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A Project Report On

Developed At
Department Of Information Technology Faculty of Technology, Dharmsinh Desai ni!ersity College "oa#, Na#ia#-$%&''(

Developed By DHA")*N H +HAH, DD ni!ersity ,I)IT - +HAH, DD ni!ersity

.ui#e# /y
Asst0 Prof0 +0,0,oshi Dept0 of Information Technology Faculty of Technology Dharmsinh Desai ni!ersity

Department of Information Technology Faculty of Technology, Dharmsinh Desai ni!ersity College "oa#, Na#ia#-$%&''(

We declare that final semester report entitled LAN-C A! APPL"CA!"ON# is o$r o%n %or& cond$cted $nder the s$pervision of the Asst' Prof' (')')oshi* Dept' of "nformation !echnolo+y* ,ac$lty of !echnolo+y* Dharmsinh Desai -niversity'

We f$rther declare that to the .est of o$r &no%led+e the report for B'/' final semester does not contain part of the %or& %hich has .een s$.mitted for the a%ard of B'/' De+ree either in this or any other $niversity %itho$t proper citation'

Candidate0s (i+nat$re1 Candidate0s Name1 Dharmen ' (hah Branch1 "nformation !echnolo+y (t$dent "D1 234356

Candidate0s (i+nat$re1 Candidate0s Name1 )imit 7' (hah Branch1 "nformation !echnolo+y (t$dent "D1 234358

($.mitted !o1 Asst' Prof' (')')oshi 9Project :$ide; Department of "nformation !echnolo+y* ,ac$lty of !echnolo+y* Dharmsinh Desai -niversity* Nadiad (tate1 :$jarat


NADIAD-$%&''(, . ,A"AT

!his is to certify that the project carried o$t in the s$.ject of (oft%are Desi+n Project entitled 4LAN-CHAT APPLICATION5 and provided in this report is a .onafied report of the %or& carried o$t .y <r' Dharmen ' (hah 9"D No1 234356; = <r' )imit 7' (hah 9"D No1 234358; of Department of "nformation !echnolo+y* semester >""* $nder the +$idance and s$pervision for the a%ard of the De+ree of Bachelor of !echnolo+y at Dharmsinh Desai -niversity* Nadiad 9:$jarat;' !hey %ere involved in Project trainin+ d$rin+ academic year ?326-?32@' Asst' Prof (')')oshi 9Project :$ide; Department of "nformation !echnolo+y* ,ac$lty of !echnolo+y* Dharmsinh Desai -niversity* Nadiad Date1

Prof' R'('Chhajed 9 ead of Department; Department of "nformation !echnolo+y* ,ac$lty of !echnolo+y* Dharmsinh Desai -niversity* Nadiad Date1

"t is indeed a +reat pleas$re to eApress o$r than&s and +ratit$de to all those %ho helped $s d$rin+ this project' !his project %o$ld have .een materialiBed %itho$t the help from many %ho as&ed $s +ood C$estions and resc$ed from vario$s red tape crisis' !heoretical &no%led+e is of no importance if one doesn0t &no% the %ay of its implementation' We are than&f$l to o$r instit$te that provided $s an opport$nity to apply o$r theoretical &no%led+e thro$+h the project' We feel in s$.mittin+ this project as part of o$r c$rric$l$m' We %o$ld li&e to ta&e the opport$nity to eApress o$r h$m.le +ratit$de to o$r +$ide <rs'(')')oshi* Assistant Professor* ,ac$lty of "! Department* DD-* $nder %hom %e $ndertoo& o$r project' er constant +$idance and %illin+ness to share her vast &no%led+e made $s enhance o$r &no%led+e and helped $s to complete the assi+ned tas&s to perfection' Witho$t her effort and f$ll s$pport = an astonishin+ testin+ a.ility this project may not have s$cceeded' Altho$+h* there may .e still many %ho are $nac&no%led+ed in this h$m.le vote of than&s* there are none %ho remain $nappreciated'

With (incere Re+ards*

Dharmen H0 +hah ,imit -0 +hah

2'3 "ntrod$ction 2'2 Project Details' 2'? P$rpose 2'6 (cope 2'@ O.jective 2'D !echnolo+y and Literat$re Revie% 2'D'2 Why )A>AE 2'D'? NetBeans "D/ ,eat$res 2'D'6 Net%or& Application 6 ?'3 Project <ana+ement ?'2 ,easi.ility (t$dy ?'2'2 !echnical feasi.ility ?'2'? !ime sched$le feasi.ility ?'2'6 Operational feasi.ility ?'2'@ "mplementation feasi.ility ?'? Project Plannin+ ?'?'2 Project Development Approach and )$stification ?'?'? Project Plan ?'?'6 <ilestones and Delivera.les ?'6 Project (ched$lin+ Project (ched$lin+ chart 6'3 (ystem ReC$irements (t$dy 6'2 (t$dy of C$rrent (ystem 6'? Pro.lems and Wea&nesses of C$rrent (ystem 6'6 -ser Characteristics 6'@ ard%are and (oft%are ReC$irements 6'D Constraints 6'D'2 ard%are Limitations 6'D'? "nterfaces to Other Applications 6'D'6 i+her Order Lan+$a+e ReC$irements 6'D'@ Relia.ility ReC$irements 6'D'D (afety and (ec$rity Considerations 6'D'4 Criticality of Applications 6'4 Ass$mptions and Dependencies @'3 (ystem Analysis @'2 ReC$irements of Ne% (ystem 9(R(; @'2'2 -ser ReC$irements @'2'? (ystem ReC$irements @'? ,eat$res Of Ne% (ystem @'6 D,D @'@ -se-case Dia+ram 2 2 2 2 ? ? ? 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 8 F F 5 5 23 23 23 23 23 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 2? 26 26 26 26 28 2F ?2

@'D Activity Dia+ram



(ystem Desi+n D'2 (ystem Architect$re Desi+n D'? Class Dia+ram D'6 (eC$ence Dia+rams D'@ Component Dia+ram D'D (tate Chart D'4 Data.ase Desi+nGData (tr$ct$re Desi+n D'4'2 !a.le and Relationship "mplementation Plannin+ 4'2 "mplementation /nvironment 4'? Pro+ramG<od$les (pecification 4'6 Codin+ (tandards !estin+ 8'2 !estin+ Plan

?6 ?6 ?6 ?@ ?5 63 6? 6? 6D 6D 6D 64 68 68 6F 65 @? D3 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D? D?

