Matthew Jeffery Let us not forget that the main purpose of bellringing is to call people to worship.

I'm sorry if I'm about to offend you, but people who like to ring thousands of peals seriously need to get a f***ing life. Top of orm Like ! ! "top #otifications ! $%&'( )$( hours ago* +ia Mobile $% people like this. ,hris de ,ordo+a -erhaps they do both. riday, (/ 0ecember (%$1 at $%&'2 ! Like ! 34eply James 4amsbottom Just because people ring lots of peals it doesn't mean that they miss ringing for "unday ser+ice. I don't know many people who'+e rung $%%% peals, but most of those who ha+e turn up 5ust as regularly as anybody else on "unday Mornings. )Just saying.* riday, (/ 0ecember (%$1 at $$&%1 ! Like4eply James 4amsbottom 6ut you are 7uite right, ser+ice ringing should come first. riday, (/ 0ecember (%$1 at $$&%1 ! 8nlike ! (4eply Matthew Jeffery It certainly should. I once rang in a peal in May and deeply regretted it. #ot only because it coincided with "unday morning ringing, but more so because I'm the captain of my tower9 $$&%2 ): few seconds ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew "orell ;e're a broad church. 6ells ha+e always had both religious and secular uses. ;hile I respect and appreciate your opinion, I think ringing can accommodate a wide range of interests. There is a ser+ice<to<the<art element to the ongoing de+elopment of new ringers which I think is also critical. $$&$2 )$( hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! '4eply James "anderson -erhaps people who unnecessarily write pro+ocati+e posts on acebook 5ust to get a reaction are not the ones who should be telling other people to get a life... $$&$2 )$( hours ago* ! Like ! 3=4eply Jen Johnson :m I the only one who finds this reminiscent of the trolling posts we had a few months back...... 0on't rise to the bait9 $$&(% )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $'4eply :lan J 6irney ;ell said James and Jen. >dd for somebody who rings peals to complain about other peal ringers. $$&(( )$$ hours ago* ! Like ! 14eply Matthew Jeffery 6ut I'm on about peal ringing addicts, :lan. #ot 5ust those who ring the odd few a year. :nd like I said, I'm sorry if I'+e offended anybody $$&(1 )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply 4oderic ?enneth 6ickerton There are a lot of non ,hristians that ring. $$&(2 )$$ hours ago* ! 8nlike ! /4eply Matthew Jeffery @eeaahhh.... $$&(A )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply "arah Buintin Troll alert9 $$&1% )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply

,hris Criggs 4ight troll, 6eing in a different time Done gi+es me the ad+antage that I'+e had enough beer to respond. Those who belie+e in mythical creatures need to get a fucking life )Insert stars if your sensibilities re7uire*. $$&1A )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! 8nlike ! 34eply 0enise Eughes #ot rung thousands...yet... 6ut would lo+e to9 >n holiday at the moment and ha+e rung for ser+ices at three different churches, one of which we ha+e rung at three times this week. ;ithout us, one of the others would ha+e been really short... i.e. rounds and calls on four. -erhaps those that ha+e a guilty conscience need to get o+er it and get a life... note, no obscenities in my post9 $$&1A )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply :leF Eunsley Matthew Jeffery @awn. ;ho really cares. If they like doing it, who are they bothering, troll. $$&3$ )$$ hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply 4ichard "mith -eople who think the purpose of ringing is to encourage ritual canibalism in the name of some fictional sky<fairy need to grow up, get a life, or stop fucking trolling. $$&3( )$$ hours ago* ! Gdited ! 8nlike ! $%4eply :leF Eunsley Mind you, the pope's 5ust announced that there isn't a literal hell. ;onder if sunday ser+ice attendence will drop. $$&31 )$$ hours ago* ! Like ! 14eply -aul ;illiams -eople need to not needs to 4ichard $$&31 )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply Matthew Jeffery 4ichard "mith, you're away with the fairies, mate. $$&3/ )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply -aul ;illiams 6oys9 ,alm down9 $(&%% )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply Matthew Jeffery I am calm and point tagging me when I'm the one who started the thread $(&%/ )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Gdited ! Like4eply Jenny "chwarD It can be a hobby too9 I'm an atheist but I'+e rung = 7uarters and e+ery practice and ser+ice I could for A years now. I don't stay to ser+ices, I 5ust ring then lea+e by the back door < no one minds at all $(&$3 )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $%4eply Matthew Jeffery Cood for you. I don't think any of my ringers go to church either eFcept on special occasions. 6ut they're all keen $(&$2 )$$ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply -eter >ldfield I'm sure it's possible to get a point across without swearing ... )with or without stars*. #o doubt there are younger ringers who read and contribute to this forum < and yes, I know they will be eFposed to that in other areas of their life < but there's no reason why we should contribute to that such that it becomes normalised < or our eFercise appear as ignorant < after all, we do represent the church )in certain ways* < which is where this thread started9 $(&(3 )$% hours ago* ! Like ! $14eply Michael 4ogerson ;hen I was new to bellringing almost 3% years ago, it was a shock to the system to learn what peals consist of and not all ringers are peal ringers. I had no thought of ringing for anything other than "unday ser+ice. $(&3' )$% hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply

