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JAKARTA • MUSEUM TEXTILE (BATIK CREATION) For visitor who loves to learn to practice batik making, we will bring you to Textile Museum, a European-styled building, in Central Jakarta’s Tanah Abang area. The museum displays a wide variety of cloths from different parts of Indonesia. The label on each cloth describes the information about their types of material, the processes of production and the origins. On the batik course, visitors will learn how to draw patterns on fabrics and wax it after they draft the motif. For those who are not able to create some drawing, there are so many different samples of motifs that are allowed to be copied onto fabrics before being hot-waxed by using a spouted copper vessel, or “canting”. The course cost not so expensive for this unforgettable experience. This batik courses are open on every Sunday and Tuesday – Friday from 0930 hours to 1500 hours and on Sunday from 0930 hours to 1300 hours. • TAMAN MINI INDONESIA INDAH (Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park) Officially opened on 20 April 1975 and located at the southeast of Jakarta, this park offers you a mini version of each province all over Indonesia and various beautiful tradition of Indonesia. The park is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 0800 hours to 1700 hours. It also open on Monday if only it is a national holidays. • TAMAN IMPIAN JAYA ANCOL This is a popular amusement park in Jakarta city. The activities that attract so many visitors are boating, fishing, bowling, buying souvenirs, etc. For those sea sport lovers, they can do speed boats, jet skies, canoes, and wind surfing at the Marina Beach. They can also visit Sea World inside the park. It is a very big aquarium in a modern setting where you can see many kinds of beautiful tropical fish. For children, they will love to come to

Fantasy World where they can find so many attractions such as Halilintar twisted roller coaster ride, a theater show named Balada Kera (Monkey Parody), Bianglala (Ferris wheel), Niagara flume ride, Kora-kora (Swinging ship) and many more. Also located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, there is a restaurant known as Bandar Jakarta Seafood It offers you a beautiful view of the sea and an excellent seafood taste. • MONAS NATIONAL MONUMENT Located at the heart of the town, this national monument has become one of the biggest tourist attractions and a proud of people who lives in Jakarta. Tourists are allowed to go to the top of Monas with the elevator and enjoy the view from the top. BOGOR • BOTANICAL GARDEN For nature lover, you will enjoy your visit to Bogor, especially to the world-class botanical garden, known as Kebun Raya. This huge garden covering an area of around 80 hectares and contain more than 15,000 species of trees and plants. This large area of the original rainforest is often used for scientific study as it’s provides excellent specimens. The gardens are open from 0800 hours to 1500 hours. Inside the compound of the gardens, we can also find a beautiful Bogor Palace, but it is merely opened for public on certain days. • TAMAN BUAH MEKAR SARI In this location, you can find so many species of Indonesia’s fruits. Many students, farmers, scientists and hobbyists come here for some research as it is provides research facilities such as a laboratory, library and greenhouses. Further more, visitors are allowed to pick their own fruits and vegetables and enjoy the lake and water recreations. • FACTORY OUTLET Bogor also has some factory outlets that offer you clothes, shoes and bags at reasonable


This is another family’s tourist attraction that we can find in just 30 – 45 minutes from Bogor city. The safari park had various collections of the world and local fauna. Some facilities provided for visitors are safari bus, water bicycle, canoe, swimming pool, artificial lake, mini train, the bird park, the circus’s stage, children playground, baby zoo, devil’s house, and many more. • PUNCAK HIGHLAND / TEA PLANTATION The weather in Puncak (the rolling green hills) is very pleasant and refreshing as it is located on the mountainous range of mount Gede. Along the streets, you can find a beautiful view and vendors selling a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, handicrafts, tubers and snacks. One of the major attractions near here is the Tea Plantation (agro-tourism) which has magnificent view, named Gunung Mas. There you can see the whole process of making tea, walk through the tea fields, ride ponies and have a picnic around the tea fields. Puncak is also a place for adventure lovers, as they can find a hang gliding area at the top of the hill. The take off area is above a beautifull tea plantation area, this take off area called Bukit Gantole or hang gliding hills. • CILEMBER WATERFALL Cilember Waterfall is famous with the beautifull scenery that it has. Some attractions that can be found are the beautiful Butterfly Garden, Camping Ground and also Children Playground. The outstanding CIlember Waterfall is a good place for relaxation and recreation. SUKABUMI

• CITARIK RIVER Citarik River, the most well known rivers in Sukabumi, offers a challenging whitewater rafting adventure that will give you an unforgettable experience. Get more excitement and fun at low cost!


