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(A Govt. Recognised Export House) Head Office: Tel: Fax: Email: Web: Album: Works I: Works II: Works III: Works IV:
C-22/25, Sector-57, Noida-201301, Uttar Pradesh, India 91-120-4212809, 4292929,4292919,4692900 91-120-4333038; 4292921 ;; ; D-156, EPIP 9Export Promotion Ind. Park], Greater Noida, Kasna,GB Nagar-201306. B-38, Phase II, Noida-201305, U.P., India F-29/30, Site-b, Suraj Pur Ind. Area, Greater Noida. B-5,Sector59, Noida-201301, U.P., India

AOV INTERNATIONAL (ISO Certified manufacturer), India provides one stop Humanitarian aid and Development solution for various International Organizations. AOV has a well renowned reputation for offering outstanding quality in the products and services. Long Term Agreements with UN Organisations and Ngos is a testimony of faith reposed on us. Strict adherence to the global standards by combining skills and commitment makes AOV one of the most reliable companies in Humanitarian Aid & Relief. Our product profile includes: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15/ 16/ 17/ 18/ 19/ BLANKETS HYGIENE KIT SEMI COLLASPIBLE JERRY CANS SHELTER KIT SLEEPING MATS TARPAULINS MOSQUITO NET KITCHEN SETS - IFRC / ICRC TYPE A KITCHEN SETS - IFRC / ICRC TYPE B KITCHEN SETS - UNHCR TYPE B KITCHEN SETS - DURASET BUCKET STOVES & PETROMAX - KEROSENE STOVE BATTERY & SOLAR TORCH WAX CANDLES FIRST AID KITS EDUCATION KIT VACCINE COLD BOXES HAND PUMPS


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NOIDA (U. Being in this sector. . we feel quality and timely delivery is our contribution towards humanity. is what we believe.Sector-59. aovsolar@aovinternational. INDIA Direct: +91 120 4212809.We correspond to specifications and requirements of our AOV INTERNATIONAL  Think before you print: please consider our environment before printing this e-mail.www. www.)-201301.Marketing. 065-047-7685 B-5. Cell Messanger: SKYPE/MSN/YAHOO: SPAPAWAN Facebook : www. We have been able to create a niche in our domain because of our quality-oriented attitude and targeted . Challenging circumstances and limited time stand as no excuses for a compromise on quality.aovinternational. The products offered by us have always adhered to strict quality norms of international standards. 4129211 Fax:+91 120 4333038 Direct emails: .net. Pawan Saxena Vice President .net Websites: www.: +91 9810043051 ------------------------------------------------------------ (Manufacturer of Solar Products.aovinternational.aovsolar.P. Hand Pumps / Pipes.saxena@aovinternational.facebook. Cold Chain Equipment / Medical Equipment and Emergency relief items) DUNS No.

Stainless steel forks. Galvanized steel bucket 15L capacity .3L capacity with handle and rolled edge border 5X Stainless steel spoons 1X Kitchen knife with steel blade and plastic handle 1X Stainless steel serving spoon. Stainless steel knives.Kitchen Sets UNHCR Type ‘B’ KITCHEN SET (As per UNHCR Type ‘B’) Contents: 1X 7L Aluminium cooking pot with lid and two handles 1X 5L Aluminium cooking pot with lid and two handles 5X Stainless steel plates 1L capacity 5X Stainless steel cups 0. Thereafter placed in a carton 2176 sets in 20 feet container We can offer UNHCR Type A Kitchen set with following additions: Stainless steel bowls. 30 cm long Packing Volume Optional Items All items packed in a plastic bag.

black steel 5X Stainless steel bowls. wooden for stirring Packing Volume All items to be packed in a plastic bag.The above set can be provided in different grades of stainless steel as per requirement Kitchen Sets IFRC Type ‘B’ STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SETS As per IFRC Type ‘B’ Contents: 1X 7K Stainless Steel cooking pot with two handles 1X 2. thereafter packed in a carton 825 sets in 20 feet container The above set can be provided in different grades of stainless steel as per requirement.75L capacity 5X Stainless steel plates 5X Plastic cups / Stainless steel cups 5X Sets of Chopsticks. .5L Stainless steel frying pan serves as lid for 7L cooking pot 1X Wok. stainless steel blade with plastic handle 1X Spoon. plastic 1X Kitchen knife. 0.

