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Key Asylum Inc. came up with an innovative new product to sell Internet-based film distribution and prevent piracy. Digital distribution of movies is expected to increase by 128%, with world movie revenue of $60 billion. The product called ‘Egg’ provide the content provider piracy prevention, full control over film and options to sell on various blogs and social media websites. The digital print of movie can be downloaded on various digital smart devices. With tie-ups with payment gateways like PayPal and successful roping in over 150 producers worldwide and 25 in Karnataka, the Egg is now looking to enter Telugu film industry and later Tamil film industry.

The research is focused on checking viability of the product in Indian regional film industries. The industry facing losses due to piracy and how much they are in need to control it. With this uniquie product and the solutions it provides, the research problem is defined : • • • Understand the need for piracy control and digital distribution in regional movie industries Willingness of content providers to distribute movies on various online platforms Users’ attitude towards purchasing encrypted movie contents online

An in-depth interview is the best suited for collecting data from content providers. Producers are most effected due to piracy and detailed in-depth interviews will bring out the challenges and problems faced by them. It will help in establishing the need for the product in the industry and its ability to deal with the problems faced. Content provider’s willingness to go for such an innovative and novel product also would be judged on the basis of these in-depth interviews. A non- directive style of interviewing will be used by the interviewer with openended questions allowing the participants the freedom to control pacing and subject matter of the interview. Directive style of questioning will be used as needed when more clarification of information is required. Focused group discussion method is used among the respondents (end users). It will be heplful in gaining insights about the trends, usage pattern, adaptability with new technologies, convenience and sense of security while online transactions for the technology under study. It will provide data more quickly and at lower cost than if individuals interviewed separately.

In-depth interview: To carry in-depth interviws the respondents selected are from the already enterded martets, the target market and future markets which are attractive. The respondents will be movie producers from the respective industries. For Karnataka the respondetns will be of two types (i) those who have bought the application and (ii) those who haven’t. The other market’s respondents will be the players in the respective regions. Given the growth and aim of Key Asylum the next big step would be to enter Hindi-film industry, so producers from Bollywood can also be interviewed. As compared to Tamil and Karnataka sample size would be more for Telugu producers, as it is the current focus market. The number of respondents may vary due to time constraints, availability and budget limitations. 1. • • 2. • • 3. • • 4. • • Karnataka’s movie producers: Movie producers that have already bought the application Producers which haven’t bought the application in this region Telugu movie producers: Prominent players in the region Small producers that want to reach out to broader audiance Tamil movie producers Major content providers in the region Similar to respondents in Telgu film industry Hindi film industry – Bollywood* Producers who want to outreach to a worldwide audience Major banners that are facing piracy issues

Focused group discussion respondents : Respondents will be a set of technology-savy movie going population. Mostly between the age of 15-35, who essentially are the major part of the target market by the content provider. Social media usage is also high in this age group, which is an important factor in the product’s revenue generations. For focus group discussion we would have 3 – 6 different groups each group comprising of 6 to 12 participants As suggested by Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie et al. 1. Respondents who watch movies mostly by buying/renting DVDs. • Job going respondents who don’t have time to go to theaters to watch movies • Those who enjoy watching movies at their own convenience (at laptop, pc, dvd player, etc.) 2. Smart device users • Respondents who use smart devices like tablets, smartphones, etc. to watch these contents online 3. Online buyers and non-buyers • A mix of respondents who actively shop online and others who don’t, to get different viewpoints and the reason for reluctance in online shopping

The research is divided into two parts: Part1: A)In-depth interviews of the major producers in the existing martets, the target market and future markets which are attractive. The In-depth interviews focused on the following questions to derive data from the respondent group. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What are the main challenges faced during revenue generation? Is piracy among the main reasons for depletion in revenue? Do you find digital distribution of your contents as profitable as expected? How much worth of business is expected due to the content provided at various platforms (Digital copies, that the product will be providing solutions for). Is your content available online on websites without your concern (piracy)? How much revenue is affected by piracy? What are your thoughts about providing your data in digital format that is available online, but is encrypted and safe? Apart from the regional audience, does your work reaches out to other interested audience? What are your views about your content made accessible globally (safe and securely encrypted and generating revenues)? Does revenue generation from selling your content online to various smart devices interests you? Do you consider digital distribution as an important source of revenues for your work? Especially with the increasing technology savvy audience. Do you see your movies being sold on various blogs and social media websites as a good business opportunity? What are your views on the digital content being distributed under private label versus white label? Apart from revenues due to distribution of digital content, are you interested in generating revenues from advertisements? Would you like to digitally distribute your content on a revenue-share basis? If no, why not?

B)For the respondents who are already using the product: • • • • • • Part2 Focused group discussion of the end users of the product is carried out to find out the trends and willingness to use this online distribution platform. The key discussion questions would be: Has the application provided control over your digital content? How much revenue generation is improved due to the application? Are you able to reach audience that was earlier not able to access to your content? Are users willing to buy your content through our application? Are there any issues related to distribution and security of the content? What are the things you like and the things you dislike about the product?

• • • • • •

How often do you watch movies by buying its digital format? What are your views on encrypted digital movie content on your smart device? How do you like the idea of having a digital format of a movie, which you can download and use/watch whenever you want? How comfortable are you purchasing movies online? Does payment gateways like PayPal ensure a sense of security while you purchase the encrypted product online? Do you like the idea of buying content online in local currency?

The in-depth interviews will generate various tape recodings, typed transcripts of tape recordings and the interviewer’s notes. The data analysis for the Part1 is done by typed transcripts of the interview data. During the data analysis phase the the data transcripts are coded according to respondent’s responses to each question. Researchers code the same data and discuss their findings. Similarities and differences between the results aressessed. The data of Focused group discussion involves data from questions, information from FGD activities, the transcripts of the discussion and a summary of the coclusion that can be drawn. In case of multiple focus groups with similar participants, results from the first focus group may suggest topics to emphasize or include in later focus groups. Identify key issues by listening to the tape and taking notes. When using multiple focus groups or relying solely on focus group data to make conclusions, transcribe and code data.

The in-depth interviews will help in finding the problems and challenges content providers face due to piracy. It will identify the gaps and shortcomings of the digital distribution system of the film industry and how can the product help overcome these problems. The study will provide a brief picture of how the product is perceived by the current users (producers in Karnataka), how it is beneficial, has it really made a difference and the problems or deficiencies in the current product. The study will lay out the problems in the industry that can be resolved by the product. It will aid to obtain user’s need for the product and his/her willingness to adapt to the new innovative technology. Study will provide content provider’s perception about the platform and specifically about the product. The analysis of the focused group discussions on the other hand will bring forth the end users’ attitude toward the use of this new technology. This will help in determining the willingness to use digital platform to watch movies. Respondents’ outlook towards using online payment gateways to buy digital copy of content will also be determined by the study.

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