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United Nations University Fellowship Programs 2014
January 23, 2014 By Gamala Liutel
Deadline: 15 March 2014 United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) is inviting fellowship applications for PhD and Post-doctoral fellowship 2014. The main objective of the fellowship program is to provide young scholars and policymakers, especially from the developing world, with a multidisciplinary context within which to pursue advanced research and training that are of professional interest to them and of direct relevance to the research agenda of their selected UNU Institute – UNU-IAS Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability) or UNU-CPR (Centre for Policy Research). Kinds of Fellowships – UNU-IAS PhD Fellowship UNU-IAS Postdoctoral Fellowship JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellowship Eligibility Criteria – Applicants must be at an advanced dissertation writing stage of the PhD with their research proposal accepted by their university to be eligible for UNU-IAS PhD Fellowship. Applicants must have gained their PhD degree to be eligible for UNU-IAS Postdoctoral Fellowship. Applicants must have gained their PhD degree on or after 2 April 2008 to be eligible for the 2014 JSPSUNU Postdoctoral Fellowship. For JSPS-UNU Postdoctoral Fellowship applicants must be citizens of countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan. Japanese nationals are not eligible. For more information, please visit UNU 2014 Fellowships page.


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