1L 5X Stainless steel cups. At the time of cooking. 30cm Optional items Volume Other items as per UNHCR type ‘A’ can be provided or as per requirement 2176 sets in 40 feet container . This is more hygienic as food is not entrapped in rim. dia 22/24cm. The Rim is reinforced which gives more strength to the side walls and also avoids dents and cracks during transit or usage of pots. uniform and more fuel efficient cooking. capacity 0. Contents (As per UNHCR ‘B’) 1X 7L Aluminium cooking pot with lid and two handles 1X 5L Aluminium cooking pot with lid and two handles 5X Stainless steel plates. the base of the pot is subject to maximum heat and it allows uniform heating. capacity approx.Dura Set DURA SET: A new product (as approved by UNHCR) with following improvements: Thickness: The bottom of Cooking Set is thicker than the sidewalls. The heavy base allows faster.3L with handle 5X Stainless steel spoons 1X Kitchen knife with stainless steel blade and plastic handle 1X Stainless steel stirrer.

Hygiene Kit HYGIENE KIT Contents: Detergent washing powder Toothpaste Toothbrush (Nylon Bristle) Toilet paper roll Sanitary napkin Razor Shaving Cream Towel Soap Bar Soap Dish Sewing Kit Mirror Shampoo Comb Packing: All items packed in a carton Baby Hygiene Kit is also available as per buyer’s requirement The quantity and the items can very as per requirement .

bolts. PUF & Plastic -Water proof. nuts.S Rolled /hollow steel sections Walls Pre coated steel sheet on both side of EPS. trusses. Metal. The window frame is fixed to column Painting Work Good quality oil paint Foundation & Flooring Steel structure would be provided approx. . Doors Pressed steel 4–sided frame which will be fixed to column with suitable fasteners Windows Frame shall be made from pressed steel. etc. Termite proof -Non-fatal and totally safe -Extremely durable Structure Sandwich type panels or wall and roof. purling and columns made of suitable M. 9” over the ground and it will have plywood flooring of 19mm thickness. The section is welded at corner. purling and columns fixed using suitable fasteners like J-hooks with bitumen washers.Prefabricated Shelter PREFABRICATED SHELTER Options available: Prefabricated Houses Prefabricated rooms with attached toilet Prefabricated Schools Dimensions Different dimensions as per requirements Features -Made by combining variety of materials such as pre coated sheet. Roof Framework of trusses in suitable size of hollow steel tube.

70kgs each Unit inclusive of Squatting plate Each unit will be packed in 3 different packages Approx. Rolled section / hollow steel sections Special extruded PVC section filled with PUF inside.2mm (thick). The section is welded at corner Good quality oil paint on MS structure Approx. The wall panel to be joined together by tongue & groove method Size of PVC secton-304. using CR steel of 1. Frame Painting work Weight Packing Volume .S.30 units in 20 feet container / Approx 60 units in 40 feet container.Prefabricated Toilet Unit PREFABRICATED TOILET UNIT WITH SQUATTING PLATE Dimensions Description Structure Wall panels 1210 X 880 X1900mm Prefabricated Plasto PUF toilet suitable for mounting on squatting plate The components fabricated at factory for easy to assemble at site Plasto PUF panels for wall and for roof Support structure made of suitable M.8mm wide & 25mm thick with suitable length for fixing in groove of other section Pressed steel.

5 X 22.Jerry Cans COLLAPSIBLE JERRY CANS Capacity Material Opening Position Opening inner Diameter Top Handle Full Capacity Folded Dimensions Hot/Cold Packing Volume 10ltr and 20ltr / 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon Food grade LDPE Oblique 4cm for both capacities Movable 22.5 X29cm for 20ltr 20 X 20 X7cm for 10ltr 23 X 23 X7cm for 20ltr 80 degree Celsius / -20 degree Celsius 30pcs each carton 13230pcs in 20 feet container for 10ltr / 8340pcs in 20 feet container for 20ltr .5 X 27cm for 10ltr 28.5 X 28.