0oug 0a+is This sub5ect has been done to death on here pre+iously, the end result being that it's clear e+eryone has a different opinion and will ne+er agree. "uggest we 5ust let it lie. $(&'1 )$% hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply Matthew Jeffery James, I'm under the impression you think I need to get a life for gi+ing people something to discuss. $(&'3 )$% hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply "ue Marsden I ring peals. I also ring for ser+ice. 6ut I do not feel obliged to ring He+eryI "unday. That is why we aim to ha+e more ringers than bells, so that we can ha+e a "unday off occasionally. "o sometimes )not often*<work, family, holidays or e+en peals mean that I do not make it for ringing. It's the same for the rest of our band only they don't ring peals. 8sually the peals on a "unday are for a good reason <4emembrance 0ay for eFample. -eal ringers are not monsters< they 5ust en5oy ringing for upwards of 1 hours, but they all gi+e something back to ringing, as do those who ring 5ust for their own practice and ser+ice, as they ensure that bands are maintained at churches all around the country. $(&'3 )$% hours ago* ! Gdited ! Like ! 34eply Martin 6rian Eough :ll of the ringers that I either know or am ac7uainted with who Jring thousands of pealsJ also ring for ser+ice. I am only aware of a small handful of ringers who treat ringing entirely as a hobby and don't ring for ser+ice. ;hat it boils down to is that there are +ery few of the people you describe, and it isn't a sub5ect to be getting all worked up about. If you were trying to get people into a stew about the sub5ect, well, looking at the comments, it hasn't really worked, has it.9 $1&$2 )$% hours ago* ! Like ! 24eply 0ickon Lo+e -oint of accuracy here& change ringing was not in+ented to call people to worship. That has 5ust become a more recent custom. 4ead your history books. $1&($ )= hours ago* +ia mobile ! 8nlike ! $(4eply Matthew Jeffery 4ead my original post. $1&(1 )= hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Iain Mitchell I ha+e utmost respect for those that buy mini<rings for their personal hobby of peal ringing, at least they are true to themsel+es. :s for the bells in a church, you can argue black is white fore+er etc. Just remember, they aren't the ringers property and are rung with the agreement of the church9 $1&1( )= hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! (4eply ,aroline airley >h what 5oyous seasonal warm fuDDy feeling. I rang on ,hristmas 0ay, and I am an atheist. #o biggie. $1&1( )= hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! 24eply Matthew Jeffery Martin, of course people ring peals as well as for church ser+ices. :ny fool knows that. :nd if people want to be serial peal ringers, then fine. They can try and get into the Cuinness 6ook of 4ecords for all I care. It's a free country. I 5ust wonder why they take pleasure in ringing so many. :nd what about the peal fees. They must be paying a fortune9 $1&13 )= hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Martin 6rian Eough I think that the sort of peal ringers in 7uestion here ring all these peals because they en5oy it. The bands that they ring with regularly are going to be producing consistently good ringing where+er they go, and getting good ringing is what it's all about. I ring +ery few peals these days, in fact I ha+e

