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Lay down the bed pad to protect the mattress from stain Put the fitted sheet to fit the bed pad Lay down the first sheet and miter the four corner of the bed Lay down the wrong sheet along with the headboard Lay down the blanket 6 inches away from the headboard; allowances for the pillow Lay down the last sheet along with the headboard and fold the six inches inserted to the blanket and fold the wrong sheet overlap to the last sheet and tuck in both side and miter the lower side of the bed 7. Put the pillow into the pillow cases; and put along with the headboard 8. Lay down the bed cover to protect the bed from dust and bacteria ROOM MAKE UP 1. Place the cart in the front of the room and knock 2. Empty trashcan and basket 3. Wash and wipe- dry drinking glasses 4. Replenish soiled linen 5. Make –up the bed 6. Clean and vacuum the floor 7. Dust furniture and fixture; polish the mirror 8. Replenish room supplies 9. Make up the bathroom 10. Check overall condition of the room BATHROOM MAKE –UP 1. Remove all soiled towels and hand towels 2. Start cleaning the tiles, shower, down to the bathtub 3. Clean and sanitized the toilet bowl 4. Scrub the faucet, lavatory sink floor tiles and shower curtains 5. Clean the bathroom wall 6. Clean the mirror 7. Wash the drinking glasses (if installed in the bathroom) 8. Clean the shelves and cabinets 9. Polish all chrome fixture 10. Clean the lavatory stopper then rinse it with water 11. Rinse lavatory sink 12. Dry and polish the faucet lavatory sink 13. Install the faucet knobs
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9. Turn off the light but leave one lamp on Housekeeping NC II/ brigs Page 2 . Wash soiled drinking glasses 12. 7. Activate the doorbell or knock gently 3. Empty and wash all the ashtrays 11.CLEANING THE BATHROOM WALLS 1. Check the garbage can 10. Refill thermos jug 7. 8. 3. 6. Hang the make up sign 4. Replenish the towel 9. 5. 4. 2. 4. Flush the toilet bowl Pour the toilet bowl cleaner Leave toilet bowl to soak (at least for 2 minutes) Clean the toilet bowl Flush it again Clean the toilet seat and cover Clean the outside part of the bowl Dry and polish the bowl Close the toilet bowl cleaner. Check the bathroom 13. 2. Turn down the bed 5. Draw the heavy curtains back 6. Remove room service tray (if there is any) 8. EXECUTING TURN DOWN SERVICE 1. 3. Wet the surface Apply all purpose cleaner Rinse the surface Dry and polish the surface CLEANING OF THE TOILET BOWL 1. Roll the room boy’s cart complete with supplies toward the guestroom 2.

Check foe the item left by the guest 2. Adjust air-con to desired temperature 4. Check the night the table if used. Remove all dishes used during room service 5. Polish mirror and other metal fixture 13. Check the cleanliness of the writing table 9. Clean thermos jug and refill it with cold water 8. Check the shoe horn inside the closet if available. Strip the bed. Fix the curtain 16. Activate the door or knock the door gently 3. pillow case and replace them 9. Empty ashtrays and waste basket 6. Proceed to the luggage rack 7. Do the inspection clockwise or counter clockwise 5. Check the condition of the television set 8. Check the bed 13. Proceed with the chain lock 4. Housekeeping NC II/ brigs Page 3 . telephone. Vacuum and shampoo the carpet and upholstered furniture 11. Check the bathroom 15. Dust all furniture 12. Check the laundry paraphernalia 10. Release or declare the room vacant and ready for sale 16. Make up the bed 10.CHECK OUT ROOM MAKE UP 1. 12. 6. Check the overall condition of the room including installed fixture and appliances 17. Check the air-con 14. radio and alarm clock. Make up the bathroom 15. Replenished all room supplies 14. Make room status report. Have pen and paper ready 2. Close the door INSPECTING VACANT ROOM (PROCEDURE) 1. Wash and wipe dry drinking glasses 7. Pull all curtains or blinds 3. Check the coffee table 11.