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A. Complete the table below. Write the quantity words in the chart.
a few

a little


some many much a lot of




B. Create a sentence using had better or had better not for each situation given below.
e.g. my students want to improve their skill in English, so they had better practice more often.
1. I cannot speak English fluently, so _______________________
2. I do not understand the lesson, so_________________________
3. I cannot remember all of the tenses, so ____________________
4. I often wake up late, so _________________________________
C. Complete the dialogue below by using would rather or would rather not.
1. A: Do you want to go to the shadow puppet performance tonight?
B: Not really, I
2. A: What are you doing now?
B: Im studying grammar, but I
3. A: Do you want to go to Sonobudoyo museum tomorrow?
B: Thanks, but I
D. Present Tense and Past Tense
Read the following passage and then form questions from the cues.
Junko went to the United States last year in January. She began studying English
at a community college in Monterey, California. At that time, she was living with a host
family. At first, it was hard for people to understand her because of her accent.
Now her accent is much better. She lives in an apartment. She is taking four
classes. But, she is also working. She doesnt usually receive money from Japan.

How many________________________________________________________________________

E. Complete the sentence below using real conditional formula.

1. I will fix your bicycle if I (have)_________ a screwdriver of the proper size.
2. Glen will shave today if he (have) ______________ a sharp razor.
3. Susan always answers the phone if she (be) _____________in her office.
4. If I have enough apples, I (bake) ________ an apple pie this afternoon.
5. I (make) _________________ a tomato salad for the picnic tomorrow if the tomatoes in my
garden are ripe.
6. I can go to your house tonight, if I (be/not)___________busy.
7. Allen and Irina will join the competition, if their parents (allow)_______ them.
8. If I meet Julio this afternoon, I (ask) _________him to accompany me.
F. Complete the sentences with these verbs in gerund form:
try wash
steal play meet eat
be run look
write go
make drive
Example: Do you miss playing tennis every afternoon?
1. Could you please stopso much noise?
2. I don't enjoy letters.
3. Does your job involve .. a lot of people?
4. I considered the job, but in the end I decided against it.
5. If you use the shower, try and avoid ..water on the floor.
6. Have you finished ..your hair yet?
7. The phone rang while Ann was having dinner. She didn't answer it; she just
8. She admitted .. the car but denied it dangerously.
9. Why do you keep on me like that?
10. They had to postpone .. away because their son was sick.
11. If you cross the street without looking, you risk ..over by a car.