NEHA SINGH Room No-110, YWCA Working Women Hostel, Parliament Street, Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

neha. ad!"anshi1#$ ahoo.%om, &1-#00'(1'0)& CAREER OBJECTIVE *ooking +orward to work in a %reati"e and learning atmos,here where m ,ro+essional skills and a-ilities will -e !tili.ed +or organi.ation growth, while ,ro"iding me am,le o,,ort!nities +or ,ro+essional growth.

CORE COMPETENCIES H/R0CA 1)1 2arketing 2arket Resear%h PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY • Ha"e done tie-!, +or 4lo-al 4reen Com,an *td. with Haldiram Mfg.Co.P !. L!d." Bari#!a Coff$$$ Com%a&' L!d." RTC R$#!a(ra&!#)I* L!d." Nir(la# R$#!a(ra&!#" Ci&$%oli# I&dia P !. L!d."Bl($ Food# P !. L!d"Sagari+a I&!$r&a!io&al I&,."Cl(- Ci!' Ho#%i!ali!'"Ta. Sa!# Air Ca!$ri&g L!d."/LF Em%orio R$#!a(ra&!# L!d."T0$ Old 1orld Ho#%i!ali!' P !. L!d." a&d Ho!$l# )A#0o+a" Radi##o&"O-$roi" L$2M$ridia&" ITC S0$ra!o&" ITC Ma(r'a" H'a!! $!,.* $!,. S!%%ess+!ll la!n%hed 1la%k /li"es,2a onnaise,Pasta,3omato Paste 5 Sweet Corn in 6ood Ser"i%e market. S!%%ess+!ll managed to, +ood ser"i%e %!stomers like Y(m R$#!a(ra&!# L!d.)Pi33a 0(!"4FC 5 Ta,o-$ll*"J(-ila&! Food1or+# L!d.)/omi&o6#*" S(-7a' R$#!a(ra&!#"Gr$$& Ho(#$ 5 H$#!#of! Food# P !. L!d.)Sli,$ of I!al'*. 1rand 2anagement Strategi% Planning Prod!%t De"elo,ment 2odern 3rade Ad"ertisement CR2

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PROFESSIONAL 8UALIFICATION /$gr$$9 C$r!ifi,a!$ 21A Ma.or 5 Mi&or9S!r$am 2arketing I&#!i!(!$ 7%+ai 1!siness S%hool, 4!rgaon Board 9 U&i $r#i!' 7C6A7, Dehrad!n Y$ar of Pa##i&g )00& CGPA 8.9


1.S%. 1iote%hnolog +rom CS:2 ;ni"ersit , <an,!r =)00(-08*

1OR4 E:PERIENCE Glo-al Gr$$& Com%a&' L!d.)A a&!0a Gro(%* 0>e%!ti"e Sales 5 2arketing ? H/R0CA =6ood Ser"i%e@ • • • • :!ne )010 to till date

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Per+orm market resear%h and anal sis to identi+ trends, %om,etitorAs ,ositioning and +ind new re"en!e se%tors. De"elo, new market - identi+i%ation o+ ,ros,e%ts 5 t!rning them into %lients. Determine market ,otential and de"elo, ,ri%ing strateg +or ,rod!%ts in +ood ser"i%e -!siness. Assist in new ,rod!%t de"elo,ment 5 in"estments, determining and do%!menting new ,rod!%t reB!irements, de"elo,ing sales +ore%asts and ,rod!%t ,ri%ing, and la!n%hing new ,rod!%ts to the market,la%e. Promote the introd!%tion o+ new ,rod!%ts to identi+ high-endClow-end markets 5 la!n%h all marketing e++orts to in%l!de -ill-oard ad"ertising, trade shows, in store ,romotions 5 sam,ling et%. 0ngage %!stomers as ,rod!%t e>,ert to esta-lish relationshi,s, gain market insight 5 im,ro"e the B!alit o+ e>isting ,rod!%ts. 2anage 5 !nderstand the demand 5 s!,,l o+ %!stomers to ,ro"ide them %!stomi.ed ,rod!%ts. Dire%t 5 manage all ,hases o+ ,rod!%t wareho!sing and distri-!tion o,erations, streamlining and in%reasing in"entor le"els -ased on monthl sales re"iew and anal sis. 7denti+ and im,lement im,ro"ements to %or,orate-wide ,ri%e B!otation ,ro%ess.

4(-$r Food Prod(,!# I&dia P !. L!d. Senior 0>e%!ti"e ? 2arketing •

2ar%h, )00& to 2a )010

0m,lo ed n!mero!s market resear%h initiati"es to s!,,ort -rand ,ositioning, ,ri%ing and marketing %omm!ni%ations e++orts.

• • • • • • •

A%hie"ed a (#D in%rease in re"en!e growth and %on"erted ,ros,e%ts to +i"e- ear %ontra%t. Plan and de"elo, marketing -!dgets and head all %ontra%t negotiations. De"elo,ed ,rograms to meet needs o+ -oth dealers and retail %!stomers. De"elo,ed and im,lemented -rand strategies and marketing ,rograms to de"elo, -rand, meet -!siness growth and ,ro+it o-Ee%ti"es. Created and la!n%hed all %ons!mer and retail ,romotions, %o-,romotions, %or,orate s,onsorshi,s, marketing %ollateral, ad"ertising e++orts and media relations. 2anaged ,lanning, de"elo,ment and im,lementation o+ %omm!ni%ation ,rograms +or s,e%i+i% -rands and ,rod!%t la!n%h. 2anaged %omm!ni%ations with trade organi.ations, e>,ort %o!n%ils, %ons!mers and the glo-al media.

SAP Pro I&dia L!d. =Part 3ime d!ring 21A@ 3eam *eader I&dia& Mar+$! R$#$ar,0 B(r$a( I&!$r&a!io&al. 6reelan%er SUMMER INTERNSHIP Name o+ the /rgani.ation D!ration ProEe%t title COMPUTER 4NO1LE/GE

2a 0F to :an )00& 2a 0# to No" )00#

G 7ndian 2arket Resear%h 1!rea! 7nternational G 1' weeks G 0++e%t o+ /,ening o+ Retail /!tlets on 62C4 in 7ndia

So+twareG 2S /++i%e, 2S 0>%el and other a,,li%ation so+twares.

PERSONAL /ETAILS Name 6atherAs Name 2otherAs Name Date o+ 1irth Nationalit *ang!ages Domi%ile Postal Address 2arital Stat!s 0- 2ail 2o-ile REFERENCES G G G G G G G G G G G Neha Singh 2r.H. <.Singh 2rs. Shashi Singh 1#th.N/H.1&#9 7ndian 0nglish, Hindi Haranasi =;.P.@ Room no. 110, YWCA Working Women Hostel, Parliament Street, Ashoka Road, New Delhi. ;nmarried neha. ad!"anshi1#$ ahoo.%om &1-#00'(1'0)&

;. 2r. S!-odh 1hatnagar 6ormer 42 HR <!-er 4ro!, PhoneG &1-&#F1&8##FF 0-mailG -hatt!hr$gmail.%om

<. 2r. Hemant :ain 0>e%!ti"e Dire%tor, <!-er 6ood Prod!%ts 7ndia P"t. *td. 2o-ileG &1-&89'&0&8)0 0-mailG hemant.Eain$k!-er+oods.%om


Neha Singh