Research methodology simply refers to a methodical study in order to prove a
hypothesis or answer a specific question. Finding a definitive answer is the
central goal of any experimental process.

Research design means a search of facts, answers to question and solution to the
problems. It is a prospective investigation. Research is a systematical logical
study of an issue or problem through scientific method. It is a systematic and
objective analysis and recording of controlled observation that may lead to the
development of generalization, principles, resulting in prediction ultimate
control of events.
Research design is the arrangement of conditions for the collection and analysis
of data in manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with
relevance to economy. There are various designs, which are descriptive and
helpful for analytical research.

In brief a research design contains
 A clear statement of the research problem.
 A specification of data required
 Procedure and techniques to be adopted for data collection.
 A method of processing and analysis of data.
 Identifying the statement of the problem.
 Collection of the company’s specific literature i.e., annual reports for the
study period and the profile of the company.
 Scanning through standard books to understand the theory behind the
financial performance evaluation
 Collection of information from various journals to understand the
industrial background of the study.

Sources of data:
There are two sources of data. They are as follows
1. Primary data
2. Secondary data

Primary data
This data was collected through discussion with concerned officers by sitting
with them in free time.

Secondary data
It is reviewing of relevant information, which is already collected and making
inferences based on the information collected

The secondary data used in the study are

1. Annual Report of the company
2. Financial records of the company
3. By viewing how they place order

1. Time constraint.
2. All the information’s required could not be made public by the
3. A thorough discussion with all officials was not possible due to their busy
4. The study covered a wide concept and owing to the above constraints,
wide collection and coverage of information was not possible.
5. Financial statements are essentially interim reports:
6. Influence of personal judgment: