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Case of the S.A.O.M.S.

It was on that cool spring day when it all started. At first the day it had seemed like a normal day preaching to a bunch of kids on how not to do drugs. There were Only 2 things different on this seemingly normal day. First was that it was my sons school and the school usually doesnt send officers to where they have family member. And second thing was the crime that was committed. Nearing the end of my lecture a seemingly normal kid except for his bleach blond hair and perfect face asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher let him go. For some reason I couldnt get that kid out of my head.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! someone cried UHHHHHH! Then it became deathly silent. I rush to the source of the screaming and to my horror I find my son Eric Dead on the floor lying in puddle blood with a smile on his face as if he had just done something great. Nooooooo not my SON, my only SON! I wept HE WAS SUCH A GOOD BOY, WHY HIM, WHY HIM! After the Police took his body I vowed to find out who did this. My first area to investigate will be the Place where his body was found. When I finally got over there I saw the kid who had earlier asked to go to the bathroom. He was walking nervously towards me.

Hello sir are you Erics dad? I was His father I said glumly Well i was your sons friend he might have talked about me my name is Tanimoto Natsu he said confidently. I did vaguely remember my son talking about Tanimoto Natsu. If he helped it would help me keep an eye on him. OK it never hurts to have help. Thank you; you dont know how much this means to me. He said coolly Well I expect hard work from you Tanimoto. We looked at the scene for a while until I noticed a camera peeking around the corner to the only way to the bathroom. Eureka, we need to go to the camera room. When we finally walked over to the camera room we searched until we found the time frame in which Eric was attack. The only 2 people who had been in that area during that time frame was Tanimoto Natsu and the Big Ben, The school bully, They were my prime suspects. I asked the principal to send down big ben to the office so I could interrogate him. School was almost over so I made Tanimoto go back to class. So want you guys want I didnt do nothing to Eric. He said I didnt say anything about Eric. I murmured

Well you going to charge me with anything if you arent I am going to leave. Well then Im going to arrest u in suspicion of the murder of Eric Smith Dang your serious arent you, Ok I give up Ill tell you what i know he replied I did go rough up Eric because he had just gotten a shipment of drugs and I wanted to get some of it but for some reason he wouldnt sell me any so I pushed him around and he still didnt give me any. What are you saying my son was a drug dealer? I shouted All I know is that from time to time hed get drugs and sell them to me. I dont believe it he was a good boy, but ok you can continue the story. So after he wouldnt give me any even after I threatened to hurt him i gave up then left to go to the bathroom. I heard Tanimoto walking up to him and start arguing with him. I think Tanimoto was arguing with him about the same thing I was but he wanted Eric to give all the drugs for free. I left the bathroom and I found them arguing still I started to walk away when I hear the screaming. So I started to walk faster and back to my classroom. And thats all I know.

Well thank you for your help you may go now It was all coming back now I remember what Eric was talking about when he mentioned Tanimoto he had called Tanimoto a Dirty Thief and a con-artist. He had played me like an instrument, and I had let him go checked the time 3:50 he should be walking out to his parents car right now. This was my only chance to catch I sprinted as if my life was upon it the front of the school I made it out, panting I saw him with his bleach blond hair running. This was it. I grabbed some kids skate board and chased. He looked back and saw chasing after him. Since he was smart enough to know he couldnt out run me so he tried to tackle me. That was a mistake. I jumped off of the skate board and into him. He wants smart enough to know was that I was stronger than him and I was jumping off a moving vehicle I tackled him and slapped the cuffs on his wrist. I arrest you for the murder of Eric Smith; you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense. Thats more then you deserve little scumbag.

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