5kg X roofing nails.750kgs. 0. head only. 75cm. capped with attached rubber washer. blade covered by protective cardboard cover 0. covered by protective cardboard cover 1X machete. wooden handle. forged steel not cast. HRC 35-48. to be supplied with wooden handle. 23 X17. for cutting tin roof sheets.360kg in forged steel.Shelter Kit SHELTER KIT 1X polyester rope. 75 X 3mm.5kg X nail. 100-110cm length. 1. 12mm dia and 30m long 1X hand saw. 3”long (75 X3mm) 1X tie wire 2mm dia. with replaceable wooden handle 1X woven sack with synthetic material Packing: Each Kit packed in a woven bag Volume: 850 kits in 20 feet container .5cm. twisted and galvanized 1X shovel. to be supplied with handle 1X hoe. 5m long in roll 1X claw hammer. blade covered by cardboard cover 1X tin snips. safety latch 1X 0. length 110-120cm.

the length-wise edges are mechanically secured. which would result in rapid disintegration of the structure.8M 0. All edges are secured.Sleeping Mats SLEEPING MATS Length Width Weight Finish Colours Material Specification 1. tightly woven using a monofilament warp and flat tape welt. The width-wise edges are secured by binding tape with stitches through the fabric of the mat. The binding is secured and durable to prevent the fraying of the mat.9m Ranging from 350-500 gm per sqm Trim finished Assorted colours Water proof and tear proof material Made from 100% synthetic yarns. Packing Volume . 25/30/50 pcs in a bale 5000-6000 mats in 20 feet container.

Other sizes in roll form of 2m / 4m width available Material Color Weight Features Packing Shipping Details Option .Tarpaulins TARPAULINS Size 4 x 5m 4 x 6m 4 x 50m roll Made of woven high density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres. White / Blue / Grey or as per requirement Ranging from150-200 GSM UV Resistant. Heat Resistant. Long life for outdoor use 5 sheets in each bale packed in polythene and strapped with plastic bands 3000 pcs. in 20feet container of 4 x5m or 60000 Sqm in 20 feet container. Laminated on both sides wit low density polyethylene (LDPE) with reinforced rims by heat sealing.

Galb. Connecting rod: Size Material 6.S. /FRP ROD 125MM 15L (MINIMUM) . Application Range: Static Water Level Optimum install depth 3 Min. Easy installation and inexpensive maintenance at village level. uPVC 12mm S. enabling even a child to operate the pump with ease. with little training Suitable for open well installations Can be adapted for use with Windmill or for Motorised operation Easy availability of spare parts Volume: 140 sets in 20 feet container. CHARACTERISTICS 1. Pump Type 2.S/M.India Mark II INDIA MARK II DEEPWELL HAND PUMP SALIENT FEATURES Reliable and proven community hand pump Capable of drawing water from 5 to 90m operating depths Long and heavy handle provides adequate mechanical advantage to reduce pumping effort.Elec.bore well dia. 4 Riser main: Size Material 5. Discharge / 40 strokes INDIA MARK II Positive displacement 15 to 40m 21 to 45m 100mm 32 mm NB Galvanised / stainless steel. Stroke length 7. Fully fabricated steel structure (duly hot dip galvanized) makes the above ground portion of pump very sturdy and corrosion resistant.

Suitability for VLOM 9. loops or metal rings as per request. Alternate sizes can be offered 100% knitted polyester Ranging from 28 to40 GSM Optional Composition Weight Opening . Installation: Skill level required Ease of installation Tools required 10.5 SEMI-SKILLED WORKERS Easy Set of special tools With standard tools Easy 4-5 semi-skilled workers A set special tools IS 9301 / IS : 15500 : 2004 Mosquito Net IMPREGNATER / NON IMPREGNATED MOSQUITO NETS Type Readymade bed nets in various sizes provided with straps.8. National Standard skat Yes 4. Operation & maintenance: Operational ease Maintenance ease Maintenance tools 11.

5L Stainless steel frying pan. also serves as lid for the 7L cooking pot 5 x Stainless steel bowls.Sizes Volume Different sizes available 1. stainless steel blade with plastic handle . 1L capacity 5 x Stainless steel plates app 0. 130 x 180 x150 cm Approx 10-14000 pcs in 20 feet container depending upon the size *We can offer both impregnated / non impregnated mosquito nets Kitchen Sets IFRC Type ‘A’ STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SETS As per IFRC Type ‘S’ Contents: 1 x 7L Stainless steel cooking pot with two handles 1 x 5L stainless steel cooking pot with lid and two handles 1 x 2. 70 x 180 x 150 cm 3.75L capacity 5 x Plastic cups / stainless steel cups 5 x Stainless steel spoons 5x Stainless steel forks 5 x Stainless steel table knives 1 x kitchen knife. 90 x 180 x150 cm 2.

