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Dinosaurs are classified Most adult Maiasaurs’

as birds, or as reptiles. They can weigh up to roughly
died off 65,000,000 years about 3-4 tons! That’s
ago when a giant meteor heavy. Anyways They can
struck the Yucatan penin- also get up to 25-30 ft. in
sula in Mexico, what hap- length. There have been
pened was that when the times where sharp-teethed
meteor hit earth it warmed
dinosaurs called troodon
up the ocean temp. causing
have been found in the
a bunch of hyprocanes ( a
hurricane only stronger ) nests of Maiasaurs’ with
they sucked the atmos- some ( not all but some )
phere out so the dinos got of the eggs cracked from
exposed the sun’s radiation. being eaten.
They found dust of that me- Also almost every kid
teor in Italy, now we’re get- in the world at one point
ting off subject and going in time has been enthused
into the giant meteor. Oh, with dinosaurs. They have
well it’s interesting, back to also asked their self if di-
dinosaurs. Remains of dino- nosaurs are still alive, if so
saurs we found in the where can they be found,
1820’s. By the 1840’s a guy
has there been any clues
named Richard Owen gave
about more dinosaur life,
them the name Dinosauria
( a Greek word ) deinos ect.
meaning great, fearful.
Sauros meaning lizard.
The first dinosaurs
were small, lightly built di-
nosaurs. They’re more agile
then their Jurassic cousins.
During the Jurassic period
the dinosaurs evolved into
myriad adaptive types.
Many reached a larger size,
including Argentinosaurus
a long necked veggie dino-
The sea otter’s scien- Sea otters are endan-
tific name is Enhydra lutris gered because people have
kenyoni. The sea otter is been dumping waste into
the biggest member of the their natural habitat. The
weasel family. A sea otter sea otters have to leave
alone can live to be up to their homes because of all
25 years of age! But the pollution in the water,
average life span is 10 to they didn’t want their ba-
12 years. bies to die from it.
The sea otter may be The oil companies
the smallest marine mam- might be the problem for
mal, but the average adult global warming. Any how
male can get up to 5 feet back to sea otters. They
length and width. It also can be found on the coast
can weigh up to 70 Ibs. of the Pacific Ocean and
The adult female can get on the coast of Asia and
up to 4 feet in length and North America. Sea otters
width, plus 60 Ibs. have webbed feet, water
The sea otter’s fur color repellent fur to keep them
is sometimes brown or dry, and nostrils and ears
black. Maybe white. Their to close in the water.
guard hairs can be silver, Sea otters are the only
light brown, or black. otters to give birth in the
water. Their babies fur
starts out all rough and

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