Placed at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango, Selabintama gives you many kind of interesting activities, such as swimming, hiking,

trekking, golf, or just to enjoy the scenery. Tourist is usually loves the cool weather, cold air and the beautiful panorama of Mount Gede Pangrango. • CIBEUREUM WATERFALL Ciebeureum waterfall offers you a marvelous beauty of the three streams of water gushing down from a 30 meters height, named Cikundul, Cidendeng and Cibeureum. • A PLACE FOR HUNTING For adventure lovers, there is a hunting resort in Sukabumi. Tourist can rent the hunting equipment to hunt turkey, wild boar, wild goat and deer (specific charge fee applied for each type of animal and huting equipment). • CAMPING GROUND IN THE FOREST / NATURE CONSERVATION This is another popular destination for nature lovers. Still in Sukabumi, there is a resort where we can find a wide range of outdoor, recreational and leisure activities. Here, a vendor provides complete equipment for tourist who wants to stay for a night (2 days, 1 night) and feel the atmosphere of the natural forest (forest conservation). The package of 2 days & 1 night stay already include a program, guidance, ticket, insurance, equipment, mineral water, foods (x 3), snacks (x 3), accommodation and also medical kit. (There are a minimum number of participants) Tourist can also find a Javan Gibbon (Owa Jawa) and a national bird of Indonesia named Javan Hawk-eagle (Elang Jawa). Both are the world's rarest species • PELABUHAN RATU Pelabuhan Ratu is a legendary known as the home of the queen of the South Seas, named Nyai Roro Kidul. In this famous beach resort, we can find so many hotels as well as bungalows. Many people come to enjoy a beautiful sandy beaches and great view of tropical forest on rolling hills and mountains. Ujung Genteng- Pelabuhan Ratu, also known as one of world-class surfing beach and very popular among surfers from around the world. Located about 15 kilometers westward from

Pelabuhan Ratu, there is a famous hot water geyser which feed the sulfur hot springs, known as Cisolok.

This hot spring water area is located near the beach. Here you can take a bath on the river or pools and enjoy the marvelous sight surrounding you. CIANJUR

• CIBODAS In the 22 kilometers northwest of Cianjur , there’s another place for recreation named Kebun Raya Cibodas, which is also a conservation and observation place for plants.


Lined along Cipanas road, you can buy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with cheap price. For flower lover you should come to Cipanas to visit The Archipelago’s Botanical Garden (Taman Bunga Nusantara), where you can see lots of flowers from various countries in the world that are very exotic and rare. Many attraction that you can find in there, such as Rafflesia Mini Theater, the giant lotus in Water Garden, the colorful giant peacock, the Labyrinth Park, Viewing Tower, and so many beautiful flowers around you. The kids will also love to spend sometime in here, as they can find a huge playing ground. BANDUNG Bandung has a cool climate throughout the year as it is located in a mountainous area. Bandung always crowded in the weekend or national holidays by people from many areas who wants to spend their times in Bandung for shopping, enjoying the food and beautiful view, or just to escape from their busy life. While in Bandung, you should see the classical show of Sundanese gamelan and dances, as well as “Wayang Golek” wooden puppet show and the “Angklung” bamboo orchestra. • RICE PADDY FIELDS Rice paddy fields that covered a wide area give you an amazing traditional view. At some restaurant, you can feel enjoy the nature closely, as they set up the restaurant in a traditional way surrounded by rice paddy fields. Usually, the dining table doesn’t have chairs, so you

