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Interactive Petrophysics Version 3.

6 Whats New

Frank Whitehead IP Development Manager

3.6 New major functionality

LWD / MWD date/time Wells Formation Tester Analysis 64 bit program

Full 64 bit version of IP Allows use of all CPU memory available

Complete DLIS reader rewrite

Large Increase in load speed

LWD / MWD Date-Time Wells

Time data is currently rarely looked at and a lot of useful information is lost
Data sizes are huge. 3-10 second sampling over several months. Hence difficulty in managing the data

MWD drilling time data

Very useful for drilling engineers
Analysis of drilling parameters / drilling problems

Re-sampling drilling time curves to depth

LWD drilling time data

Time lapse change of formation properties Re-sampling of original LWD time data to depth

LWD / MWD Date-Time Wells

Create Date Time Wells

Data step definable in seconds

Load data in ASCII and LAS format Same modules that work in Depth wells work in Date-Time wells
User formula User programming Data editing Copy curves from Depth well to Time well Data output

Flexible Date-Time data format

Drilling Data

Copy to Depth Well

Select depth and time interval to copy Zoom plot

Select Curves and sensor length Use discriminators to copy only drilling data Select filtering method Mean / Median 1st / Last value Copy multiple time intervals

Formation Tester Analysis

Data loaded through LIS / DLIS files Templates used to automatically select curves Data loaded into irregular curve sets Data stored in large array curves at Tester Depth

Formation Analysis Project Module

Creates Multi-well projects Provides overview of data Allows launching of Pressure/Time plots Allows launching of Pressure/Depth plots Filters available to select the data Results of graphics stored in FT project

Pressure / Time Analysis

QC data Pick Pressures Draw down analysis Multiple draw downs analysed All tool types handled

Pressure / Time Analysis

Spherical and Radial Build-up Analysis

Derivative build up plot Use for determining type of analysis

Pressure / Depth Analysis

Current Crossplot module Automatically launched with selected data Save formats and graphics in FT project Will allow better control on what points are in the regression area


Multi-file, Multi-well loader Large improvement in speed to old DLIS



Curve Defaults

Curve default file now has more information in it Plot curve Line style, Plot curve Backup option etc New editor for parameter file, now XML format

Curve Defaults

Now define in more detail properties for graphics Histogram and Crossplot default scales can be set in Curve Header

Well Attribute Loader

Now loads Well and Curve attributes Use UWI and API to select well

Interval Loader

Now Multi-well Can Load using API or UWI as well reference

Multi-well Tops Loader

Load by API or UWI reference New output options to include API and UWI

Manage Curve Sets

New option to overwrite on curve move Option to add set to set dictionary

Multi-Well curve headers

New options for searching all wells in DB not only loaded wells Both open and closed wells Multiple filters allowed

Well Lists

New Module Create New well list Edit old well lists Works with loaded wells or all wells in database

LAS Batch Loader

Options to Auto create wells that are not found Option to auto extend wells that do not have the correct depth range Option to put the API or UWI in the well name attribute field

LAS output

Curve names added to top of column data

IP version added to file

Plotting File output

JPEG, GIF output formats are limited in size (not enough memory to handle the large bitmaps) New output option called Deep Plot View
Cuts up image into manageable sizes New standalone program called Deep Zoom Image Viewer to view the files as one image Deep Zoom Image Viewer uses web based technology to manipulate the huge images at any scale very fast Data plus executable will be zipped up so can be sent to people and allow viewing without having to have IP installed

Deep Plot View

Log Plot - RGB Shading

New shading option to use 3 curves to control the Red, Green and Blue colors in the shading Useful for correlations between wells

Log Plot Depth Track

Numeric data and Depth numbers New clearer dialog

Log Plot - Zoom

Right mouse click in plot allows zoom to interval Middle mouse button also will select area to zoom to Once zoomed in an Un-Zoom option is available

Log Plot - Zone Menu

New Options Lock Zone Turns on the zone parameter lock Switch between Zone number and Zone name display Edit Zone Name

Crossplot Log plot Interaction

Groups of points can be selected on Crossplot. These then appear as shaded areas on the log plot

Basic Log Functions

New Misc Tab Velocity from travel time Differential caliper Volumetric cross section Conductivity

Basic Log Functions

Calculation of formation temperature using Horner plot Multiple plots can be made and stored Data can be read directly from Log Run attributes

Capillary Pressure

Thomeer equation added to fitting functions for core data

Sigma Analysis

Option to calculate Sigma matrix from mineral volumes. I.e. results from Mineral Solver Porosity, Clay volume and Sw cutoff limits Easy clean up analysis Interactive lines added Reorganisation of parameter screen Easier to understand

Fuzzy Logic Multi Linear Regression

New Interface Better setup form Compatible with Cluster Analysis Better automatic QC plots for all wells Multi-well plots

Clay Volume Module

New Vcl average curve output option Curve can now be the Median, Mean or Lateral average of the clay indicators New Vcl output curve VclMix User chooses for each zone whether the curve will be the Minimum or Average Vcl result

Summation Report

New format for TVDSS reports Clearer TVD results on second line

IP Start-up

New option to select Database and wells at start-up

Means you do not have to load the last DB automatically

New Option to create IP desktop shortcuts which will load a pre-defined IP database when clicked

Licence Server Manager

Manages the Licence Server No longer necessary to load IP on the Server Installs and starts the licence server service Creates and activates the IP licence Updates licence with one button click Gives Licence details Lists offsite licences Lists current licences in use


Manual New Zone creation Option to create multiple new zones at once Log plot curve values now display in same color as the curve is plotted

Log Plot format window Option to not update shading when curve names change. This is useful for mud log which have been set up with many default shading types Data Base Browser Current selected well is now highlighted


Auto Save now allows you to request a prompt before a save

Hardcopy Plot output. Depth interval selection now from Plot ranges and Zone set Tops Increase maximum wells in memory to 2000 Increased maximum number of depths in a curve set to 3 million