8'? !estin+ (trate+y 8'6 !estin+ <ethods F -ser <an$al 5 Limitation and ,$t$re /nhancement 23 Concl$sion and Disc$ssion 23'2 Concl$sions 23'? Disc$ssion 23'?'2 (elf Analysis of Project >ia.ility 23'?'? Pro.lem /nco$ntered and Possi.le sol$tions 23'?'6'($mmary of Project Wor& 23'6 Bi.lio+raphy

List of Figures8
,i+ ?'?'2'2 Prototypin+ model for the project development ,i+ ?'6'2 :antt chart ,i+ @'6'2 D,D level 3 ,i+ @'6'? D,D level 2 ,i+ @'6'6 D,D level ? ,i+ @'@ -se case dia+ram ,i+ @'D Activity Dia+ram ,i+ D'2'2Class Dia+ram ,i+ D'2'?'2 (eC$ence of Admin Lo+in ,i+ D'2'?'? (eC$ence of -ser Lo+in ,i+ D'2'?'6 (eC$ence of Disconnect -ser ,i+ D'2'?'@ (eC$ence of Chat istory ,i+ D'2'?'D (eC$ence of (end Doc$ment ,i+ D'2'?'4 (eC$ence of (end <essa+e ,i+ D'2'?'8 (eC$ence of /dit Profile ,i+ D'2'?'F (eC$ence of Disconnect All ,i+ D'2'6 Component Dia+ram ,i+ D'2'@ (tate Chart ,i+ D'?'2 /R Dia+ram ,i+ 8'2 !est plan ,i+ F'2 Welcome ,i+ F'? Lo+in ,i+ F'6 -ser Chattin+ Windo% ,i+ F'@ -ser Chattin+ Windo% %ith error ,i+ F'D /dit Profile ,i+ F'4 Chec& ,iles ,i+ F'8 Chec& <essa+es ,i+ F'F Add La. ,i+ F'5 ,or+ot Pass%ord ,i+ F'23 ,or+ot Pass%ord %ith mail sent ,i+ F'22 Re+istration 8 5 2F 25 ?3 ?2 ?? ?6 ?@ ?D ?D ?4 ?4 ?8 ?8 ?F ?5 63 6@ 68 @2 @? @6 @6 @@ @D @D @4 @8 @8 @F F 6? 66 66 66 6@ 6@

List of Ta9les8
!a.le ?'?'6 <ilestones and delivera.le !a.le D'2'2 st$dent !a.le D'2'? fac$lty !a.le D'2'6 st$Hdetail !a.le D'2'@ semHfac$lty !a.le D'2'D messa+e !a.le D'2'4 files


No%adays no one has time* Lan-Chat Application is a des&top .ased project %hich is provided to improve = enhance the $se of the LAN* mostly availa.le in almost of the colle+e' !eleconferencin+ or Chattin+* is a method of $sin+ technolo+y to .rin+ people and ideas to+ether# despite of the +eo+raphical .arriers' !he technolo+y has .een availa.le for years .$t the acceptance it %as C$it recent' O$r project is an eAample of a client-server application' "t is made $p of ? applications the client application* %hich r$ns on the $ser0s Pc and server application* %hich r$ns on any Pc on the net%or&' !o start chattin+ client sho$ld +et connected to server %here they can practice t%o &inds of chattin+* p$.lic one 9messa+e is .roadcasted to all connected $sers; and private one any ? $sers only; and d$rin+ the last one sec$rity meas$res %ere ta&en'

!he idea of creatin+ a lan-chat application %as initiated and it has t%o dimensions* one to have an eAperience in net%or& pro+rammin+ and the other is to let people cond$ct meetin+s %ith others in different locations' ($ch that it crosses time Bones* can reach many people* and red$ce the paper flood'


(0( Pro:ect Details
!he project entitled Lan -Chat Application# is a Des&top Application that ena.les different type of $sers li&e (t$dents and ,ac$lties to do interaction %ith all other $ser and ena.les them to doc$ments %ith this application' <ain aim of this application is to provide an easy %ay to do conversation and anno$nce any event to all or specific $ser'

(0; Purpose
"n !oday0s %orld the important thin+ %hich is reC$ired is time' No% every $niversities li&e DD- has so many reso$rces availa.le for everyone' B$t to mana+e them and to mana+e st$dent-fac$lty conversation* it ta&es so m$ch efforts if done man$ally' !his project is developed mainly to red$ce that efforts .y ma&in+ it a$tomatically as m$ch as possi.le' Which red$ces the efforts'

(0$ +cope8
!his Des&top .ased application %o$ld .e $sed .y any %ell esta.lished lan net%or& and server %hich is created .y $s* has to .e deployed on the local server of the lan net%or&'

(0< O9:ecti!e8
-sin+ this application $ser can do1 Can do Chattin+ Can send file

-ser can0t re+ister or +et $sername .y themselves admin has to provide $sername and pass%ord man$ally in order to provide a$thoriBation to $ser'


(0= Technology an# Literature "e!ie7 (0=0( >hy ,A2A?

