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Data Warehousing: Rank Transformation
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Rank Transformation


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• Active and connected transformation The Rank transformation allows us to select only the top or bottom rank of data. It Allows us to select a group of top or bottom values, not just one value. During the session, the Power Center Server caches input data until it can perform The rank calculations. Rank Transformation Properties : • Cache Directory where cache will be made. • Top/Bottom Rank as per need • Number of Ranks Ex: 1, 2 or any number • Case Sensitive Comparison can be checked if needed • Rank Data Cache Size can be set • Rank Index Cache Size can be set Ports in a Rank Transformation :





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Like Ports Number Required Description I 1 Minimum Port to receive data from another transformation. 71 people like Data Warehouse. O 1 Minimum Port we want to pass to other transformation. V not needed can use to store values or calculations to use in an expression. R Only 1 Rank port. Rank is calculated according to it. The Rank port is an input/output port. We must link the Rank port to another transformation. Example: Total Salary

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Rank Index The Designer automatically creates a RANKINDEX port for each Rank transformation. The Power Center Server uses the Rank Index port to store the ranking position for Each row in a group. By Data Warehousing / +Get This! For example, if we create a Rank transformation that ranks the top five salaried employees, the rank index numbers the employees from 1 to 5. • The RANKINDEX is an output port only. • We can pass the rank index to another transformation in the mapping or directly to a target. • We cannot delete or edit it. Defining Groups Rank transformation allows us to group information. For example: If we want to select the top 3 salaried employees of each Department, we can define a group for Department. • By defining groups, we create one set of ranked rows for each group. • We define a group in Ports tab. Click the Group By for needed port. • We cannot Group By on port which is also Rank Port. 1) Example: Finding Top 5 Salaried Employees • EMP will be source table. • Create a target table EMP_RANK_EXAMPLE in target designer. Structure should be same as EMP table. Just add one more port Rank_Index to store RANK INDEX. • Create the shortcuts in your folder. Creating Mapping:


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20. Al l Downl oa ds Cl i ck the bel ow l i nks to downl oa d. connect Only the necessary input/output ports to subsequent transformations. Check R type in front of TOTAL_SAL. Ex. Click Apply -> Ok.blogspot.. 8. Now click done. Drag EMP from source in mapping.. • All Variable ports if there. Florida viewed "Data Warehousing" 1 hour 27 mins ago A visitor from India viewed "Data Warehousing: Teradata" 1 hour 36 mins ago A visitor from Daytona Beach. Florida viewed "Data Warehousing" 1 hour 59 mins ago BLOG ARCHIVE Comment as: Google Account Publish Preview ► 2013 (92) ▼ 2012 (256) ► December (108) ▼ November (28) Sequence genera tor Tra ns forma ti on • Pa s s i ve Tra ns forma ti on • Ca n be Connected or Unc. Click Mapping-> Create-> Give mapping name. Open folder where we want to create the Posted by Kareem M at Saturday. 2. 7. Pass ports from Expression to Rank Transformation. Andhra Pradesh viewed "Data Warehousing: Informatica scenarios" 1 hour 16 mins ago A visitor from Daytona Beach.6 Ins ta l l a ti on Informa ti ca Power Cente. 15. • All Group By Columns are in RANK INDEX CACHE. Create an EXPRESSION transformation to calculate TOTAL_SAL. 2012 Recommend this on Google Pos ts Comments FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed POPULAR POSTS The Compl ete Informa ti ca Tutori a l Ins ta l l a ti on of Informa ti ca Informa ti ca power center 8.. Click Tools -> Mapping Designer. Select TOTAL_SAL as rank port. 14. All ports going out from RANK Transformations are stored in RANK DATA CACHE. When 6th row is read. Click Transformation -> Create -> Select RANK from list. Informa ti ca Corpora ti on products a re: Informa ti ca Power Ce.0 Tera da ta Rea l ti me Qui es ti .… Informa ti ca Performa nce Improvement Ti ps We often come a cros s s i tua ti ons where Da ta Tra ns forma ti on Ma na ger… Informa ti ca Devel opment Bes t Pra cti ces – Ma ppi ng The fol l owi ng a re genera l l y a ccepted “Bes t Pra cti ces ” for Informa ti ca … • Open the mapping made above.. Save the changed and run workflow to see the new result. it compares an input row with rows in the data cache. DEPTNO 2) RANK DATA CACHE: It holds row data until the Power Center Server completes the ranking and is Generally larger than the index cache. 5. it compares it with 5 rows in cache and places it in Cache is needed. 2) Example: Finding Top 2 Salaried Employees for every DEPARTMENT RECENT POSTS pow ered by Data Warehouse Like 71 FOLLOWERS Da ta Wa rehous i ng PL/SQL Records Wha t a re records ? Records a re a nother type of da ta types … PL/SQL Cons ta nts As the na me i mpl i es a cons ta nt i s a va l ue us ed… Impl ementi ng Informa ti ca Pers i s tent Ca che You mus t ha ve noti ced tha t the "ti me" Informa ti ca ta kes … Informa ti ca – Us er Defi ned Functi ons Informa ti ca Us er Defi ned Functi ons a re s i mi l a r to Bui l t-i n Functi ons . Da ta Wa rehous i ng Da ta Wa rehous i ng Wha t i s Da ta Wa rehous e? DWH Model i ng Da ta Wa rehous e Schema s Da ta wa rehous i ng Qui es ti ons 1 Da ta . Ex: m_rank_example 4. then this cache stores values 10... If the input row out-ranks a Stored row. 3. Andhra Pradesh viewed "Data Warehousing: Aggrigator Transformation" 34 secs ago A visitor from Warminster. RANK CACHE SUBSCRIBE TO Sample Rank Mapping When the Power Center Server runs a session with a Rank transformation. • Example: All ports except DEPTNO In our mapping example. To reduce the data cache size. • Make sure to give connection information for all tables. Des i gn a ma ppi ng to l oa d the fi rs t 3. 12.html 2/3 . • Go to Properties tab. Welcome to KAREEM's Blog 6. Top in Top/Bottom and Number of Ranks as 5. 30 etc. Edit Rank Transformation. • Mapping -> Validate and Repository Save. INFORMATICA SCENARIOS INFORMATICA SCENARIOS 1. Select Group By for DEPTNO. Repository -> Save • Create Session and Workflow as described earlier... If we are Using Group By on DEPTNO. Refresh the session by double clicking. Informa ti ca Compl ete Reference Informa ti ca Rea l -ti me Project [ETL] Wha t i s No comments: Post a Comment Tha nks for your Comments . Go to Ports Tab 9. • Click Apply -> Ok.. Click Properties Tab and Select Properties as needed. Wha t i s i nforma ti ca I nforma ti ca Power Center i s a powerful ETL tool from Informa ti ca Corpora ti on. 10. Pennsylvania viewed "Data Warehousing: Oracle Queries" 31 mins ago A visitor from Hyderabad. Rank Port. Drag target table now.. Run the Workflow and see the data in target table. November 17. A visitor from Hyderabad. Joi ner Tra ns forma ti on Aggri ga tor Tra ns forma ti on informatica-kareem. the Power Center Server replaces the stored row with the input row. 13. Edit Rank Transformation. 1) RANK INDEX CACHE: The index cache holds group information from the group by ports. Connect the output ports from Rank to target table. Informa ti ca Qui es ti on Ba nk Informa ti ca Qui es ti on Ba nk2 Ta l l y 9.. • Go to Ports Tab. Set Number of Ranks as 2. Give name and click Create. Click Mapping -> Validate 16. @ka reem Enter your comment.. Example: Power Center caches the first 5 rows if we are finding top 5 salaried Employees. How to genera te s equence numbers us i ng expres s i on tra ns forma ti on? 2. 11.11/18/13 SOCIAL ICONS Data Warehousing: Rank Transformation 1.