ne+er rung that many, at least when compared to these people. 6ut when I do ring one, I ha+e the hope of a long period of good ringing in my head. "ometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. 6ut for these people, it pretty much always happens. :s for the peal fees, if one chooses to ring that many peals, one will eFpect to ha+e to fork out for the fees. It's their choice after all9 $1&3/ )= hours ago* ! Like ! 34eply -hillip Ceorge 4inging is a secular acti+ity which is carried out mainly in churches for a +ariety of reasons, some of which are for church purposes. G+ery ringer makes a contribution to the GFercise and to the church in this respect according to their interest. ;e all ring because we en5oy it, whate+er our moti+ation. I don't think this is a problem. Let's all keep ringing9 $1&3= )= hours ago* ! Like ! A4eply Julie Miles I'm confused as Matthew's original post is, in my opinion, +ery different to the one 1 up from my post so what is it you want us to discuss. "hould prolific peal ringers get a life or what is the attraction to them of ringing so many. $3&$' )= hours ago* ! Like4eply "ue Marsden They ha+e a life. It's ringing peals, same as others might spend all their spare time climbing hills, or playing rugby, or following a football team around the world or whate+er their interest is. ;hy should people ha+e a problem with what others en5oy doing. The attraction of ringing peals has been stated many times so people really should know by now. I don't criticise ringers who don't like peals so why should they ha+e a problem with those that do. $3&(( )A hours ago* ! Like ! $'4eply Mar7uis 0e,arabas The original post smacks slightly of 5ealousy, T6E. Li+e and let li+e. $3&3' )A hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! 24eply Julie Miles My brother rang one peal as I said he should try one before deciding he didn't like it and one is all he did. I don't ha+e a problem with that or if he'd said no to the one. $3&3' )A hours ago* ! 8nlike ! $4eply 4ob Lee Julie, maybe he realised he's made a bellend of himself. $3&3= )A hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply "ue Marsden I would say that one peal is not really enough to 5udge if you are going to like it or not, but at least he was willing to ha+e a go. $3&'( )A hours ago* ! 8nlike ! $4eply Jen Johnson I rang se+en, and I hated e+ery single one. I think that's enough to form a balanced opinion9 $'&%3 )A hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply elicity 6eckett ;ell I am not tempted to ring :#@..... : Buarter -eal is B8ITG L>#C G#>8CE for my brain and my body. I am eFtremely happy to spend the 1 hours or so, that a -eal takes, on a golf course... better scenery, better eFercise. I admire those who can ring -eals, but ha+e a certain amount of sympathy for those that may not wish to hear church bells for 7uite that long. $'&$2 )A hours ago* ! Like4eply

"ue Marsden That's why sound control in many churches is a good idea. I would probably not en5oy 1 hours ringing if I li+ed near a church and was not a ringer, but would be happy with "er+ice ringing, practices, weddings and the like. $'&1( )/ hours ago* ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery >r maybe, 4ob, I'+e 5ust been out and had no internet connection. #ow then...yes, Julie, I think they do need to get a life. #ot mo+ing your legs in a bell tower for 1 hours while your lower back gets more and more painful and your fingers get more and more blistered isn't eFactly my idea of fun. 6ut people keep doing it and it's up to them what they do, not me. $2&%$ )/ hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply ,aroline airley KGFactly, Matthew. It isn't your idea of fun, but it is fun to some people )of whom I am not one*. The same can be said for any hobby, riding a bike to end back where you started, knocking a little white ball round a course, playing a musical instrument to no one but yourself, etc. :ll these things could be stripped down to basics and seen as pointless. 6etter than the Jeremy ?yle brigade though, surely. $2&%= )/ hours ago* ! Like ! 14eply ,li+e "mith I think fishermen should get a life. I am sure fishermen think the same of people like me9 0ifferent things for different people. Many non ringing friends are amaDed I ha+e a hobby that takes me all around the country )and beyond*, meeting and making friends with so many people. $2&3' )2 hours ago* ! 8nlike ! (4eply