)avaI has si+nificant advanta+es over other lan+$a+es and environments that ma&e it s$ita.le for j$st a.o$t any pro+rammin+ tas&' !he advanta+es of )ava are as follo%s1

)ava is easy to learn'

)ava %as desi+ned to .e easy to $se and is therefore easy to %rite* compile* de.$+* and learn than other pro+rammin+ lan+$a+es'

)ava is o.ject-oriented'

!his allo%s yo$ to create mod$lar pro+rams and re$sa.le code'

)ava is platform-independent'

One of the most si+nificant advanta+es of )ava is its a.ility to move easily from one comp$ter system to another' !he a.ility to r$n the same pro+ram on many different systems is cr$cial to World Wide We. soft%are* and )ava s$cceeds at this .y .ein+ platform-independent at .oth the so$rce and .inary levels' Beca$se of )avaJs ro.$stness* ease of $se* cross-platform capa.ilities and sec$rity feat$res* it has .ecome a lan+$a+e of choice for providin+ %orld%ide "nternet sol$tions'

(0=0; Net/eans ID* Features

(0=0;0( /est +upport for Latest ,a!a Technologies NetBeans "D/ provides first-class comprehensive s$pport for the ne%est )ava technolo+ies and latest )ava specification enhancements .efore other "D/s' "t is the first free "D/ providin+ s$pport for )D7 F previe%s* )D7 8* )ava // 8 incl$din+ its related !<LD enhancements* and )ava,K ?' With its constantly improvin+ )ava /ditor* many rich feat$res and an eAtensive ran+e of tools* templates and samples* NetBeans "D/ sets the standard for developin+ %ith c$ttin+ ed+e technolo+ies o$t of the .oA'


(0=0;0; Fast @ +mart Co#e *#iting An "D/ is m$ch more than a teAt editor' !he NetBeans /ditor indents lines* matches %ords and .rac&ets* and hi+hli+hts so$rce code syntactically and semantically' "t also provides code templates* codin+ tips* and refactorin+ tools'

(0=0;0$ *asy @ *fficient Pro:ect )anagement 7eepin+ a clear overvie% of lar+e applications* %ith tho$sands of folders and files* and millions of lines of code* is a da$ntin+ tas&' NetBeans "D/ provides different vie%s of yo$r data* from m$ltiple project %indo%s to helpf$l tools for settin+ $p yo$r applications and mana+in+ them efficiently* lettin+ yo$ drill do%n into yo$r data C$ic&ly and easily* %hile +ivin+ yo$ versionin+ tools via ($.version* <erc$rial* and :it inte+ration o$t of the .oA' (0=0;0< >rite /ug Free Co#e !he cost of .$++y code increases the lon+er it remains $nfiAed' NetBeans provides static analysis tools* especially inte+ration %ith the %idely $sed ,indB$+s tool* for identifyin+ and fiAin+ common pro.lems in )ava code' "n addition* the NetBeans De.$++er lets yo$ place .rea&points in yo$r so$rce code* add field %atches* step thro$+h yo$r code* r$n into methods* ta&e snapshots and monitor eAec$tion as it occ$rs'

(0=0$0 Net7or6 Application

Net%or& application eAchan+e data .et%een physically separated machines' ,or this to occ$r the machines m$st .e connected .y a transmission media' !here are many different types of comm$nication lin&s and ne% ones contin$e to .e developed' CoaAial ca.les* phone lines* di+ital phone lines* optic ca.le* satellite .eam* and infrared %aves are all $sed as transmission media for eAchan+e data .et%een comp$ters' A net%or& incl$des a +ro$p of comp$ters connected .y a physical lin& allo%in+ data to .e eAchan+ed .et%een them' A local area net%or& on LAN is a net%or& of comp$ters in close physical proAimity* $s$ally a sin+le .$ildin+* .$t can .e a +ro$p of adjacent .$ildin+s' Over the last decades LANs have .ecome an important component of the comp$ter %or&place'


(0=0$0(0 Protocol +tac6s >ery /arly in the history of comp$ter net%or& development the concept of separatin+ the pro.lem into m$ltiple levels %as adapted' With a m$ltilevel architect$re each layer can handle a different aspect of net%or&in+ and provide that f$nctionality to the a.ove layer' !CPG"P is a specific implementation of a m$lti level net%or& architect$re' "n .oth* the first and second chapter* %e are al%ays repeatin+ the same sentence* %hich is !CPG"P protocol' "t is no% the time to dissect this sentence' (0=0$0;0 TCP !CP 9the !ransmission Control Protocol ; has the responsi.ility for .rea&in+ $p the messa+e into data+rams* reassem.lin+ them at the other end* resendin+ anythin+ that +ets lost* and p$ttin+ thin+s .ac& in the ri+ht order' "t may seem that !CP is doin+ all the %or&' And in small net%or& it is tr$e' With !CP* there is no maAim$m messa+e len+th' When a messa+e is passed to the !CP protocol* if it is too lar+e to .e sent in one peace* the messa+e is .ro&en $p into ch$n&s or pac&ets and sent one at a time to the destination address' !he !CP pac&et contains the addressin+ information' !he !CP messa+e also contains a pac&et n$ and total n$ of pac&ets' Beca$se of the nat$re of the !CPG"P protocol* the pac&et may travel different paths and may arrive in a different order than sent' !CP reassem.le the pac&ets in the proper order and reC$ests the retransmission of any missin+ or corr$pted pac&ets' !CP ena.les yo$ to create and maintain a connection to a remote comp$ter' By $sin+ the connection* .oth comp$ters can stream data .et%een each other'

