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Myles Gibson Observation

Description of Location: The Student Activity Center is actually apart of Halton Arena, especially the
area where my observation is focused. When you walk into the SAC there is a desk where a person sits to scan UNCC IDs. Once through the double doors, the basketball courts are inside the arena where the UNCC basketball teams play. These courts are just at the top where bleachers are pushed back. Once in the arena, there are 4 total courts. There are 2 to your left, and 2 to your right, and around the entire arena there is an indoor track where students can jog and run. This observation will be focused on the 2 courts to the right mainly. This is where most recreational and competitive games are played. Figured World-A figured world is a large social environment that has its own rules, manners, and social behaviors within it. In my observation I will be observing the basketball courts in the Student Activity Center at UNCC. The main purpose is to give students at UNCC a place to play recreational basketball. The crowd usually consists of males but there are times that females come to play basketball as well, but usually the crowd is pretty consistent with most persons being males. In the SAC (Student Activity Center), there are designated areas for fencing and weight lifting. There is also an indoor track for those looking to do some indoor walking and running. Unlike the library or other designated areas for studying, the SAC is very a noisy place where students come to blow off steam and energy. The volume level of all the voices at once can sometimes be through the roof. With all the energy and students running through the SAC, there must be a way to govern the populated crowd; so there are rules. Some of these rules may include no profanity, no fighting, and must have an official UNCC I.D. These rules exist to insure the safety of the University and its students. In the Student Activity Center, there are a few discourse communities. One of these communities are persons who come to play basketball for competition and to better their game. Another community found in the SAC is those persons who come to play basketball for recreational reasons only; meaning they see basketball as just another form of exercise. The last community is those persons not even coming to play basketball at all. These persons come to the SAC to socialize and talk with friends ActorsPoint Guard (PG) - The backcourt player who directs the teams offense, referred to as the one. This player demonstrates the teams best ball handling and passer. The point guard is also referred to as the coach on the floor he/she controls the pace and distribution of the ball. Shooting Guards (SG) -Usually a position reserved for the taller guards who like to play off the ball. Also referred to as the two or off guard that is expected to be the main shooter on the team. Small Forward(SF) -The position usually reserved for the more athletic forward. The small forward is often times referred to as the three. These players are usually the more versatile players who can play on either the inside or on the perimeter as a shooter.

Myles Gibson Power Forward (PF)- A position generally reserved for the taller forward, also referred to as the four. A power forward is also expected to play near the basket to set picks and get rebounds. Center (C)-A position usually reserved for the tallest person on the team. The center is also known as the five or pivot, because of the size the player possesses, he/ she usually stands near the basket on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Significant Terms To Guard- To keep opposing player from playing effectively or scoring Lay-up- One-handed shot made very close to the basket Dunk- A type of shot when a player powers the ball downward in the rim of the basket Field Goal- Refers to any type of shot, other than a free throw Free Throw- Shot given to a player when a foul is committed on the shooter of the opposing team Foul-Violation of the rules concerning illegal contact or unsportsmanlike conduct Dribble-The bouncing of, or the maneuvering of the ball around defenders

Obervation#1 Literacy Practices- Score keeping is kept by the people who are actually playing at the time. There are
really no rules in these games except for no fouling but, other than that, the game is pretty much played like street ball (NO RULES). Teams are formed by whoever you prefer to be on your team thats present in the gym at the time. Teams can change game to game. 5:02- I have entered the SAC (Student Activity Center) and there are about 50 students here. 5:03- I have walked in during the middle of a game where, there are ten people on the court running a 5 on 5 basketball game. Between these 10 students two of them are females. This game seems to be an really competitive game. 5:05- At the moment the game is at a standstill due to an argument of whose ball is it; also profanity is being used. 5:10- The first group of students have finished their game and, there is a second group who is about to begin.