James "anderson Matthew if you only wanted to start a discussion, there are much more mature ways of doing this than by telling +ast swathes of people you'+e ne+er met that they need to get a ******* life. This should be ob+ious to any adult with half a brain. $2&'( )2 hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! '4eply ,li+e "mith Matthew, I don't suppose you were attempting a peal today were you. $2&'2 )2 hours ago* ! Like4eply elicity 6eckett This postLdiscussion has now lasted the length of T;> -G:L"999 $/&%3 )2 hours ago* ! Like ! (4eply "ue Marsden '= peals since $=A=, including "miths and 3$ spliced. >b+iously a talented ringer, if a reluctant peal ringer $/&%A )2 hours ago* ! Like4eply Julie Miles Ci+en my brother was an infre7uent ringer already by the time he rang a peal I think it was probably enough for him to decide Jen9 I think he only did it was it was a special one to us all with us all being young, 3 first pealers and so on. My body isn't really up to peals any more but I found I got bored easily in the end so prefer to ring lots of 0oubles with +ariations to keep it interesting. I mo+e my feet, e+en in a touch Matthew so I don't suffer from not mo+ing etc. 0o you ha+e any hobbies Matthew. $/&$% )2 hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply -aul ;illiams "tirring on internet boards by the look of it. $/&$' )2 hours ago* +ia mobile ! 8nlike ! (4eply ,aroline airley :nn, your post would ha+e more gra+itas if you displayed a knowledge of the difference between 'of' and 'ha+e'. >h, and the use of capitals to begin a proper name

$/&11 )' hours ago* ! Like4eply Martin 6rian Eough I ride motorbikes. Ea+e done all my life from the age of $(. 6ut I don't like Jpack ridingJ, where a large group of riders go out together, neither would I like Jtrack daysJ, where a group of riders go to a racetrack to eFperience the thrill of racing. 6ut I wouldn't dream of telling those bikers who 0> like these things that they need to get a ***ing life, you blithering idiot9 $/&1A )' hours ago* ! 8nlike ! 24eply 4ichard Crimmett Eow many eFcellent strikers don't ring peals $/&3% )' hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! 24eply ,li+e "mith Martin, sounds like a bellringing e7ui+alent would be to ring one bell peals whilst the others are off ringing on 2, A, $% or $( $/&3( )' hours ago* ! Like4eply 4obert ;ood in my eFperience, keen peal ringers are often the most reliable at turning up to ring on "unday mornings. $/&3= )' hours ago* ! Like ! (4eply Martin 6rian Eough My point, in case it isn't clear, is that the aspect of biking that I, along with countless other motorcyclists en5oy, is solo or ( up riding, en5oying the open road without anything else to worry about, or to rob you of your concentration. 6ut I wouldn't think ill of those who en5oy other aspects of biking, in the same way that Matthew really has no business thinking ill of those who like to ring loads of peals. I hope this makes sense9 $/&'( )' hours ago* ! Gdited ! Like4eply ,li+e "mith Martin, you were perfectly clear )both times9*, as is the rather fine beer I am drinking9 $/&'2 )' hours ago* ! Gdited ! Like4eply