(0=0$0$0 IP


As the n$ of comp$ters net%or&ed .ecome lar+er* a system .ecomes necessary to +ive remote comp$ters the capa.ility to reco+niBe other remote comp$tersL th$s the "P addressin+ method %as .orn' !herefore* simply an "P address $niC$ely identifies any comp$ter connected to a net%or&' !his address is made $p of 6? .its divided into @ fo$r .ytes' B$t since the n$ of connected comp$ters is too lar+e and since it is diffic$lt to all their "P addresses* the Domain Name (ervice 9DN(; %as desi+ned' "t has the jo. of transformin+ the $niC$e comp$ter names 9host name; into an "P address' !herefore* %henever in o$r project %e r$n the client application and enter the host name* this means that %e are %ritin+ the "P address of the remote comp$ter %e %ant to connect to indirectly' "n +eneral* !CPG"P is a set of protocols developed to allo% cooperatin+ comp$ters to share reso$rces across the net%or&' (0=0$0<0 +er!ice Port !ill no%* %e have seen that !CPG"P forms the .ac&.one for comm$nication .et%een comp$ters* .$t do yo$ &no% ho% these comp$ters spea& to each otherE !he ans%er is Ports' A port is a special location in the comp$ter0s memory that eAists %hen t%o comp$ters are comm$nicatin+ via !CPG"P' Application $ses a port n$ to comm$nicate and the sendin+ and receivin+ comp$ters $se this same port to eAchan+e data' !o ma&e the jo. of comm$nication easier* some port n$m.ers have .een standardiBed* eA* 9%%% Port F3* ,tp Port ?3* ?2* /tc';' O$r application $ses a constant named "P-echoport M 8' (0=0$0<0 +oc6ets !he %orld is definin+ itself as a lar+ely "ntel-processor* %indo%s-.ased set of des&tops comm$nicatin+ %ith .ac& end servers of vario$s types' ard%are and soft%are technolo+y advances are p$shin+ PC0s into the role of every %here comm$nications devices' ,or soft%are applications to ta&e advanta+e of increasin+ly sophisticated and feat$re-rich comm$nications technolo+y* they reC$ire an Application Pro+rammin+ "nterface 9AP"; %hich provides a simple and $niform access to this technolo+y'

Project <ana+ement

;0' P"O,*CT )ANA.*)*NT

;0( Feasi9ility +tu#y8
;0(0( Technical Feasi9ility8 (ince the project is desi+ned %ith )ava in front end and <y (NL in .ac& end so* it is easy to install in all the systems %herever needed' "t is more efficient* easy and $ser-friendly to $nderstand .y almost everyone' $+e amo$nt of data can .e handled efficiently $sin+ <y (NL (erver as .ac& end' ence this project has +ood technical feasi.ility'

;0(0; Time +che#ule Feasi9ility8 !he project has simple %or&in+ and the .asic reC$irement can .e satisfied %ithin the allotted time period so the time development feasi.ility for this is satisfied

;0(0$ Operational Feasi9ility8 !he n$ of $sers to s$ch application is very vast and every

st$dentGfac$lty can $se this type of application' !hese &inds of systems are .ecomin+ more common day .y day for eval$ation of the soft%are en+ineers' ence* this system is operationally feasi.le' As this system is technically economically and operationally feasi.le* this system is feasi.le'

;0(0< Implementation Feasi9ility !he project chec&s %hether the overall f$nctionin+ is relia.le and feasi.le and the development of the project is easy +oin+

Project <ana+ement

;0; Pro:ect Planning

;0;0( Pro:ect De!elopment Approach an# ,ustification8

,i+' ?'?'2'2 Prototypin+ <odel for the Project Development

ere %e are not hostin+ o$r o%n application' We have made this application for o$r client' "nitially if the project is fo$nd to .e feasi.le as o.served from the initial reC$irements* desi+n is prepared' NeAt %e .$ild a prototype from the desi+n' Prototype is revie%ed and if there are any chan+es to .e done in that case prototype is $pdated %ith a ne% desi+n till %e are satisfied' !he development commences after the approval phase' !he development phase is lead .y testin+ and maintenance phase'

Project <ana+ement

;0;0; Pro:ect Plan8 2' :ather the definition' ?' Chec& %hether the definition is feasi.le or not in +iven deadline' 6' ReC$irement +atherin+' @' Analysis on +athered reC$irements' D' Desi+nin+' 4' Codin+' 8' !estin+' ;0;0$ )ilestones an# Deli!era9les <ilestones are identified in order to complete the entire project in the time d$ration' <ilestones are identified for every mod$le of Lan-Chat Application'

(ystem ReC$irement and Analysis

ReC$irement :atherin+ and analysis' ,$nctional (pecifications Non ,$nctional (pecifications -se Case dia+ram Class dia+ram (eC$ence dia+ram Activity dia+ram (tate dia+ram Colla.oration dia+ram !he o$tp$t o.tained for the reC$ired f$nctionality after implementin+ and doin+ vario$s types of testin+

P "PO+*
"t +ives eAact $nderstandin+ of the $ser0s reC$irements'

(ystem Desi+n

"t +ives the lo+ical str$ct$re that the system'

"mplementation and !estin+

"t +ives the reC$ired mod$le

!a.le ?'?'6 <ilestones and Delivera.les

Project <ana+ement

;0$ P"O,*CT +CH*D LIN. Pro:ect +che#uling Chart8

,i+ ?'6'2 :antt chart

(ystem ReC$irements (t$dy


+3+T*) "*A I"*)*NT+ +T D3

<an$ally %or& done in most of soft%are development companies' "f yo$ can see c$rrent system in mar&et* there is not sec$re %ay to re+ister a $ser' Also* in c$rrent systems there is no restriction over chattin+ 9live messa+in+;'

$0( +tu#y of Current +ystem

$0; Pro9lems an# >ea6ness of Current +ystem

!he c$rrent system is not that efficient' !he $ser has to have internet connection %henever he %ants to access the application %ithin colle+e' -ser can0t +et access to reso$rces directly' ,irst they have to re+ister themselves to admin* then they %o$ld +et their pass%ords for chattin+' :-" is not improved'

$0$ ser Characteristics

!he all f$nctionality is performed .y the admin only' 2; Admin 1 Assi+n "d = Pass%ord to -ser' ?; -ser1 -ser sho$ld .e re+istered' -ser can send messa+es* see old messa+es* edit profile and do%nload files only one time'