Myles Gibson 5:11PM- The females who were playing during the first game are currently playing in this second game. Also this second game seems to be another really competitive game. 5:13PM- During this second game there is a lot of profanity being used due to missed shots. 5:21PM- One of the females, who is wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts is now hurt due to a cramp in the calf. 5:23PM- I have now made my way to a new court. 5:23PM- On this court there are four Caucasian students who seem to have come together, playing a 2 on 2 games. These students seem to be playing basketball for fun/recreational, not being really rough or competitive. 5:30PM- Students are continuously coming into the SAC, and no one has begun to play on this side, other than one other person. 5:31PM- The four students who were all playing together seem to be either leaving or headed to a different part of the SAC. 5:34PM-At the moment there are more students coming into the SAC; about ten of them being males, and two females. 5:37PM- At this moment there are about 20 people just shooting around waiting for the next pick-up game to begin back at the original court at the start of the interview. 5:43PM- A new games of 5 on 5 has just begun and this seems to be another competitive game by the way these guys are playing. 5:43PM- It has just come to my attention that there are about 25 people sitting on the side of the court waiting for next on the court. Then there is about five people who just seem to be just hanging out. They are not even wearing basketball/gym attire. 5:48PM-At this moment I have recognized that there is one female who is jogging around the indoor track 5:51PM- More females (2), have entered with chairs to speculate. 6:00PM- The group of guys are still playing the same game of 5 on 5 due to arguments and disagreements. 6:02PM-The female jogging from earlier is no longer jogging but, there are two more females who have engaged in jogging. 6:06PM-More students are entering the SAC and a lot of them are standing around speculating.

Myles Gibson

Observation #2
3:00PM- I have just entered the SAC 3:02PM-There is a group of guys playing competitive 5 on 5 basketball 3:06PM-There is an older woman walking around the indoor track 3:07PM- The group that of guys who were playing 5 on 5 basketball has finished 3:08PM- people are shooting around on the courts. No games are being played. 3:10PM- The next game has begun and this game seems to be another competitive game. 3:12PM- On the other half of the court to females are shooting around. They seem to be just having a good time. 3:15PM- Back on the other courts, the 5 on 5 game is at a standstill due to arguments. 3:17PM- The teams are still arguing over a foul and whose ball it is. 3:20PM- I have noticed that, there are not a lot of people in the SAC today, but there are about people on the side waiting to play in the next pick-up game. 3:25PM- I have noticed that a male and female are walking around the indoor track. These two individuals seem to have come together. 3:27PM- Back focusing on the courts, the same 5 on 5 game is in progress. 3:35PM-On the other half of the court 2 guys seem to just be having fun shooting around 3:40PM- About 5-6 students have just entered the SAC 3:50PM-The group of guys who have been playing 5 on 5 for the last 30 minutes, are now starting a new game. 3:52PM-There is a group of 4 guys who seem to be playing a recreational level of 2 on 2 on the other court. 3:57PM- There are a lot of people leaving the SAC

Myles Gibson

Observation #3
7:20PM- I have entered the SAC and a 5 on 5 game has just ended 7:22PM- Most people are just shooting around for the moment 7:22PM- 3 guys are on the sideline discussing the game prior 7:22PM-Teams are being formed for the next 5 on 5 game. 7:24PM-The game has begun, and this game seems to be very recreational. No competition seems to be sparking 7:30PM- It has come to my attention that 3 guys are walking around the indoor track. These 3 guys dont seem to be together. 7:32PM- The game is at a standstill at this moment due to the court being slippery from sweat dripping on the floor. 7:34PM- On the far side court, two females are shooting around. One of these females seems to be a UNCC female basketball player. 7:36PM-Non-active players sitting on the side are forming teams for the next pick-up game. 7:38PM- The lights go out all of a sudden, players have stopped playing for the moment. 7:38PM- The guys who are playing decide to still continue the game even with the lights out. 7:40PM- One guy who is playing in the current 5 on 5 game has bent the rim on the basketball goal. 7:43PM- There are a lot of students leaving out of the gym (about 6-7 students) 7:45PM- The game that was being played has now ended and there are new teams being formed. At this moment people are just shooting around on the court. 7:47PM- Two new teams are formed and their game has started. (Unlike the first game, this game seems to be very competitive.) 7:52PM- Guys are arguing over a foul. (Profanity is being used.)

Myles Gibson 7:55PM- An 1 on 1 game has formed on the far side court, where two guys seem to just be laying for fun.

Interview Questions 1. State your name. -Jamal White 2. Explain your purpose for coming to the Student Activity Center -I come to the SAC to play recreational level basketball, even though I played basketball in high school; I just play for fun and exercise now. 3. Describe what types of crowds might you find here? -I know some guys who play on the UNCC Basketball team who come here, then there are some people I know, just as myself who come here just to play around for exercise and the fun. 4. How often might you come to the SAC? - I usually come to the SAC at least 3 times a week; 4 at most. 5. Does the wait time to get on the court effect you?

Myles Gibson - Yes, sometimes I hate coming to the SAC having to wait sometimes up to 35 minutes to just get one game of basketball in. 6. What advantages might the SAC have over the local YMCA or Recreational Center? -One big advantage of the SAC is how convenient it is; also the SAC has 4 total courts compared to the YMCA or a recreational center which only has one.