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Top Reasons Why You Need A Bookkeeper Sunshine Coast.

Many small business owners, espe ially those who are new in business are unaware o! the importan e o! ha"in# to keep their books o! a ount in order. $en e, they do not see the need to hire a bookkeepers sunshine coast. Most people say that bookkeepin# is a simple undertakin# sin e it entails #ettin# the numbers, and puttin# them in the orre t spot. %"en thou#h bookkeepin# may appear to be a simple task, there are numerous mistakes that one is likely to make while workin# with an a ountin# system. Some o! the ommon mistakes ran#e !rom a !ull&on business audit re eipt to a mispla ed re eipt. Most !re'uent Mistakes that are done when bookkeepin#. The !ollowin# are some o! the most !re'uent mistakes people make when audit their businesses. These kinds o! mistakes an ne#ati"ely a!!e t the ompleteness, a ura y or de!ensibility o! businesses re ord books. 1. Failure to save small receipts No matter the ompensation system that the business uses, all the re eipts that the business is #i"en should be sa"ed, or noted in a (ournal. When added up all those payments whether bi# or small add up meanin#, it is important to sa"e up on all re eipts that the business a rues. 2. Failure to refund fixed costs Yes, o! all the bi##est mistakes in bookkeepin# this is the most serious. )ailure in re!undin# !i*ed osts. Business people are ad"ised to ollate, submit !or reimbursement any e*penses that are paid out o! their po kets at on e per month to help in pre"entin# losses. To assist in re ord keepin# a business person ou#ht to make all reimbursable e*penditures !rom a di!!erent redit a ount. By doin# so a business person an identi!y i! there are any mispla ed re eipts startin# with monthly statements o! the redit ard.

3. Failure to reconcile books to bank statements Any bookkeepin# error e"en i! it is little an blow out o! proportion, sin e up&to&the& minute al ulations are based on pre"ious balan es and !i#ures. Re on ilin# o! books to bank statements an be done automati ally by pro!essional who o!!er bookkeepin# ser"i es+ i! a business person handles their own !inan ial re ords, then they ou#ht to make sure they also re on ile their books to bank statements. 4. Not keeping a paper trail Business people ou#ht to stri"e to maintain re ords !or all the transa tion that they do. Startin# with whene"er they witness a re eipt slip, they need to !ill it up and !ile it. ,! there-s an alternati"e to ha"in# a arbon opy, then they should ha"e one #i"en to them. ,! they ha"e other bank a. -s /i.e. he'ue a ount and redit ards01 When s riptin# 2A,3 on an in"oi e they ou#ht to make a note o! how . whi h bank a ount the disbursement was ompleted !rom on the proo! o! payment o! the /i.e. Carbon Copy /CC0 !or the redit ard, hard ash !rom the entrepreneur-s wallet0 doin# so ensures that the a ountin# ourse o! a tion is rationali4ed and well& or#ani4ed. A"oid these mistakes by hirin# a bookkeeper Sunshine Coast. A pro!essional bookkeeper is the best way to a"oid the mistakes outlined abo"e and ensure that your books are in order at all times. A bookkeeper has the 'uali!i ations and e*perien e to handle all tasks as re'uired. 5ri#inal Sour e1 & http !!"""!bluesk#bookkeeping!top$ reasons$"h#$#ou$need$a$bookkeeper$sunshine$coast