$0< Har#7are an# +oft7are "eBuirements8

$0<0( Har#7are "eBuirement O(1 Windo%s KPG?333GvistaG8GF ard%are1 2Pc %ith D2?<B RA< and ($fficient memory s$pport )R/ 4'A'A or hi+her Data.ase1 <y(NL

$0<0; +oft7are "eBuirement

(ystem ReC$irements (t$dy

$0=0( Har#7are Limitations

!here is no hard%are limitations to the system'


Interface to Other Application

No interface %ith other application $0=0$ Higher Or#er Language "eBuirement

Lan+$a+e to .e $sed %as the )A>A' $0=0< "elia9ility "eBuirements

!he application does demand m$ch relia.ility and it is f$lly ass$red that the partic$lar information a.o$t the $ser sho$ld .e sec$red and flo% is maintained and accessed accordin+ to the ri+hts' $0=0= +afety an# +ecurity Consi#erations

!he system provides a ti+ht sec$rity to admin0s acco$nt' Admin acco$nt is sec$re .y pass%ord mechanism %hich are encrypted and stored to data.ase' $0=0C Criticality of Applications

!he application deals %ith the $ser0s personal tas&s so the tas& and respective details sho$ld .e hi+hly confidential and in proper flo%'

(ystem ReC$irements (t$dy


Ass$mptions are descri.ed .elo%1 -ser has s$fficient privile+es to access lan' (erver is r$nnin+ correctly' (erver is r$nnin+ in the same net%or& as in $sers are lo++ed in' Data.ase transactions are +ivin+ eApected res$lts' Data.ase transactions are sec$re and relia.le'

Dependencies are descri.ed as .elo%1 !his system is dependent $pon that the st$dent or fac$lty m$st .e a$thoriBed .y the admin' "f they are not a$thoriBed then they %ill not .e a.le to re+ister their acco$nt %ith this application' !his application depends on the server' (o if server %or&s correctly then only this application can r$n in proper %ay' <$st reC$ire latest $pdate re+ardin+ all st$ff from admin as per %or& done'

(ystem Analysis

<0' +3+T*) ANAL3+I+

<0( "eBuirements of Ne7 +ystem D+"+E <0(0( ser "eBuirements
-ser reC$irements incl$de not many thin+s* .$t important thin+ is $ser m$st .e a%are that system %or&s properly %ith f$ll availa.ility* relia.ility* sec$rity and safety' !he $ser responsi.ilities are as follo%s1 (ho$ld &no% ho% to $se the soft%are'(ho$ld adhere to +$idelines and prescri.ed standards

<0(0; +ystem "eBuirement +pecification D+0"0+0E

!he project0s aim is to provide comm$nication .et%een fac$lty and st$dents'

"t is )ava-.ased des&top lan-application that can .e accessed thro$+ho$t the $niversity'

All the fac$lties can chat %ith all st$dents and all other fac$lties'

All st$dents can as& their do$.t and +ive sol$tions to their respective la. fac$lties'

!here %ill .e +ro$p for each .atchO.ranch* if any anno$ncement related to any .atchO.ranch is sho%n for that .atchO.ranch only* .$t if that is for $niversity then it %ill sho% to all .ranch'

(t$dents cannot chat %ith other st$dents'

,ile attachment can .e sent via this application'

(ystem Analysis

Functional "eBuirement8
"(8 Login8Precon#ition8 - (t$dentGprofessor m$st re+isterL if not then heGshe has to re+ister first' Input8 - :ive (t$dentGProfessor "D = Pass%ord' Output8 - -ser s$ccessf$lly lo+in simple-$serGAdmin' Process1 - Chec& (t$dentGprofessor "D = Pass%ord to the data.ase* if one of them is %ron+ then invalid = prompt a+ain for "D = Pass%ord a+ain* else valid $ser' Post con#ition1 - (t$dentGprofessor lo++ed in = can chan+e hisGher pass%ord = a.le to share %hat heGshe %ants'

";8 "egistration8Precon#ition1 - No professorGst$dent sho$ld .e re+istered first' Input1 - Name* (t$dentGProfessor "D* Pass%ord* /-mail* Branch* contact n$ etc' Output1 - ($ccessf$lly Creation of Acco$nt' Process1 - (erver store specified data in data.ase and allo% (t$dentGprofessor to lo+ in' Description1 - -ser m$st have to enter Name* "D* stron+ Pass%ord* /-mail and re+ister it' "$8 Creating a group 9y /atch @ +emester 7ise0 "$0(8 (elect or create +ro$p' Precon#ition8 :ro$p can .e created .y Admin' Input8 (elect +ro$p name Output8 Pop $p %indo% to that +ro$p is created' "$0;8 Namin+ the +ro$p' Input8 /nter +ro$p Name* Branch* (emester and create it' Output8 Display messa+e that +ro$p is created' Process8 <a&e +ro$p and ma&e data.ase for the +ro$p' "$0$8 Add to the +ro$p' Input8 (elect st$dent from data.ase .y +iven .atch and semester' Output8 (t$dents are added' Process8 (elect the st$dents from main data.ase .y +iven .atch and semester and

(ystem Analysis add to Data.ase of +ro$p'

"<8 Post or ploa# #ocument0 "<0(8 (elect option for $pload' Input8 (elect file or doc$ment to .e $ploaded' Output8 Prompt $ser to select a doc$ment' "<0;8 (elect a doc$ment' Input1 !he doc$ment %hich %e %ant to post' Output8 Prompt messa+e1 Po$r doc$ment is s$ccessf$lly $ploaded Gposted' Process8 -pload to server'

