The Mass Media rarely represent the reality.

They way they operate contributes t o mislead of the public, demonizing people who struggle for justice, freedom and democracy. This directed misinformation provided by the large news networks, cu ltivate a climate of conformity and apathy, which we condemn. So, it is time for our voices to be heard, voices that are rarely disseminated through the broadca sts of the mainstream news channels, voices buried and deliberately silenced. The global political scene does not represent us. The concentration of power in the hands of the few, results in poverty, inequality and injustice, leading inev itably to violence. The way the current political system works, every human valu e is absorbed by money the only dominant value that kills our desire for true ha ppiness. Values such as democracy and egalitarianism are fading away day by day, gradually, in a society that produces humans machines, humans who attempt to di sguise their lack of any meaning for their existence by consuming. Even people w ho live in absolute poverty, identify the probability of (over)consumption, with success and personal fulfillment. Our future is in the hands of an oligarchy. Therefore we demand real democracy, which, to our mind, means equal participation in political power for all citizen s. It is time to overcome the inefficient parliamentary institutions, it is time to strengthen our role in society, to understand our power, that together we ca n find solutions and answers to problems that concern us, rather than a parliame ntary group that works for the sake of the elites. The development of production in order to serve the interests of the oligarchies in the arena of global competition has transformed the entire planet into an ec onomic casino, destroying the natural environment and turning entire populations into machines, that blindly carry out orders in exchange for survival. This situation outrages us. But if we join forces, we can change it. We believe: In a society where equality, solidarity and human creativity will be the main ob jectives of the operation of its institutions. In a society where citizens can participate not only in the execution of the dec isions, but also in the making and taking of them. We assert, therefore, equalit y and egalitarianism for all people of this planet, and participation in informa tion and political dialogue. In a society without violence and exploitation, without wars and repression, a p eaceful society of freedom and creativity. This society is not a promise, not a necessity, neither a sacred duty . It stems fr om our desire for a different understanding of things, and the rejection of ever yday barbarism that we all experience. We simply do not wish concepts such as de mocracy and freedom to become forgotten entries in encyclopedic books and dictio narie