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I Spoke to the Allstate folks regarding their current EBS and clearing process and gathered all the requirements regarding EBS, I came to know they were dealing with JP Morgan Chase and Bank Of America and these both used to send the file at the end of each business day containing opening balance and closing balance and all the transactional information that had happened during the day. And then I also spoke to the bank and regarding file format and frequency of the file etc. Then I configured the EBS in the SAP. Then I have scheduled test files from the bank in the testing phase. I have worked on both of my projects on EBS and I have worked on EBS by using BAI file format.

EBS Business Process:




1. Bank sends a BAI file to the Bank server 2. Exelon used to download EBS file manually at the end of each day 3. SAP picks up the file from Exelon server and process it by using FF.5

Configuring EBS:
How did I configure the EBS? 1. I worked with the bank to determine what transaction types we would be using and what transaction types will they send us 2. Then, I created the House bank and the bank accounts within the House Bank 3. Then, I created the Account symbols for those accounts 4. Then, I created the keys for the posting rules, (like which GL account would be Credited and which account would be debited)

5. Then, I created transaction types which went from 100-399 for incoming and 400-700 for outgoing and then 900-999 were custom transactions 6. Then, I assigned those external transaction to the posting rules 7. Then, I assigned those bank account which I created initially to the transaction types 8. I worked with the bank how would they send the EBS file 9. Then I worked with the BASIS team to make sure that they receive file in a secure environment and if they would keep the file in the Exelon server and how we would get the file. (Secure Environment: actually ebs contains very sensitive data because it contain your transactions information so the security measure are taken when file gets transfer and also see that encrypted file should be decrypted in secure environment) Transaction type: We were dealing with 2 banks their BAI code and file was little bit different from each other thats y I created two transaction types, one for each bank, for example interest income for chase bank the BAI code was 245 but in bank of America for interest income it was 358) This is what I did with the EBS. It was bit challenging, I faced a few challenges in working on EBS.

1. It is very challenging to test the EBS file and Posting rules and to see all the transaction types, payment amount that are being send with the file are correct or not? For example for the interest income we assigned BAI code 245 so we wanted to make it sure it is within 245 2. There was another challenge that while I was working with the bank, banks technical team was not helpful in providing data and giving us information, I had to work with the CFO and I asked him to speak to the bank and ask them to work with us and if things wouldnt change then we wouldnt be able to do business together. So then, they dedicated a person with me and I did vigorous testing with him for all the transactions. 3. There was another challenge which I can think of right now is, it was bit challenging in making sure that all posting rules are posted to the appropriate GL Accounts.

I got a chance to work on EBS with cash management which is a new SAPs functionality in which you can forecast your future cash flow which helps in the future investment or borrowings. EBS ALGORITHM: They were using the biller direct functionality so the BP can go their biller direct portal and could pick up the invoice which he wants to pay off. When the payment was made then a reference number would get generated by the system against that payment advice. And BP would give that reference number to the bank and bank would send that information to us in EBS record 16.

Algorithm has to read the record 16 and analyze after looking the system which open item tied to the payment reference number has to clear Search String: Search string can be used for the multiple purposes for example At allstate bank of America was sending us the document number in which 2 extra zeros were also there so I defined the search string in which first two zeros would be neglected and only the rest of the number will be picked up the system.