"=8 Account suspen# 9y an A#min0 Precon#ition8 (t$dent m$st pass o$t' Input8 (t$dent "d' Output8 Acco$nt is s$spended' Process8 "nactivate the data from data.ase' "C8 Con!ersation0 "C0(8 (elect fac$ltyGst$dent' Input8 (elect fac$ltyGst$dent' Output8 (ho% chattin+ messa+es' "C0;8 (end a messa+e' Input8 Write a messa+e Output8 Display messa+e is sent' Process8 (end a messa+e to receiver thro$+h net%or& and store in data.ase' "&8 Change pass7or#0 "&0(8 (elect acco$nt settin+' Input8 (elect acco$nt settin+' Output8 Display +eneral acco$nt settin+ list' "&0;8 (elect pass%ord chan+e' Input8 (elect pass%ord chan+e lin&' Output8 Prompt $ser to enter ne%* confirm and old pass%ord' "&0$8 Chan+e pass%ord' Input8 Old pass%ord* ne% pass%ord and confirmin+ pass%ord Output8 Po$r pass%ord is s$ccessf$lly chan+edG !ry a+ain pass%ord doesn0t match' Process8 <atchin+ an old pass%ord from data.ase and match confirmin+ pass%ord %ith ne% pass%ord'

(ystem Analysis

"%8 Profile picture changes0 "%0(8 (elect ne% profile pict$re' Input8 Ne% profile pict$re and clic& on $pload' Output8 Po$r profile pict$re is chan+ed' Process8 Replacin+ old Profile pict$re .y ne% one' "%0;8 (elect profile pict$re chan+e' Input8 (elect profile pict$re chan+e lin&' Output1 ($++est $ser to select another pict$re %hich heGshe %ant to chan+e Profile pict$re' "F8 Profile !isi9ility0 Input8 /nter Name or "D to see profile' Output8 Profile m$st .e sho%n accordin+ to its privacy' "('8*-mail !erification0 Process8 send initial pass%ord $sin+ mail'

O!erall Non-Functional reBuirements8

"D 2 ? 6 @ D 4 8 F 5 23 Description (hall .e a.le to provide a $ser friendly :-" (hall ma&e $se of eAistin+ soft%are = hard%are (hall r$n server side operations on %indo%s server ?33F O( and ""(8 (hall r$n client side operations on Windo%s KPG8GFGLin$A (hall facilitate to access records conc$rrently (ho$ld r$n as a m$lti $ser system for client side interfaces (ho$ld provide a fleAi.le and relia.le .ac&$p system (ho$ld provide a fleAi.le recovery mechanism (ho$ld ta&e reso$rces as minim$m as possi.le (ho$ld provide proper sec$rity

<0; F*AT "*+ OF N*> +3+T*)

/asy to $se

(ystem Analysis Relia.le and acc$rate Provides f$nctionalities of sendin+ doc$ments and messa+es to fac$lties or st$dents* vie% old messa+es* vie% received files and provide a.ility to do%nload it* edit profile and .asic f$nctionalities' (ec$re* as it sends pass%ords to a$thoriBed email-ids only' -ser friendly :-"'



Le!el '

,i+ @'6'2 D,D level 3

(ystem Analysis

Le!el (

,i+ @'6'? D,D level 2

(ystem Analysis

Le!el ;

,i+ @'6'6 D,D level ?

(ystem Analysis


+* CA+* DIA."A)

,i+ @'@ -se Case Dia+ram

(ystem Analysis



,i+ @'D Activity Dia+ram

(ystem Desi+n

=0' +3+T*) D*+I.N

=0( +ystem Architecture Design
=0(0( Class Diagram

,i+ D'2'2 Class Dia+ram

(ystem Desi+n =0(0; +eBuence Diagrams

(0 A#min Login

,i+ D'2'?'2 (eC$ence of Admin Lo+in

(ystem Desi+n


ser Login

,i+ D'2'?'? (eC$ence of -ser Lo+in

$0 Disconnect ser

,i+ D'2'?'6 (eC$ence of Disconnect -ser

(ystem Desi+n


+ee chat history

,i+ D'2'?'@ (eC$ence of Chat istory

=0 +en# #ocument

,i+ D'2'?'D (eC$ence of (end Doc$ment

(ystem Desi+n C0 +en# message

,i+ D'2'?'4 (eC$ence of (end <essa+e

&0 *#it Profile

,i+ D'2'?'8 (eC$ence of /dit Profile

(ystem Desi+n

%0 Disconnect all

,i+ D'2'?'F (eC$ence of Disconnect All

(ystem Desi+n =0(0$ Component Diagram

,i+ D'2'6'2' Component Dia+ram

(ystem Desi+n

=0(0< +tate Chart Diagrams

(ystem Desi+n

,i+ D'2'@ (tate chart

(ystem Desi+n

=0; DATA/A+* D*+I.N

=0;0( Data9ase Ta9le an# "elationship

Ta9le Name8 st$dent Purpose8 !his ta.le is $sed to store the details of st$dents'

!a.le D'2'2

Ta9le Name8 fac$lty Purpose8 !his ta.le is $sed to store the details of fac$lties'

!a.le D'2'?

(ystem Desi+n

Ta9le Name8 st$Hdetail Purpose8 !he a$thoriBed email-id of st$dents are stored in this ta.le'

!a.le D'2'6

Ta9le Name8 semHfac$lty Purpose8 !his ta.le is $sed to store the details of time ta.les of fac$lties0 la.s'

!a.le D'2'@

(ystem Desi+n Ta9le Name8 messa+e Purpose8 !his ta.le is $sed to store all the messa+es sent via this application'

!a.le D'2'D

Ta9le Name8 files Purpose8 !his ta.le is $sed to store all the doc$ments sent via this application'

!a.le D'2'4

(ystem Desi+n

,i+ D'?'2 /R Dia+ram

"mplementation Plannin+


!he implementation o.jectives are as follo%s1 !he c$stomiBed version %ith d$ly incorporated acceptance testin+ comments is installed' /ns$re smooth f$nctionin+ of the installed application' Better :-"* so that $sers can easily $se this application' With o$r eAperience of implementation at vario$s sites of similar systems* %e fo$nd that the s&ill level on comp$ters and processes varies on a %ide ran+e at vario$s levels' Also* the drive and motivation of the +$ide headin+ the partic$lar %o$ld really .oost the implementation and ens$re that the activities are completed on time and eAec$tion %o$ld .e faster'


