1. Choose and download one case in each of the following groups  Infosys (A) or Portman Hotel Company  Southfield or Vitality Helath, Inc. at You need to register and then pay online to Harvard Business School Publishing. It will cost you US$3.95 per case.

2. Instructions:

Each student will prepare and submit one written case analysis reports (20%) and prepare another one case for presentation (10%). The case chosen for presentation does not require you to prepare a full written report but you need to submit your presentation slides. The requirements and guidelines for written case reports and presentation are described below.
Guidelines for Written Case Analysis Each case analysis report should follow these guidelines:  Provide a short summary of the case  Identify and state clearly the problem(s) or issue(s) faced by the company  Discuss appropriate theories and/or concepts relevant to the problem and/or issues identified. Focus your review and analysis of the case based on the questions for each case.  Explain and elaborate your answers to all the questions related to the case by providing convincing arguments based on relevant theories, concepts and readings from the textbook or from this or other courses.  Described what you have learned from doing this case. Guidelines for Case Analysis Presentation:  You are given 15 minutes to present the case  Present first the summary of the case.  State the problem or issues faced by the company  Present your analysis using theories & concepts from the course/textbook.  You may answer the questions for the case directly.  Provide suggestions to alleviate the problem(s)/issue(s) with justifications and explain possible implications.

CASE NO. 1: INFOSYS (A) – Strategic HRM Case:

1. Identify the possible causes for discontentment among Infosys workforce. Are the problems at Infosys serious or not? 2. As Ravichandar, when do you discontinue an initiative? When do you give more time to produce results? In answering this question, consider the following: a. What was the desired outcome? b. Was the policy change well executed\? c. Is the feedback we are hearing representative? d. How have the performance metrics changed? Over what period should changes be expected? 3. To what extent are the human capital strategies adding to or detracting from the overall goal of Infosys? 4. How would you use the metrics in this case? How would you resolve the tension between achieving high performance metrics and employee satisfaction metrics? 5. What advice do you have for Ravichandar?

Suggest some of the best practices in performance appraisal for Southfield. Develop three alternative solutions to address the problems discussed above. Why isn’t the system working and. or were improvements experienced following implementation of 5-Star? 4. carefully review the business context (environment) and Portman’s business model and strategy. team. 3: SOUTHFIELD PACKAGING – Performance Management Systems Case: 1. What is your evaluation of the appraisal process (or “SPR”) at Southfield? Is the instrument well-designed? Is the required performance interview a good idea? What changes. will he reach his goal? Why or why not? 4. what are the options for improvement? More specifically. 4. Also. organization) performance is lacking? 3. – Performance Management Systems Case: 1. INC. 4: VITALITY ENTERPRISES. Should the new system at Vitality Health be revised? What changes would you recommend to the new performance management system? How should the changes be implemented? Carefully consider your recommendation. CASE NO. the following questions should focus your attention: 1. What were the problems with Vitality Health’s Performance Management system? What were the root causes of the problems? 2. What is your assessment of Belby’s definition of performance? Belby clearly wants to be promoted in the coming year. Select the best solution and describe how you would implement it. 2: THE PORTMAN HOTEL COMPANY – Strategic HRM Case: In analyzing Portman make sure you thoroughly understand the design of the original system(s). Should Belby’s physical look and personal health habits play a role in his performance appraisal? 5. or how plans/processes/people were supposed to work. could be made to improve its effectiveness? 3. and to assist with your review and analysis. 5. what are the problems? 3. What is the Portman business model and what was the personal valet arrangement trying to accomplish? 2.CASE NO. How did the 5-Star system deal with the problems? Did it work. What are the sources of the problems in performance reviews at Southfield Packaging? 2. Who should evaluate employee’s performance? What should leaders do when (individual. if any. How important is the relative nature of the new performance management system? . CASE NO. Finally. Is the revised performance management system better than the system it replaced? In what ways? In what ways is it worse? 5.