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DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS Step 1: Identifying target a dien!

e: On the basis of Usage pattern Loyalty Brand knowledge

Step ": Deter#ine t$e !%## ni!ati%n& %'(e!ti)e A. Category need: Projecting as re o!ing percei!ed discrepancy between c"rrent and desired oti!ational state. #t is s"itable for new to the world prod"cts.

B. Brand awareness: $oster cons" er ability to recognise %within store& and recall %o"tside store& a brand to ake a p"rchase. eet a rele!ant

C. Brand attit"de: 'elp cons" ers e!al"ate brand(s percei!ed ability to need. )egati!e: #nco plete satisfaction* proble re o!al + a!oidance

Positi!e: ,ensory gratification- intellect"al sti "lation- + social appro!al o!ing cons" ers to take a

.. Brand p"rchase intention:/hro"gh pro otional offers

p"rchase decision. #f they don(t ha!e category need then it won(t help.

Step *: De&ign !%## ni!ati%n&: 0 1(s to answer 1+ ,$at t% &ay- Me&&age &trategy: Can be for "lated as follows Type& %f e.perien!e /e0ard&!ted 2es"lts of "se Prod"ct in "se 2ational ,ensory ,ocial 3go satisfaction "+ 1%0 t% &ay it- C%## ni!ati%n &trategy:/ranslating co "nication

#ncidental to "se

essage into specific

A. #nfor ational appeals: 3laborates on prod"ct 4 ser!ice attrib"tes or benefits %Logic + reason& - Proble -,ol"tion Ads - Prod"ct de onstration Ads - Prod"ct co parison Ads - Unknown or Celebrity endorsers

B. 2elationship between infor ation appeal and iss"es in Concl"sion drawing One sided 5s. two sided arg" ents Order of arg" ent presentation


C. /ransfor ational appeals: 3laborates on non-prod"ct related benefit or i age. .. Co 6hat kind of person "ses the brand7 6hat kind of e8perience res"lts fro /hese "se7 oti!ate p"rchase. essages are "sed to stir "p e otions that will

"nication "se )egati!e e otions: fear- g"ilt- sha e Positi!e e ptions: h" o"r- lo!e- pride- and joy.

*+ ,$% &$% 2d &ay it- Me&&age &% r!e: 9essage deli!ered by attracti!e or pop"lar so"rce can achie!e high attention and recall. ,pokesperson(s credibility: 38pertise- tr"stworthiness- likability Principle of congr"ity: Co "nications can "se their good i age to red"ce so e negati!e feelings toward a brand b"t in the process ight lose so e estee with the a"dience.

Step 3: Se2e!t !$anne2& A. Personal co "nication channel: .irected to one cons" er at a ti e aking state ents to b"yers e bers talking to b"yer ore cons" ers at a ti e

Ad!ocates: Co representati!es contacting b"yers 38perts: #ndependent e8perts ,ocial channel: )eighbo"rs- friends- fa ily

B. )on-personal co Ad!ertising ,ales pro otion

"nication channel: .irected at

3!ents + e8periences P"blic relations

Step 4: E&ta'2i&$ ' dget A. Affordable: 6hat co pany can afford- it akes long ter planning diffic"lt. "nication. B. Percentage of sales: A fi8ed portion of sales is spent on co Ad)antage& ,atisfies financial Co anagers "nication cost : selling price : profit per "nit relationships

3nco"rages stability when all co peting fir s spend si ilarly

Li#itati%n& Base for percentage deter ination ,ales are res"lt of co "nication77 arket opport"nity ay not be ser!ed. A!ailability of f"nds than

.isco"rages e8peri entation 6hat a prod"ct or territory deser!es

C. Co petiti!e parity: Collecti!e wisdo Pre!ents co of ind"stry: 'ow right is it7 "nication wars: )o e!idence ethod:

.. Objecti!e-and-task -

Establish market share goal: Co pany esti ates ;< illion potential "sers and sets a target of attracting => of the arket- i.e. ? illions Determine the percentage of the market that should be reached by advertising: Ad!ertiser hopes to reach =<> of ;< illion potential "sers with ad!ertising essage- i.e. ?< illion. Determine percentage of aware prospects that should be persuaded to try the brand: Ad!ertiser wo"ld be pleased if @;> of aware prospects %A< illion& try the prod"ct. Co pany esti ates that ?<> of triers will beco e loyal c"sto ers. Determine the number of advertising impressions per 1% trail rate: Ad!ertiser deter ines that ?<> ad!tg i pressions %e8pos"res& for e!ery A> of pop"lation will bring abo"t a @;> trail rate. Determine the number of gross rating points that would have to be purchased: A gross rating point is one e8pos"re to A> of the target pop"lation. Beca"se the co pany wants to achie!e ?< e8pos"res to =<> of the pop"lation- it will want to b"y 0@<< gross rating points.

Determine the necessary advertising budget on the basis of the average costs of buying a gross rating point: /o e8pose A> of the target pop"lation to one i pression costs an a!erage of say 2s.A<-<<<. /herefore 0@<< gross rating points will costs 2s.0@ illion in the introd"ction year.

Step 5: De!ide #edia #i. A. Ad!ertising Per)a&i)ene&&: ,hows the seller(s siBe- power- and s"ccess E.pre&&i)ene&&: .ra atiBe co pany and its brands C%ntr%2: 6hich aspects of prod"ct to foc"s

B. ,ales pro otion Attention seeking #ncenti!e to b"y #n!itation to try

C. P"blic relations and p"blicity 'igh credibility: )ews stories Ability to reach hard to find b"yers .ra atiBation of story: Co- prod"ct- brand

.. 3!ents and e8periences /e2e)ant: Cons" ers spend eno"gh ti e in the e!ent Engaging: Ad!antage of li!e and real ti e C"ality I#p2i!it: ,oft sell arketing

3. .irect and interacti!e C"sto ised Up-to-date #nteracti!e

$. 6ord-of- o"th #nfl"ential Personal


/i ely

D. Personal selling Intera!ti%n: Pro!ides an opport"nity to obser!e each other C 2ti)ati%n %f re2ati%n&$ip: 'elps b"ild personal relationship fro /e&p%n&e: B"yer is gi!en choices and enco"raged to respond. selling

Step 6: Mea& re re& 2t& Co "nications Awareness Co prehension Con!iction Order 2eorder anager can find o"t the following

Step 7: Manage integrated #ar8eting !%## ni!ati%n& Co!erage Contrib"tion Co onality Co ple entarity 5ersatility Cost