!his project has .een divided into many mod$les for ma&in+ its implementation faster' !his system is divided into1 (0 "egistration for users !his mod$le provides f$nctionality for re+istration' "t collects information of $ser 9(t$dent or ,ac$lty; and s$.mits it to the server data.ase' "t +enerates pass%ord for $sers and send them to their respective emailids' ;0 Login for sers

!his mod$le havin+ f$nctionality of all -sers 9(t$dents and ,ac$lties; to lo+in and start chattin+' ,or+ot pass%ord f$nctionality is added' -sers can +et their ne% pass%ord to their re+istered email-id'

"mplementation Plannin+

$0 Chatting !his mod$le provides the main p$rpose of o$r application' !hro$+h this mod$le st$dents can as& their do$.ts and send important doc$ments to their respective la. fac$lties' !hro$+h this mod$le fac$lties can disc$ss their important topics* send some important messa+es to their %hole .atch or to a partic$lar st$dent' !his mod$le also provides f$nctionality of profile editin+* see old messa+es* se files and si+nin+ o$t' <0 +er!er "t is the core part o$r application' All the mod$les a.ove this r$n on this mod$le' Comm$nication .et%een a.ove mod$les and server is done $sin+ !CP soc&ets in )ava'

C0$ Co#ing +tan#ar#s

Namin+ conventions for and local varia.les1 A possi.le namin+ convention can .e that varia.les names al%ays start %ith a capital letter and local varia.les names are made of small letters' /rror ret$rn conventions and eAception handlin+ mechanisms1 the %ay error conditions are reported .y different f$nctions in a pro+ram and the %ay common eAception conditions are handled* sho$ld .e standard' ,or e'+'1 different f$nctions %hile enco$nterin+ an error condition or eAception ret$rns a proper errorGeAception messa+e'


&0' T*+TIN.
!esting is the process carried out on software to detect the differences between its behavior and the desired behavior as stipulated by the requirements specifications. !estin+ is advanta+eo$s in several %ays' ,irstly* the defects fo$nd help in the process of ma&in+ the soft%are relia.le' (econdly* even if the defects fo$nd are not corrected* testin+ +ives an idea as to ho% relia.le the soft%are is' !hirdly* over time* the record of defects fo$nd reveals the most common &inds of defects* %hich can .e $sed for developin+ appropriate preventive meas$res s$ch as trainin+* proper desi+n and revie%in+

&0( T*+TIN. PLAN

!he testin+ s$.-process incl$des the follo%in+ activities in a phase dependent manner1 a; .; c; d; e; f;
-N"! !/(!"N: <OD-L/ !/(!"N:

Create !est Plans' Create !est (pecifications' Revie% !est Plans and !est (pecifications' Cond$ct tests accordin+ to the !est (pecifications* and lo+ the defects' ,iA defects* if any' When defects are fiAed contin$e from activity'

(-B-(P(!/< !/(!"N: (P(!/< !/(!"N:

ACC/P!ANC/ !/(!"N:

,i+' 8'2 !est Plan


S erver must be satrted Waiting or connections "o#$ user can login +ser must be registred irst, -e should select proper option i,e, student or aculty, &uthenticated details should be entered, )nitial pass#ord or login is sent to registered email(id "o#$ user can send message$ iles and receive message$ iles, +ser can edit pro ile, +ser can see old received messages +ser can do#nload iles only once +ser should enter valid data

1 Run the application Click on "C lick Login screen here to continue" 2S tart the server Click on S tart S erver should be started ! Run the application Click on "C lick Login screen here to continue" % &ttempt to login 'nter user()* +ser should be and pass#ord logged in Chatting Click on Login screen

S erver not ready Fail

S erver started Login screen

Pass Pass

+sername or pass#ord is incorrect or S elect Proper option


. &ttempt to register Click on Register

Please select Fail proper options and enter valid details / &ttempt to register 'nter valid$ Pass#ord sent to Pass#ord sent to Pass authenticated registered mail( registered mail( details Click id, Registered id, R egistered on register success ully, success ully, 0 &ttempt to login 'nter user()* +ser should be +ser should be Pass and pass#ord logged in Chatting logged in Click on Login screen Chatting screen

R egistered success ully

1' dit Pro ile 2S ee history

Click on ' dit Pro ile Click on S ee history

' dit Pro ile Windo# 3essages should be displayed

14 Check iles

Click on Check R eceived iles Files should be displayed 11 &ttempt to edit Fetched data ' nter valid data pro ile removed and no data inserted and click on submit 12 &ttempt to orget 'nter user()* "e# pass#ord pass#ord and secure should be ans#er, generated 1! &ttempt to sign out Click on sign +ser should be out signed out success ully

' dit Pro ile Windo# 3essage #indo# displayed List o iles is displayed

Pass Pass


' nter valid data Pass

Please enter correct ans#er, Login screen



+ser must enter correct secure ans#er, "e# user can login or register


&0; T*+TIN. +T"AT*.3

!he development process repeats this testin+ s$.-process a n$ of times for the follo%in+ phases' a; -nit !estin+' .; "nte+ration !estin+ -nit !estin+ tests a $nit of code 9mod$le or pro+ram; after codin+ of that $nit is completed' "nte+ration !estin+ tests %hether the vario$s pro+rams that ma&e $p a system* interface %ith each other as desired* fit to+ether and %hether the interfaces .et%een the pro+rams are correct' (ystem !estin+ ens$res that the system meets its stated desi+n specifications' Acceptance !estin+ is testin+ .y the $sers to ascertain %hether the system developed is a correct implementation of the (oft%are ReC$irements (pecification' !estin+ is carried o$t in s$ch a hierarchical manner to ens$re that each component is correct and the assem.lyGcom.ination of components is correct' <erely testin+ a %hole system at the end %o$ld most li&ely thro% $p errors in components that %o$ld .e very costly to trace and fiA' We have performed .oth -nit !estin+ and (ystem !estin+ to detect and fiA errors'