have to sit on the floor after you take your shoes off and eat with your hands (after being washed and clean). The Traditional Indonesia food taste so good with reasonable price. • TANGKUBAN PERAHU VOLCANO This is one of Bandung’s most popular tourist destinations which offer many places to explore. They named it Tangkuban Perahu as it is looks like an upside down boat (related to legendary story of Sangkuriang). Here you can see mountains surrounding this gorgeous white crater. It is very interesting to see the volcanic process. Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano with three craters named Kawah Ratu ("Queen Crater"), Kawah Domas ("Domas Crater"), and Kawah Upas ("Upas Crater"). You surely will enjoy the astonishing view while exploring the crater. • CIWIDEY The most favorite place among visitors is the White Crater (Kawah Putih). The water content a high sulfur and feels warm. Some people believed that the water can help to heal some diseases. Besides, you can also visit Strawberry field where you can pick your own fresh strawberry. • SITU PATENGGANG – LAKE Located in Ciwidey tourism area, there is a one of the leading resort, named Situ Patenggang Lake. There you can enjoy the beauty panorama of a lake surrounded by tea plantations. Your family will love the hot spring water swimming pool, restaurant, bungalow and many more supporting facilities. • SHOPPING & CAFÉ FOR HANG OUT Bandung is a lovely city which is famous with textile industry and many cozy cafes. It is a city for shopping and food lover. In every corner you can find wide varieties and taste of traditional to western food and you will also have exciting shopping opportunities. • CIATER About 30 minutes from Tangkuban Perahu, there is another tourist destination for hot spring, known as the Ciater Hot Spring. There are nice pools where we can sit or swim. The streams and pools are filled by warm

mineral springs (containing a high degree of iodium and sulfur which source from Tangkuban Perahu

Crater). The warm mineral springs is good to heal rheumatism and skin problem. Ciater is the right place for recreation and relaxation as it is also provided with many facilities such as tennis court, restaurants, pools and camping area. Ciater placed in the middle of huge tea estate which has a very nice view. GARUT

• KAMPUNG SAMPIREUN This Sundanese Resort is highly recommended for honeymoon couples because of the romantic atmosphere in it. • KAWAH KAMOJANG This Natural Park and wildlife reserve have various plants and animals. You will enjoy the beautiful nature as well as the cool and fresh weather. Some craters also can be found in here. • CIPANAS The other hot-spring-water can be found in Cipanas Garut. You will enjoy your stay in this mountain area which is has a cool weather, dramatic volcanic setting and natural hot springs.


Pameungpeuk is a town in the Garut. It’s south facing the beautiful Indian Ocean, white surf, beach, endless sand, corals, palm trees and mangrove trees. All blend together and offers you a magnificent view. TASIKMALAYA • KAMPUNG NAGA Located near the road connecting Garut and Tasikmalaya, you can find a very quite, unique and peaceful place that has preserved its traditional village, known as Kampung Naga. In or near there, you will not be able to find television, radios, motorcycles, and any other vehicles. This village has a man in charge of traditional cultural affairs, named Kepala Adat. CIAMIS • PANTAI BATU HIU (Shark Stone Beach, a coastal rock having the shape of a shark) About 14 km from Pangandaran to the

south, there is a gorgeous panoramic view of nature, named Pantai Batu Hiu (Shark Stone Beach). The attraction of this beach is the rocking beach with the specialty of Pandan Wong and black big rock that look like a shark.


Pangandaran is a sub district in southern Ciamis regency. It is one of tourism object and considered to be one of the finest beaches in Java.

There are so many activities that you can enjoy, such as trekking, snorkeling, fishing, and so on.


