night sky. Along this fascinating ride, the reader also learns what fuels this man s search for the elusive Forest People. For this reader, this was the most fascinating tale of all. Seeking to refute the Judeo-Christian view of man being created in the image of God, Morgan researches the tales of Sasquatch, reasoning that if he can provide good evidence of its existence, humanity will have to make room in its family tree for one more relative, and revise its view that Homo Sapiens is the only being that possesses a soul and therefore is the supreme being on this planet... All in all, a fascinating read on several levels. I recommend it. --Val Smith - past President Authors of the Flathead

2 0 1 2

Soul Snatchers by Robert W. Morgan


Her MISSION as a Healer is to help you find your Inner Spirit. Her MISSION as a Healer is to help you find your Inner Spirit. For Lifetimes, Amirah has served as a "Soul Mystic" -- Master Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Amirah's profound work creates life changing results that clients value.
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Real Dreams Predicting Your Tomorrow?
THE POWER OF THE STARS: How they move us humans!Dita Wegman, a longtime searcher of the Truth who has diligently studied and experienced Nostradamus’ knowledge concerning the power of the stars, came into the possession of the prophet’s only dream book in a mysterious manner. This edition of Nostradamus’ DREAM BOOK (1928) was the last one in existence. Dita spent many decades, not only studying the tools Nostradamus revealed to predict individual’s futures, but consistently, throughout her lifetime, has experienced their truthfulness. According to Nostradamus (and modern Science), radiation holds the Universe together and causes every object to radiate in its own characteristic way. Our established Zodiac is proof, confirming that each individual born under one of the 12 astrological signs reflects certain characteristics radiating from the planets that conform to each sign of the zodiac. Four hundred fifty years ago, Nostradamus, who was a medical doctor and master in astronomy/astrology (called 'divine' by contemporary scholars), understood the truth behind the meaningful power radiation of the stars. He saw the interconnectedness, how the stars influence human organisms, and how it affects our sleep and dreams. []

He walked the earth 500 years ago and is still known in every corner of the globe. His fame has only increased, since his accuracy in predicting future events continues to fascinate us today, as it has for centuries. Should we not ask ourselves from where he drew such knowledge - a knowledge of events hundreds of years before they took, are taking, and will take place? Is it possible that he was privileged and perhaps chosen to provide mankind with the insight of this knowledge - of what to expect in the future? Could it be, that the pattern of events is predetermined by ‘Divine Power’ - according to the constant activity of the Universal Laws, also known as "Natures Law" in action, recognizable as a "a consequence" of our own volition (according to one of a fundemental law, known as 'cause and effect'.) Therefore, through our own actions taken, we are not only shaping our individual destiny, but also the destiny of our Nation and The World! Nostradamus, the great astronomer and astrologer, medical doctor and greatest seer, found and recognized the interconnectedness of the meaningful light- radiation through the celestial bodies, which influences, shapes and guides life on earth. []


From her earliest youth, then still living in Europe, Dita Wegman was drawn to the name " Nostradamus " like a magnet. His name resonate with a kind of mysteriousness, especially when she gazed in awe at the Universe with those millions of sparkling lights, searching at the night sky for star-images, find them and proudly could call them by name, she felt even more drawn to the great Astronomer, not knowing 'why'? One day , as it so happen, a Lady friend of hers introduced her to her "German Edition of Nostradamus' Dream-Book " Dita was fascinated with the book then as she is today, and was saddened to learn that it was no longer available in print. About 20 years later, already residing in Canada, and while on a trip to Germany, Dita had not forgotten her desire to posses this book. After Dita tracked down her friends family and got the news by her son, of her passing, sadness set in and her chance to see this book again, slipped away. But Dita had to ask, if he would know about the existence of the Nostradamus book ? Spontaneously he answered, "Wait here" while he retrieved it from the attic. In disbelieve and almost numb Dita heard him say :"Here it is - take it... I know mother would have given this to you because she liked you very much and knew how desperately you wanted it for yourself."The rest is history. []


Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
have any MC techniques or drugs "not available in the West."17 However, neither Hoover nor the CIA told the Commission that the U.S. had an operational program of Manchurian Candidates up and running since World War II!18 The term "brainwashing" was first coined in 1950 by Edward Hunter, a CIA employee operating undercover as a journalist, purportedly to explain how American POWs in Korea were being coerced into confessing they used biological weapons.19 Newspapers played up fears that the Soviets, the Chinese and North Koreans were using a secret psychological weapon against allied soldiers. This "brainwashing" scare was a successful CIA disinformation strategy used to build support for an unpopular war.20 It also helped insulate military and university researchers from accountability for violating medical ethics and criminal laws. The prevailing anticommunist hysteria that grew to justify the MKULTRA program and its unambiguous violations of the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code and many international human-rights covenants was aptly summarized in 1954 by former President Herbert Hoover: It is now clear we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination.... There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto accepted norms of human conduct do not apply.... If the United States is to survive, long-standing American concepts of fair play must be reconsidered... We must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated, more effective methods than those used against us.21 The MKULTRA program began with a proposal by Richard Helms, then the CIA’s Assistant Deputy Director for Plans, to fund "highly sensitive" research and development using chemical/ biological substances to alter human behavior. It was approved by CIA Director Allen Dulles on April 13, 1953 and was overseen by chemist Sidney Gottlieb, chief of the CIA’s Technical Services Division (TSD). The first MC programs, called Bluebird and Artichoke, were subsumed under the MKULTRA umbrella. This program came to embrace an octopus-like network with names like MK-Search (1963-1973), MK-Delta and MK-Naomi (assassination programs carried out by the Army 1953-1970).22 Between 1953 and 1963 the TSD operated 149 subprojects in 80 U.S. and Canadian universities and medical centers, and three prisons, involving 185 private researchers, 15 foundations and numerous pharmaceutical companies.23 In 1973, with the Watergate scandal looming, outgoing CIA Director Helms ordered all MKULTRA records destroyed. He testified before the Senate’s Church Committee two years later that Gottlieb: "...came to me and said that he was retiring and I was retiring and he thought it would be a good idea if these files were destroyed. And I also believe part of the reason for our thinking this was advisable was there had been relationships with outsiders in government agencies and other organizations and these would be sensitive in this kind of thing but that since the program was over and finished and done with, we thought we would

Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
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The MDA was not administered for any therapeutic reason. Blauer was scheduled to be released from the hospital in a few weeks. His objections to the series of injections, which were causing him great pain and discomfort, were overridden by manipulative hospital personnel. Blauer was threatened before the fourth nonfatal dose that if he didn’t give his consent, he would be moved out of the Institute to hospital settings that displeased him. The fourth dose caused a violent reaction. The fifth killed him. The Army began its cover-up immediately, the sordid details of which are recounted in the 1987 court decision awarding the Blauer estate $707,044. The court affixed blame for Blauer’s needless death totally on the U.S. government.12 The Blauer case reveals a direct lineage between Nazi research projects and the MKULTRA program. Mescaline was tested on concentration camp inmates during the Third Reich’s search for a "truth serum."13 These and other Nazi experiments were intensively studied by U.S. military scientists in occupied Germany. Under the CIA’s Operation Paperclip, 1600 German and Austrian scientists were secretly brought to the U.S. Some had worked for I.G. Farben perfecting Zyclon-B gas for the extermination of Jews and other doomed prisoners. Many were being investigated for war crimes when they were rescued by a government intent on using their knowledge and expertise in the Cold War against the Communist Eastern Bloc. Hundreds of chemists and other scientists were given jobs at Edgewood Arsenal, which supplied the drugs, chemicals and poisons for the CIA’s counterespionage and assassination programs during the Korean and Vietnam wars, as well as covert interventions in the affairs of many Third World nations.14 Though the Cold War is over, the U.S. military/CIA bureaucracies still invoke "national security" and "plausible deniability" to hide a vast arsenal of sophisticated mindcontrol and psychological warfare technology.15 All of these weapons had to be perfected by means of human experimentation. Psychiatrist Colin Ross found that many areas of brain research heading in the direction of MC suddenly went "black" in the 1960s.16 His long-awaited book, Building the Manchurian Candidate: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists, will soon be published. A hint about mind-control research first surfaced in the aftermath of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When J. Edgar Hoover testified before the Warren Commission in 1964, he raised the possibility President Kennedy had been killed by a programmed assassin dispatched by the Soviet Union. Alarmed, the Commission requested the CIA to produce information on Soviet brainwashing. The resultant CIA memo (so controversial it wasn’t declassified until 1974) cryptically asserted the Soviets did not

Based on a true story about secret CIA funded brainwashing experiments conducted on psychiatric patients in Montreal's Allan Memorial Hospital in the 50's. After 25 years the aging survivors challenge the USA in a pursult of justice Opening remarks by James C. Turner The Sleep Room's Missing Memories. "...Cast and crew have been unanimous in their praise of director Anne Wheeler..." "...Cinematographer Thomas Vamos has similar praise for Wheeler (The Diviners, Loyalties, Cowboys Don't Cry). "I think she is one of the best directors I have worked with in my life," he says. "And not only on the level of craft but she has an extraordinary knowledge and sensitivity. She has tremendous patience for the people, and for the production." Playback Magazine Gemini Awards 1998: Best Direction in a Dramatic Program or MiniSeries - Anne Wheeler Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series - Diego Matamoros Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series Best TV Movie or Mini-Series Special Award - Donald Mowat - For outstanding achievement in makeup.