&0$ T*+TIN. )*THOD+

&0$0( /lac6-9oH an# >hite-9oH Testing "n .lac&-.oA testin+ a soft%are item is vie%ed as a .lac& .oA* %itho$t &no%led+e of its internal str$ct$re or .ehavior' Possi.le inp$t conditions* .ased on the specifications 9and possi.le seC$ences of inp$t conditions;* are presented as test cases' "n %hite-.oA testin+ &no%led+e of internal str$ct$re and lo+ic is eAploited' !est cases are presented s$ch that possi.le paths of control flo% thro$+h the soft%are item are traced' ence more defects than .lac&-.oA testin+ are li&ely to .e fo$nd' !he disadvanta+es are that eAha$stive path testin+ is infeasi.le and the lo+ic mi+ht not conform to specification' "nstr$mentation techniC$es can .e $sed to determine the str$ct$ral system covera+e in %hite .oA testin+' ,or this p$rpose tools or compilers that can insert test into the pro+rams can .e $sed'

!estin+ &0$0; Co#e Co!erage !he %ay to ma&e s$re that yo$ have +ot all the control flo% covered is to cover all the paths in the pro+ram d$rin+ the testin+ 9via %hite-.oA testin+;' !his implies that .oth .ranches are eAercised for an Qif0 statement* all .ranches are eAercised for a case statement* the loop is ta&en once or m$ltiple times as %ell as i+nored for a %hile statement* and all components of complicated lo+ical eApressions are eAercised' !his is called Path !estin+' Branch !estin+ reports %hether entire Boolean eApression tested in control str$ct$res eval$ated to .oth tr$e and false' Additionally it incl$des covera+e of s%itch statement cases* eAception handlers and interr$pts handlers' Path testin+ incl$des .ranch testin+ as it considers all possi.le com.ination of individ$al .ranch conditions' A simpler version is (tatement !estin+ %hich determines if each statement in the pro+ram has .een eAec$ted at least once' !he covera+e via Path !estin+ incl$des the covera+e via (tatement !estin+'

-ser <an$al

%0' +*" )AN AL

Figure %0( >elcome

When $ser %ill r$n the application* this screen %ill .e displayed' By clic&in+ on Clic& ere#* $ser %ill navi+ate to lo+in'

-ser <an$al

Figure %0; Login

-ser can do lo+in or re+ister thro$+h this %indo%' -ser has to enter his "D and Pass%ord'

-ser <an$al

,i+$re F'6 -ser Chattin+ Windo% -ser can send messa+es and doc$ments* see old messa+es and files* edit profile and si+n o$t'

,i+ F'@ -ser Chattin+ Windo% %ith error

-ser <an$al

,i+ F'D /dit Profile -ser can edit profile'

-ser <an$al

,i+ F'4 Chec& ,iles

,i+ F'8 Chec& <essa+es -ser can see their history and do%nload files only once'

-ser <an$al

,i+ F'F Add La. ,ac$lties can add la. to their sched$le'

-ser <an$al

,i+ F'5 ,or+ot pass%ord

,i+ F'23 ,or+ot pass%ord %ith mail sent "f $ser for+ets his pass%ord* ne% pass%ord %ill .e sent to his mail-"D'

-ser <an$al

,i+ F'22 Re+istration -ser %ill .e re+istered and pass%ord %ill .e sent to his mail-id'


!he part of the system can .e implemented $sin+ the c$rrent technolo+y altho$+h some modifications had to .e done at vario$s places' At vario$s places some alterations %ith the prototypes and f$nctionalities %o$ld .e done in order to %or& o$t the cost constraints and to cope %ith the sched$lin+ constraints' -ser cannot re+ister itself to do it* it sho$ld has a$thoriBation provided .y admin' Application may ta&e time to r$n on server .eca$se (NL data so$rce has .een $sed'

F0( Future *nhancement

(ome more in.$ilt f$nctionality can .e added to ma&e project more ro.$st -ser a$thoriBation can .e done .y $sin+ other %ays :-" can .e improved ,$nctions %ith data.ase can .e made more easy and efficient



/very project %or&* doesn0t matter soft%are project or any other project* co$ld not .e the res$lt of sole effort' We thin& that the s$ccess of any project doesn0t depend only on .etter soft%are development s&ills .$t also* Beal to listen and help the $sers' We eAperienced that developin+ this soft%are helped enhance o$r technical s&ills of pro+rammin+'

('0; DI+C ++ION

('0;0( +elf Analysis of Pro:ect 2ia9ilities Accordin+ to $s* this projected is completed %ith the primary f$nctionalities as specified earlier .$t then a+ain there is lot more than this %hich can .e done' !he project is %ell capa.le to handle the +iven jo. for some partic$lar tas& .$t not all of them' (o then it is a challen+e to f$rther develop it in to a %ell fla++ed soft%are as it %as challen+e to develop $pto this very sta+e'

('0;0; Pro9lem *ncountere# !here %ere many pro.lems enco$ntered d$rin+ the desi+n and the development phase of the project' !he pro.lem to maintain priorities !he pro.lem to maintainin+ and accessin+ the data.ase !he pro.lem for $sin+ soc&ets in )ava'


('0;0$0 +ummary of Pro:ect >or6 We have completed o$r project %or& $sin+ soft%are en+ineerin+* system analysis and desi+n approach' We have done %or& %ith preplanned sched$lin+ related %ith time constraints and res$lt oriented pro+ress in project development'

('0$ /I/LIO."APH3
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