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Examinable Documents 2012

DIPLOMA IN INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING Knowledge of the new examinable regulations issued by 30th September will be required in examination sessions being held in the following calender year. Documents may be examinable even if the effective date is in the future.

The documents listed as being examinable are the latest that were issued prior to 30th September 2011 and will be examinable in June and December 2012 examination sessions. The study guide offers more detailed guidance on the depth and level at which the examinable documents will be examined. The study guide should be read in conjunction with the examinable documents list.

Title IAS 1 IAS 2 IAS 8 IAS 10 IAS 11 IAS 12 IAS 16 IAS 17 IAS 18 IAS 19 IAS 20 IAS 21 IAS 23 IAS 24 IAS 27 IAS 28 IAS 32 IAS 33 IAS 34 IAS 36 IAS 37 IAS 38 IAS 39 IAS 40 IAS 41 IFRS 1 IFRS 2 IFRS 3 IFRS 5 IFRS 6 IFRS 7 IFRS 8 IFRS 9 IFRS 10 International Financial Reporting Standards Presentation of Financial Statements Inventories Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors Events After the Reporting Period Construction Contracts Income Taxes Property, Plant and Equipment Leases Revenue Employee Benefits Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance The Effects of Change in Foreign Exchange Rates Borrowing Costs Related Party Disclosures Separate Financial Statements Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures Financial Instruments: Presentation Earnings per Share Interim Financial Reporting Impairment of Assets Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets Intangible Assets Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement Investment Property Agriculture First-Time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards Share-Based Payment Business Combinations Disposal of Non-current Assets and Reporting of Discontinued Operations Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources Financial Instruments: Disclosure Operating Segments Financial Instruments** Consolidated Financial Statements


Joint Arrangements Disclosure of interests in Other Entities Fair Value Measurement Other Statements The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting

Note The accounting of financial assets and financial liabilities is accounted for in accordance with IFRS9 to the extent that this standard was in issue as at 30 September 2011. For any elements of the study guide deemed as examinable and not covered bv IFRS9, these elements should be dealt with by studying IAS39.