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Purple Line Extension Section 1 Advisory Group October 29, 2013

Approved Project

Approved Project - Schedule

Planned Schedule Section 1 Length 3.9 Miles Wilshire/La Brea Wilshire/Fairfax Wilshire/La Cienega Forecasted Schedule Section 2 2.6 Miles Wilshire/Rodeo Century City Section 3 2.9 Miles Westwood/UCLA Westwood/VA Hospital

New Stations

Pre-Construction Activities Construction Operations

Current - 2014 2014 - 2023 2023

2017 - 2018 2019 - 2026 2026

2025 - 2027 2027 - 2035 2035

Section 1 Advisory Group Role

Comprised of representatives from communities in the project area including residents, businesses, property owners, key institutions and associations Representatives suggested by city officials and other key organizations Serves as a conduit between Metro and the community
Become knowledgeable about the project to provide information to the community Provide information, feedback and suggestions from the community to Metro

May occasionally meet as sub-groups Meet quarterly for duration of project (8 - 10 years)

Feedback from June 6th SAG Meeting

Your #1 Issue: Understanding Construction
Impacts to you/your organization Ability to communicate with those you represent Your top construction questions:
Traffic Dust, debris, noise Support for businesses during construction Visibility/access to businesses and museums Project Area Discount Program Security around construction sites Bus access near construction sites

How to Share Project Information with Your Stakeholders

Forward construction notices Encourage your stakeholders to:
Check project site frequently Follow us on social media Subscribe to e-blast notification list

Place the project widget on your web page (in development)

Your Feedback from June 6th SAG Meeting

Your Other Issues:
Station and station-area appearance after construction
Entrances Plazas Streetscapes Station art program

Appropriate treatment of fossils

Tonights Agenda
Project Update and Schedule Subway Construction Overview Pre-Construction Surveys Business Profiles Discussion

Project Update andSchedule

Pre-Construction: Master Cooperative Agreement (MCA)

Agreements between Metro and the Cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Spells out each partys roles and responsibilities including: Process for permit review and approvals Time-frame for each party to act Reimbursement to City for staff time More efficient for both parties with multiple interactions over long, complicated project City of Los Angeles: Signed MCA in place Beverly Hills: Draft MCA being evaluated

Pre-Construction: Utility Relocation

Utility relocations:
Clear the way for station construction Ensure continued utility service Maintain at least 2 lanes of traffic in each direction along Wilshire Blvd Truck/crew leave and lanes reopen at the end of each work period

Typical process:

Limited, day-by-day lane closures

Typical cross-section of underground utilities

Section 1 Update La Brea Station

Advanced Utility Relocation

Metro Contractors (through 2014): Work underway along Wilshire Blvd at S. Detroit St., S. Sycamore Ave. and S. Orange Dr. Current work hours: 8PM - 6AM (Sunday Thursday) Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Will complete connections in early 2014 Work during day-time and night-time hours Metro Construction Relations working with DWP Public Affairs to set standard for outreach Detailed work activities will be shared as they are further defined o Specific locations, times, hours, what to expect

Section 1 Update Fairfax Station

Exploratory Shaft
Will provide data about unique soil conditions and information to Design/Builder for tunnels and underground station design and construction Contractor began site construction activities in April 2013 18 W x 38 L X 70 D excavation will be complete by 2014 9-month data gathering period will begin in January 2014

Advanced Utility Relocation

Fiber optic duct banks relocation activity anticipated in early 2014

Section 1 Update La Cienega Station

Tie Back Investigations

Metro contractors are performing investigations for existing underground anchors (tiebacks) located under Wilshire Blvd near Le Doux Road Work consists of:
5 Borings October 21 October 31, 2013 Monday Friday: 10AM -3PM and Sunday: 8AM - 6PM

Access to homes and businesses maintained

Subway Construction Overview

Subway Construction Overview

Pressurized twin tunnel boring machines (TBMs) maintain ground pressure Concrete tunnel liners installed as TBM proceeds Little surface activity


Excavated from the ground down Initial surface activity (~2 years):

Tunnel Boring Machines breaking through

Station construction continues below ground (~5years)

Utility relocation (8 - 12 months) Pile installation (30 - 44 weeks) Decking installation (15 - 20 weekends)

Station Excavation

Station Box Construction: Soldier Pile Installation

Initial excavation support Piles installed around the perimeter of the station box
3 diameter hole is augured to 90 depth Steel pile is lifted and placed into the hole Hole is back-filled with concrete

Soldier pile installation in Hollywood during Metro Red Line construction (1995)

Work occurs behind k-rail Heavy equipment stays on the street until all piles are installed Sidewalks remain open 2 lanes of traffic remain open in each direction Business access maintained

Station Box Construction: Initial Excavation and Decking Installation

Requires full street closure Generally over a series of weekends Crews work around the clock from Friday evening to Monday morning Business access and sidewalks maintained Streets reopen in time for Monday morning rush hour

Placement of beams for deck installation

Concrete Decking

Deck Beam

Station Box Construction: Below Concrete Deck

Street reopens fully with concrete decking Little difference from driving on a regularly paved street Station construction continues beneath concrete decking for about 5 years
Completed decking at Hollywood/HighlandStation

Extended Work Hours

Extended Work Hours Will:
Minimize overall duration of most significant construction impacts Maximize efficiency Complete Section 1 in early 2023
Peak Hour: Street construction during AM & PM peak periods Night-time Work: Overnight work within designated noise limits (not seeking variance to noise limits) Holiday Moratorium: Construction during non-holiday periods between Thanksgiving and New Years

Provided Presentations to:

Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Mid-City West Community Council Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Brookside Homeowners Association

Schedule of Major Construction Activities

Pre-Construction Surveys

Pre-Construction Surveys
What is a Pre-Construction Survey?
Provides a detailed record of the existing building conditions prior to start of construction Performed on buildings facing Wilshire Blvd along the alignment Surveys include:
Pictures of property Copies will be made available to property owners, if requested

Design Builder will conduct surveys Construction Relations will begin outreach this Fall

Business Profiles

Business Profiles - Goals

Metro Construction Relations will conduct business profile surveys along Section 1 of the Purple Line Extension
Helps Metro understand business operations:
Hours of operation Delivery schedules Ingress/Egress Parking Customer Base

Conduct thorough interviews Coordinate construction activities

Business Profiles - Continued

Every business facing the project alignment will be visited Profiles will consider tenants access and operational needs Profiles will serve to understand business needs in relationship to construction Data will be used to coordinate activities with the least impact possible Business profiles to begin later this Fall/early Winter

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