4obert 6rown G+eryone is entitled to a +iew, couple points i would make, I started ringing up again at a ,hurch that had been without a band for a number of years and we ring there fro "unday "er+ices < the bells are also a+ailable for peals and we encourage all types of ringing < after one peal the +icar rang me up and said he had had a phone call about the bells, my first thought was bugger a complaint, howe+er the lady that rang up wanted to thank the +icar for the ringing as her life had been a bit difficult and the sound of the bells brought her nearer to god. #eFt point re 4ichards comment about eFcellent strikers < in 0e+on the answer would be 7uite a lot. oh and buy the way I ring peals and also rang at three different towers on ,hristmas morning including one where the new band rang by themsel+es < first time in (' years a wholly +illage band had rung on ,hristmas 0ay < in fairness Matthew I think you are the one that needs to get a life as clearly all that anger is building up inside and cant be good for you a bit of gentle eFercise would do you the world of good. $A&$% )' hours ago* ! Like ! 34eply iona ;heeler well I'+e rung $%%% peals. I'm not really peal ringing at the moment but I do ring on "undays at my local church. Li+e and let li+e. $A&(1 )3 hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply "imon 4idley ;hy not publish your +iews in the comic Matthew. $A&1% )3 hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! 14eply #ick 6owden >r is Matthew actually 0errick Mc4obert in disguise. $A&1$ )3 hours ago* ! 8nlike ! 34eply

Lynn "amuels Lo+e reading this thread as it meanders along. I li+e in depri+ed ,alifornia where there are no towers. I rang my first 7uarter on hand bells lifted up by some wonderful eFperienced peal ringers )both tower ringers and one +ery famous hand bell ringer*. Those who lo+e peal ringing are proficient, to say the least and a 5oy to ring with, especially when trying a 7uarter for the first time. I say a resounding thanking you to these .. -eal Eeads or whate+er you call them in the land of many towers. $A&1$ )3 hours ago* ! Like ! 14eply Jane Johnson I agree with you matthew, there are far too many Mhobby ringersM as my tower captain says, $=&$/ )3 hours ago* ! Like4eply ,aroline airley If it weren't for the 'hobby ringers', Jane, I wonder if most towers would be rung regularly on a "unday. ;hat the hell is wrong with you people. $=&(% )1 hours ago* ! 8nlike ! =4eply Julie Miles If these peal ringers got a life they wouldn't be about to ring on a "unday as they'd be busy doing their non<ringing hobby.... $=&(' )1 hours ago* ! Like ! (4eply Julie Miles I should probably be shot as I don't ring on a "unday now and go to practice but don't ring, 5ust en5oy the social chatter between the others ringing. $=&(2 )1 hours ago* ! Like4eply ,aroline airley @ou ha+e an eFcuse, don't you, Julie. $=&(/ )1 hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply Julie Miles I do ,aroline but I suspect it will continue after baba born. $=&(A )1 hours ago* ! Gdited ! Like ! $4eply ,aroline airley I used to ring at a tower where no one but me was interested in ringing anything other than rounds and call changes. The practices collapsed, shortly followed by the "unday ringing. I was the only member who looked on ringing as a 'hobby', for en5oyment, socialising and something to put effort into impro+ing. I ring somewhere else now. $=&11 )1 hours ago* ! 8nlike ! 34eply :ndy Mead I+e recently started to ring peals , for a few selfish reasons , to impro+e my method ringing and to also impro+e my striking , and rope sight . 4inging for longer periods of time has also made me a more confident ringer . Ea+e I found it addicti+e , not really , but I can see the attraction . (%&%2 )1 hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Mike 6irkbeck I use to bells to call people to to worship and use them to ring peals )and 7uarters for that matter*, does that mean I'm sitting on the fence or greedy. (%&%A )1 hours ago* ! 8nlike ! '4eply Martin 6rian Eough #either, 5ust makes you a normal ringer9 (%&%= )1 hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply "imon 4idley ;ere one to plot a graph. >n the F aFis Ja+erage ability and usefulness to ringing community across the populatio. 0etermined by striking method capacity supporting local towers and teachingJ while on the y Jregularity of peal ringingJ there may be a trend. There would of couse be wonderful eFceptions to the trend < where would you plot yourself mr Jeffery. (%&$' )1 hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply

?errigan "mith Isn't it a small percentage of ringers who ha+e scored a peal and a smaller percentage still who ring more than one, let alone on a regular basis. :nyone know the figures. -retty sure it's 'N or so for the latter. (%&(' )( hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply -hil Tremain 6ased on today's J>n This 0ayJ $' of the 1( people who rang their first peal in the last (% years ha+e only rung one, so roughly half. That would make a statistician cry I know but it gi+es a rough idea. (%&3% )( hours ago* ! Like4eply Craham J ;right ;hy are we e+en talking about this. I feel sorry for him 9 (%&'( )( hours ago* ! Like ! $4eply ?errigan "mith I'm not commenting on the original post as it's 5ust stupid and rude, 5ust asking a 7uestion while we chat. ($&%% )( hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Ceorge "alter I ha+en't read all of the abo+e but I would +ery much agree with Martin . ;hat a stupid thing to post. ($&%= )( hours ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Mark Instone I'+e rung plenty of peals and I'+e rung for plenty more ser+ices. ,hange ringing seemingly de+eloped independently of liturgical purposes but one should ne+er forget that the +ast ma5ority of bells are church property. #o church, no bells in most cas..."ee More ($&($ )about an hour ago* ! Like4eply Ceorge "alter I and many other -eal ringers that I know of support their local towers and districts by ringing for different e+ents and ser+ices. I try to always make it so that I can attend practice at my local $( rather than go off doing something else, and I'+e attended most practices there for o+er 1 years ($&'$ )about an hour ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Margaret Camble many $%%% pealers were in your first peal of MaFimus at Lincoln ,athedral Mathew ..Just asking....... ($&'1 )about an hour ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Jane Johnson The comment was only what my tower captain says, it 0oesn't mean I agree with her caroline . ;e ring e+ery sunday, though I can't as a work in a psychiatric care home and weekends are b+ery much part of my contract of employment ($&'1 )about an hour ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply #ick 6owden Emmm... interesting band9 0iscuss&< http& ($&'= )about an hour ago* ! Like ! $4eply Craham J ;right I told you9 :s Martin Eough would say JThe cheese has well and truly slipped from his crackerJ9 ((&%3 )about an hour ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply #ick 6owden ;hat's the neFt number in the se7uence. 2$13P 1==(P 1//$P 13=AP 13=(... ((&$= )'/ minutes ago* ! Like ! $4eply Matthew Eigby $. ((&(3 )'( minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply #ick 6owden #o9

((&(' )'$ minutes ago* ! Like4eply Craham J ;right (. ((&(A )3A minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply ,harlotte "midge Meader 13A=. ((&(= )3/ minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply #ick 6owden #ope9 The answer is actually already in this thread... ((&1% )3/ minutes ago* ! Like4eply ,li+e "mith '=, according to "GM ((&1$ )3' minutes ago* ! Like4eply #ick 6owden ,orrect ,li+e9 ((&1( )3' minutes ago* ! Like4eply Martin 6rian Eough ;hate+er the fuck you are now on about, you can't get away from the fact that, in the peal that #ick features abo+e, the original poster of this thread has rung a peal with some of the people that he seems to despise. :mongst them are ( ringers who I know ring peals but don't ring for "unday ser+ices, and no disrespect to ,olin and #icola, who I know for a fact 0> ring for "unday ser+ices9 ((&1A )1A minutes ago* ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery I don't despise them at all. I'm perfectly happy to ring peals with them, but not too many as I do ha+e a life outside peal ringing ((&3$ )1' minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Martin 6rian Eough @ou tosser, you don't e+en ha+e the courage of your con+ictions9 ((&31 )11 minutes ago* ! Gdited ! 8nlike ! '4eply Matthew Jeffery Euh. ((&3' )1$ minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply ,harlotte "midge Meader 4ead your original post then read what you wrote 5ust now, then you'll realise why he called you a tosser, you idiot9 1$ minutes ago +ia mobile ! 8nlike ! (4eply Martin 6rian Eough If I were you, I would delete this thread in an attempt to sa+e some face. If the ringers who you refer to )who I know aren't on acebook* were to ha+e this brought to their attention, I doubt that they would cross the road to piss on you if you were on fire, let alone ring another peal with you9 1% minutes ago ! 8nlike ! '4eply Mar7uis 0e,arabas 0id anyone watch 'Trollhunter' the other night. ((&3= )(/ minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply "imon 4idley #o do tell.... ((&'% )(2 minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery ;ell I ain't gonna, you saddo ((&'$ )(' minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply ,li+e "mith hey Mar7uis, you were on 43 last night, and I guess will be in 3% mins time again ((&'$ )(' minutes ago* ! 8nlike ! $4eply