Lots of people going to the green canyon to see the wide flow of Cijulang River going through the cave, which is absolutely amazing. The cave is placed between two hills which is looks wonderful and unique. There are a lot of boats that will help you to explore an impressive environment surrounded by rocks and bring you to the green canyon area. BANTEN • UJUNG KULON NATIONAL PARK This national park, located in the southwestern tip of Java on the Sunda shelf, has a natural beauty and geological interest. Here you can find several species of threatened and endangered flora and fauna. This is a home for some animals such as Javan gibbons, milky storks, green turtles, crocodiles, green peafowl, leopards, hornbills, and the most important resident of the park is the Javan Onehorned rhinoceros. • BADUY In Baten, you can find an utterly unique and closed society named The Baduy (Baduy Cultural Conservation). As it is closed for the outsider, so you should obtain a written permission from the Rangkasbitung District Office to enter this very special area. • KARANG BOLONG BEACH Karang bolong is a beach recreation place which is famous with the big rock with its hole in the center. There you can sit comfortably on a bench and enjoy the scenery of a natural beach and also a

beautiful sun set (if it is not cloudy).


Carita beach is a great beach for swimming, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, snorkeling or just enjoying a beautiful view of infamous Krakatau Volcano. Some photographers also come here for underwater photography. There are many cottages, hotels, and camping ground are available around here.


Anyer beach is a prefect location for pleasure. It offers you white and pure sand, beautiful sea sight, sunset view and many interesting activities such as jet ski, speed boat, para sailing, and another sea sport.

CENTRAL JAVA • SEMARANG Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, has many interesting places to visit such as monuments, beaches, temples and other historical places. It’s like a small old world built with Dutch colonial architecture that will mesmerized you. Here you can find various museums such as MURI, Ronggowarsito, Mandala Bhakti, Nyonya Meneer, and so on. You can also see the touch of beautiful Dutch architecture at the Tanjung Mas. The other famous place is the Simpang Lima, a field at the middle of Semarang. This is the spot of many kind of activities (including shopping mall and boutiques). In Semarang you can also visit the Lele Park, Tonjomoyo Zoo, Kampoeng Laut, Marina Beach, Puri Maerokoco and many other exciting destinations which are great for a family outing. Marina Beach, which is towards the north of Semarang, offers you plenty of interesting things to do such as swimming pools, recreation park, outdoor restaurants and water sports. This can be an ideal place for you and your family to enjoy the holiday. Tugu Muda, a symbol of Indonesian freedom struggle and one of the most famous landmarks in Semarang, is also a must visit place. The other historical building with Dutch architecture touch is the Lawang Sewu (Thousand Windows). This old building was used as a hospital

and military base while the Indonesian war of independence. Don’t forget to also visit Taman Tabanas Gombel if you want to take a view of Semarang from the hilltop and feel the romantic atmosphere. Then, f you are looking for mid range and budgeted accommodations but yet neat and comfortable, Semarang has it all. Start from the low range, mid range and high end accommodations are available in Semarang. • KARIMUNJAWA Karimunjawa is group of Islands in Central Java, surrounded by sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs. Various interesting activities and attractions that we can find in here are diving, snorkeling, sharks, sea turtles, etc. The water looks clear as we can see a beautiful abundant coral reef just from above the water. YOGYAKARTA Yogyakarta has a sophisticated cultural society with outstanding historical and cultural heritage. THE KRATON, the center of Yogyakarta’s traditional life, now still exists with all of its original and real cultural traditions and functions. PRAMBANAN TEMPLE, built in the the 9th century, has more than 220 temples. Even though some temples however were destroyed after a major earthquake, this place still worth to visit. BOROBUDUR TEMPLE is known as the world’s largest Buddhist temple, which is built in the 8th century. Placed about 24 miles from Yogya, Borobudur is a fascinating place to visit. Yogyakarta is paradise for tourism and food lovers. In Yogya we can find a lot of handicraft including Batik and silver. There are three types of batik: hand made, stamp made and combination of both. All of these types can be found in several shops along Malioboro, Karangkajen, Mangkuyudan, Prawirotaman and Tirtodipuran. While your stay in Yogya, don’t forget to try Yogya delicious porridge, traditional snacks and fresh drinks which is very cheap. MALIOBORO STREET, more tourist come to this crowded street of Yogya where market takes places in the evening. A lot of chip products for your daily needs are sold here. PARANGTRITIS BEACH is very famous with its beach resort, where you can find beautiful scenery, impressing