just get rid of the files as well, so that anybody who assisted us in the past would not be subject to follow-up questions, embarrassment, if you will."24 Fortunately, 8,000 pages of mainly financial data escaped the CIA shredder, and were declassified pursuant to a Freedom of Information lawsuit in the 1970s filed by the Center for National Security Studies. Though woefully incomplete, these documents nevertheless became the bedrock of John Marks’ groundbreaking 1978 book, The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate": The CIA and Mind Control.25 Continued on Page 35

Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
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All branches of the military sponsored MC research in collaboration with the CIA.26 Most civilian subjects were unwitting; even CIA employees and Army recruits who consented to drug and hypnosis experiments were not properly informed as to their dangers. MKULTRA clearly violated the Nuremberg Code requirement that subjects give "informed consent" to participate in scientific research: "This means that the person involved should have the legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other form of constraint or coercion." This Code was established in 1948 by the same U.S. Military Tribunal that tried 24 Nazi doctors for deadly experiments on concentration camp inmates. It was binding on the U.S. as of February 26, 1953.27 How do we explain the hundreds of thousands of human guinea pigs callously sacrificed during the Cold War?28 As Paperclip researcher Linda Hunt concluded, "...we used Nazi science to kill our own people."29 Perhaps survivor stories can help us understand what went wrong and why our secular democracy allows huge bureaucracies of unsupervised, supersecret warriors guided only by the cult-like religion of "national security" and the obsessive search for "enemies of the state." The death of communism as a military threat has not dented the religious zeal that still inspires the military/intelligence establishment. James Stanley, a career soldier, suffered soul murder as an Army lab rat. He was given LSD in 1958 without being warned of its dangers, as were 1000 other "volunteer" soldiers. Stanley suffered hallucinations, memory loss, incoherence, and a negative personality change. Fits of uncontrollable violence destroyed his family, and restricted his ability to earn a living. And he never knew why until 1975, when the Army invited him to participate in a follow-up study on "volunteers who participated" in LSD testing. In United States vs. Stanley,30 the Supreme Court majority decided against Stanley’s claim for damages. However, Justices Brennan, Marshall and O’Connor dissented, asserting their belief that the Nuremberg Code’s standard of informed consent applies to soldiers as well as civilians. In 1996 James Stanley finally wrangled a $400,000 settlement from the government, but no apology for having ruined his life.31 Unacknowledged civilian wreckage from unimaginably cruel brainwashing experiments continues to bob to the surface from a vast sea of still-classified, cold-war experiments. Survivors of ghoulish medical tortures or the families of deceased victims are turning up in Canadian and U.S. courtrooms today demanding compensation for a lifetime of suffering. Some Canadian plaintiffs appear to have a slight advantage over their U.S. cousins, who are severely hampered by the 1973 Helms/Gottlieb destruction of MKULTRA records. Fortunately for these survivors, paper trails are being unearthed in government, hospital and prison archives. The eminently freer Canadian press also helps build public support for MC survivors’ lawsuits.32 Gail Kastner, now in her 60s, did not discover Ewen Cameron’s experiments were the cause of her "wasted life" until reading a newspaper story in the Montreal Gazette in 1992. She sued the Canadian government and Montreal’s Royal Victoria Hospital in 1999 after the government rejected her claim for damages. A "brilliant student whose domineering father checked her into the institute for depression," Kastner says that Cameron’s electroconvulsive "depatterning" treatments and insulin-induced comas for five weeks at a time are responsible for a life of screaming nightmares, recurring seizures, loss of memory, and long-term regression to an infantile state. Her husband, son and twin sister could not tolerate her bizarre behavior, i.e. "wetting the living-room carpet, thumbsucking, babytalk and wanting to be bottlefed." Abandoned by her own family, she was rescued from homelessness by the Jewish Family Service.33 During the era of Cameron’s brainwashing regimens, psychiatrists and psychologists in other Canadian institutions were using similar methods to "treat" people haphazardly diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia or, in prisons, what was perceived as "antisocial" conduct. Dorothy Proctor was a rebellious 17-year-old when she entered the Prison for Women in Kingston, Ontario on a three-year term for robbery. Primed first with sensory deprivation and electroshock, she was administered LSD in 1961 by a prison psychologist, then locked into "The Hole" to endure what for her was "Dante’s Inferno." Proctor, a Native and Black Canadian from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, calls this "mind rape." She says she was singled out for such "Nazi-style science" because she had twice escaped from the prison, bringing unfavorable publicity to the authorities there. Proctor asserts that the steady prison diet of LSD and other experimental drugs led her down the path to drug addiction for 24 years. After publishing Chameleon: The Life of Dorothy Proctor in 1994, this articulate and determined woman launched a complaint with the Corrections Service of Canada (CSC), saying she suffered permanent brain damage and hallucinations haunting her to the present day. "I was reduced to a lab rat, a monkey in a cage," she told the Ottawa Citizen (7/21/98), which has been covering the Proctor and other Canadian human experimentation cases for a number of years. A government inquiry turned up documentation (including clinical notes) that Proctor was not the only victim of involuntary prison experimentation 1960-1963. At least 23 other women prisoners were also used as human guinea pigs. Only four of these women have been found to date. And instead of complying with the CSC’s recommendation of an apology and financial compensation to Proctor, the Canadian government commissioned an "ethics study" at McGill University. Meanwhile Proctor hired lawyer James Newland and filed suit for


