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What are some interesting coding projects that I can complete in 7-14 days to build my resume for a summer internship

Gayle Laakmann McDowell, Author of The Google Resume: How to P... (more)
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Any app on your phone / computer that you think could be done slightly better (or better for your purpose).

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A to-do list that syncs with Google Spreadsheets and Evernote (using their APIs) An "idea tracker" mobile app to let you very quickly jot down a startup idea and share the list -- or partial list -- with a friend. Syncing with Google Spreadsheets is key.

A merged registry that creates a merged view of multiple registries. There are many people doing unified [baby / wedding] registries, but they have a major weakness in that they don't show if someone has purchased an item. This would allow someone to create many registries with just one view / link to give out to people.

A chat widget that allows "branching" of conversations. You know how you'll be in the middle of a conversation with someone and then another topic would come up? What if you could branch that part out to a new conversation?

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Chrome extension to overlay Yelp reviews on OpenTable <--- do this. pretty please? I want this. "Forum on the Fly" -- be able to create a very quick forum on the fly by just sending a link, supporting conversation threading and other things.

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Online polls that don't suck / get covered with ads. Think Doodle for polls. Social book recommender -- use Amazon receipts in email (this can be done -- TripIt is able to scan gmail) or screen scrape Amazon past purchases to know what you've previously purchased. Then let you see what books have been most purchased by your friends. SO many people I know want this.

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Tanvir Aslam, Programmer, Game Developer and Dreamer
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As a new grad, I can from my limited experience tell you that you will have a greater chance of impressing your future employers if your projects are original and solve some problem. Here is what you can do. 1. Create a team, preferably with someone whose skills complements yours. Seeing that you are a developer, get some one who is good at UI and other design related work. You will be able to

And if successful you have a decent app made in the span of 2 days! 4. Comment • Share • Embed • Thank • 7 Feb Jay Best. This is a great option as your end product looks good and since a lot of people have no clue how to make a game. Employers love it if you have some open source projects 7. 8. As Gayle Laakmann McDowell suggested create an app for the computer/ phone. This is a personal habit of mine which was immensely helpful during my job search. Javascript and something like Box2D. Since you don't have time to explore game engines like Unity or Unreal. 5. Keep revisiting your old projects and make improvements to them. There are many interesting projects with the code given. I am sorry as I did not give a list of project ideas as I feel you should be the one to come up with the ideas yourself based on your observations and implement it. 3. So pick your best project and decide to improve it by giving it new features etc. please feel free to edit it. I hope this was of help to the OP. have a chat with some of the profs in the CS department. the amount of knowledge and experience which you gain in a short period of time is immense. Also. I would suggest you make a simple physics based game using HTML5. analyze them and come up with a list of features that are absent. Since you are still in school. CEO. 6.) b) All your classmates have that on their resumes as well. the answer is based on my very limited experience as a new grad who underwent the job hunt process and the above steps made it a breeze. Adam Kafka. (more) . Check out some open source projects and contribute. Do not copy someone else's code and give credit if you do. it will be pretty impressive. I am sure they will give you great ideas. right from the problem specs to the techniques and technologies to use -> that has been given to you. Geek 7 votes by Akki Bhushan. Best of luck. You also get a lot of great ideas and meet very interesting people. Think of it as another assignment with a 7-14 day deadline. 2. The problem with school projects is that a) You have been spoon-fed by the professor (admit it. Create a game. Entrepreneur. Tigran Hakobyan. Use these to create your new and improved app. Take inspiration from them and do something of your on a bigger and more fruitful project if you work in a team. So if any of it is incorrect. However when applying to companies and at interviews be honest about your contribution to the project. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. The easiest thing to do is to look at the current apps in the stores. Explore github. Take part in a hackathon if possible.

Comment • Share • Embed • Thank • 7 Feb Anil Saldhana. Gayle Laakmann McDowell. Mahesh R Ostwal. Software. Praveen Gowda. Tanvir Aslam. (more) The world bank has API for extensive data on the world. Programmer . I always have more coding and project work than I have time to catchup on. (more) You can try making a(n):         HTTP server or proxy server Game Chess AI player or Sudoku solver Simple search engine Text editor Drawing program Assembly emulator Graphing calculator You can probably bust out a few of these in 14 days. 1+ Comments • Share • Embed • Thank • 10 Feb John Kurlak 9 votes by Anon User.BigData 5 votes by Aditya Aggarwal. Comment • Share • Embed • Thank • 8 Feb Amit Chaudhary. Of course I would be happy to provide an honest reference as well as help coach you on interviews and assist with the job hunting (I have worked as a recruiter). You should definitely build useful apps (mobile or desktop) to showcase the data. There is an important App which I have scheduled for dev at some stage so would be happy to go over what is needed.If anyone is looking for a short term work experience project like this (especially PHP or Python).Security. depending on the extent of development/detail on each.

a http proxy server. some games related to artificial intelligence or something that uses machine learning concepts. Kestrel usage by Mixpanel. .. Prabhakar Bikkaneti. else consult http://www. Or use RabbitMQ to handle incoming data  Get good at algorithms.( coding it in java will be easy for you) 5. Comment • Share • Embed • Thank • 10 Feb Akash Kumar Singh. pintos etc. Andrei Cristof. use Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) at Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) or TopCoder weekly and practice these. 2. Sriganesh Navaneethakrishnan. computer science undergraduate student 3 votes by Mahesh R Ostwal.mixpanel. 6. (more) For classical interviewing approach by For better or worse. it will eat away your 2 weeks easily and increase your hit ratio once called. data compression. 4. library or infrastructure piece For example. and Prabhakar Bikkaneti some of the suggested projects: 1.. I kept these closer to your current language area. or https://github. you want to do one of following:  Use a real life framework.codeproject. contribute to some open source projects like libmu.6 votes by Mahesh R Ostwal. the Graph kind. choose projects according to your own interest. a remote administration tool. a simple steganography tool . lots of companies use these in interviews.