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1 Any Road, Anytown AN1 1CV Telephone: 01632 960 9 1! "o#$le: 0%%00 900 93&! 'a(: 01632 960 316 E)a$l: natal$e*hah+e(a)ple,-o)

A versatile and results-oriented professional who specialises in sourcing and buying products from UK and overseas markets requiring strong supplier relationships Familiar with all aspects of the consumer electronics market with particular emphasis on buying, marketing and e-commerce Possesses e cellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and negotiate concisely and articulately at all levels Attentive to detail with a practical approach to problem solving and the organisation required to ensure that deadlines, budgets and ob!ectives are achieved "n!oys being part of a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments

#urrently looking for a new and challenging position within the corporate sector, one which will make best use of e isting skills and e perience acquired in privately owned companies while enabling further personal and professional development$

200&4date 'AR EAST "ANA5ER, ABC Group LTD Headhunted by the Chairman of the small family company specialising in the wholesale of consumer electronics products in the UK Tasked with the sole running and development of the companys interest in the China market, importing health food supplements, with full P ! and stockholding accountability "uccessfully increasing gross profits by #$$% in the first full year with the business &riving sales into the UK health food market and achieving new sales of more than '# million with pro(ections for the following year of ') million Cold calling prospective new customers and establishing a credit rating for them as well as sourcing products and negotiating prices with China !iaising e*tensively with UK customers to agree product specifications, sale prices and lead times +esponsible for ensuring the accurate completion of associated paperwork including import documentation, which re,uired liaising with -reight -orwarders and Port Health, with full accountability for the safe delivery of customer orders Travelling e*tensively to China to meet with new suppliers and to assess potential new products .ctively involved in planning and organising the companys participation in a Health -ood national event in "eptember /$$0
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CAREER S2""AR3 -ont,

196&4200& "ANA5IN5 7IRECT/R, Sound & Vision Ltd Commencing employment in the retail outlet before gaining a series of promotions culminating in the role of 1anaging &irector for this privately owned company 2egotiating terms and setting prices of consumer electronic and white goods product categories while maintaining awareness of budgetary constraints Playing a pivotal role in the launch and implementation of an e3commerce site, www4unbeatable4co4uk 5nterviewing, recruiting, training and mentoring new buyers into the business "etting budgets and forecasting sales whilst maintaining full P ! accountability .nalysing buying trends and utilising this for the purposes of determining stock holding Creating and e*ecuting highly successful buying and sales promotions +esponsible for a stock holding valued at up to '6 million and playing a key role in both in3store and online promotional activities Utilising strong skills in communication and negotiation to build mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers 7stablishing and developing concessions within the !ondon stores Harrods and "elfridges 19624196& CLER89CASHIER, National Westminster Bank


9 / Le;el* 5ncluding 7nglish and 1athematics

IT .<o=$-$en-y Lan>?a>e* 8ord, 7*cel, PowerPoint, 5nternet and 7mail 9asic -rench

7<$;$n> L$-en-e Health -ull:Clean 7*cellent; non3smoker


In-l?de +unning, Keeping -it and Cooking


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