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War in Africa to rape her wealth by corrupt leaders.


CONTENTS Introduction A. Blood diamonds for sale in Africa to create war in Africa B. Genocide in Africa Colton in the Congo Plans to strip Africa of its wealth British war in Zimbabwe for gold Belgium war on the Congo for rubber German war on Namibia for land De Beers have created the campaigns against buying blood diamonds to protect their monopoly All diamonds are gained through conflict and spilt blood. De Beers inflated the value of diamonds The DeBeers Diamond Cartelan empire inside of imperialism Africa still under colonial conditions South Africa Namibia Congo West Africa DeBeers and the U.S.-backed defeat of African liberation Ghana Congo Diamonds wars of Sierra Leone India De Beers sub-firms Antwerp and Israel New York Israel Israels bloody West African diamond trade Israel deals in the Congo Lebanon deals in the Congo, Sierra Leone Africans want to uplift their lives The resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq represent the future. C. BRICS The origin of BRICS The official purpose for BRICS BRICS and Africa Financing BRICS is still calculated in US Dollars

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2 D. (Di) War in Central African Republic. Page 390 What led to the rebellion was the failure of the Boziz regime to carry out the agreements it had reached with the Seleka leaders in the peace agreement signed on 11 January 2013 in Libreville. Page 391 Reaction from the international community on the rebellion against Boziz Page 392 Reaction of South Africa on the rebellion against Boziz Page 392 President Zuma uses the South African National Defense Force without following the correct procedure, and is in breach of the Constitution Page 393 President Zuma used the South African National Defense Force to protect business interests in the Central African Republic Page 394 Zuma did not want to withdraw the South African troops from CAR Page 394 South African troops engaged in battle in two different areas, Checkpoint PK12, 2km from Bangui, as well as Boali, 70km from the city Page 395 Mercenaries amongst the South African troops Page 396 a) EliteSaSecurity Page 396 ai) General Johan Hougaard Page 397 President Zuma led South Africa into a war which it had nothing to do with Page 397 Deployment of additional troops to CAR by Zuma cost SA more than R370 million Page 400 Motive for South African troops in CAR was not for peace keeping Page 400 a) Business interests of President Zuma in CAR Page 400 b) Dig Oil Page 400

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Links between agents representing the Crown in Africa and warfare in Africa 1. The LaRouche mining consortium The Tiny Rowland factor in politics for a neo-imperialist Africa 2. The George Soros factor in politics for a neo-imperialist Africa Soros invests in competitor to Lonmin before strike violence on Lonmin breaks out Soros Open Society Institute 3. Romney relationships which affect Africa (i) Russian and Cuban intelligence set Romney up with a mistress who is also his handler. (ii) Romney is a compulsive gambler (iii) Romney helped run narcotics trafficking (iv) Bain Capital (v) George Romney represents the Crown (vi) The Romney family history is tied to the Mormon history in America (vii) The Mormon mafia a) The Mormon mafia connection with the American government b) Mormon mafia purchase mining properties in South Africa c) UNITA is hired by the Mormon mafia to supply blood diamonds which are sold for weapons to take over southern Africa by running terrorist groups from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Attachment 24 Index

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3 4. (i) a) (ii) (iii) b) (bi) (bii) (biii) c) (ci) (cii) 5. 6. Interference by members of the United Nations in African wars RWANDA South African interest in Francophone Africa Standard Bank in the South African political arena Standard Bank interests in Francophone Africa The United Nations destabilized peace in Rwanda which led to the genocide of the Tutsis Key Role Players in the assassination of President Juvnal Habyarimana were placed in position by the United Nations United Nations surveillance in Rwanda before the genocide Preparations for the genocide The Rwandan Genocide Radio Tlvision Libre des Mille Collines France was the instigator of the Rwanda genocide African France colonies Loans to African governments Page 407 Page 407 Page 408 Page 408 Page 409 Page 409 Page 409 Page 410 Page 410 Page 411 Page 411 Page 411 Page 414 Page 414 Page 415 Page 416 Page 416 Page 417 Page 419 Page 419 Page 419 Page 420 Page 420 Page 420 Page 421 Page 421 Page 422 Page 422 Page 422 Page 422 Page 423 Page 423 Page 424 Page 424 Page 425 Page 425 Page 425 Page 426 Page 426