$5 million in damages from the Canadian government, George Scott, MD, the prison psychiatrist, and Mark Eveson, a psychologist affiliated with Queen’s University.34 While the emotional shock of The Sleep Room still electrified Canadian airways, the Ottawa Citizen published an expose drawn from interviews, archives, scientific journals and correspondence between doctors and prison officials. It found that hundreds of federal prisoners throughout Canada were used for pharmaceutical trials of untested drugs, sensory deprivation, and pain and electroshock studies. It uncovered a 1968 trial during which defendant Christine Bauman claimed that she suffered terrifying personality changes after being given LSD in 1961 at the Institute for Psychotherapy, not far from Kingston Prison where she had been incarcerated.35 Furthermore, archival materials released through the Proctor lawsuit indicate that some abuses may have begun as early as March 24, 1949, when a new electroshock machine arrived at Kingston Penitentiary. Electroshock has a history of being used as punishment in Nazi Germany and against Blacks in apartheid South Africa.36 By late 1999, additional Canadian women and men came forward to claim they were used in prison and hospital experiments in the 1960s and 1970s. A class-action suit against the prison system was filed anonymously by "Jane Doe," a 75-year-old grandmother who realized after reading newspaper stories that she was one of the 23 women who were given LSD and other terrifying "treatments" without their consent while in prison . Her lawsuit charges Scott and Eveson with assault, intentional affliction of mental suffering, and negligence. Her access to the Eveson’s clinical notes, released as a result of the Proctor suit, helped her recognize what had been done to her 38 years ago.37 Less documented, however, are the connections of these prison experiments to U.S. mind-control funding sources. Canadian newspaper stories usually include the caveat that although prison use of LSD and "shock therapy" coincided with CIA "brainwashing" experiments at Allan Memorial Institute, no evidence has been found to link the programs. However, Allen Hornblum, author of Acres of Skin: The Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison, said on a 1998 CBC radio show that some of the experiments conducted in U.S. prisons during this era were sponsored by the U.S. Army and the CIA. And he pointed out that shortly after seven Nazi doctors were hung at Nuremberg for horrific experiments on inmates at Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz and Ravensbruk, U.S. doctors were injecting plutonium and uranium into unwitting hospital patients.38 hospitals and prisons.40 Continued on Page 35


Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
control program was exposed. They later received an apology from President Gerald Ford and a $750,000 settlement. However, after studying documents declassified in later years, Eric Olson believed his father may have been pushed out the window. He had the body exhumed in 1994. A group of private forensic researchers announced on the 41th anniversary of Olson’s death that both forensic and other evidence were "starkly suggestive of homicide."45 A second skull fracture (missed in the initial autopsy) means Olson may have been hit on the head before his body went through the window. Also the lack of cuts on Olson’s body would appear to rule out the official CIA story of his "suicide."46 Armond Pastore, the hotel night manager who kneeled beside the dying Olson back in 1953, said, "I never heard of anybody jumping through a closed window with the blind down."47 Last year a New York grand jury was looking at this new evidence.48 The first CIA brainwashing case to go before a jury took place in 1999. I learned about this civil trial through two articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer.49 This civil trial centered on the tragic life of up-and-coming artist Stanley Glickman, who says that in 1952 in a Paris cafe, MKULTRA czar Sidney Gottlieb had brought him a drink laced with LSD. Gottlieb denied doing this, despite admitting he had spiked the drinks of other unsuspecting people in the 1950s. Glickman suffered a psychological breakdown from which he never recovered. After collapsing he was rushed to American Hospital where he claimed doctors there administered electroshock therapy "via a catheter up his penis" as well as more hallucinogenic drugs.50 After learning about the CIA’s LSD experiments on unwitting subjects in the 1970s, Glickman sued in 1983. His identification of Gottlieb was based on remembering that the strange man in the bar had a club foot. Using the same delay-and-attrition tactics heaped on the nine elderly Canadians in Orlikow, the CIA was able to delay the trial for 16 years. Glickman died in 1992 but his sister Gloria Kronisch continued the lawsuit. Dominick L. DiCarlo, a conservative chief judge "on loan" from the U.S. Court of International Trade in New York City, presided. Continued on Page 37

Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
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Moss-Sharman has been organizing support for federal prisoner Richard Carlson, who filed a civil claim in October 1998. Carlson says his use in covert brainwashing experiments from 1968 to 1974 in several Kingston-area prisons caused a lifelong psychiatric disability. According to Moss-Sharman, the authorities retaliated against Carlson going public about the prison brainwashing experiments. They unsuccessfully tried to change his status to "dangerous offender," which would have carried a mandatory life sentence for the bank robbery charge, which he is also appealing. Three people connected to Carlson have died under mysterious circumstances since he launched his brainwashing claim. They include Tony Vaitelis, the second male inmate to make claims similar to Carlson’s, an unnamed former hospital orderly and potential witness to prison brainwashing, and Carlson’s 30-year-old son. Moss-Sharman says Carlson is dangerous to Correctional Services Canada because he can name the inmates who died during the prison experiments and can describe what happened in the experimental units.41 "Insulin shock therapy" was frequently used on Ewen Cameron’s patients at Allan Memorial. In 1999 the widow of Yuan Woo (Jean-Paul Martineau), a former Royal Canadian Air Force radar technician, went public with the story of how her deceased husband had been the unwitting subject of "insulin shock therapy" experiments in Queen Mary’s Veterans Hospital in 1953. Martineau curiously changed his name to "Juan Woo" after being discharged. As a result of medical mistreatment, Ms. Woo says, her husband developed such a morbid fear of physicians, he postponed going to the doctor until he was near death from cancer in 1996.42 In the U.S., MC survivors and their families are hard-pressed to secure files documenting their claims, if indeed such records escaped the shredder years ago. Since 1985 all litigants have been hampered by C.I.A. vs. Sims,43 a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that undergirds the CIA’s refusal to name its contract institutions and individual researchers on grounds of "national security."44 Only 59 CIA/military contract institutions and a handful of researchers consented to be publicly named in the 1970s when the MKULTRA program was exposed. The most well-publicized U.S. victim of the MKULTRA experiments is Frank Olson, a biochemist who worked at the Army Chemical Corps’ Special Operations Division at Ft. Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland. On November 18, 1953, Olson was given a drink of Cointreau secretly laced with LSD. He immediately became agitated and severely paranoid, a condition that lasted for days. Olson was said to have committed suicide nine days later by jumping 13-stories to his death through the closed window of a New York hotel. Members of his family did not learn he had been drugged until 1975 when the MKULTRA behavior-

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Project MKULTRA & Ewen Cameron
Mind-Control Part 1: Canadian and U.S. Survivors Seek Justice
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What happened next will some day be the stuff of high drama in a Sleep Room-type teleplay exposing the CIA’s 50-year history of crimes against humanity. Finally being called to account in a courtroom for overseeing a quartercentury of U.S.-style Nazi science, Gottlieb becomes ill, causing postponement of the February trial. On the eve of the March date, he unexpectedly dies. Both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times obituaries report that the Gottlieb family refuses to disclose the cause of his death. The online WorldNet Daily, however, reports that Gottlieb, 80, died after a "month-long bout with pneumonia." According to this story, he was admitted to the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesburg on February 14, and "lapsed into a coma" on March 5 "from which he never recovered."51 Are we overly paranoid to suspect the CIA of foul play here? Did life boomerang on the aged Dr. Strangelove? Was this enthusiastic harvester of exotic poisons and inventor of bizarre assassination delivery systems somehow silenced by same to prevent his spilling the CIA’s dirty secrets in a court of law?52 Anyway, the trial goes forward in late March, with the Glickman estate suing the Gottlieb estate (the claims against Helms and the CIA had been thrown out). As the lawyers near their final summations, Judge DiCarlo, 71, suddenly drops dead of a heart attack while exercising in a federal gym located next to the court. His New York Times obituary makes no mention of the controversial CIA trial (nor does the Times even cover the trial).53 However, the New York Daily News, with more guts and pizzazz, reports that DiCarlo’s death "created a surreal scene as paramedics and a priest called to give last rites mingled with jurors preparing to decide one of the strangest cases being heard in the city."54 Goosebumps and paranoia strike again. Was this Reagan-appointed judge a victim of the CIA’s long-rumored, untraceable method of inducing heart attacks? Or was it the stress of a CIA trial that killed him? Almost on cue, Federal Judge Kimba Wood was assigned to take DiCarlo’s place, a move prejudicial to the plaintiff since she had thrown out this case in 1997. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the lawsuit in 1998.55 After closing arguments, the jury deliberated for seven hours before ruling against the Glickman estate. But the evidence of foul play goes way beyond the spiking of Glickman’s drink. His Paris hospital records show that two of his doctors had been engaged in LSD research at the time. Also, CIA files from 1952 reveal a special interest in the heightened effect of LSD on people with hepatitis. One of Glickman’s American Hospital doctors had previously treated him for hepatitis, making this oncepromising young artist "the ideal guinea pig."56 I would like to thank Lynne MossSharman, Kathy Kasten, Eleanor White and Blanche Chavoustie for providing news articles and other research materials for this series.


