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A Place to Hang Your Stories Collaborative Art Installation The TRC, Edmonton 2014

Join us on Facebook: Artwork: For Joane by Dawn Marie Marchand Used with Permission by Tom and Jori Hunter

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be making its 7th and final stop in Edmonton on March 27 30, 2014. We would invite any survivors, family of survivors or people affected by Indian Residential Schools in Alberta to contribute to this Wall. We are asking for 3 x 10 inch drawings, paintings or any creative expression of your experience to be included on a collaged component of an Installation to be displayed during the Event.

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Untitled: A place to hang your stories In Fall 2013, I was approached by a community member who knew that the upcoming Truth and Reconciliation Commission was coming to Edmonton at the end of March. She had witnessed the power of the Walking With Our Sisters Exhibit to bring community awareness to an issue, give people a voice who havent always been heard and in some cases bring healing. She wondered if such a project could happen for Residential School Survivors and their intergenerational descendants who are still affected even if they did not attend themselves. This project came out of this talk. It is currently untitled until I get confirmation from someone about the name. The concept is simple: I need paper bricks. I will collage these bricks onto either stage walls or canvas walls. Much of the final installation will be left up to the venue of the installation. I will be working with local Indigenous Artists in the final construction but for now I need bricks. There is also an agreement with Blue Quills First Nation University to create a permanent public art feature using parts of this installation. Who can submit? Any person who is affected by Indian Residential Schools, this includes survivors, descendants of survivors, spouses of survivors. This is an open call. I will work with however many bricks that I receive. I need 391 bricks to do one 10 x 10 wall and would like to fill 4 walls. So ideally I need 1564 bricks. Unfortunately, I will not be able to return your bricks to you. They will become a permanent part of this installation. There is no limit to the amount of bricks you want to send in. Content: Draw, paint, quilt or collage anything you want to show about Indian Residential School and how it affects your life. Requirements: 1 3 x 9 piece of paper or flattened material. We have to be able to secure it to the wall so one side must be flat. 2 Please put your name, address and Nation on the back. Please also sign on the back confirming that you know your work will be part of an installation and will not be returned to you. There may also be photography of the installed work. I will not be photographing every piece but if you would like to post photographs on our page you are welcome to. Recommendations:

I would like to see a good portion on brown paper, like a lunch bag, brown bag, butcher paper, cardboard box but please feel free to use whatever paper or material you have available to you. If you are collaging, please double check your adhesive is holding everything together. We dont want to lose pieces. Mail to: Dawn Marie Marchand Box 6817 Bonnyville, AB T9N 2H3

Email Contact: All artwork must be received before March 19, 2014. After this we will be building and constructing the Installation.

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