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Light Crossbow

Preparation time: 4-6 rounds total. Pull bolt 0 (on ground) 2 (in quiver), span and nock 4 2 MP dice to reduce prep. time by one round at Reflex /TN of 8 Attack Target Number (ATN): 5 Effective ST: 4 DR (Damage Rating): ST + 1p (5 total) Draw Weight: 80 - 120 lbs Range: 5 yards / 10 yards / 15 yards / 25 yards / 50 yards A simple crossbow capable of being spanned by hand. Draw weight was between 60 and 120 lbs. The prod (bow) was made of wood or more rarely horn. This was a hunting weapon suitable for taking small game. Though it would not normally be considered appropriate for military use it is powerful enough to pose a threat of serious injury to anyone being shot with it, and it could kill if striking a vital area. Penetration is somewhat less than that of a short self-bow.


ight crossbows were used all over the world, including China and the Pacific Islands going back to Bronze Age and before. They were known to the Greeks though not considered very valuable as military weapons. (The Greeks however perfected many much stronger siege engines based on the crossbow, such as the ingenious Gastrophetes)


Repeating Crossbow

Preparation time: (To load the magazine): 20 rounds total. Load arrows in magazine 15, attach and load magazine 5 (Before each shot): 1 round total. Winch back mechanism; bolt falls into place automatically 1 Attack Target Number (ATN): 7 Effective ST: 3 DR (Damage Rating): ST (Total 3) Draw Weight: 40 – 60 lbs Range: 3 yards / 5 yards / 10 yards / 15 yards / 30 yards Repeating Crossbows did in fact exist, (they were used in ancient Greece and by peasant militias in China from ancient times until the late 19th century!) but they had several limitations. The Chinese types fired very light bolts that lacked fletchings (feathers) for stabilization. Thus, they were weaker in impact and less accurate.
Tools of the Trade 129

Book 3

However. all prices are 2/3rds of the amount listed. They were thought to have been first invented by the Chinese. ************************* Pricing The following prices are indicative only. 130 The Flower of Battle . The actual age of the invention is unknown. For light coinage. p. If you are using Weyrth as your setting. Chinese repeating crossbows were capable of releasing 10 arrows in as little as 15 seconds. This is often not possible where an arrow has pierced hard armor however. at the Seneschal’s discretion. and their killing power was thus often supplemented with poison (see injection poisons. double it. For Heavy coinage. different cultures and different needs have been the genesis of alternate designs for the arrowhead.R Book 3 epeating Crossbows have actually existed on Earth for at a very long time. the following are Imperial Standard coinage prices. be used in Riddle of Steel campaigns. These were fired with a lot less force than the heavy European crossbows. and little variation is necessary in such an elegant design. depending on the campaign world you use. Repeating crossbows cannot fire reservoir arrows. and are known to have been used in their war against Japan in the late 1800ʼs. having been lost in antiquity. Weapon Arbalest Double Crossbow Hunting Crossbow Light Crossbow Long Bow Recurve Bow Recurve Composite Bow Repeating Crossbow Short Bow Cost 90 silver 50 silver 25 silver 15 silver 20 silver 12 silver 30 silver 50 silver 7 silver ************************* Optional Rule: Different arrow heads Arrows are not particularly sophisticated devices. All of the following arrowheads may be used for crossbow arrows (bolts) as well. some of which are detailed below and may. of course. 86). as that can distort the head. their primary purpose is to kill. Most arrowheads are designed to be removed from a broken shaft and reattached to another shaft for re-use.

************************* Blunt Blunt arrows are often used in hunting or where the desired outcome is the submission of the target rather than its/their death. ************************* Bodkin The bodkin is designed for maximum penetration through armor or other defenses. and may be metal attached to the shaft. and razor sharp. the Shock result of the wound is increased by +X. Hunting arrows work in all respects as described above and in The Riddle of Steel rulebook. however all forms of armor count as if their AV were two lower (minimum 0) against a Bodkin. and the DR is reduced by –2. the Pain level of the wound increases by +1 unless the remover makes a successful First Aid roll with at least as many successes as the attackers Margin of Success. and the wound is often torn larger in an attempt to remove them. the DR of a bodkin arrow is –1. The head is very long and tapered. However.Hunting This is the “default” arrowhead. Blunts cause bashing damage instead of piercing. making them very effective as armor-piercers. or may in fact simply be the sharpened wooden tip of the shaft. ************************* Barbed Barbed arrows are designed to go in easily. often fire-hardened. where X is the margin of attack successes. but come out only with effort. The tip is rounded and hard. Because they tend to be lighter. When removing a barbed arrow. They have backwardspointing barbs for this reason. ************************* Tools of the Trade 131 Book 3 . or –3 against any form of armor.