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From The ‘X’ Zone Newsroom
Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X
By Ed Komarek
I believe that the single most important obstacle to UFO/ET disclosure are global entrenched business interests working in concert with global intelligence and military interests. Dwight D. Eisenhower called this kind of cooperation and collusion between global and national military and business interests the Military Industrial Complex. He warned in the 1950´s that the MIC was a grave threat to constitutional government and democracy. Control over the UFO/ET cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies began in the hands of government and military officials through a working group called MJ 12, but according to whistle-blowers global entrenched business interests engineered a purge during the Nixon administration that resulting in the privatization of both the cover-up and the exploitation of extraterrestrial technologies and knowledge. A major selling point seems to have been that a quasi-private global corporation could better keep the UFO/ET awareness secret while at the same time exploiting extraterrestrial technologies for the benefit of American and European government security and economic interests. The problem seems to be that it has been impossible for factionalized governments to adequately oversee such a vast global unified autocratic enterprise resulting in this nameless Corporation X turning the tables on government control and oversight. I would be the first to say that I could be wrong about the nature, size and influnce of Corporation X and that I could be misinterpreting statements by Ben Rich and others that seem to indicate to me that we are dealing with standard corporate structure. For instance, when Ben Rich say's that since the Nixon purge in the 1960's UFO/ET matters are now under the control of private enterprise and a international board of directors I think of corporate structure. I would be the first ot admit that I only have a very vague understanding of something that is indeed very complex. Still we have to start someplace. Maybe we have something here like the British East India Company. _Company This company had a charter from the British Crown that gave it a global monopoly and it fought its own wars with its own armies and even controlled territory around the globe in its heyday. The East India Company also had a powerful national lobby and great control over the British political process. It has also been suggested to me by one individual that Corporation X could be a conglomerate of colluding corporations operating like the Health Industry. Still another individual brought up the concept of overall control through a social network integrated in part by a Interlocking D i r e c t o r a t e . orate I think what we have is a multi-trillion dollar corporation that has become so powerful that it has become a law into itself and can dictate to not only the American and European governments that created it, but to most other governments around the globe and the UN as well. Corporation X´s real name could be something like Alien Resource Research & Development Corporation (ARRDC) or perhaps more simply Alien Resource Development Corporation (ARDC). A more generic title could be, Space Resource Research & Development Corporation (SRRDC) I would suspect that this Corporation X is structured similar to quasi-private Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac but much larger and extremely secretive. Of course Corporation X would dwarf Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac by perhaps 10s of trillions of dollars and its limited oversight would be by more than one government as well. One also has to wonder if this Corporation X could be vulnerable to severe economic crisis like Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae and so be subject to a covert meltdown. I certainly hope so. Because of the huge sums of money that Corporation X makes and has at its disposal it seems to have been able to buy control over classified elements of global government militaries and intelligence agencies, private corporations, and criminal organizations making these organizations subsidiaries to the Corporation. In the United States the Air Force and Army collect the ET hardware with the CIA as the middle man responsible for maintaining security and flow of the hardware to private defense and industrial corporations. We can see references to this sort of activity in Corso´s Book, The Day After Roswell. Corso spent a lot of time and effort attempting to evade the CIA in the Army´s limited effort to distribute small amounts of Roswell debris to industrial and defense corporations. It is obvious from Corso´s book that it was the CIA rather than the military who were in primary control over this activity. I believe that control over this hugely profitable collection-exploitation process is accomplished through the buying of military and intelligence community cooperation and the Corporation acting as the sole general contractor distributing ET technology and contracts to cooperating private defense and industrial corporations. If you don´t cooperate you don´t get fed. Much documentation as to the early stages of the UFO/ET cover-up has been leaked or declassified which has been of apparent benefit to UFO investigators. I say apparent because the evidence suggests to me that the release of these early documents seems to have served a more deceptive secret agenda meant to divert attention away from the current organizational structure of the cover-up and exploitation of ET technologies. This is a very important point that seems to have been overlooked by UFO/ET investigators both in the public domain and in the military. We in public, government and the military cannot target and remove obstacles to UFO/ET disclosure if we can´t understand the nature of the adversary attacking us or the strategies employed against us by the adversary. Naturally, the reader will ask, where is