F. The Democratic Republic of Congo 7. The South African government interest beyond her borders in Africa a) The Grand Inga hydroelectric project b) War bi) Khulubuse Zuma Liquidation of the South African company Pamodzi Gold Multi-million bid to acquire mining rights AES committed fraud to appear financially stable Miners not paid for years Zuma donated R1 million to the ANC while refusing to pay his workers Mine assets plundered Cheques for Labat shares by AES were stopped AES destroyed the ecosystem AM-Equity Limited. Motala lied to the Pamodzi liquidators on behalf of AES 8. Standard Bank was asked to verify the credentials of AM Equity in Kuala Lumpur In 2010, Motala lent Aurora R3 million through his company, SBT Trust, which was repaid with 100% interest Motala was supported by prominent ANC ministers in government Criminal charges are pending against the Aurora management team Zuma connections with the new owners of the Orkney mine Zuma connections with state industries G. Jacob Zuma, the Billion Rand President President Jacob Zuma defrauds South Africa, and will defraud other countries as well South Africa has become The Zuma kingdom. 1. The Zuma family are linked to labour broking Links to the Zuma family provides contract labour to the platinum sector and other mines. Attachment 24 Index

4 a) JIC Mining Services provides contract workers to Impala Platinum Page 426 b) George Soros bought shares in Platinum Group Metals Ltd Page 426 c) The Guptas are linked to the JIC Mining Services Page 427 Sahara Computers and The New Age newspaper Page 427 The Gupta house Page 427 The Guptas influence the South African government Page 427 a) Minister of Sports, Fikile Mbalula Page 427 b) South African Airways chief executive, Vuyisile Kona Page 428 c) The DA leader, Helen Zille Page 428 The Guptas benefit from the South African government Page 428 a) Transnet funds the Guptas New Age breakfasts Page 428 b) The Free State government sponsors the Guptas' media business Page 428 2. The Zuma family do not declare their money operations Page 428 a) Masibambisane Page 428 Masibambisane Rural Development Initiative Page 429 i) Nkandle Page 430 Korong Capital Partners Page 430 Chianti Estates Page 431 Zinhle Mbanjwa Page 431 HDA, Public Works and Human Settlements are funding the Nkandla compound freeway Page 432 b) The Jacob Zuma RDP Education Trust Page 433 c) The Jacob Zuma Trust Page 433 d) President Zumas family have become involved in business deals run through foundations. Page 434 i) The Thobeka Madiba-Zuma Foundation Page 434 ii) The MaNtuli Foundation Page 435 iii) The Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation Page 435 iv) The Zodwa Khoza Foundation Page 435 e) Zuma foundations do not disclose their business deals Page 435 f) Companies enter business with Zuma and his family by donating to their foundations and trusts Page 436 (i) The Motsepe Foundation, African Rainbow Minerals, Harmony Gold Page 436 (ii) EduSolutions Page 436 (iii) Telkom Page 438 (iv) Sekunjalo Holdings and its subsidiary Premier Fishing Page 438 (v) The South African government department of public service and administration Page 439 (vi) Timothy Tebeila Foundation Page 439 (vii) Edison Power Page 439 (viii) Cipla Page 440 (ix) De Beers and Harmony Gold Page 440 (x) Camac International, with reference to a Congolese warlord Page 440 3. Whistle blowers of corrupt transactions by Zuma family members are victimized. Page 441 a) Assassination attempt made on Adv. Breytenbach who investigated SA president Jacob Zuma's son Duduzane and the brothers Gupta. Page 441 Attachment 24 Index

5 References Footnote 1: SAs role in the Battle of Bangui: The blood on Zumas hands Footnote 2: BAIN and AFRICAN TERROR - Blood Diamonds Footnote 2a: Romneys handler shared the same name as the member of the American government who was not in public office, but was on the highest decision making levels of the GOP. Footnote 3: NAFTA was a Romney document negotiated by President Bush Footnote 4: Francophone Africa Footnote 5: Colonel Rose Kabuye and President Paul Kagame Footnote 6: Radio messages used as a tool to incite genocide in Rwanda Footnote 7: The role France played in the Rwandan genocide Article 1. THE FRANCO-RWANDAN BONE OF CONTENTION AND ITS IMPACT ON THE BILATERAL RELATIONS BETWEEN RWANDA AND FRANCE, AND ON THE GREAT LAKES REGION OF AFRICA 1. A historical background to the Franco-Rwandese bone of contention 2. The French Governments attitude vis--vis the Government of National Unity installed after the 1994 genocide. 3. Judge Bruguires affair and his international arrest warrants 4. Efforts of the Government of Rwanda to normalize relations with France. Article 2. RWANDA FRENCH CONNECTION Footnote 8: THE COLONIAL PACT Page 442 Page 445 Page 448

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