1 x Spoon.80m 2.50sqm) 1. wooden for stirring Packing Volume All items to be packed in a plastic bag. Hammer Tent and accessories packed in PVC coated zippered bag and then in a carton 50 tents in 20 feet container 6.50m made of polyester coated with PVC as per ground strip One inner liner made of cotton cloth can be provided for harsh winters . Polyester-Cotton blended canvas. natural colour.00m x 5. thereafter placed in a carton 1500 sets in 20 feet container The above set can be provided in different grades of stainless steel as per requirement Dispensary Tent DISPENDARY TENT Size Wall Height Centre Height Fabric Mud Flap Poles / Frame Accessories Packing Shipping details Optional Ground Sheet Lining 5.00m (27. Pins.50m 550 GSM.50m x 5. water repellant and anti rot Polyester coated with PVC of 450 GSM Made of Galvanised Steel Pegs.

Pins.Family Ridge Tent Single Fly FAMILY RIDGE TENT (Single fly) Size 4m x4m Wall Height 0.00m Fabric Made of single fold. 100% cotton. 450 GSM natural white. water proof canvas Poles Steel poles duly painted or as per requirement Accessories Steel Pegs.90m Centre Height 2. Hammer Packing In sturdy jute carry bag Weight 44kg Volume 230 tents in 20 feet container Optional Ground Sheet 150/180GSM HDPE .

450 GSM natural white. Pins.Family Ridge Tent Double Fly FAMILY RIDGE TENT (Double fly) Size 4m x4m Wall Height 0. 100% cotton.Made of single fold. water proof canvas inner fly –Same as outer fly Poles Steel poles duly painted or as per requirement Accessories Steel Pegs. 52kg Volume 180 tents in 20 feet container .00m for inner tent and 2. Hammer Packing In sturdy jute carry bag Weight App.90m Centre Height 2.20m for total height Fabric Outer Fly.

440GSM Polyester cotton canvas and lining of yellow cotton dosuti (+_10%) Mudflap Polyester fabric coated with PVC Ground Sheet 200 GSM LDPE coated with PE (+_ 10%) Poles Galvanised Steel poles Accessories Steel Pegs. 440 GSM Polyester cotton canvas (+_10%) inner fly –Made of water proof. 78kg Volume 125 tents in 20 feet container * All canvas materials for the tent in accordance with ISO 10966 .90m Height 2.Family Ridge Tent Double Fly FAMILY RIDGE TENT (Double fly as per IFRC Specification) Size 4m x4m Wall Height 0.Made of single fold water proof. Hammer Packing In Sturdy jute carry bag Weigh App.20m for total height Fabric Outer Fly. Pins.00m for inner tent and 2.

Each tent to be packed in 6 bundles The tent can be offered in wooden crates 25 tents in 20 feet container (without wooden crates) 15 tents in 20 feet container (with wooden crate) Windows Ground Sheet Frame / connectors Accessories Packing Option Shipping Details . Pins.40m outside 1. water repellent Inner fly – Double fold.80m Outer fly – Single fold polyester cotton canvas 450GSM.School Tent SCHOOL TENT (As per UNICEF specifications) Size Central height Side Wall Material 6 x4m 3.40m HDPE of 200 GSM Galvanised steel Steel Pegs. Hammer Each tent along with accessories are packed in jute bag. 3.00m inside.40 x 4. canvas as above and lining of yellow dosuti cloth 170 GSM 4 windows (2 each on long side) 6.

