Webquest for USHMM Website Student Name: _____________________________________________________ Go to the homepage of the http://www.ushmm.org/.

USHMM Home Page. 1. Explore one of the featured stories on the homepage and give a three sentence summary of the story.

Go to the http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/focus/ihrd/comment_post.php. International Holocaust Remembrance day 2. Give a brief history of this day, including the date, and how it is celebrated.

Go to the Frequently Asked Questions Page: http://www.ushmm.org/research/library/faq/: 3. Pick one of the questions on the page that you don’t know the answer to and click on it. Summarize the answer to the question in one sentence. Question: ____________________________________________________________________________ ______ Summary:

Go to the Search Engine at the top of any page: 4. Put in a topic you are interested in about the Holocaust and search the website for the answer. If you click on the drop-down menu, you can search for all different kinds of information. Give a two sentence summary of what you learned about that topic you chose: Topic you chose: ____________________________________ Type of search (circle one): WEBPAGE, ID CARDS, TESTIMONIES, ARTIFACTS, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHS, HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS, HISTORICAL FILMS, MAPS, ANIMATED MAPS

Go to the Online Exhibitions Page: http://www.ushmm.org/museum/exhibit/online/: 5. Scroll down through the online exhibitions and pick one that catches your interest. Click on it and spend a few minutes exploring that exhibition. Which one did you choose and WHY did you choose it?


What is one new thing you learned as a result of exploring this exhibition?

Go to the Online Workshop: Personal Testimony: Nesse Godin: http://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn39550

7. Play the video for part IV and part VII. List below two facts you learned about what happened during the Holocaust from Nesse’s story. 1. 2.


What is one question you would ask Nesse, if you could?

Go to the search engine at the top of any page: 9. Search for a photograph using one of the following key words. Choose a word that represents an activity that you might be able to identify with. Find a picture that speaks to you or catches your attention in some way. Describe the picture. Key Words: SWIMMING, BEACH, BIKE, SCHOOL IN GERMANY, PLAYING SPORTS, SINGING, HIKING, FAMILY 10. What about this picture made you choose it over all of the other ones?

Go to the Special Online Propaganda Exhibit page: http://www.ushmm.org/propaganda/: 12. Go to the Timeline page and Explore what happened on these dates: 1920: ____________________________________________________________________________ _________ September 1-2, 1939: ________________________________________________________________________ June 23, 1944: ____________________________________________________________________________ __ 13. Go to the Themes page and explore the Making of a Leader theme. List three new things you learned about Hitler and the propaganda surrounding him from the

information you gather: A. B. C. 14. Go to the Artifacts Gallery page and choose one image that stands out to you (you can see multiple images by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the page). Give the title of the image, one fact about it, and why you think you were compelled to choose that one image. Image title: _________________________________________________ Fact about image: ____________________________________________________________________________ Reason for choosing image:

Go to the animated map for the Aftermath of the Holocaust: http://www.ushmm.org/lcmedia/viewer/wlc/animatedmap.php?RefId=AFTER: 15. What were the two most popular destinations for Jewish Displaced Persons after the Holocaust?

16. Who restricted the Jews from entering Palestine and what did they do with the ones that they caught?

17. When was Israel declared an independent country?

Go to the preventing Genocide: Who is at Risk? page: http://blogs.ushmm.org/WorldIsWitness/ 18. Where are the following levels of genocidal action today? List all locations for each category, along with a brief description of the situation: EMERGENCY:




Go to the Voices of Anti-Semitism Page: http://blogs.ushmm.org/COC2/C9: 19. Go to the Carl Wilkins “Walking the Walk” podcast from May 28, 2009 and listen to at least the first five minutes of his talk. What did Carl do that was so extraordinary? 20. What is something that Carl says that you think is significant and that everyone should hear?

EXTRA CREDIT: If you finish and still have time left, go back to any part of the website that intrigued you the most and explore it in depth more. Record where you go and what else you learn below: Where did you go? ____________________________________________________________________________ ______ What made you go back to that area? ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ What else did you learn?

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