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India on the world stage - Points. 1. World Economic forum holds special India ___ at Davos. 2.

India land of snake charmers now recognized for software. 3. la!ing "eadership role on world stage #! #eing in forefront of emerging nations in world trade negotiations at Doha in %D & I'& num#er of graduates churned as compared

$. statistics on rank #! to ()& etc

*. Indian #usinesses ac+uiring foreign companies and #ecoming multinationals. ,. -II inflows .. Indicator of growing prosperit! and clout/ Indian tourists traveling a#road spend 0... as compared to earlier. 1anked 2 in world listing. 3. 'he recognition of India as an important econom! has #orn out of the interest of foreign investors in India. 4. 'he flow of foreign currencies into India has also strengthened the Indian rupee. 15. I67& 7otorola& %E& and several other foreign companies have not onl! set up their production units8#ases in India #ut have planned to make India a #igger participant in their future compan! strateg!. 11. 9 :E1; large num#er of Indian start ups and companies are #eing ac+uired #! other cos and firms 12. Who knows in a few !ears foreign comp would want to #e taken over #! our Indian companies. 13. )ome of our own home grown cos <eg I=->);) #eing one of the first? are #eing listed on stock e@changes worldwide 1$. 9 rather high num#er of Indians figure on the -or#es and 'ime lists& check them up& the! var! #! !ear 1*. Domestic consumer size 1,. Education in India has grown /English speaking !oung population #elow 2* !ears/ contri#ute to work force 6 >& engineering. English is spoken& understood and written in India more than an! other countr! in the world more than the (A and ()9 com#ined. 35B chances are that if !ou call up a service centre to get

help repair !our ': !our call would #e answered #! an Indian 6 > emplo!ee. =ot onl! that #ut 24 ClanguagesC have more than a million native speakers& ,5 have more than 155&555 and 122 have more than 15&555 native speakers. 1.. er capita income grown from so man! 0 in 1435 to 0 .35 in 2555. 13. ;oga and spiritualism has also grown and is now a part of the average 9merican or 1ussian or 6ritish or an! other foreign countr! man. Indians have also #een masters in the fields of architecture/ Dutu# minar an!oneE 9rt/ folk paintings/ Warli and 7adhu#ani& philosoph!& literature/ )hakuntala or %eetanFali and 9stronom!/ who can forget 9r!a#hattaE We have had amazing musicians <'ansen?& great leaders and kings/ uru& 9shoka& 1ani "akshmi#ai. 14. 7edical treatment is sought #! people of developed countries. -irst class treatment availa#le at reasona#le rates. 25. 9nd more than an!thing else that mattersG IndiaHs )ize. 9nd its opulationI