00m (room size) Outer tent: 6.00m x 5.G canvas Outer tent: 550 GSM PVC coated fabric / heavy duty water proof canvas PVC coated 550 GSM fabric duly sewn with inner tent Steel duly painted Steel duly painted Each tent packed in 3 bundles 50 tents in 20 feet container .Frame Tent FRAME TENT (Specially designed for Africa) Size Height Wall Height Material Ground Sheet Frame Pegs Packing Shipping Details inner tent: 4. O.00m for outer tent Inner tent: 370 GSM water proof.00m for outer tent 1.40m for inner tent and 3.00m 2.10m x 3. Rot proof.60m for inner tent and 2.

with clip cover and 52mm outlet Heavy-duty plastic bucket. with handle and lid Attached clip-on cap HDPE high density polyethylene and LDPE low density polyethylene 100% HDPE 40%LDPE + 60% HDPE 60% LDPE + 40% HDPE Height: 295mm Top Dia: 295mm Bottom Dia: 240mm Outlet: 52mm Bucket: white Cover and handle: Red Approx. 4200 buckets in a 20 feet container Material Bucket Cover Handle Dimension Colour Gross weight Packing Volume PLASTIC BUCKET (with or without lid) Capacity Specification Weight Colour Packing Volume 14-20L Made of heavy duty food grade HDPE with metal handle Approx. 450-750gm per piece depending upon the capacity White or as per requirement 20 buckets are secured by wire. 800gm Each Bucket 20 buckets with lid in one carton Approx.Buckets Oxfam Bucket Specification 14L. thereafter packed in HDPE bag 2500-6000 pcs in 20 feet container depending upon the size .

4500pcs in 20 feet container Weight Volume Option FLEECE BLANKET Composition Finished Size Weight Sides Colours Packing Volume .Blankets Woollen Blanket WOOLLEN BLANKET Composition Finished Size Weight Ends Colour Finish Packing 30%/ 40% /50% / wool(+/-5%) variation and balance mixed fibres 200cm X150cm (+/-5%) 1. pressed and strapped with plastic bands. Each bale is water tight and moisture resistant Approx.45kg each bale 6750 Wet raised blankets in 20 feet container 5500Dry raised blankets in 20 feet container -Medium thermal -Low thermal -High wool contents -As per buyers specifications 100% Polyester 150cm x 200cm (+/-5%) 800gm (+/-5%) Whipping 10 stitches / dm or ribbon type fold on all four sides Assorted 30 blankets in each bale. Each bale to be packed in polythene and thereafter in HDPE material.5kgs(+/-5%) Sewn on two ends Mixed grey Wet raised / dry raised 25-30 Blankets in each bale packed in polythene and covered with hessian.

Fully fabricated steel structure duly hot dip galvanized. Adjustable handle to suit varying the installation depths. 110 Sets in 20 feet container.Afridev Hand Pump AFRIDEV DEEP WELL HAND PUMP SALIENT FETURES Ideal VLOM design developed keeping in view the maintenance problem.44ltr Upto 45m app. . Capable of lifting water from depth upto approx. Easy installation and inexpensive maintenance at village level that even women can handle. 45m. Interchangeable plunges and foot valves easy to extract without removing riser pipes. Performance Data: Min Bore size Internal dia of cylinder Stroke length Average discharge per stroke Operating depth Volume 100mm 50mm 225mm 0. Non corrosion underground components capable of handling corrosion water situation there by giving longer life. Injection molded special grade plastic bush bearing easy to replace at village level.

rust and Fuel Material Tank Capacity Sufficient Burner Features 8/10 wicks Windproof. Kerosene Iron Sheet painter. Poly packed in a box and thereafter 12 boxes carton Extra wick can be supplied 1536 pcs in a 20 feet Accessories Volume .Lantern & Stove HURRICANE LANTERN Type Non pressure kerosene lamp windproof consumption stove.C blue and P.C green burning Average Burning Approx. 15 hours Packing Complete with wicks and extra Odourless and smokeless. 3 spare wicks per lantern each Hurricane lantern is shrink packed Individually and packed string corrugated In a box. non Material CRC & PCRC sheet incorporated filling Finish Painted Finish Globe Clear Glass Globe Luminous intensity Approx. for 1 hour Noiseless. no pinning and no pumping Packing Each pc. 5 to 5. Twelve such boxes are will be packed in one Packed in a master carton Volume 4320 pcs in 20 feet container container Type KEROSENE STOVE Fuel efficient and low pressurized wick type with tank.5CD heat resistant Colour P.

non pressuixed wick type with incorporated filling tank Iron sheet painter.Type non pressure kerosene lamp windproof fuel efficient and stove. Poly packed in a string corrugted box and . rust and heat resistant each pc.