,harlotte "midge Meader @ou may not ha+e rung JthousandsJ of peaks yourself, but you ha+e rung peals. Just because people ha+e peal ringing as their hobby, doesn't mean they need to get a life99 I don't like golf, but I don't think golfers need to get a life because they spen..."ee More ((&'$ )(' minutes ago* +ia mobile ! 8nlike ! 34eply Matthew Jeffery #ow need to be like that. I don't care if I ne+er get asked to ring another peal again. Like I said, I ha+e a life outside peal ringing. ((&'2 )(% minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Mar7uis 0e,arabas Indeed < I shall listen to myself as it were. &o* ((&'/ )$= minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like ! $4eply Mar7uis 0e,arabas "o get on with it without troubling here9 ((&'A )$= minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply iona ;heeler don't ring peals then and stop moaning about those who do. ((&'A )$A minutes ago* ! 8nlike ! (4eply Jeremy "piller 8ntil facebook there was nothing outside peal ringing (1&%( )$3 minutes ago* ! Like ! $4eply Matthew Jeffery I don't ha+e a problem with peal ringers. I 5ust think there are better things to do than ring loads of them (1&%( )$3 minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Jeremy "piller GFactly, that's why I don't ring many (1&%1 )$1 minutes ago* ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery ;ell you're like me then, aren't you. (1&%3 )$( minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Jeremy "piller @es (1&%3 )$( minutes ago* ! Like4eply Jeremy "piller "o the peal of (1m Ma5or you did you feel at the end (1&%' )$$ minutes ago* ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery :nd there are better things to spend your money on (1&%' )$$ minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery I felt pleased. Made the odd mistake here and there but was glad we got it (1&%2 )$% minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Jeremy "piller 6etter than "unday morn.... (1&%2 )$% minutes ago* ! Like ! $4eply Martin 6rian Eough If you're going to post something so bloody stupid, you are going to ha+e to take whate+er criticism comes back at you. @ou ha+e made yourself look a bloody fool, and are still doing so. ;here are your brains. 0elete the damn fool post and ha+e done with it9 (1&%/ )= minutes ago* ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery I feel a ,ommodores song coming (1&%/ )= minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery #o I ha+en't. Just ignore it if you ha+e a problem with it. 0on't tell me what to do.

(1&%A )A minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery Eey...guess where I was tonight. (1&$1 )3 minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Martin 6rian Eough It's ok for you to tell some talented ringers that they need to get a f***ing life, but it's not ok for me to ad+ise you to delete your post in order to sa+e some face after you ha+e made a prick of yourself. @ou're beyond help, pal9 (1&$1 )3 minutes ago* ! Like4eply :ndy Mead This is gonna bite you at some point , id get rid of it , but its your choice . (1&$1 )1 minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply Matthew Jeffery @eah yeah...whate+er )yawn* (1&$1 )1 minutes ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply #ick 6owden "ome interesting material for the 4; to print here if last week is anything to go by... 1 minutes ago ! Like ! $4eply Matthew Jeffery :lright, you win. >ff it goes... (1&$= ): few seconds ago* +ia mobile ! Like4eply

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