Bird rescuers find alien in duck

the evidence to support this speculation? I think the most important pieces of evidence comes from the testimony of Dr. Ben Rich the past head to Lockheed´s Skunk Works. Ben stated before his death, "1. There are 2 types of UFOs -- the ones we build and ones 'they' build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual "hand-medowns." The Government knew and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon "purge", administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector." 7. It was Ben Rich's opinion that the public should not be told. He believed they could not handle the truth -- ever. Only in the last months of his decline did he begin to feel that the "international corporate board of directors" dealing with the "Subject" could represent a bigger problem to citizens' personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves. " 2.doc Further collaborating evidence comes from Whistle-blower Bill Uhouse. In this early report Bill was called Jrod but later the ET he worked with was called the Jrod. Bill Uhouse states, "Understanding how this social structure works is like trying to understand the internal relationships of a tight-knit family in some Asian culture." "If any area seems dubious, he asks his boss about it, who says either "Okay" or "Let's hold off on that a while." For example, his boss said it was okay to mention Nixon as the founder of the satellite government, because "Nixon is dead." Playing by the rules is very simple for Jarod. He is not working from any rule book or security classification system." Continued on Page 40



Truth hurts - we'd better face it quickly
as death squads, black bag operators for the intimidation of public, military and private officials that are pro-disclosure? Is their a mechanism for oversight by governments and how effective is his oversight? Those of us in the civilian community and in the military that desire UFO/ET disclosure should make it a very high priority to work together to further identify, lock on and target anti-disclosure Corporation X. I believe Corporation X is out of control and its activities not only threaten public and democratic constitutional control but the whole of humanity and the global environment. I would appreciate it if other researchers forward on to me any evidence they might have in reference to Corporation X for use in a second follow up article. This is a work in progress. In a second article my thinking has jelled further. The second article follows on the heels of my first article at my blog site: [] costume, which included long underwear, Weiss' high school football helmet, Styrofoam attached to the helmet, large gloves, German combat boots with metal soles, a bedsheet with two holes cut out for the eyes and a button sewed on for the mouth and blinking lights on the helmet. "They didn't have blinking (Christmas) lights back then, so we had to make the lights blink ourselves," Weiss said. "We had a battery pack attached to the costume." The entire costume was spraypainted blue. "The paint glowed a bit in the light, which added to the effect," Weiss said. He said there was a song on the radio at the time called "Little Blue Man" by Betty Johnson, which inspired the blue color of their "alien" creation. On one Thursday night in the early spring of 1958, the trio debuted their prank. Because the long underwear would fit only him, Sprague became the "alien." During the trio's nighttime jaunts, Sprague would hide in the trunk of "the getaway car," and Schultz would drive out to a country road, and Weiss would let Sprague out. Sprague would run along a fence line or alongside a ditch bank so people could see him. After traveling a short distance on foot, Sprague would hop back into the car's trunk. Weiss said he was in charge of helping Sprague get in and out of the trunk. "Jerry never jumped out in front of cars," Weiss said. Because they didn't want to make themselves too easy of a target, the three friends only embarked on their capers on Thursday nights. "We wanted to let people see (Jerry), and then we'd sit back and wait to see if people talked about it," Weiss said. He said it took three or four Thursday trips before they started hearing chatter about it. "Then, people's imaginations started taking over," Weiss said. He said some accounts had "the blue man" measuring 10 feet high while others said it was just two feet high. Another report indicated someone spotted him sitting atop a telephone pole. "My favorite was an account that said `It ran faster than any human,"' Weiss said with a chuckle. Most of the time, the trio would do their pranks in the Elkton area. The trio embarked on eight to 10 jaunts. "We knew it was just a matter of time before the police found out it was us," Weiss said. One night in Elkton, then-Michigan State Trooper William Collins was patrolling and the three pranksters approached him. "We said, `I hear that you're looking for us,"' Weiss said. Collins took Weiss, Sprague and Schultz to the Huron County sheriff's office, where they were questioned by then-Sheriff Merritt McBride and then-Prosecuting Attorney James Umphrey. Weiss said he and his friends weren't too concerned about getting into serious trouble, as no one had been hurt in the pranks.

Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X
Continued From Page 39
"Jarod says the satellite government lives by its own laws, completely separate from the conventional government except for an interface with the military. It is not controlled by any other agency, so it does not have to obey the security regulations of other agencies. The fact that Jarod is allowed to speak does seem to imply permission from a higher level than the supervisor, but perhaps a word from management, without any paperwork, is all it takes to make something secret or not secret. Security could be both more intrusive than in any conventional defense program and more informal to those who are used to the structure. Consider the special circumstances.... This agency was separated from the rest of the government over 40 years ago. Thus, it would have had an opportunity to evolve in its own way, adapting to the unique requirements of the subject matter." "The organization is largely composed of older men who have worked with each other for decades. A worker's supervisor and his security officer are assigned to him for life." "The organization is extremely hierarchical, especially given the needs of compartmentalization. A worker reports only to his immediate supervisor, and direct contacts with members of other departments and higher management are rare." Additional collaborating evidence that got me on the trail of Corporation X came when a personal contact told me that he had contacted Warner Robins Air Force Base and showed a piece of a alleged crashed extraterrestrial craft to very interested representatives of the military and civilian defense contractors on base. They were obviously working closely together. This got me to thinking about how this working together between private enterprise and government could be organized at it relates to ET technology. I also have other civilian and military sources that have explained to me how the military has been relegated to operating as gopher to the MIC and Corporation X. There is now evidence that military leaders and diplomats are now waking up to the fact that they are being manipulated by entrenched business interests to the detriment of overall society and relations with various extraterrestrial races. In fact as the military UFO/ET Working Group has attempted to push disclosure they have come under attack by unknown parties and are presently attempting to discover the source of such attacks. It is my supposition that the tracing of these attacks both in the public and governmental domains will eventually lead to Corporation X. We need to know the name of Corporation X. Where is the Corporation headquartered? Who are the shareholders? How many and who is on the board of directors? Who are the Chairman, President, Vice Presidents? How does Corporation X maintain security and plug leaks? How does it employ private contractor mercenary armies to be used

Elkton remembers 1958's 'Little Blue Man' hoax
ELKTON, Mich. - Picture it: You're driving along a country road on a Thursday night in the early spring, and out of nowhere, something strange appears from the darkness alongside the road. An illuminated, bluish figure moving very quickly, perhaps even dancing. Then, in the blink of an eye, it's gone. You try to make sense of it, but your mind can't quite wrap around it. You've heard stories of UFO sightings, but no, it can't be -- an alien? What would you do? Do you keep your eerie experience to yourself, not wanting to appear like you're in need of a straitjacket? Or do you tell others, as perhaps others have witnessed the same spooky sight? While this scenario may sound like something from a science fiction show, it actually happened in Elkton in 1958. Once the mystery was solved, news of the "Little Blue Man" stretched across the globe, along with a photo of the "alien" and two policemen. Fifty years later, people still talk about this famous caper, and a local corn maze celebrates this tale that's almost too "out of this world" to be true. The zany tale starts with three young men who had just returned home from serving in the military, one of those men being Don Weiss. "We were 22 or 23 years old, and we were looking for work," Weiss said. "We had a little extra time on our hands." Weiss said he and the other two gentlemen -- LeRoy Schultz and Jerry Sprague -- were best of friends and spent a lot of time together. They were known for being jokesters in town. Using this sense of humor, the trio devised the ultimate prank. "There was starting to be flying saucer stories, and the idea came from that," Weiss said. "We wanted to take this idea a little further." They decided it would be fun to have one of them dress as an alien and go out at night to surprise people. In a garage, they devised a

To Report A UFO - 1-800-610-7035

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Author, lecturer, seminar leader, psychotherapist, social scientist, spiritual guide, and some will also say “channel” (although she describes this interaction with the higher consciousness somewhat differently), Dr. Angela deAngelis has been seen on and in national and international media including Oprah, Talk of the Nation, U.S. News and World Report, Family Circle Magazine, and newspapers around the U.S. She earned her two doctorates and two masters degrees at the University of California Berkeley, where she lectured in three departments for over a decade. “Doctor Angela” (as she is known), has served as a U.S. National Institute of Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellow and a U.S. Public Health Department Fellow.





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