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Uganda Christian University

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Among Uganda Education Uganda Christian University holds an important position. Uganda Christian University includes many faculties, good services, good education,etc. Uganda Christian University was set up in the year 1997 by the Province of Uganda Church. Uganda Christian University is situated in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. This university offers undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses for both boys and girls. The Chancellor of Uganda Christian University is Livingstone Nkoyoyo. Prof. Stephen Noll is the Vice-Chancellor of this University. The motto of this university is "God the First and the Last". The Academic Year of Uganda Christian University starts from SeptemberAugust. This university has 58 part time lecturers and 41 full time lecturers. There are 20 Doctoral Faculty in this university. The Tuition and Fees of Uganda Christian University is USD 700-1700. This university provides services like photocopying service, canteen, computer and printing service, library, etc. This university provided scholarship of Ush46 million to 30 students of this university for doing outstanding result in their first semester.

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The Direct Entry Scheme, The Mature Age/Special Entry Scheme and The Diploma Holders Entry Scheme are the admission methods of Uganda Christian University. The Faculty of Uganda Christian University comprises-


Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty Faculty

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Education, Arts & Science Divinity & Theology Social Sciences Law Science & Technology Mass Communication Management, Business & Administration

The Address and Phone Number of Uganda Christian University isMore.. Mukono Town Uganda Phone No: +256 41 290 828 Uganda Christian University provides an excellent educational environment. More..

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