It all started with a mess!
And it was beautiful. Living in Rio, a city surrounded by a bit of chaos here and there, favelas, and thinking that besides all that it works, we figured out that this mess was also functional. And how to incorporate it into a project, how to build upon it? Perhaps even more important, how to make it socially and ecologically relevant and also inspire some criticism? Bring the discussion to your home? Morro is a slang for favela in rio, something like a hill covered with houses built with whatever means they have. And this had to be translated to the project. Built out of foam waste from other traditional sofas, using cloth shreds as lining (with the help of a favela seamstress and craftwork co-operative) different colored and sized cubes are attached to a very simple recycled wood structure with the use of velcro.


The cubes
Both Morro and Morrinho share the same cubes. They are covered with cloth shreds with different textures and colors. You can even specify wich kind of fabric and color you want your morro to use, according to your taste. In its lower face there are two stripes of velcro, that attach the cubes to the morros. It allows them to be rearranged according to your taste. Today you want it blue on the top and green in the bottom. Alright, just move the cubes at will. The selected velcro has just the correct pressure so you can remove the cubes, yet they won’t fall unless you really pull them. Aside from the beauty, the removable cubes allow them to be washed separately. An opening between the velcro strips make this an easy task, as you can remove the foam and wash just the fabric cover..



As Cores
O uso do velcro possibilita uma versatilidade impressionante. Quer um sofá só com tons de azul? Tem! Quer um lado verde e outro rosa? Pode! Quer fazer pixel art no seu Morro? Faz!

As Cores
Morro is impressively versatile. Do you want it all blue? You’ve got it. Green and Pink. You can! Pixel Art? Do it!

Morro is a modular sofa. Its basic module (right) has the shape of a half ellipse. Arranging two Morros back to back you end up with a large round sofa, for larger rooms or lounges, as seen below.

Up to 8 people can confortably sit in the back to back arrangement.

Endless customization possibilities. Like this pixel art, for that 8-bit heart of yours. Mario who?

Morrinho came up from our will to simplify Morro even further, without loosing the fun. The structure has been simplified to extremes, as you will see in the next pages.

70 cm

40 cm The same versatility of Morro can be found in Morrinho. Endless colors and arrangements And a size that fits you.

The Secret
Unlike Morro, that mostly due to its size is made of a more conventional structure and recycled wood, Morrinho takes the structure simplification and ecologic thinkning to extremes. The body is composed of two stacked discarded tires. As simple as it gets. A cover made of a special fabric (where the cubes are attached to) envelopes the tires, allowing it to be removed and washed normally, if needed. Morrinho is sold with properly sanitized tyres.

Lauch Party
In August, with pomp and circumstance (i.e. beer and popcorn), was the launch party of Morro and Morrinho. It took place in the Novo Desenho store, at MAM, Rio de Janeiro. By the way, both of them are being sold there, it is definitely worth a visit and a try. It’s located at the ground floor of MAM/RJ.

Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 Aterro do Flamengo - Glória Rio de Janeiro-RJ - Brasil Telefones +55 (21) 2524.2291 +55 (21) 2524.2290
Marcelo Damm, Rafael Roldão e Renato Mosci
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