i d na me gender 1 Ra m Fema l e 2 Kuma r Fema l e 3 s a thi . Powered by Bl Copy ri ghts @Da ta Wa rehous i ng.Step b..... ► October (14) ► Augus t (106) NEWTON'S THIRD LAW FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION. Newer Pos t Subs cri be to: Pos t Comments (Atom) Home Ol der Pos t Wha t i s FILLER comma nd i n Tera da ta ? WHY us i i s two a mp opera ti on i n tera da ta ? Informatica (3) Informatica scenarios (3) Data warehousing Quiestions (2) Locking LABELS Teradata (33) table for access? (2) PL/SQL (2) SQL Queries (2) Unix (2) AUGUST 15th (1) Architecture of UNIX (1) Basic Unix Commands (1) Constraint-Based Loading (1) Data Warehouse Schemas (1) Data warehousing Quiestions1 (1) Debugger (1) Downloads (1) ETL Process (1) Fundamentals of UNIX (1) Get top 5 records to target without using rank (1) Home (1) How do you perform incremental logic or Delta or CDC (1) Incremental Loading for Dimension Table (1) Informatica Complete Reference (1) Informatica Functions (1) Informatica Powercenter Architecture (1) Informatica Quiestions (1) Informatica Quiestions3 (1) Informatica Real time Scenarios (1) Integration Testing (1) Introduction of Unix (1) Oracle (1) Oracle Queries (1) PL/SQL Exception (1) PL/SQL Looping (1) PL/SQL Programs (1) Power center Client (1) Separate rows on group basis (1) TESTING-User Acceptance Test (1) Target Load Order (1) Teradata Latest FAQ's (1) Teradata SQL assistant (1) Teradata main (1) Unit Testing (1) What is informatica (1) informatica project (1) Why FLOAD does not s upport mul ti s et ta bl es ?? wha t i s the a dva nta ges of other etl tool tha n tera .html 3/3 ...11/18/13 Informa ti ca ? Tra ns forma ti ons i n Informa ti ca 9 .....blogspot. Di ff Between OLTP a nd OLAP Cha nge Da ta Ca pture (CDC) Tra ns forma ti ons i n Informa ti ca 9 Wha t i s a Tra ns for. denti fi ca ti on a nd el i mi na ti on of performa nce bottl ..La tes t Informa ti ca Tuni ng ... Twi tter Bi rd Ga dget informatica-kareem. Templ a te i ma ges by merrymoonma ry. If i t i s how . Data Warehousing: Rank Transformation Source Qua l i fi er Tra ns forma ti on Ra nk Tra ns forma ti on Sorter Tra ns forma ti on Ra nk Tra ns forma ti on Recent Posts Widget | Webaholic Fi l ter Tra ns forma ti on Tera da ta i ntervi ew ques ti ons Wha t i s SQL As s i s tence?pl ea s e ea mpl e Is PK concept a va i l a bl e i n Tera da ta .... Expres s i on Tra ns forma ti on Look-up Tra ns forma ti on Performa nce Opti mi s a ti on Informa ti ca Tuni ng Step by Step Approa ch Sta r Schema v/s Snowfl a ke Schema : Fa ct Ta bl e Wha t i s Da ta Model i ng? Da ta model i ng i s the proce.