phenomenon with full of myths and varied tourism experiences. SOLO / SURAKARTA This city is the other great place where you can enjoy your time during vacation. Solo is decorated with mountain volcanoes such as Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Merapi and Mt. Lawa. The tourist attractions in this city are the Kasunanan Palace (located at Kasunanan Street of Solo), the new Hindu temple of Sahasra Adhi Pura and Puro Mangkunegaran Palace. Some traditional festival like Garebeg or Sekaten Ceremony is also one of tourist attraction in Solo. Solo also popular with its Bengawan River, which is considered to be the longest river of the Java island and has become an icon in Solo. EAST JAVA • MALANG Malang is one of the most attractive towns in Java and has a cool climate. There are some popular hills resort with hot springs, named Selecta and Songgoriti. Horse riding, swimming and tennis activities are can be found at Selecta. Malang also famous with its apples and flowers. In Jalan Brawijaya, we can find Taman Rekreasi Senaputra that has traditional dances from East java during the dry season. The other tourist attraction is in Pandaan, It offers you traditional cultural performances that are interesting to watch, like “Wayang”, Ramayana or Mahabarata epics dance performance, etc. Pandepokan Seni Mangun Dharma, the art center placed in Tumpang, is established to promote the research, study and performance of East Java arts. There we can find some participants are learning traditional dance, gamelan, batik, wood carving, shadow puppetry (Wayang Kulit), horse trance dancing (Kuda Kepang), Ludruk Theater, and many other traditional arts. Situated at Malang – Batu mainroad, there is a village of Sengkaling where we can find The Recreation Park of Sengkaling. This recreational site is suit for children, teenagers and elders. The facilities provided for tourist are paddle-boat, swimming pools, special hot swimming pool, tennis court, children playground, and many more. About 38 kilometers to the northwest of

Malang, at Tulungrejo Village, we can find Conservation Forest Park (Taman Hutan Raya) which is known as Cangar Tourist Object. It has a special hot springs and amazing panorama as well as fresh air where you can relax. In the southern part of Malang Regency, there is Sendang Biru Beach which has a Fishing Harbour. The beach provided with guest house, inns, stalls, boats, etc. Situated at the area on the slope of Lawang Sub District, 30 kilometers away to the north from Malang, there is a tea plantation area that has a peaceful impression and beautiful panorama. Singosari Tample, a historical monument located about 12 kilometers north of Malang. This temple also known as Kendedes Temple. There you can find the beautiful and unique view of a fine carving. • MOUNT BROMO This beautiful volcano, located in Tengger – East Java, gives you a different characteristics scenery landscape which is very amazing. This is one of the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. It is situated within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This place is so interesting with its Tenggerese traditional farming, breezy wind, and green plants. It will be the unforgettable experiences that make you want to come back. Some adventure lovers come here for climbing; they climb to the top and enjoy an absolutely magnificent view. • MT. SEMERU Mount Semeru (also known as “Mahameru” / The great mountain), located between the regencies of Malang and Lumajang, is one of actives volcanoes in Indonesia. Sumeru has a blowing smoke every 15 – 30 minutes on the top of it, which is very dangerous, so that we are advised not to approach the crater. It is an interesting challenge for mountaineers to climb this mountain. It is the highest volcano in Java (3673 meters above sea level) where cemara tree, akasia, pinus and Jamuju kinds are dominate the flora ecosystem of the mountain.

• PURWODADI BOTANIC GARDEN This beautiful garden located at Purwodadi, in the countryside of Pasuruan, East Java. In Purwodadi Botanic Garden you can explore and conserve species which have scientific value, as well as family recreation. This place is used as a please for research and conservation on semi arid lowland plant species. The facilities for research such as a library, nurseries, glass houses and seed collections are available in here. For recreation, there are lawns, seats and shelter where you can enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty surrounding you. • PACITAN BEACH Pacitan beach offers you a beautiful view of its caves and clean beaches washed by the Indian Ocean. Some of the well-known beaches are Teleng Ria (best for picnic), Klayar and serau. For any other destination other than all places mentioned in this website, please kindly let us know and we will bring you there.

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